Winegard HDA-200 Distribution Amplifier Adjustable Gain 5-1000 MHz 24dB

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Antenna Television, Radio
Brand Winegard
Item Dimensions LxWxH 8.3 x 4.8 x 2.4 inches

  • Single Rf Input
  • 24db Gain
  • Single Rf Output With A 5mhz-42mhz, 2-way Bi-pass At +12db Gain
  • Amplifies signals from 54-1000 MHz.
  • 20 dB selectable FM trap
  • 5-42 MHz 2-way bi-pass at +12 dB gain
  • Weather resistant housing to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • Refer user manual below.
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The Winegard HDA-200 distribution amplifier is a heavy duty, quality built solution for the amplification and distribution of digital/analog broadcast signals from off-air and cable TV stations. It amplifies signals from 54-1000 MHz and features variable gain control from 0-18 dB. A 20 dB selectable FM trap eliminates offending FM stations. It also contains a 5-42 MHz 2-way bi-pass at +12 dB gain. It’s housed in an industrial grade, weather resistant enclosure.

From the manufacturer

HDTV Tower Finder antenna free over air

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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 8.3 × 4.8 × 2.4 cm
Product Dimensions

8.3 x 4.8 x 2.4 inches

Item Weight

0.01 ounces



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Date First Available

July 21, 2008


Winegard Company

10 reviews for Winegard HDA-200 Distribution Amplifier Adjustable Gain 5-1000 MHz 24dB

  1. Ian McDonald

    Works great!My first attempt at cutting the cord years ago didn’t work out well. This time I did my research, bought good quality stuff like this amplifier. I put my antenna on my detached garage, ran it through a buried rg6 quad shield to the house. I put the amplifier in the garage where the line ends, and it feeds my 3 TV’s in the house just fine! Love it! Loved cancelling cable!

  2. Alex

    Significant improvement for reception from a cheap indoor wall-mounted antenna.I had no desire to risk my life installing outdoor antenna outside the third floor window, so I found a cheap flat plastic indoor antenna and just taped it to the window. Signal was very poor until I bought this amplifier. Now I get 124 digital TV channels on two TVs in the house without a cable bill!

  3. P. Neville

    A must-have for anyone with a long-run from an antennaI live in an area with generally strong signals, about 15 miles from the antenna farm. Having recently decided to drop cable in favor of streaming and over-the-air programming, I added an RCA ANT751r to our attic. I ran 50 feet of cable through the attic and dropped it to a third floor bedroom where I installed the first splitter. That four-way splitter ran the cable to two bedroom TVs on that floor which got fantastic reception, then all the way to the basement where it connected with another splitter that divided the signal four more ways for TVs on the first and second floor. So I had 50 feet of cable an a splitter to get to two TVs, then 150 feet of cable and two splitters to get to the other TVs in the house.The signal was great for the TVs close to the antenna, but I could barely pick up any stations, despite the naturally strong signals, with the other TVs due to the loss from the length of cable and the multiple splitters. I already had power in the section of attic where I had installed the antenna, so setting this up took all of five minutes. After installation, the signal for the close TVs improved slightly and I was able to pick up a few additional, distant channels. But the big improvement came from the TVs further along the line. I’m now able to pick up all of the area channels with good, clean signals.Definitely worth the investment and several minutes of installation effort.

  4. Nicholas Lambert

    plenty of signal gain works very well even on inside antennaIiam using this amp in conjuction with two stacked uhf yagi outdoor tv antennaa. I can now pickup18 digital uhf tv stations without cable tv. all stations are received crystal clear high definition stablewithout interferece or flutter.

  5. David from kc

    update 4/2013: Highly satisfiedWorks on a wide range of frequency for ATSC(digital TV). A bit pricy & the large box generates a lot of heat which is a bad sign for electronics. My suggestion is to switch off the power to the amplifier(along with the TV) to extend its life use. There is a gain control potentiometer adjustable with a small flat blade screwdriver. Read the enclosed instructions so as to Not turn the potentiometer in the wrong direction & reduce the signal! When it begins to click you’ve reached the maximum so stop adjusting. Along with this excellent amp, research & purchase the Best TV antenna. Their are plenty of web sites i.e. […] TV antennas. Remember this, anything Less than20db(decibels) amplification will disappoint! Update: I was surprised Its Work So Well So: You can connect the signal amplifiers in series to Increase Your Overall Signal. My main input off my inside antenna on top of my PC is a SKYWALKER SKY38323 output connects to the Inupt of the Winggard HD200, out of same to your TV. This almost elimnated all clipping and snowy signals. What a difference, not to mention New Channels I’ve Added! If your using an desktop aerial antenna, I would suggest the kind which has a reflector plate, which I consider the best. or larger antenna i.e. with resembles a 4 fly swatters on one vertical plain. Good Luck

  6. King Kong

    Not very powerfulI got this to upgrade the little amplifier that came with my winegard outdoor antenna, and the little original unit gives me stronger and higher quality signal. So I’m a little disappointed that this unit didn’t have better results.

  7. Thunderbirl

    Some confusion in the reviews, description and even instructions …Some confusion in the reviews, description and even instructions. There is a FIVE turn potentiometer on the side of this device. Turning the recessed screw clockwise AMPLIFIES the existing signal from the antenna. Counterclockwise will actually attenuate it. Leave the FM trap OFF if you want to be able to use your antenna for FM signals. Green LED on unit shows power is being received.Our amp is the attic (with the antenna) above the second story, attached to a joist, powered from the antenna distribution panel in the basement. My biggest concern (-1 star!) is that there is no power LED on the power supply, so if/when it burns out, we won’t know what or where the problem is.We used […] and […] with an old BSA compass to get the antenna set well, then monitored signal strength on the tuner to optimize the direction (left/right/up/down) of the antenna. We now get all channels with signal above -55 dB.

  8. Tom Conner

    Power supply incompatable with amplifierLiving in a fringe broadcast area, I bought the Winegard HDA 200 amplifier to replace a two decade old archer in-line amplifier knocked out by a recent lightening strike. When I attempted to install it, I found the power supply brick outlet was a female TV connector, the “power in” port for the amplifier was also a female TV connector. I guess Winegard expects one to supply a male-male adapter necessary to make it work. First time ever buying something that the packaged power supply was incompatible with the bought object.The solution for this issue is installation the amplifier worked fine, which is why I upgraded my rating from 1 star to 3 stars. I was just irritated the system didn’t work “out of box.”

  9. Andrew E. Brown

    Superior to other similar products.Bought this after a terrible experience with the 

    Channel Master CM-7777 Titan 2 Antenna Preamplifier

     and I couldn’t be happier. I have this paired with a 

    Winegard HD8200U Platinum HD VHF/UHF Antenna

     installed in the attic and feeding multiple televisions. Our house is positioned in a wooded valley about 25 miles from the main antenna cluster and another 40 mile from the ABC affiliate’s tower at another location. The antenna is pointing between the two locations and we’re drawing in stable signals from both points. Much better than the other junk, which was DOA.UPDATED: After less than a year in service, this item no longer works. I have reduced my rating to 4 stars to reflect this. Why still a good rating? It’s the best performer (while it works) that I have found. I have ordered a duplicate amp and this time bought the 4 year warranty that Amazon upsells.

  10. Tam

    Connected it but didnt get anything differentWasted money on this. We connected it and tried it several times but we get nothing more than what we did before. I was hoping the ones that were fuzzy off and on would clear up but nope.

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