USB Lavalier Lapel Microphone for Video Recording Podcasting Streaming, USB C Clip-on Computer Microphones, Plug & Play

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You will never regret choosing ZAFFIRO USB microphone .

Still looking for a professional Lavalier Lapel Microphone to record your voice for a podcast or Skype video conference?Are you tiered with your microphone static noise?If Yes ,let ZAFFIRO professional USB microphone help you solve all your problems.

  • Zaffiro USB Microphone is your computer’s partner perfect for recording vocals and acoustic instruments for your computer.
  • Best For: Audio or Video Recording, Perfect for Sound or Film Recording, Youtube Streaming, MSN, SKYPE, KTV, Internet gaming, Interviews, vocal, conducting podcasts and Classroom Setting; Audio Recording of Product reviews, creating online videos, online games professional network microphone .
  • This microphone allows ultimate flexibility and ease of use for people who need to record or broadcast with a minimum of fuss. Simply plug into your laptop.
  • The high-quality condenser allows you to capture crisp, clear audio, and the usb mic includes a windscreen for minimizing environmental noise.
  • The computer microphone is aluminum lapel clip mic and the 20 ft long cable provides this usb microphone very good flexibility for moving.

USB MIC Specifications

  • Transducer: Electret Condenser
  • Polar pattern: Omni-directional
  • Frequency Range: 50Hz-18KHz
  • Signal/Noise: 80dB
  • Sensitivity:-30dB±3dB
  • Cable Length: 6m (20-feet)
  • Connector: Standard USB, Micro USB, Type-C (Plug-and-play for PC, Mac, Laptop,Tablet,Smartphone)
  • Special notice: When taking video with Android device requests APP we recommend (Open Camera)

What you get

  • 1* USB lavalier microphone (including the clip & windscreen)
  • 1* USB to Type-C adaptor
  • 1* backup clip
  • 1* backup wind muff
  • 1* cloth bag.

Multiple Uses

Laptop Chat for Office Work

Using lavalier microphone will never miss any important word with clear voice sound and improve your work efficiency.

Office Meeting

Using USB mic when in conference .It will make your point be more powerful and attractive.Every audience will focus on you without Tiredness.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 7.59 × 3.4 cm



‎USB Lavalier Lapel Microphone USB-C

Model Name

‎USB-C/USB Lavalier Lapel Microphone

Part Number


Hardware Platform

‎Laptop, Gaming Console, PC, Tablet, Camera, Smartphone

Compatible Devices

‎Laptop, Personal Computer, Tablet, Camera, Smartphone, Karaoke Machine

Special Features


Mounting Hardware

‎warranty_card, battery, user_manual, usb_cable

Remote Control Description

‎Standard USB, USB-C Adaptor

Noise level

‎80 dB

Microphone format

‎Plug and Play USB Lavalier Lapel microphone with USB-C Adapter for Video Recording, Podcasting, Streaming, YouTube,Interview,Video Conference, Android Smartphone PC&DSLR, PC

Power source type

‎Corded Electric

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Signal-to-noise ratio (dB)

‎65 dB

Connector Type


Material Type

‎Aluminum Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Includes AC Adapter


Item model number

‎USB Lavalier Lapel Microphone USB-C

Package Dimensions

‎11.2 x 7.59 x 3.4 cm; 30 Grams




1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

24 July 2017



10 reviews for USB Lavalier Lapel Microphone for Video Recording Podcasting Streaming, USB C Clip-on Computer Microphones, Plug & Play

  1. Racine

    Third Update: This isn’t working out for recording my YouTube videos.
    4/20/2018 THIRD UPDATE:3 StarsAfter working with this mic on several YouTube videos, I’ve decided that it’s probably fine for Skype or video calls, but if you want to make a YouTube video with narration, I am dealing with too much background noise and a kind of robotic voice quality. Using a sound editing program like Audacity to reduce background noise yields SCUBA respirator sounds and incessant tinkling artifacts throughout the recording that I can’t isolate!It picks up too much noise because it’s OMNI-directional, not uni-directional. These are things I’ve learned along the way. So if there’s a fan blowing, or the dryer is running in the other room it picks up ALL the sounds, but the frequency range is not robust, so it’s not well-rounded with deeper bass tones. It’s very tin-canny and nasally.I decided to order an Andrea brand over-the-ear headset with patented noise-reduction technology now and see if that helps. 

