PreSonus Revelator io24 USB-C Compatible Audio Interface with Integrated Loopback Mixer and Effects for Streaming, Podcasting,

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Brand PreSonus
Compatible Devices Tablet
Supported Software Studio One Artist, Ableton Live Lite, and Studio Magic Suite.
Connectivity Technology USB 2.0 (USB-C Compatible)
Number of Channels 2

  • Add Revelator power and flexibility to any XLR microphone.
  • 2 XMAX-L mic preamps with +48V phantom power for professional XLR mics and crystal-clear sound. 2 high-headroom instrument inputs to record guitar, bass, and your favorite line-level devices, plus MIDI I/O.
  • 2 stereo loopback streams for mixing audio from Zoom, Skype, backing tracks, and more.
  • Professionally-crafted presets make you sound like a pro at the press of a button—or design, save, and share your own.
  • Stream Mix mode lets you create a complete stereo mix with Revelator io24 hardware inputs, effects, two channels of loopback audio, and reverb and send it to your streaming software.


Product Description

Flexible and versatile, Revelator io24 is the only audio interface designed for both recording and streaming. Get polished, professional results thanks to PreSonus XMAX-L microphone preamps and onboard processing that will make your stream, podcast, or recording stand out. Revelator io24’s intuitive loopback mixer makes adding backing tracks, sound effects, or Skype interviews quick and easy. Quickly record Zoom calls for your podcast, add backing tracks to your live stream performance, and more. Produce a great mix for your stream fast by engaging Stream Mix mode and with the click of a button, your complete DSP mix–analog inputs, loopback channels, reverb, and effects–are patched to the USB stream, where you can easily send it to your streaming software. No complex routing or extra hardware required. You’ll also get over $1000 USD of software to record, produce, and polish your podcasts and music, including: Studio One Artist, Ableton Live Lite, and the Studio Magic Suite. Whether you’re producing your latest YouTube video or streaming your music live on Facebook, Revelator io24 is built to ‘cast.

From the Manufacturer

Two stereo loopback streams allow you to mix audio from multiple applications to perform with backing tracks, record Skype calls, and more; Two XMAX-L high-headroom mic preamps deliver crystal-clear sound for professional XLR microphones; onboard signal processing brings studio-grade polish to your voice—or wild, otherworldly vocal effects; control Revelator io24’s settings with wireless touch control from your tablet; over $1000 worth of software including Studio One Artist, Ableton Live Lite, and Studio Magic Suite.

From the manufacturer

Revelator io24

Record. Mix. Stream.

Revelator io24: USB-C Compatible audio interface with integrated loopback mixer, onboard effects, and Stream Mix mode for streaming, podcasting, music creation, and more.

Revelator io24

Your partner from studio to stream.

The versatile Revelator io24 is the only audio interface designed for both recording and streaming. Get professional results with PreSonus XMAX-L mic preamps and onboard processing that will make your stream, podcast, or recording stand out. Revelator io24 is your partner from studio to stream.

Revelator io24

Revelator io24

Revelator io24

Revelator io24

No-fuss loopback audio when you need it.

Revelator io24’s simple loopback mixer makes it easy to add backing tracks to your live stream performance or conference in a Zoom caller to your podcast. With two dedicated stereo channels just for loopback audio on both macOS and Windows, you’ll mix and record the audio from two different applications, along with both channels of your Revelator io24—all at the same time. Stream and record to Studio One (or your application of choice) simultaneously!

Stream Mix Mode

Only Revelator io24 is both an audio interface and a streaming mixer. Out of the box, Revelator io24 is a great-sounding audio interface with powerful onboard DSP (digital signal processing). When you’re ready to stream, engage Stream Mix mode—and with the click of a button, your complete mix of your analog inputs, loopback channels, reverb, and effects is routed directly to USB, where you can easily send it to your streaming software. No complex routing or extra hardware required.

Great sound made easy.

