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What are tour guide systems and what components are there?

The components used for tour guide systems is relatively similar to many of the technology in such as microphone, speakers, transmitters and receivers used in conferences. Similarly, the specification and differences are determined on a case-by-case basis based on the venue and other respective details of the location or event. For most tour-guide related services, components required are more compact as compared to the bulky conference equipment.

Components of Tour Guide Systems

Wired Microphone

They use a cable to transmit its signal to perform the communication tasks. The advantages of wired microphone are that it is generally cheaper and more reliable. The individual does not have to worry about frequency or battery related issues. The disadvantage is the inconvenience of the cable being attached. Should the individual be required to move about, the cable may hinder or restrict their movement.

Wireless Microphone

They use Wifi or Infrared technology to communicate among microphones. The advantage of wireless microphone is the freedom of movement and the avoidance of cable problems. For example, if the cable becomes faulty due to stress, changing the entire cable may be a lengthy process. The disadvantages are that there may be certain specifications regarding the range of the microphone and the control unit. Usage life of the microphone is also subject to the constraint of the battery life. There may also be possible interference from other radio equipment/microphones, though models with many frequency-synthesized switch-selectable channels are now quickly becoming more popular and cost effective.

Audio Speaker

Clarity of your speech is the first step, and the next is to make sure you can be heard by everyone present. If the speakers are too soft, it would lead to lack of information being transmitted out while being too loud could overwhelm and agitate audiences. Furthermore, speakers may affect other important details of audio such as delays, feedback and echoes. The audio speaker transmits the frequency of the vibrations and governs the pitch of the sound produced, and their amplitude affects the volume. There are different types of speakers such as active speaker, passive speakers, studio speakers (studio monitors) and subwoofer speakers.


There are often misconceptions between earphones, headphones and headsets. Earphones are essentially an in-ear speaker which is directly inserted into the ear canal. Headphones are two speakers attached to a band which goes over the wearer’s head, allowing the speaker to be placed over the ears. They are more robust in noise cancelling and acting as a sort of auditory insulation, keeping the noise produced by the headphones within the phones muffs while keeping intrusive noises from the outside out. A headset is a headphone that is equipped with a microphone. The microphone can be attached to a boom which can be adjusted and positioned as desired.

Proper headsets help to concentrate a quiet and private sound in the ears of the listener. It can also serve as a translation tool which allows the speaker to portray his message across people of multiple language backgrounds through 3rd party translators.

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Mobile PA System

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. It raises the volume of a human voice, musical instrument or any other forms of sound/music. PA systems are used in many public events or places that require a speaker, announcer or performer whose speech is not able to cover the necessary distance.

The growth of mobile technology has enabled mobile PA system to provide the same functions with the advantage of being more portable than the usual system. The convenience of being small and handheld allows a single tour guide to carry around the PA system with little hassle and project his/her voice more clearly to their target audience.



The system is ideal for manufacturers, plant tours, employee training, trade shows, higher education, special events, museums, governments, and tour companies. Works well in indoor and outdoor environments. Sanitize headsets with alcohol wipes and replace earbuds as desired.

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The TGS-900 is ideal for tourism, brewery tours, walking tours, Segway tours, cruise ship tours, historic tours, zoos, museums, or any guided audio tours. It can also be used for language translation and for auditory assistance in houses of worship or performance venues. You distribute new, inexpensive headphones for every user.

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