Zoom R20 Multi Track Tabletop Recorder, with Touchscreen, Onboard Editing, 16 Tracks, 6 XLR Inputs, 2 Combo Inputs, Effects,

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Zoom R20 Multi Track Tabletop Recorder, with Touchscreen, Onboard Editing, 16 Tracks, 6 XLR Inputs, 2 Combo Inputs, Effects, Synth, Drum Loops, and USB Audio Interface.

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29 November 2021



10 reviews for Zoom R20 Multi Track Tabletop Recorder, with Touchscreen, Onboard Editing, 16 Tracks, 6 XLR Inputs, 2 Combo Inputs, Effects,

  1. Rob Ahrr

    Basically an Updated Version of the Zoom R16
    I am a musician/producer who normally records at home but recently got an offer to play bass in a local punk band. We started talking about how we would record. I suggested we DIY it as opposed to going to a studio in town as it would save money and I’d do the engineering/production. While doing research on portable 8-16 track recorders I noticed Zoom had put out what looked like an updated version of their R16 unit. Because I had previously owned an R16, I decided to try this one out as $400 didn’t seem like a bad price for what it could do.The biggest update is the multi-color touch screen. The previous model had a single color screen displaying only words stating commands. I definitely appreciate they added a grid interface as it makes it far easier to cut, copy, paste and delete. Also, the multi-color gain knobs and faders coordinating with the color of the stems is aesthetic and practical.Another big change is the inputs themselves. The R20 now has only 2 1/4 jack/XLR inputs with the other 6 being strictly XLR whereas the R16 had all 8 as 1/4 jack/XLR. Also, phantom power can now be run on inputs 5-8. I would consider this a good but not necessarily great change.It should be noted that the power supply has a fastener that attaches between the plug and the power port so the power won’t be easily unplugged from the device.The software itself offers templates featuring drum loops for different genres and various sound settings for guitar, bass and vocals. This is all well and good but unneeded for me as I will end up transferring the files to my desktop and editing in FL Studio. Truth be told, there are a lot of features in the Zoom software I will likely not use for the aforementioned reason.The only real problem I have with this device is how lightweight it is. Some people might find that to be a good thing but for me, light plastic is far less durable than metal. That means you have to be EXTRA CAREFUL with it so no open drinks or placing it somewhere it can be stepped on or knocked over. Otherwise, game over.If you don’t own a laptop but still want to record your practice sessions with your band, the R20 pretty much fills that need. Just keep it away from your clumsy bandmates (unless you’re the clumsy one).EDIT: I forgot to point out that unlike the Zoom R16, the R20 has NO BATTERY OPTION so that ad they show of the bass player making the goofy face playing outside in the middle of a park where power outlets are not easily found may be misleading. Despite this, I’m still mostly good with this product.EDIT as of 12/24/21: I have run into a rather annoying issue with the multi-track interface of the Zoom R20. Previous to what I am about to describe which is happening, the R20 and FL Studio were working great with no problems. A few days ago when arming one of the channels on the virtual mixing board in FL Studio with any of the inputs for the R20, the sound automatically muted itself – when I disarm the channel, the sound comes back on. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the R20 drivers, shutting off all of my sound drivers except the R20 one and checking my settings on FL Studio. I am highly certain this is an issue with the R20 or it’s drivers as I plugged in my Focusrite Scarlett Solo with FL and had no problems whatsoever. I’ve sent an email to Zoom regarding this issue and hope we can figure out a solution because this will affect the rating of this review.Update as of 5/10/22: No word from Zoom, no firmware updates on the Zoom company website regarding the aforementioned issue as far as I can tell so… we go from 4 to 2 stars.Update as of 12/14/22: Lost my power adapter so I called the company and asked if I could buy one. The person I talked to said they’d send one for free which to their credit they delivered. I’m improving the rating to 4 stars because at least their customer service was accomodating.

