XLR Cable 20 Feet (6 Pack), 22AWG, Zinc Alloy Shells, XLR Male to Female Heavy Duty Balanced Shielded Microphone Cord, DMX Stage

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HI-FI Heavy-Duty XLR Cable

Kxable XLR cable features 22AWG pure copper wire as the conductor, which greatly improves the performance of the conductor.
Provide you with a hearing feast with high fidelity sound, no noise, high fidelity and no electrostatic interference.

Kxable DMX cable uses Copper pins, Zinc alloy shells, High-elastic pvc jacket and metal spring SR design (more flexible and durable, never rupture). Self-locking male to female connector design (easy to pull out, insert and firmly lock). These high-quality materials make this XLR cable has HI-FI sound quality and excellent texture.

Additional information

Weight 2.35 kg
Dimensions 29.69 × 12.8 cm
Package Dimensions

‎ 30.99 x 29.69 x 12.8 cm; 2.35 Kilograms

Date First Available

‎ 14 February 2023



Item model number



‎ Kxable

10 reviews for XLR Cable 20 Feet (6 Pack), 22AWG, Zinc Alloy Shells, XLR Male to Female Heavy Duty Balanced Shielded Microphone Cord, DMX Stage

  1. Jonathan Ostrus

    Does what it’s supposed to.
    It does what an XLR cable should. I don’t have an environment that’s filled with EMI so I can’t speak to how it will act in such. But the cable connects and disconnects from my SM57 and GoXLR very nicely. Only time will tell if it lasts over time.

  2. Pierre Larouche

    La qualité du produit est excellente
    Ce câble est un excellent produit rapport qualité/prix très satisfait.

  3. H. Zhong

    bad fitting plug leads to noise in audio interface
    The cable looks solid and well build overall. But the plug only fits loosely into my audio interface (SSL 2). This led to significant noise during recording. Reseating the plug would help until it got loose again, and the issue continued.

  4. Mike

    Solid Cable, and a Spare!
    Ordered these cables to connect between a mixing board and microphone. The cable we were using before got damaged, so we needed to replace it. Wanting to avoid being without a cable if we damage one in the future, we were specifically looking for a price that could justify getting a backup as well.These have worked perfectly for our needs. They work just as well as other cables we’ve used. Audio quality sounds great through it, they look durable, and it’s a good price. We paid just slightly more for two than what we paid for the one cable we had previously.Overall, we’re glad we got this and feel good that we have a spare ready to go in case we have another accident and damage this one.

  5. scott696d

    Nice XLR cables
    It seems I never have enough of these balanced audio cables (except the 50′ ones, I have like ten or fifteen of those for some reason). Working some DJ events I found I needed more of the shorter cables to connect the audio between my mixer and the powered speakers. I figure if these are rated to work for DMX they should also be fine for audio use – and they are. The ends click in and out cleanly and I hear no audible differenced between these and any of my other XLR cables. I opted for the ten footers, but I assume shorter or longer lengths would work the same. I really liked that they come with some velcro cable straps as well. I don’t know who invented those but they were a genius. I really like these cables, they may not be as thick as some others, but they seem sturdy enough to last and have good fidelity.

  6. Barkyhill

    Decent mid-grade cable
    I like the Neutric clone connector shell. Doesn’t disassemble and reassemble like the real thing but close enough.Wire looks good but solder job is skimpy. Needs more solder.Pin1(ground) is tied to the shell on BOTH ends. This could cause ground loops, so be aware of it. You have to re-solder pin 1 to change it.The springs type strain relief and included Velcro cable ties are a nice touch.

  7. R. Story

    Nice cables
    I am very happy with these cables. The price is good and the quality I am getting out of them is very good. For the price, I am very happy with them.

  8. Grant Harlow

    Wry affordable but solid quality
    Build is nice, connectors are metal and sturdy. Click into my hardware snugly and without issue.Tested with my cable tester first and no issues, no intermittent breaks, just solid and reliable.Cable is decent thickness but very flexible.The strain relief sleeves are metal coils / springs and kinda give the cables a 70s vibe (to me anyway).Using them for inserts, running a hardware compressor into my interface. Sounds great!Come with 5 reusable Velcro straps / cable ties, super handy.No complaints, these XLR cables do the job well and at a great price. 5 stars.

  9. NV

    Good Sturdy Cables
    These are good heavy duty cables, they appear well made and are not thin or flimsy. No loose connections or kinked cables. No audio issues that I could detect with different microphones and connections. I would use these again in the studio, it’s always good to have extra cables on hand.

  10. EverNoticeThat

    Upgrade your Sound with a Set of Professional XLR Cables
    As a budding podcaster, I’ve long wanted to upgrade from the typical starter USB mic to a more professional setup. Gone are the days of recording from the built-in laptop mic, and now we can build a pro rig with the Kxable 12 Feet (2 Pack) XLR Cable.The length is long enough to offer some separation between guests, and I like the quality components such as the pure copper wire, and the shielding which will help cut down on noise and electronic interference. I couldn’t be happier with this new equipment and am glad I made the upgrade!

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