VTech VCS702 ErisStation DECT 6.0 Conference Phone with Two Wireless Mics using Orbitlink Wireless Technology

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  • Includes 2 DECT 6.0 Wireless microphones and 1 central fixed microphone.
  • 2-line Backlit display with date and time saves up to 50 CID entries and 50 Name/number phonebook entries.
  • Central full-duplex speakerphone in base allows callers to speak and be heard at the same time, just as they would in a face-to-face meeting.
  • Magnetic Charging bays built into the base keep Wireless microphones keep the microphones together and ready for the next call.
  • Wireless microphones feature up to 70 hours of battery life with 8 hours of talk time.


Conference phone with two wireless microphones features Orbitlink wireless technology to make your conference calls flexible and engaging. Integrated digital mixing technology delivers unified audio to give callers on the other end a seamless experience and the impression that everyone’s speaking into the same microphone. Each wireless microphone provides up to 12 hours of talk time to keep your meetings going with just a single charge. And with up to 70 hours of standby time for each microphone, there’s no need to worry about losing a charge mid-meeting. Magnetic charging bays in the base keep the microphones together and ready for your next call. Central, full-duplex speakerphone in the base allows callers to speak and be heard at the same time, just as they would in a face-to-face meeting. Conference phone also features a backlit display, multiple ringtones, mute indicator, dynamic noise reduction and more.

From the manufacturer

vcs702 conference phone

landline supportive and inference free conference phone

2 DECT mics

sound quality

interference free

2 DECT Wireless mics

full duplex speakerphone

The cabinet housing design and audio equalization capabilities have been carefully engineered to maximize sound levels and ensure superior performance. Integrated digital mixing technology delivers unified audio, giving callers on the other end a seamless experience and the impression that everyone’s speaking into the same microphone.

DECT 6.0 wireless technology in the microphones prevents interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices. Dynamic noise reduction (DNR) automatically eliminates distracting noise for clear conversations that flow naturally.

The microphones transmit multiple digital audio streams, and synchronized to maximize pickup range in all directions. Meeting participants can spread out and speak without having to raise their voices, regardless of conference room size.

Acoustic echo cancellation enables full-duplex technology, which allows natural, two-way discussions to occur simultaneously—without audio clipping or fragmentation on either end. Automatic gain control (AGC) normalizes audio levels so even soft speakers come through loud and clear.

landline PBX compatible

with charging bays

12 hours talk time

2 year plan

The system is landline and PBX compatible and comes with all the traditional phone features needed for productive calls, including a 50-name and -number phone book, 50-number caller ID log and a large, backlit display for easy call handling.

Compact, all-in-one design makes it easy to keep everything together—no clutter, no hassle. A built-in charging station with magnetic bays ensures the microphones are charged and available for the next meeting.

The powerful rechargeable battery within each wireless mic supports up to 12 hours of talk time. There’s plenty of room for meetings that run over.

Enjoy the peace of mind with the industry-first 2-year product protection.

Additional information

Weight 3.25 kg
Dimensions 11.1 × 10.8 × 2.4 cm
Product Dimensions

11.1 x 10.8 x 2.4 inches

Item Weight

3.25 pounds



Item model number



2 Product Specific batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

April 27, 2017

Country of Origin

Hong Kong


VTech Holdings, Ltd

10 reviews for VTech VCS702 ErisStation DECT 6.0 Conference Phone with Two Wireless Mics using Orbitlink Wireless Technology

  1. M. H. Schatzlein

    Good phone, but don’t try Amazon for sujpport.We bought this phone to try as a replacement for Polycoms that have their notorious “can’t turn the volume down” bug. Phone works fine, but we wanted to know whether we could use the existing installed Polycom ethernet-like power cable with the new VTech phone. Google provided no answer. Amazon recently started online chat product support and I tried it today. Spent a couple of hours re-stating to an AI or ESL what the simple problem was and never got a satisfactory answer. I believe that “Kathleen” was running several chats at once and couldn’t keep them straight. We found the answer elsewhere. The power cable cables for both are standard ethernet, but the Polycom cable has a little ridge on the RJ-45s to keep folks from connecting their power supply to a real ethernet port. You can use the Polycom cable if you remove the ridge. Amazon has a huge selection and delivers quickly. I have also never had a problem returning or replacing items within their 30-day window. No questions asked, and UPS picks returns up. They also cross-ship replacements rather than waiting for yours. But don’t bother with their product support chat. Waste of time.

