Wireless Portable PA Speaker System – 600W Bluetooth Compatible Rechargeable Battery Powered Outdoor Stereo Speaker Microphone

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Features Rugged & Compact Public Address Sound System Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming Ability Built-in Rechargeable Battery & 30-Pin iPod Dock Connector Ability to Connect & Stream Audio From External Devices Sound System 8” Full Range Stereo Speaker Connect up to (3) Mics Simultaneously for a Karaoke Party Wireless Microphone Included (2) 1/4” Microphone Inputs + (3) 1/4” Audio/Instrument Inputs (1) 1/4” Audio Output Ported Enclosure for Increased Bass Response Independent Channel Volume Controls Audio Configuration Echo Bass and Treble Controls Telescoping Handle & Caster Wheels 35mm Speaker Stand Mount LED Indicator Lights External 12V Power DC Input Connector Perfect for Karaoke Public Events Crowd Control etc Bluetooth Connectivity Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming Works with All of Your Favorite Devices (iPhone Android Smartphone iPad Tablet Computer etc ) Bluetooth Wireless Network Name Pyle Speaker Bluetooth Version 3 0 Bluetooth Wireless Range 100 Ft What’s in the Box PA Speaker Wireless Dynamic Microphone 1/4” to Aux (3 5mm) Audio Cable + Adapter Battery Terminal Alligator Clamp Cables RCA Connection Cable Power Cable Technical Specs Max Power Output 600 Watt RMS Power Output 300 Watt VHF Band Signal System Transmission System Battery Life Approx 3 Hours Wireless Mic Operation Range 100 ft SPL 94dB (1W/M) T H D <1% Battery Powered Wireless Mic Requires (2) x ‘AA’ Batteries Power 110/220V Switchable Dimensions (L x W x H) 14 7” x 10 6” x 11 2” -inches The Pyle PWMA930iBT provides portable and wireless PA loudspeaker mobile entertainment This versatile system was designed with quick audio setup in mind Bluetooth streaming ability and built-in rechargeable battery give you wireless freedom while the telescoping handle and rolling caster wheels allow for quick transport Stream music from all of your favorite devices (like an iPhone Android Smartphone iPad Tablet Computer etc ) Use the included wireless microphone with the high-powered speaker system to control the crowd — which makes it perfect for on-stage events concerts or school auditoriums Your message or music will be heard loud and clear thanks to the full-range stereo sound system including subwoofer mid-range and tweeter speakers Additional 1/4” microphone inputs allow for multiple people to communicate through the system along with additional guitar/instrument input support for musical performances Additional features include 30-pin iPod dock connector ported enclosure for increased bass response adjustable sound configuration controls 35mm universal speaker stand mount external 12V power input and more! Enjoy hours of wireless PA speaker performance with the Pyle PWMA930iBT Bluetooth PA Speaker System

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7 June 2016


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10 reviews for Wireless Portable PA Speaker System – 600W Bluetooth Compatible Rechargeable Battery Powered Outdoor Stereo Speaker Microphone

  1. Seeker

    HISS Generator & False Watt Rating
    I love the concept of being able to have a guitar and mic to share the same PA for simplicity. Was a gift for a student guitarist but even when all volume knobs are down and nothing plugged in, it’s nothing but mind-numbing HISSSSSSSSSSSSSS and it comes thru loud and clear whether the guitar or mic has an input – if you love hiss, this is the speaker for you.Battery – the specs clearly show:Battery Type: Lead Acid, 12V (4.5A)Built-in Rechargeable Battery: Lead Acid, 12V 7AhSo, which is it? a 4.5 amp hour or a 7 amp hour battery? It can’t be both. Pulling off the back cover reveals a 12v 4.5 amp hour 12v sealed gel cell battery. How is this unit 400 watts peak or 200 RMS Watts? It’s not and here’s why:These are small sealed deep cycle batteries and deep cycle batteries rated at a certain amp hour are based on a 20 hour discharge. That means if the battery is a 7 amp hour battery divided by 20 hours = 0.35 amps. That means a 7 amp hour battery is rated to deliver only 0.35 amps for 20 hours. But let’s use the actual battery specs. 4.5 amp hours.4.5 amp hours divided by 20 hours = 0.225 amps or 225 miliamps. This battery can deliver 0.225 amps for 20 hours. You multiply this by the battery’s voltage so let’s say 12 volts, 12 X 0.225 = 2.7 watts. That means that battery is only able to provide 2.7 watts for 20 hours. Ok, so who is going to play this nonstop for 20 hours at only 2.7 watts? Nobody so in real life, the battery isn’t hardly being touched for much of the time during 10 hours before it needs to be recharged.The battery also has a 10 hour rating and a 5 hour rating max. A 10 hour rating allows you to draw more current (amperage) for less hours or even more current at the 5 hour rating for even less hours. A 10 hour rating is about 90% of the 20 hour so that means 4.5 hours * 0.9 = 4.05 amp hours – meaning at a 10 hour rating, the battery is really only a 4.05 amp hour battery. 4.05 amp hours divided by 10 hours = 0.405 amps – that is the max current the battery can SAFELY delivery for 10 hours without permanent damage. 0.405 amps x 12 volts = 4.86 watts.5 hour rating? That is 80% of the 20 hour rating. 4.5 amp hours * 0.8 = 3.6 amp hours. The most you can safely draw from a deep cycle lead acid sealed or flooded is the 5 hour rating so for this battery, it is 3.6 amp hours / 5 hours = 0.72 amps. So 0.72 amps x 12 volts = 8.64 watts for 5 hours. (8.64 watts is a far cry from 200 watts)They claim 200 watts RMS (root mean squared)? If you take this 12v 4.5 amp hour battery and power an inverter with it – a 12 volt to 110 volt / 60hz inverter – do you think you can power 200 watts of incandescent light bulbs for 10 hours? Do you think you can power it for even 1 hour? That would be 200 watt hours or 200 watts for 1 hour and the most the battery can safely deliver is 8.64 watts for 5 hours? I think you get the picture.The very moment the battery delivers more than 8.64 watts, which is flea power really, that battery is irreversibly damaged. You can charge it up all you want but each time you do that and use the battery in the PA, it will have less and less capacity. That is not because batteries just go bad and people are conditioned to believe that, but because the battery is grossly underrated for what it is powered.Of course you’re not going to be inputting voice or a guitar string being plucked nonstop for 10 hours and there will be plenty of dead space that isn’t being amplified so that extends the battery time, but the moment you draw anything more than 8.64 watts at any time from that battery, you are permanently damaging it. There is a reason that deep cycle lead acid batteries have an amp hour rating and that is so you know what the manufactures rated discharge is so you can stay within that. Exceed that rated discharge and you cause irreversible damage. No wonder so many people are talking about bad batteries in the review. The engineers at Pyle obviously haven’t the slightest clue as to how to match a battery’s amp hour rating to a load, but this is elementary battery math 101.You see this same nonsense with the portable solar battery chargers. They have a 100 watt panel and claim to have a 1500 watt system because a huge inverter is included but the battery is way under rated. Sure, you can power some tv set on an inverter from that battery for a while, then you have permanently damaged that battery and will never get the rated capacity out of it. Most people don’t know how to calculate a safe discharge from a battery with a certain amp hour rating but the math is indisputable.For a 200 watt real load draw from a battery, 200 watts divided by 12 volts = 16.7 so say 17 amps is what the battery must safely deliver. 17 amps X 10 hour discharge is 170 amp hours at the 10 hour rated discharge, which is 90% of the 20 hour rating. That means you need a battery that is close to 200 amp hour rated to deliver 200 watts for 10 hours. The battery alone would weight quite a bit more than the entire PA system..by a LOT.If they could fix this unit so that the hiss went away and they got away from the bogus battery/load mismatch and just sold it as a plug in unit, it would be way legit.