Polish your sound with dedicated onboard processing featuring the same State-Space Modeled sonic enhancements as our award-winning StudioLive Series III mixers. Professionally crafted presets make your voice or guitar stand out with a single click. Additional effects let you emulate concert halls, AM radio, or Venusian armadas to completely transform your sound.

Proven, professional preamps.

More than 25 years of studio-grade design experience is inside Revelator io24. Two XMAX-L mic preamps capture even the most complex musical harmonics smoothly and naturally, with no audible distortion, so your microphones will sound their best. Instrument and line inputs let you connect all of your gear. A Stereo Link option provides even more flexibility.

Revelator io24

Stress-free recording.

When you have the right tools, any job is faster and easier to finish. That’s why we included high-resolution input and output metering on the Revelator io24, allowing you to keep an eye on your input and mix levels when you’re recording by yourself.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 6.25 × 6.25 × 2.5 cm
Item Weight

2 pounds

Product Dimensions

6.25 x 6.25 x 2.5 inches

Country of Origin




Item model number

Revelator io24

Date First Available

July 1, 2021

Compatible Devices


Hardware Interface

USB Type C, USB 2.0

Supported Software

Studio One Artist, Ableton Live Lite, and Studio Magic Suite.

Operating System




10 reviews for PreSonus Revelator io24 USB-C Compatible Audio Interface with Integrated Loopback Mixer and Effects for Streaming, Podcasting,

  1. Rob N.

    “You want to go home, rethink your life, and buy an io24” – Obi-Wan …probablyThis unit is frankly perfect for me and would make a very solid and versatile addition to just about any audio setup. If you’ve got a basic USB audio interface like the Focusrite Scarlett Solo, this is a fantastic upgrade. If you’re considering the GoXLR, especially the mini (as I was), you should consider this device instead. I’ll be comparing them a bit below as I speak to a few of the features that are most relevant to me.- Cross Platform: This unit is completely standards compliant, which means it works on both Windows and macOS (and I suspect Linux as well, though I haven’t tested it myself yet; I have tested both Windows 10 and macOS Big Sur and Monterey, including with M1 Apple Silicon). The GoXLR relies on their proprietary software so you’re out of luck if you use anything other than Windows.- Integrated DSP (digital signal processing): This allows you to add a filter, gate, compressor, equalizer and limiter to the inputs that run on the device itself as well as a few voice effects (Doubler, Vocoder, Ring Modulator, Comb Filter, Detuner, Delay, and Reverb). This means you get all those DSP features without having to run specialized software and waste processing time on my computer (no VST plugins or VoiceMeeter!). This fact is probably the single best feature. The GoXLR has an equalizer, compressor, gate, and the full GoXLR (not the mini) has similar voice effects (Reverb, echo, pitch shifting, gender (formant shifting), megaphone, robot, hardtune, and sampler) but both it and the Mini do not have a filter or limiter from what I can tell.- Virtual Routing and Mixes: Allows you to route different audio streams separately without any additional hardware. This is similar to what the GoXLR does. I haven’t tested this extensively but it is very similar so I think they’re about comparable.If you’d like to mount it under your desk like in the images I’ve attached to this review, please search on Thingiverse or PrusaPrints (I cannot link them directly here)My only word of warning is make sure you’re plugging this directly into your computer or if you cannot, into a very high quality hub (I discovered the hard way that my hub is apparently garbage, which is unrelated to the issues below). As with many other audio devices, especially those with DSP type features, if the unit is not getting quality power you will have issues.—————————————-Note:The above is my updated review, below is my original review. I changed my review from 1 stars to 5 stars. The main reason I gave it 1 start initially is that there was an issue on the outputs (see below) but it that has now been completely resolved; the cause was a bad batch of units. They shipped me a replacement unit which I have been using for about a week now and I can confirm that the issue is completely gone. If anyone else has this issue you just need to contact PreSonus support to get a replacement. In my opinion, PreSonus has done a great job of resolving this issue. I am satisfied with my care.—————————————-On paper this unit is perfect for me. However when I received it and gave it a try I immediately noticed a pulsing noise on the headphone output even when nothing was playing from my computer (see attached video to hear what I’m referring to). I thought the unit was DOA so I sent it back and got a replacement shipped. The second unit had the identical problem, so I opened a support ticket with PreSonus and started looking around online for similar reports. Though I did not find very many reports, which I partially chalk up to it only being on the market for a few months, I did find enough reports of the exact same issue that I think people should be wary about buying this right now. If/when it gets resolved, I will update this review accordingly.I cannot link to them here but there is a thread discussing it on the PreSonus forums (topic # 46094, “Noise coming from Revelator io24. Exchange for another unit also generates same noise :(“), and on the r/presonus subreddit (title “Revelator io24 – noisy headphone output?”), and a few comments under reviews on YouTube.PreSonus was very responsive to the ticket I opened, but after exhausting all troubleshooting options they didn’t have a solution and just said their development team will look into it and to hang tight.

