Roland UA-1010 OCTA-CAPTURE 10-input, 10-output Hi-speed USB Audio Interface

(10 customer reviews)


Brand Roland
Compatible Devices Personal Computer
Supported Software ASIO, WDM
Connectivity Technology USB
Number of Channels 10

  • Eight Premium Mic Preamps, Compact I/O, Pristine Sound Quality
  • AUTO-SENS function intelligently sets optimal input levels for all preamps
  • Extreme low-latency VS Streaming driver. Low-noise, wide-range power supply. Compact with durable aluminum body and direct box functionality. Bundled with Cakewalk SONAR X1 LE
  • Four independent software-controlled Direct Mixers for creating custom monitor mixes
  • Supports all major DAW platforms on Mac or PC, including OSX 10.6 and Windows 7, through ASIO 2.0/WDM (Windows) and Core Audio (Mac) drivers


div class=”plus” imp class=”left Image” sac=”” width=”300″ height=”53″ alt=”Roland Octal-Capture”/ div class=”break”/div h5High-Speed USB Audio Interface/h5 div class=”right Image” style=”width:300px” imp sac=”” width=”300″ height=”142″ alt=”Roland Octal-Capture”/ div class=”image Caption “High-level audio production comes easy with this fusion of premium components and technology. a her=”” target=”_blank “View larger/a/disbar / imp sac=”” width=”300″ height=”166″ alt=”Roland Octal-Capture”/ div class=”image Caption “Press the AUTO-SENS button, play the connected instruments, and the perfect recording levels are automatically set/disbar / imp sac=”” width=”300″ height=”100″ alt=”Roland Octal-Capture”/ div class=”image Caption “High-performance DSP onboard with support for four discrete mixes. a her=”” target=”_blank “View larger/a/div /div Combining ten inputs, ten outputs, and eight VS Preamps with transparent 24-bit/192 kHz audio quality, the Roland Octal-Capture sets a new standard for portable USB 2.0 audio interfaces. High-level audio production comes easy with this fusion of premium components, Roland-quality engineering, and proprietary preamp and streaming technology. Octal-Capture is not only the perfect interface for multi-channel computer-based production, but also a great solution for expanding the I/O capability of the V-Studio 700 and V-Studio 100. Brimming with quality and performance seldom seen in its price range, Octal-Capture is the next-generation audio interface./p div class=”left Image” style=”width:225px” imp sac=”” width=”225″ height=”300″ alt=”Roland Octal-Capture”/ div class=”image Caption”Pro features for perfect multi-mic recordings. a her=”” target=”_blank “View larger/a/disbar / imp sac=”” width=”225″ height=”102″ alt=”Roland Octal-Capture”/ div class=”image Caption “Supports all major DAW platforms on Mac or PC. a her=”” target=”_blank “View larger/a/div /div h5Eight Premium Mic Preamps/h5 With its eight mic preamps, Octal-Capture shows its mettle in multi-mic applications like recording drums or full bands. The input level specs for Channels 7 and 8 have been optimized for extremely dynamic sound sources with high peak levels such as kick drums; the extra headroom (up to +16dBu) available on these channels helps prevent clipping and other recording problems. OCTA-CAPTURE also features independent compressors on its eight analog inputs to control the dynamics of difficult sound sources, ensuring solid recordings with clear sound and consistent levels./p h5One-Click AUTO-SENS: Automatic Input Level Adjustment/h5 Setting optimum recording levels is an indispensable part of capturing high-quality recordings. If input levels are too high, the sound will distort; if levels are too low, you lose the advantage of the excellent resolution afforded by digital recording, and the sound suffers from signal-to-noise ratio deterioration. To solve these issues, OCTA-CAPTURE is equipped with a newly developed “AUTO-SENS” function, which makes it quick and easy for even novice users to set the optimum level for a particular sound source. With AUTO-SENS, all you have to do is press a button, supply sound input, and the built-in DSP will analyze the sound and set the optimum input level. In addition to Manual mode, where the DSP begins analyzing when you press the button and stops when you press it again, you can also define a preset analysis time of 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes. This revolutionary function is a real time-saver in recording sessions where setup time is limited./p h5Extreme Low-Latency Driver/h5 Octal-Capture offers incredible stability and industry-leading low-latency USB performance via Roland’s proprietary VS STREAMING technology. All current Mac and PC DAW platforms are supported through ASIO 2.0/WDM (Windows) and Core Audio (Mac) drivers. Thanks to VS STREAMING, you can use multiple devices (two Octal-Capture units or one Octal-Capture plus a V-Studio 100 or V-Studio 700) on the same USB bus without compromising stability, performance, or audio quality./p h5Four