XLR Cable 100 Feet, 22AWG, Zinc Alloy Shells, XLR Male to Female Heavy Duty Cable, 3 Pin Balanced Shielded Microphone Cord,

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HI-FI Heavy-Duty XLR Cable
Kxable XLR cable features 22AWG pure copper wire as the conductor, which greatly improves the performance of the conductor.
Provide you with a hearing feast with high fidelity sound, no noise, high fidelity and no electrostatic interference. Kxable XLR cable uses Copper pins, Zinc alloy shells, High-elastic pvc jacket and metal spring SR design (more flexible and durable, never rupture). Self-locking male to female connector design (easy to pull out, insert and firmly lock). These high-quality materials make this XLR cable has HI-FI sound quality and excellent texture.

Additional information

Weight 1.63 kg
Dimensions 26.9 × 8.41 cm
Package Dimensions

‎ 30 x 26.9 x 8.41 cm; 1.63 Kilograms

Date First Available

‎ 26 September 2022



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‎ Kxable

10 reviews for XLR Cable 100 Feet, 22AWG, Zinc Alloy Shells, XLR Male to Female Heavy Duty Cable, 3 Pin Balanced Shielded Microphone Cord,

  1. SammyJ

    High quality cable and connectors with a useful GREEN color!
    This is a great buy for the money. I got this cable for my karaoke show because SOMEONE (brother-in-law, I’m looking at you) always likes to cruise the audience and sing to some unsuspecting female (the audience always loves this so I’m not really complaining!)This is an excellent cable, with metal (not PLASTIC!) XLR connectors and metal coils on each end as strain reliefs. The cable is substantial and all components are very high quality. I got the 100 ft one, and it is more than twice as long as my next longest mike cable… but so far, no hum or noise coming from the cable in a cranked-up amplifier. I’m pleased.A reviewer here mentioned a wiring error on the cable that could cause a ground loop or noise, and indeed my cable is wired that way too (pin 1 tied to XLR shell). In my application connecting a microphone to the karaoke amplifier, this doesn’t appear to be a problem (I hear no noise at all). On my cable, the wire between pin 1 and the shell contactor could be easily snipped if that caused a problem.Here’s something that I love about this cable… it’s GREEN! All my other cables are black, but I may buy a couple more cables in different colors. This is because it makes it so easy to associate an input (and input controls) with a given mike, so I can adjust things in real time by color. Such a simple pleasure!I’ve had this cable in use for about 5 months now and it has held up very well under “road” conditions. It may be my favorite mike cable.Definitely Recommend.

  2. Reviews and Information

    Nice cabling and decent assembly, but with a wiring faux pas
    The Kxable mic cable is pretty good. The cable stock looks to be of good design. Double shielded, copper over foil, with additional strengthening fibers inside. The soldering skill is decent, with no cold or dirty joints. The cable assembler tied the XLR Shell to Pin1, which is generally a no-no for analog audio. XLR shells should almost always be floating relative to the cable, so that they may ground to the chassis at the device. In a “properly” designed device, either Pin1 and the shell will tie to chassis at the same point local to the connector, or the shell directly to chassis at the connector and Pin1 to a low-impedance bus bar and then to chassis. Unfortunately, many improperly designed devices will tie Pin1 to the circuit ground on the PCB, which then ties to chassis far away, often near the power input, injecting shield noise across the PCB. Having Pin1 tied to shell in a cable plugged into a device like that now means that there are multiple paths from circuit ground to chassis ground. The main time I can think where you might want shells terminated inside the cable is for digital cables that are intended to be daisy-chained. In that scenario, it creates a continuous shield around the “splice”. You’ll still need to be sure that the devices on both ends terminate Pin1 directly to the chassis as close to the connector as possible. It would be easy enough to just snip the connection inside the XLR connector, except on one of the connectors the assembler brought the shield conductor to the shell tab first, then to Pin1, so snipping it would lift Pin1 on that end, which depending on specific application you might want or not. Not a big deal, there’s plenty of conductor length to desolder it from the tab and move it over.

