USB Audio Interface with 1x XLR/TRS 1x 1/4″ 2X RCA USB, Red

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Product Description/b>
This product is suitable for entry-level recording production, broadcasting use
1: MIC/Line1 socket inputSupport 48V capacitor MIC, gain greater than 23DB, maximum support 2VRms signal input
Support 6.35TRS moving coil MIC input, gain greater than 23DB (three plugs), maximum support 2VRms signal input
Support 6.35 moving coil MIC input gain greater than 16DB (two plugs) to support the maximum 2VRms signal input
Input impedance: 6.81k~10K
Note: The input signal input will be too large to cause non-adjustable distortion

2: INST2 input holderSupport TRS high resistance input (three plugs), input impedance greater than 1M ohms, gain large 23DB, maximum support 2VRms signal input
Support 6.35 high-resistance input (two-section plug), input impedance greater than 1M ohms, gain large 16DB, the maximum support 2VRms signal input
Note: The input signal input will be too large to cause non-adjustable distortion

3: 6.35 headphone outputStereo, greater than 10mW, output impedance 10R, support 22R~75R headphones

4: RCA line outputStereo, 1.4RMS output, SRN: -96DB, TDH: 0.005% output impedance 100R

5: DriverDriver-free

6:Sample Rate SupportMax 48K, 16BIT

7: System SupportWindos XP~ Windos 10, Android 6.0~12, IOS system Please add an OTG adapter cable when using your phone or

Additional information

Weight 431 kg
Dimensions 15.7 × 5.99 cm
Item Weight

‎431 g

Package Dimensions

‎16.89 x 15.7 x 5.99 cm; 431 Grams

Item model number


Compatible Devices

Personal Computer

Hardware Interface


Supported Software

‎DAW, Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase





Date First Available

9 August 2021



10 reviews for USB Audio Interface with 1x XLR/TRS 1x 1/4″ 2X RCA USB, Red

  1. A. Geller

    Great deal for the money!
    I was intending on buying the Shure X2U, but for less money, this had more features. I love that it sits on my laptop stand right below with easy access to knobs. Sounds great. I wish it had an xlr or even 1/4″ jack out so I could loop the sound, but I guess I could use the headphone jack with an adapter if I really wanted to. Overall, VERY happy!

  2. DaleBryThatScienceGuy

    Line this, better, than my more expensive one.

  3. Malcolm T Smith

    Audio interface
    The media could not be loaded.

     Works great for streaming ext

  4. Chadwick Whetman

    Perfect for people who hate things that work
    The product itself is physically solid. It’s a metal’ish box with nobs… it’s like a 14yr old going into hot topic to buy a shirt from a 90’s band they’ve never listened to… and just like that 14yr old, it’s mostly garbage inside (Garbage was/is a great band though). I’ve tried using this box on 3 different workstations and at best it’s as inconsistent as a politician running for re-election and at worst, it’s as bad mayo left in a hot car. I have even sent my headset to the manufacturer to verify that my headset and cables were fine and I even went to Guitar Center, spent 2hours listening to a n00b play only power cords and an associate brag about his cover band just to test them on a set up that was more poorly made than this product and everything worked fine… I even bought a new headset for testing purposes (which I promptly returned because “middle class” is still below the poverty line for things luxuries such as “things that work”). I would like a refund, or a replacement (maybe something better or at least functional) OR to have my mental health visits paid for.Bottom line, I tested this thing like I was trying to cure a disease and I probably spent orders of magnitude more in time than this product is worth, but if you enjoy minimally frustrating products, this ain’t for you…

  5. J&M

    Decent unit for the money
    If you just need an inexpensive interface, this fits the bill. Works with ASIO4ALL drivers. Works with all the DAWs I have bothered to try. It isn’t really two inputs, it is one stereo input with one jack on the left and the other on the right, but that’s not a big deal to work with. The direct monitor capability is great if you are recording with some latency.The inputs are a little hot it seems, but the unit works well and is cheap and doesn’t sound horrible. Great for beginner or someone who just wants decent audio for at-home recording.

  6. Henderson

    Does just what I need it to do.
    I needed an inexpensive way to capture my Shure PGA58 on my DAW without having to go through my Spider III amp and reducing the quality of the mic through the secondary out behind the onboard computer into my mic input, which is a combo input/output 3.5mm headphone/mic jack. This does the trick, and while I’m not currently in the business of recording my music on a big name studio quality caliber, this audio interface gets me what I want at a price point I can actually afford on my non-existent budget.

  7. Dave Andre

    Great item if you’re just beginning to record at home.
    I’m just beginning to get set up for home recording. While I would have chosen something more expensive if I were building a commercial recording studio, the RSGR Hai is fine for home recording. Really great price on this.

  8. Super Heavy

    Great value
    This is a great little unit for the price. Works great with both my condenser mic and instrument in and the sound quality is good. No problems setting it up with ASIO. It shows up as a generic ‘USB AUDIO CODEC’. One potential annoyance: it outputs audio from the XLR input on the left channel and audio from the INST input on the right channel. I mostly use this for voice with VST Host, so I just manually specified two engine channels and directed them to the same wav device so it outputs as stereo.

  9. Jedd

    Sounds good, but no ASIO driver
    If you need something portable on the run to record yourself or just a soundcard this interface works pretty well. Works as mic preamp for Roland cube and such, if you want to sing.The only weak point is the lack of ASIO (low latency) drivers, which could take this to the next level.

  10. James S

    Great budget interface but doesn’t work with ProTools.
    For the price, this interface actually seems like it’s built quite well, and it works really well with Audacity and Reaper. I would advise you to be careful when buying because even though it’s advertised to work with ProTools, it doesn’t. So if you are planning on using this unit with ProTools, don’t even bother. Otherwise, I have little to no complaints about this interface. It’s really great for the price, and even works with amp sims.

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