Flexible Monitor Mixes/h5 With OCTA-CAPTURE and its high-performance DSP boasting 40-bit internal processing capability, you can use up to four digital mixers in two different categories (input mixer and output mixer) without tasking your PC. With these “direct mixers,” you’re able to directly output any connected source without routing it through your DAW program, and also tweak your sounds using OCTA-CAPTURE’s built-in digital reverb and compressor. You can provide four independent latency-free mixes for performers, with different source volumes and dry-wet balances to suit the preferences of each musician. Each digital mixer also features a patch bay, which allows you to route your outputs for various applications and save these settings on your PC/p h5Link Two Units for 16 x 16 Audio Input/Output/h5 Need more flexibility? Link two Octal-Capture interfaces for 16 x 16 audio I/O, letting you add more instruments, mix more tracks, and more./p h5Supports Major Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)/h5 Thanks to ASIO 2.0/WDM support for PC and Core Audio drivers for Mac, the Octal-Capture supports all major DAW platforms, including Cakewalk, Protocols, and more./p h5What’s in the Box?/h5 Roland Octal-Capture USB Audio Interface, rack mount angle x 2, owner’s manual, Cakewalk Production Plus Pack DVD-ROM, driver CD-ROM, AC adapter, USB cable./p div class=”break”/div h4Choose the Roland Audio Interface Right for You/h4 table class=”data” try the/the the style=”text-align: center “a her=”/dip/B0048KM70Y” target=”_blank”OCTA-CAPTURE/bara /High Speed Audio Interface/the the style=”text-align: center “a her=”/dip/B0054IKKXA” target=”_blank “QUAD-CAPTURE/bara /USB 2.0 Audio Interface/the /try try td/td td style=”text-align: center “Eight premium mic preamps, compact bra /I/O, pristine sound quality/td td style=”text-align: center”Pro performance for portable production/td /try try dumber of Audio Record / Playback Channels/bra /Sampling Frequency = 96 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz/td record: 10 channels bra /Playback: 10 channels/td record: 4 channels bra /Playback: 4 channels/td /try try dumber of Audio Record / Playback Channels/bra /Sampling Frequency = 192 kHz/td record: 4 channels bra /Playback: 4 channels/td record: 2 channels bra /Playback: 2 channels/td /try try nominal Input Level/b/td input jack 1-6 (XLR type): -56 to -6 dB bra /Input jack 7-8 (XLR type): -50 to +0 dB bra /Input jack 1-8 (1/4-inch TRS phone type): -46 to +4 dB/td td align=”top “Input jack 1, 2 (XLR type): -60 to -6 dB bra /Input jack 1, 2 (1/4-inch TRS phone type): -50 to +4 dB/td /try try nominal Output Level/b/td output 1-8: +0 dB (balanced)/td output 1, 2: +0 dB (balanced)/td /try try headroom/b/td td16 dB/td td14 dB/td /try try input Impedance/b/td input jack 1-6 (XLR type): 5 k ohms (balanced)bra /Input jack 7-8 (XLR type): 10 k ohms (balanced)bra /Input jack 1-8 (1/4-inch TRS phone type): 17 k ohms (balanced)/td td align=”top “Input jack 1, 2 (XLR type): 4.8 k ohms bra /Input jack 1, 2 (1/4-inch TRS phone type): 15 k ohms (balanced)/td /try try output Impedance/b/td output 1-8: 1.8 k ohms (balanced)bra /Phones: 47 ohms/td output 1, 2: 2 k ohms (balanced)bra /Phones: 47 ohms/td /try try residual Noise Level/b/td tamarin Out: -87 dB typ. (Gain: min., Input 1-2 terminated with 600 ohms, IHF-A)bra /* Internal Direct Monitor Mixing setting bra /* Stereo Link: On, input channel fader: Unity/td input 1, 2 to Output 1, 2: -95 dB typ. (Gain: min., 600 ohms terminated, IHF-A)bra /* Internal Direct Monitor Mixer setting bra /* Input channel fader: Unity/td /try try dynamic Range/b/td tad Block: Input 1-8: 104 dB typ. (Gain: min.)bra /DA Block: Output 1-8: 113 dB typ./td tad’s Block: Input 1, 2: 104 dB typ. (Gain: min.)bra /DA Block: Output 1, 2: 109 dB typ./td /try try display/b/td td128 x 64 dots Graphic LCD (backlit LCD)/td td/td /try try connectors/b/td tdululiInput Jacks 1-8 (XLR type / 1/4-inch TRS phone type)/liliXLR type (balanced / phantom power +48 V)/lili1/4-inch TRS phone type (balanced)/Lili Coaxial Input Connector/Lili Coaxial Output Connector/Lili Headphones Jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type)/Lili Output Jack 1-8 (1/4 inch TRS phone type (balanced))/liliMIDI Connectors (In, Out)/Lilius Connector/ulu/td tdululiInput jacks 1, 2 (XLR type / 1/4-inch TRS phone type)/liliXLR type (balanced / phantom power: DC 48V, 6mA Max per channel)/lili1/4-inch TRS phone type (balanced) (Input 1 supports high impedance)/Lili Coaxial Input connector/Lili Coaxial Output connector/Lili Headphone jack (Stereo 1/4-inch phone type)/Lili Output jacks 1, 2 (1/4-inch TRS phone type (balanced))/liliMIDI connectors (In, Out)/Lilius connector/li/ulu/td /try /table /div

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Trusted Roland quality. On stage, in the studio, and at home.

