VILCOME DisplayPort Switch 8K Splitter, Plug & Play, One-Button Switching, Bidirectional Display Port Switcher Box 2 in 1 Out/1

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Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 12 × 5 cm


Part Number

‎vilcome-dp switch

Compatible Devices

‎Laptop, Project, Monitor, PC, etc., TV Box

Mounting Hardware

‎vilcome dp switch

Number Of Items


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Type of cable or wire


Number of Ports


Material Type


Mounting Type

‎Surface Mount

Manufacturer reference

‎vilcome-dp switch

Product Dimensions

‎12 x 12 x 5 cm; 55 Grams



Date First Available

31 January 2023



10 reviews for VILCOME DisplayPort Switch 8K Splitter, Plug & Play, One-Button Switching, Bidirectional Display Port Switcher Box 2 in 1 Out/1

  1. C.W.

    Doesn’t work out of the box
    I ordered the Vilcome Displayport 8K Bi-Direction Switch twice! The first one arrived and straight away when I plugged it in it didn’t work. I tried connecting two computers to one monitor. I tried connecting one computer to two monitors, no luck. i thought I’d give the product another try and asked Amazon for a replacement instead of a refund. The second Vilcome Displayport 8K Bi-Direction Switch arrived the next day and guess what?!?! It didn’t work. The box is very small. There’s no power input to the box. The LEDs on top of the box don’t light up as they were advertised to do. The box feels very light , almost empty inside. I don’t get the sense there is much inside the box and therefore it feels cheaply made.The good – Amazon’s Return/Replacement process was a breeze. I opted for a Replacement Product the first time, which meant I got a new device the next day and all I had to do is drop off the defective product at an Amazon Go which luckily for me is only a few miles away. No printing of labels or drop shipping.One defective product is understandable. Two defective products in a row and I’m done wasting my money. My advise to would be buyers of this product is BEWARE

  2. Marie

    Not what was advertised
    When purchased for 8k (DP connector) it works great. Here is my issue. As per the box, it shows the 4K at 120 Hz logo. It does not support the HDMI 4K standard cable. It only accepts the DP plug which makes absolute no sense why even bother showing as 4K (HDMI) standard as an option. 3 stars for misleading advertising.

  3. Tyler A.

    Doesn’t work
    Plugged in 3 Display Port 1.4 Cables, no lights on the switch came on. Didn’t do anything. Monitor went out, no signal. Tried different cables, different cables to different ports…nothing. Went to look at the “manual” Just a piece of paper folded with unplug,plugin instructions, the way they want you to contact them for “warranty” support is by asking a question on the page for the item. No email address no nothing. Returning to amazon. I knew it was a risk on a new item and no reviews but the question answers seemed decent. Overall 0/5 Stars. Avoid till they fix their issues. Then again I could have had a bad unit? Or all they all bad? Find out next week on Sketchy Amazon Find.Update: 3/29/23Maybe I am a glutton for punishment but I really wanted this to work so I ordered two more to see if maybe I just was unlucky. Nope both the new ones were dead on arrival as well. Like the other negative reviews, didn’t power on, no lights or nothing. I tried with DP 1.2 and 1.4 cables and devices. None worked. So returning these. Go with a powered option. These are garbage. And again, no response from the company, I have tried to contact them through numerous channels and heard nothing.

  4. Mic

    Very useful and future proof
    Display port has been an important part of the computer system for a long time.Before HDMI has developed hugely, Displayport is the only option to get 4K120hz or 8k60hz.I tested with 4k120hz on my Acer screen and it worked just fine with the splitter cables connected.Good value if you need it.

  5. Rohvuewer

    This product is a scam.
    Edit: I went back and looked at reviews of this product. Every single positive review is tagged,”Vine Customer Review of Free Product”. Every single person that is an actual purcaser recieved a non functional item. This thing looks like it’s a scam and you should not buy it.I ordered this because on paper it was exactly what I needed. I got it, hooked it up, and the product was completely nonfunctional. I returned it for another, and the 2nd one was also completely dead out of the box. Either the quality control on these is terrible, or its just a scam product that does not function in any way.

  6. Hao

    Unlikely to work for anyone
    This is the only switch I can find that isn’t dc/5v powered, so I had to try, despite all those negative reviews.It simply doesn’t respond to anything, and feels very lightweight like a tin box with nothing inside.

  7. L

    Dead on Arrival
    Was skeptical about this not being a powered splitter, but thought I’d give it a try given the page descriptions. Was dead on arrival and didn’t work at all. The LEDs didn’t even light up when two computers were plugged in, and all cables are confirmed working cables. Returned. Don’t bother with this junk and get a powered splitter.

  8. Tim J

    Better as a splitter
    I like this better as a splitter than a switch. The switch on my device was a little mushy, and would not always activate consistently on a first press. When it worked it was fairly seamless with little delay however, which is an essential feature in my opinion. Overall, it works well and should be good for most home use cases.

  9. X.J

    Broken out of the box, likely a SCAM
    Did not work out of the box, plugged in and nothing happened. No lights like the pictures. All other 1 star rating seems to have the same issue, multiple products and all arrive broken. This seems like they are selling a scam product

  10. chrva

    Just don’t waste your time with this.
    First unit I got was a lemon. Screen flickering out of the box. The replacement was even worse. Look elsewhere for a splitter. When it works, the output it good quality, so I guess roll the dice if you’re so inclined.

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