  3. Dude

    High Quality For The Price
    This is a great cable for the price. It is well put together, the connectors are solid, and it has a nice weight to it. For how long it is, can’t ask for much better at the price point, highly recommend!

  4. C in AZ

    High-Quality Audio Cable
    If you have ever worked with pro-audio before, you know that cables are always in need of maintenance and that nothing beats a good inventory of good, quality cables in many different lengths. I knew I could use another 100′ cable and decided to order this one and give it a try.The cable has a good quality feel and the ends are very sturdy. The XLR connectors snap firmly into place and there is no hum or hiss coming from the cable itself. The audio quality is as good as any of my cables and it sure feels like this will last the test of time.

  5. ApexDJ

    So far, so good!
    I am skeptical of any cabling over 50ft – but that’s just me. So I wasn’t sure if this was going to work or not. But so far, it seems to be holding the signal without any hum or noise. I really didn’t need it, but I wanted it just in case I had to place a speaker on the other side of the room and run a cable around the perimeter of the banquet facility for my mobile DJ setup. I compared the thickness of the cord to all my other XLRs and it does feel just slightly thicker, probably due to the lower gauge wire that is used. I am not quite sure what to make of the coil around the ends, but I think that is to help prevent kinking and detaching from the housing. So far, so good!

  6. Adam G.

    When you need a 100 foot long cable . . .
    . . . you probably need two. This cable is fairly thick though I’m not sure what the gauge of the wire itself is. The XLR connectors are all metal as opposed to the commonly seen plastic screw on backs, and the strain relief is a metal spring on each end. Seems well constructed and it should work well in heavy duty applications. My only complaint is the three velcro cable wraps were way too short for a cable this long, even when wrapped in long loops.

  7. Sam

    Great Value
    In the world of audio cables there is a minimum of necessary function and then there are infinite upgrades. There are plenty of fancier cables than these but these do exactly what I need them to do. I have a podcasting studio set up in a spare bedroom. I record both audio and video. I have a couple of RØDE NTG2’s and an Audio Technica 2040 for guests. None of these are high-end performance premium mics. They are all pretty darn good and more than enough to record a podcast and have it sound professional. At my level I am not able to hear the difference in cables between this and the other budget cables I purchased from Sweetwater (who I love).Knowing what cable goes to what source is an important usability factor. These stand out and have springs on common wear points. Granted, my studio is not nearly as hard on equipment as being on the road would be. These will never mechanically wear out in my house. Overall, I like it, it does everything I could ask of it.

  8. Catherine

    Good Cable
    Nice cable to work with and seems pretty good quality pulls out well coils up nicely and sound quality is as good as anything.

  9. joel lopez

    Good quality and sound quality too
    Good thickness and material and sound quality was surprisingly good. I thought it would be your average sounding cable, but actually sounds better then your average cable. Produced more midst and treble on my application. I went back and forth between this 100 ft cable and my cable and this 100 ft cable sounded a bit more clearer then the cable I had before this one. 100ft cable sounded a bit more clearer and midst and treble was a bit clearer and sounded very good.My only gripe now is I want this exact cable in smaller sizes to re run my some of my different applications and I can’t seem to find this exact cable in smaller sizes. They do have some different style cables in smaller sizes but not this exact same one, I want the exact same cable that’s in the 100 ft just in smaller sizes.I didn’t find it when I looked for them.If they are available in smaller sizes and are exactly like the 100ft cable let me know please because this 100ft style cable sounded very well and I wanna run more of these exact cables in smaller sizes. Good cable and sound quality too.

  10. Brian P.

    VERY high-quality cable at an excellent price!
    This cable is very well made, uses high-quality components, and seems to be built in the best way possible. Long cables like this are hard to find, and when you do they are very expensive. At this price point I wouldn’t have expected this cable to be of such great quality. Heavy, durable cabling, well shielded, well connected, stress-relieved, and inexpensive (relatively speaking). Everything you could want in a cable. I highly recommend you give this a try if you’re need a long XLR cable!

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