    Andrea Communications C1-1030200-1 EDU255 USB Stereo Hdst

    If it doesn’t, I may have to either upgrade my computer sound card, or go to an analog mic instead of USB. I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium with extra RAM added in case anyone is wondering.One day I hope to go pro, but for now I’m trying to work with what I have on a tight budget. I need the most bang for the buck, so if anyone has suggestions, I’d appreciate hearing what works for you.——————————————————————————————————————————–3/17/18 SECOND UPDATE:4 StarsI was wrong! There wasn’t a default mic built into my PC after all and the recordings I had made were in fact done with Zaffiro. The first ones were fine, but trouble started when I started getting hissing background noise. When I unplugged Zaffiro, it did mess up my USB ports and I had to reboot PC every time.I let it rest for a few days and came back today. Plugged it into a USB port in the back panel of tower and tested using it as the Default mic, and now it records fine and no perceptible background hiss. Phew!So I’m going to give it 4 stars, since I don’t like that I have to reboot PC if it gets unplugged. But for now I’ll keep it plugged in at the back port and leave it alone.Hope this helps anyone who has this problem. I’m using Windows 7.————————————————–Update: I thought I was using the new mic, but it was actually the computer’s built in mic. I didn’t even know my PC had one.I got this one selected finally, and there was a high level of background hiss/static.When I unplugged it, it disabled my default mic! I can’t figure out how to get it back now!!!Then when I plugged it back in, it didn’t work properly at all. It was doing something, because now there was a full blast sound of teeth grinding static! Holy cow!If you unplug it from the PC (Windows 7), you have to reboot before you can try again.This has never happened with any other USB devices I’ve used on this PC.Maybe it’s an audio issue, because other ppl report this same issue with headphones, mics, and speakers.But then again, maybe it’s just the mic?In any event, I’m a very frustrated user now.Not sure I would recommend now.————————-FIRST REVIEW:Jan 20185 StarsWell I just used this lapel mic for the first time to narrate a PowerPoint video presentation on YouTube.It works very well and is very sensitive.It comes with a storage pouch and Android adapter plug, too.After the test run I decided to clip it down around the 3rd button on my shirt because it was too loud when I clipped it at my neckline. It was getting a kind of robotic background static, too. But it was fine a little farther away.I debated before buying, whether to go wireless or wired and decided to try wired first since there’s less interference in the airwaves, and wired sound is always better. Plus it’s a magnitude less expensive.Most of my recordings I anticipate will be at my desk anyway. But if I need to record on my Android phone, there is an adapter plug included for that.The cord is extra-long. That’s great, but I’ll be winding up some of the extra length so it won’t get damaged. The cord looks and feels like thin black licorice.Overall, I’m happy with this mic as a novice video maker. I would recommend it to anyone trying to find a decent mic for the money. It would be great for Skype and video chats, too.Just test it out first and find the right spot to clip it to get the best results.

  2. PY460

    Pas adapté pour de la musique/Retour problématique
    Ce micro n’est pas adapté à l’enregistrement d’un instrument de musique. Il sature très vite. Pour le prix, je ne m’attendais pas à du haut de gamme mais je pensais que ça valait le coup d’essayer.En revanche, le retour est un vrai cauchemar. Si le micro est bien distribué par Amazon, le retour doit se faire vers le vendeur qui est en Angleterre. Comme il n’y a pas de point de collecte DHL près de chez moi, j’ai tenté un envoi par la Poste mais, Brexit oblige, il y des formulaires douanier à remplir. J’ai passé un quart d’heure à la poste et le formulaire (en ligne par l’agent de la Poste) n’a jamais été accepté du fait d’une adresse de retour non reconnue. Retour impossible à ce stade.

  3. aranka tremoloni

    The media could not be loaded.

  4. Kindle Customer

    cord broke within a few uses
    after about a half-dozen uses, the extra long cord developed a cracking issue fouling audio completely.

  5. a reader

    microphone has much better sound quality than webcams
    This is the first time I’ve ever purchased or used a lavalier mic. Since the pandemic started, much of my interactions with people are conducted over Zoom. I have a standalone webcam on top of my computer monitor so I have to sit a couple feet away from its microphone. Sometimes people can’t hear me.This lavalier mic solved the problem. People noticed the clarity right away. I also compared the sound quality by recording the audio on Audacity and OBS software; this mic definitely has better sound – great for speaking presentations and two-way conversation. If one were to record music or singing though, I recommend getting a better quality microphone.For best results, position the lavalier mic in line right under your chin. I tried clipping it a little to the side and my voice was muffled with other background noise coming in .. so placement makes a difference.Other good features: it has a LONG (but skinny) usb cord. The box includes a extra clip and mic cover. For delicate fabrics, I suggest putting tape over the jagged teeth as to not ruin clothes.Good value mic; hope it lasts!

  6. Les Curzon

    Value for money
    Did what it said

  7. Amazon Customer

    Fait très bien le job
    Une première crainte au début avec un tout petit grésillement quand je le branchais sur mon PC portable. Finalement, il suffisait de passer en mode batterie sur l’ordinateur pour régler le problème. A ce prix là, fait très bien le job et le résultat est bon.

  8. Stephanie Hansen

    Works well, but the slight static
    This lapel mic works very well, no issues with plug and play. Only downside is that when it does record you can hear some clear static and I haven’t figured out if I can eliminate that element through the computer or if I need a much better lapel mic. It’s difficult to say until I do some more research. Just be aware you may need to do pre-recorded sessions and clean your audio up in a sound program.

  9. Nicolas

    A little too quiet
    I purchased these for my work because we are about to do a lot of work with live streaming and I wanted a mic that was hands free that could carry my voice clearly. I put the mike on my shirt, and my voice sounds a little quiet. If I put the mic right up to my face, then I can hear my voice really well, but just having it on my shirt is not quite enough for me.That being said, it will still get the job done, it is very easy to use and it doesn’t have a crazy installation process. Just plug it in and go. Plus the string is SUPER long so that is nice too.

  10. K. Culver

    Disappointed in the selective performance of this microphone.
    Easy to use for zoom meetings.Did not work for Facebook live, video recording, or voice recording.FYI I’m using with USC adapter on Samsung (Android) phone.(Perhaps the audio jack adaptore would be better?)However, it worked fine with usb port on my macbook.

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