  2. GDaniel

    I have worked with all kinds of audio and this things is great!
    I have vintage tube amps, Run a small Pro Tools studio and have worked with PA systems up to 10k Watts. I get audio. Now this is NOT a large PA system. It’s supposed to be a small PA system and it excels at being that. The sound quality is on par with most much more expensive PA systems in it’s rang of power. The amount of controlled inputs is more then should be expected for this size and they all work great. Working even on battery power (which really lasts a lot longer then I thought it would) it keeps a great sound and bass THUMPS. (turning bass up to about 85% up and tremble down to about 45 %). The sound quality is far better then pretty much any Bluetooth system. The manual sucks and it has features that I don’t know exactly what to do with even (is the audio out on the front no powered / pass thru or pre-amp out or god forbit full powered out? What about the one on the back?). Last the wireless mic on mine sounded like .. OK it was working right at all. I contacted Pyle and received and reply with question that I then answered and received a “we don’t have that part in our warehouse reply. I’ll assume I’ll not be getting a replacement working wireless mic. But, again the pros out weight the cons and frankly you can’t get a better or even comparable PA system near this price anywhere else. Would I say buy it? Yes. The system itself is really great.

  3. Kristie

    Worked well for a year
    Worked well for a year and then the Bluetooth button to connect to the phone stopped working reliably

  4. Music Lady

    Sounds GREAT! Very practical, manageable, and affordable priced.
    Big un-distorted sound in a small, manageable cabinet.

  5. James E McComb

    An excellent product
    Worked great for my outdoor application.

  6. Heather Duncan

    I’m impressed!
    Finally found a portable unit to use more than one input and still sound great. This is an impressive little unit

  7. Andrew King

    It’s loud enough to easily overpower a loud acoustic guitar
    I just purchased this less than a week ago and it just arrived yesterday. I want to use it for busking, so I needed something that was able to be used anywhere yet something that wasn’t too big and heavy, yet more than anything it needed to be LOUD. Even after reading about speakers to figure out what amps to use for singing I was shooting in the dark. I didn’t need something too complicated, and I didn’t want to spend more than $200 or I wanted something extra.My biggest worry was about the size of the amp. I could not find any reliable pictures, so the main point of this post is to show you how big it is, relative to a pro size basketball. I want to carry it on my back, and it’s not as heavy and unruly for an average size man with decent muscle mass. I was worried I had overshot the size and weight limits in my passion for loudness, but with a bigger/makeshift backpack I know I can make it happen. I’ve actually tried it (successfully) with the backpack in the picture, was able to walk while had the mic positioned right below my mouth. So far I’m super enthusiastic because I really felt like I was taking a risk on this one.Mic worked as soon as I put batteries in and turned it on, I thought I was going to need expensive mics to get the sound and volume I wanted. As long as I am singing in tune I have nothing to worry about in terms of people hearing me sing and play away. It’s great because I don’t have to strain, meaning I can sing for hours if I want to (and need to, aka practice).I have no idea how the battery will do, so far so good. It took quite a few hours longer than the max time given to initially charge, I was afraid at first but when I came back from work it stopped blinking red.I am very satisfied with the product so far, assume all is well if you don’t see this review changed.

  8. J. Gretchen Lowman

    So far so good. Was concerned about microphone but it seems to be holding up.
    Size is spot on! Sounds good for my amature self.

  9. Jitendra Kende

    Excellent PA system
    Best PA system . It has various external ports like 2 for wired miceophones, 1 for guitar.

  10. Lawrence

    Works good, but mic needs improvement
    Nthr speaker works, but the mic consistently cuts out while speaking

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