  2. narvik

    Limited recording length!
    Counterintuitively, this device has limited recording length. You can’t just fill an SD card.The recording stops at 1350 bars, which is ONLY 45minutes if it’s set to default 120BPM.The ONLY way to extend recording it to change BPM to 40 (in 4/4) which brings maximum recording time to 2 hours and 15 minutes.No idea why they limited it like this; there’s no real reason they needed to do that, as far as I can tell. So sad.”A project can have a maximum of 1350 bars. Recording will stop automatically if it reaches this length.” You can set the BMP to 40 and a time signature of 4/4, and get a maximum recording time of 135 minutes (2 hours and 15 minutes). That is its maximum recording time!

  3. Juan Ruiz

    Versatile and Fun
    As a solo musician, I wanted something simple I can use to record my demos when the inspiration presented itself. It’s not too easy to “travel” as it requires a special AC/DC adapter. I could not find a replacement for the adapter one time I forgot it at home. I did a bunch of research and could not find a way to buy another AC/DC adapter.I mainly use it to interface inputs on my Cubase DAW. It works amazing and it even controls the DAW’s recording features from the R20 built in buttons.I really like it, but I have not used all the great features that come with it. Make sure you update the Firmware as soon as you get it. I have V.3 as of this writing.

  4. CoolRomie

    It does the job well
    Don’t let the size full ypu this is a very capable unit. It’s a great tool for rehearsal and song writer’s or getting thoughts recorded quickly. The effects nice and are very usable. This unit is compact and powerful. But I suggest getting a stylist pen whit it when ordering It makes navigation on the screen way more efficient. This isn’t going to replace a recording studio no time soon but it can help you a demo to pro jump easier with its 16 tracks out to computer or SD card… I like it so far.

  5. Client d’Amazon

    Très bien !
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     Très bien pour crée sur le pouce. La navigation par l’ecran tactile est juste génial! Synthé, drum (midi) guitarlab les effets du multifx g5n, peut servir de surface de contrôle du DAW etc etc.Ne remplace pas le software sur certain aspects, mais si tu veux crée sans avoir la lourdeur de software et les 1000 options non necessaire pour toi, alors go, cet outil est fait pour toi !

  6. Nate I

    Do not Trust the Blutooth Operation
    The R20 does everything I need as a recorder but does not have the feel of a professional piece of equipment. Its is very plastic constructed. If you are looking to record some very decent sounding tracks as DIY projects, this will be fine. I also purchased the Bluetooth adapter and downloaded the app on an iPad Pro. I was recording for some friends using the iPad as a remote control surface. All tests ran fine then on the first serious take, the app crashed and the R20 stopped recording about 28secs into the take. It would have been no problem if the R20 kept recording when the app crashed but it did not. I powered down the iPad and manually controlled the R20 for the rest of the night.

  7. Steplander

    Missing logically necessary features and advertised iOS app.
    Having owned the R8, I purchased this as an “upgrade” and because it is advertised to have an iOS integrated app.It is not an upgrade nor did they release the iOS app. I purchased it bundled with the BTA-1 only to find it’s a useless accessory. No app to connect it to!More disappointments; metronome only has 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8. (Really?)No punch in/punch out pedal or punch in/punch out settings. (Sorry… wish I could say I could do it all in one take, but I do need the ability to punch in and out.)Also missing that is included on the R8;Battery powerDrum machineWav file format importOnboard mics.Jog wheelSo… sadly; Not an upgrade.If you’re looking to record your band on separate tracks LIVE or record something like a podcast, maybe this is a good solution? But, as a typical home studio songwriting production DAW?; IMHO; not at all.

  8. Mark Chen

    Use it as if you are walking on thin ice
    I’m keeping this because I have a rather sizable confidence in being careful. It has the functions I required, but it’s also traps after traps. The limit of recording length at 1350 bars is incomprehensible, and tricked me on the very first recording. It stopped the recording unceremoniously. The touch screen requires 1 in a million dexterity to operate. All in all, don’t rely on it to be foulproof, rely on yourself.

  9. Kevin James

    It’s a perfect mixing bosrd
    The Zoom R20 does everything I need it to do. Sounds great.!

  10. Laurry

    Well designed
    Congrats Zoom!

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