  2. Jordan Dietz

    Absolutely SatisfiedI knew when I went to purchase a conference phone that I was looking to spend a bit of money to find something that would grow with me. Right now, we have a small office, and do occasional conference calls. We are, however, a rapidly growing company who within 2 months has gained a need for such a phone, and will likely continue to grow at a similar rate.With that in mind, I knew I needed something that would grow into a conference-table-capable device, and was really interested in the remote microphone modules. They seemed like a tremendous gimmick, but I acknowledged that they were not required to be remote, and moved on to other features.I was skeptical, because I’ve had really reliable VTech phones and REALLY unreliable ones. In the grand scheme of things, I have found them to be decently reliable and I know that the higher-priced models tend to have a better quality build. (Go figure, huh?)What I didn’t know was that I was going to like this phone so much. I use it about once a week, and get excited every time. The things I like most are these:- GREAT sound quality, even in a very ‘live’ room.- Remote Mic modules work at 20′, and sound is crystal clear- Visual ring indication is LEDs all around the unit, so even on silent, it can be seen easily- A single wire to the phone is the only thing needed.The only thing I don’t like is one of the things I do like too. While the idea of having a single wire feed this phone is great, in a smaller setting like mine is currently, you end up with a mess of wires. First your power and phone line feed a distribution block, then a hefty, RJ-45-terminated cable feeds the phone. This is essentially POE injection, which I love, but can be difficult to manage in a home-office sort of situation. It is not a deal breaker, by any means. I do professional industrial wiring, commercial audio/video and residential home theatre/automation engineering and installation, so routing cables and cleaning cables up is somewhat of a fascination, and an easy task. For people who HATE routing cables and having power adapters all over the place, this unit will only add one more to the mix.I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a small to medium office conference phone that wants to save money and get a quality product.

  3. gary wilson

    What more do you need..Recommend ProductI was hesitant ordering “like new” versus new but glad I did. Product was shipped very fast, in the original box, and in perfect condition.I use this for my home office, obviously full time now thanks to COVID-19. Its a well built and visually appealing. Its not bulky like others I say. The speaker is crisp and clear and my voice is well received. I didnt need the wireless components for my office, but I use them since I have them. I sit on my office couch away from my desk and these work great-no difference from speaking into the main unit.I have many critical meetings all day and this Vtech is amazing. I recommend it and the seller. A+

  4. Greener

    Everyone in the office likes this way more than the polycomWasn’t sure if this would be as good as the polycom that we needed to replace. Everyone in the office likes this way more than the polycom. Great sound quality, no echo, and the CAT5 connection allows users to take it to their office and use it there. the CAT5 is not for networking it, but I can keep the base unit in the server room, and I used a CAT5 splitter (1 to 1) to allow users to use it in their office where there’s a free network drop.

  5. CyberDad

    Vtech VCS702 is a terrific phone for conference calls and a steal at $149!So far so good! I’m thoroughly pleased with the quality of this product. My conference calls today were less painful, thanks to Vtech’s terrific speaker. I was able to hear every speaker clearly! I asked my teammates how I sounded. They said I sounded loud and clear. The speaker phone looks terrific and has a quality feel to it. I work from home and I’ll be using this for conference calls (4 to 5 hours a day). At $149, this was a bargain!

  6. BoomerSo1r

    A Good Value; Not High EndGood bang for your buck. Not the best conference phone I’ve used, but works well for my home office. Usually need to use one of the cordless mics placed within 12-18 inches in order to be heard easily, even when sitting only a few feet away from the base unit. But as long as you’re close to a mic, works great. Excellent sound quality from the speaker. Would recommend for home office or light duty commercial applications where an analog speakerphone is needed.

  7. Amazon Customer

    covid handySo conducting meetings with remote microphones was not just handy but helped to maintain sound quality when spread out at different tables. Good two way communication.

  8. D. Bishop

    Very Good Phone – Excellent for the PriceThis attractive conference phone set up easily and worked flawlessly out of the box The only negative was that our test callers said that there was a slight echo, which I found to be more of a ‘tinny’ sound (treble over-modulation to improve voice comprehension.) Having said that, it was perfectly understandable. The wireless mics are wonderful, especially for long phone calls. Now, I can get up and pace during a call without effecting the call quality.

  9. L. Tong

    Love it so far!I bought this due to the shelter in place and work from home situation. I have the speaker phone placed away from me and use the detachable mic. The detachable mic fits nicely in my hand and it’s easy to hit mute and unmute during conference calls.

  10. Mink

    Great designI love this product. I have been searching for a great speaker phone for years.The interface is very logical and easy to use. It is easy to store names, and easy to call people from the directory.The sound quality is great. People can hear me clearly and I can hear others loud and clear.The design is authentically pleasing, and practical.

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