  2. J. Rouyer

    Amazing FunctionalityI am using the Revelator 44 for Zoom meetings and video production work. The Relevator is fantastic at handling many of the of tasks typical of a more complex setup all in a small desktop unit. For XLR dynamic mix input, I am using the onboard DSP for dialing in my voice and removing background noise along with a wired headset and left and right outputs feeding my studio monitors and sub. During my initial setup, I freaked out because of immense scary electrical feedback buzz. I thought, like many, that it was a bad unit. However, after experimentation, I learned it was my choice of cables. The noise happens when using a TS to RCA cable but is eliminated with a balanced TRS to XLR or TRS to TRS cable. The output audio is now crystal and I cannot be more happier. Keep this in mind if you are considering this setup.

  3. jh0st

    an incredible value with great functionality [edited review on 26 Nov 2021]OK, I take it all back… (see original review archived below).The good folks at PreSonus contacted me directly. They humbly admitted that the headphone and output noise issue was a grounding problem and promptly replaced my unit after receiving the return. I can say after hours of testing they have 100% solved the problem.As I mentioned, I wanted to love this product because of its built-in DSP functionality and fat channel. Now I can say that I do!I expected the headphone amp to still have a little bit of white noise at full volume (don’t they all?), but it is WICKED quiet now. The difference with the new fix is night and day. The inputs also have more life and ‘air’ to them. That could be because previously the white noise was masking the high-end, but to my ears solving the grounding issue may have also effected overall performance..?As with all PreSonus software, the DSP mixer is clearly laid out and a breeze to use. For the uninitiated, it would be advised to briefly read the manual. My favorite part is that it seamlessly integrates into their Studio One software (included). Without having to leave the program, you can dial up the IO24’s fat channel. My favorite parts are its DSP compressors: standard, tube emulated, or Class-A FET.For this price of $200, the Revelator IO24 is an incredible value. It has functionality not seen in other interfaces at this price. It can be used for high quality recording as well as live streaming with its super easy loop-back functionality. Speaking of, one reason I purchased this is to collaborate remotely writing tunes with far-away friends. With ‘original audio’ turned on in zoom, this thing is an amazing tool.Although the original defects should not have been brought to the market in the first place, a big thanks to PreSonus to listening to its customers. Companies make mistakes and kudos to them for owning up to them, then quickly offering a fix.—————————————[original review 20 Oct 2021]I wanted so much to love this new product – its built-in DSP mixer with fat channel and reverb was just what I was looking for. But I’m in disbelief that PreSonus released this thing with such a noisy headphone amp AND noisy line outs. Many others have complained about this, but it seems PreSonus is doing nothing about it thus far. I would give this thing 1 star if I wasn’t such a PreSonus fan – I write reviews for tapeop magazine and after my rave review of Studio One, am now a convert of both their software and hardware.As others have stated, lower ohm headphones have slightly less of a noise problem, but even with my 33ohm Grado SR80s, there’s a distracting pulsing noise at low volumes and significant dirty white noise at medium to high volumes. Worse still, when I connected my PreSonus eris E5 monitors to its outputs (told ‘ya I was a fan) with the exact balanced cables I use with my other interfaces, the dirty white noise was still there.This noise doesn’t get recorded, but the problem is, it’s completely disorienting. Because the io24’s noise-floor is so high, it will mask any faulty cables, mic noise, etc., potentially ruining hours of work because you couldn’t detect it.My suspicion is that PresSonus had to make a lot of compromises under the hood to make this bus powered. Just think: phantom power, hardware DSP, headphone driver, etc… all from a lil’ old USB port port. (Yes, it’s USB C, but it comes with a USB C to USB A cable. Even when connected via USB C to C, the exact same problems plague it). As a compromise, I could live with an outboard power adapter over the host of these awful problems… OR they could have done what Audient does with their beautiful sounding id14mk2: tell their customers that if you DO connect USB C to A, the performance of the headphone amp is diminished. The io24 clearly is not taking advantage of the higher power delivery of USB C.

  4. Mitchell H.

    SO FAR VERY GOODWorks pretty well. A bit of a leaning curve to get loopback to work but really it’s pretty easy.

  5. Michael S.

    Good but could be betterI do radio shows from my vocal booth every day. I recently purchased the Presonus revelator io24 because of the compressor and small size. It seems to be working quite well but if I could improve it I would move all of the inputs and outputs to the back to help clean up my desktop. I would also add a power button to the front (it currently doesn’t have one at all) so it can be turned off instead of having to unplug it from my laptop every day.The Universal Control app on the laptop makes setup and adjustments easy. It’s been helping my shows sound better.

  6. Dustin G.

    Great, but one major flawI honestly can’t say how nice a system this really is. It’s compact, simple to use, software isn’t buggy or overly difficult to use but could use some finer polish to work. I get excellent, clean sound out of my Samson Q2U mic without having to keep the mic in my face all the time.Having the XLR ports on the front of the device and the headphone jack on the back is kind of an annoying choice, but one I can work around.The one drawback is in how Windows sees the Mic and Instrument inputs. Unfortunately, these are one input according to Windows and cannot be separated. At the moment it isn’t a huge issue for me as I don’t presently have a guitar or other instrument, but it will become so once I do get a guitar again.Also of note is that while it does have MacOS support, it does not have software for use in Linux, which would have been useful as well.All-in-all it’s a really good product that does most of the same things as a particular competing device that costs more than twice as much, but doesn’t have all the switches, buttons and knobs. It has helped improve the audio quality of my stream in crazy ways. Highly recommend.

  7. Daniel Krishnan

    Works really well for daily use with Discord.Audio Engineer here. Been looking for a budget audio interface with real-time processing, and came across this. I am using an SE7 MIcrophone to chat with my friends while playing games. I was using a headset for this previously and was not satisfied with the quality, hence adding a few studio gears into my gaming setup. the great thing about this was it allows you to have up to 3 different mixes and output routing to different software. I love this audio interface.!

  8. Amazon Customer

    An amazing device.I was contemplating buying one of those very expensive devices that provide onboard signal processing like the Rodecaster or GoXLR. But they were very expensive, and I don’t need all the features they provide.This audio interface brings me all the audio processing I need in a compact and affordable device. All I need is a noise gate, a compressor, Equalizer, and a De-esser. And this device provides all that.The software interface is good, but it needs some getting to use. Presonus, please consult someone on interface design, or get some hents from the GO.XLR software interface.I highly recommend this audio Interface.

  9. Duanye

    Game ChangerI bought this unit to replace my wore out USB Behringer mixer. The amount of functionality at this price point is INCREDIBLE. The software is easy to utilize, and quite powerful. The gate, eq, and limiter settings are a nice touch. I use this for Twitch streaming, and I have to say; this has been the best piece of equipment I have purchased.

  10. DoctorG

    A versatil device with some limitationsThis somewhat unusual devices is great for things like podcasts. It works as advertised, but the reverb does not work when used offline, not connected to a computer with the driver installed.

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