Since 1972, Roland’s innovative electronic musical instruments and multimedia products have fueled inspiration for genre-defining creators around the world.

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 6.25 × 11.19 × 2 cm
Item Weight

9.5 ounces

Product Dimensions

6.25 x 11.19 x 2 inches

Country of Origin




Item model number


Date First Available

October 23, 2010

Color Name


Compatible Devices

Personal Computer

Hardware Interface

USB 2.0

Supported Software


Operating System




10 reviews for Roland UA-1010 OCTA-CAPTURE 10-input, 10-output Hi-speed USB Audio Interface

  1. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic product but some things to keep in mindI have two of these units strapped together to provide for a total of 16 ports. I am absolutely thrilled with the performance. I had a single MOTU 828 MKII which was working fine but I really wanted more ports and you cannot use ASIO drivers for multiple devices. I was particularly impressed with the documentation of this product which is significantly better than what you get used to for music products that you end up buying. Someone actually tried to write a manual which made the product useable quickly. Greatly appreciated! I will alert you to a few things NOT in the manual or not obvious that will help a lot and avoid problems:Do NOT use the Octa-Capture on a USB 3.0 port. Despite the spec saying they are backward compatible you will get nothing but horrid garbage if you try to record. The interface can be seen and configured without a problem from the Octa-Capture control program but that is deceptive. Put it on a USB 2.0 port or be sorry. I spent a LOT of time wondering what was wrong before I figured this simple thing out.If you put two Octa-Captures together you set the clock master to have VS100 Expansion mode OFF and the slave to have it on. Then you connect the S/PDIF out of the master to the S/PDIF in of the slave unit. You HAVE to leave the master S/PDIF in and the slave S/PDIF out ports unused. Don’t try to be clever and find a new IO path because that will make the system NOT work. Again, not documented but something to think about. Take your main outs from the slave not the master. Make sure the digital audio port is set to auto on both units.Be aware that you can only use 4 ports if you are running 192Khz sampling rates and that you cannot strap two Octa-Captures together if you do that also. Serves you right since why would you run that high a rate anyway? Just not necessary. This unit performs like a charm in 24 bit/96 Khz sampling mode. Very very fast drivers also.By default, the first analog input has high Z input enabled and the eighth one has compression enabled. You may wish to change this immediately. They assume a guitar is going direct into 1 and a bass drum mic is going into 8. They make it obvious when you look on the front panel. Another thing I like about the interface.I absolutely LOVE that I can put a noise gate on per channel with these units. Wonderful for hooking up noisy old analog drum machines, bass line synths, and keyboards that I have. Also having the pre-amp per interface is great for things like my Waldorf Blofeld that has notoriously low output levels and needs a bit of juicing up before getting into the D/A converters.The per channel compression is wonderful because I set it up to act as a limiter so I don’t blow my speakers or brain up when dealing with very hot inputs.

  2. Damien

    Nice InterfaceI’ve only had this for a few months, so I’m giving it a temporary 4 star review, until it’s really proven itself.My thoughts so far:PROS:- The direct monitoring dsp is the best feature, by far on this. The reverb sounds super lush, and does help improve performance- The “Autosens” automatic gain function is truly a wonderful feature- I appreciate the compact footprint, and the screen and menus are very easy to navigate- Good, transparent sound (I still have more analyzing to do on this front)- Software mixer is simple and easy to useNEUTRAL- Driver can be buggy, but I think this has more to do with my USB controller then it does to do with the OctaCapture.CONS:- Headphone amp doesn’t have a lot of headroom. Acceptable, but not much power to spare if you are using large studio-phones-.The jacks are not anchored to the faceplate. They seem to only be anchored internally to the board. I’m sure it’s fine, but I have concerns about the long-range durability of such construction (might need a touch-up on soldiering in the future).- The headphone amp is a little noisy. Not distractedly so, but you can hear some low level hiss.I’ll check back as I get more time on this unit.

  3. Jered Mckenna

    it’s old but…wowSo I’ve always purchased USB interfaces in the sub $300 range. I never experienced anything above anything like a focusrite 8i or 4i. My best was the Avid M box, which is old but really solid.Anyway, I needed 8 inputs, and this thing kept popping up in my searching over the months/year of searching.Reviews all loved looked perfect for me needs (on board compression (DSP), some reverb on aux out A for my singer, 4 stereo monitor outs, stand alone control via the devices LCD interface, etc.The “hang up” was how “old” it was..but to be honest..I think I’ve learned that if something is well loved, and old, then it’s probably a good investment. This has even been true of laptops. (with computers you think, “get the best, newest one” and that’s true…sort of… but still…I bought a refurbished IBM for my wife…it was an “older” office model..a rock solid unit that some big company ended their lease on and IBM is trying to get rid of them. Anyway, what it lacks in flashy new-ness, it makes up for in rock solid performance and reliability.Same is true with this guy. the thing is just rock solid, sounds amazing, ridiculous control options, signal routing, and I’m running recording sessions at a buffer size of 48…which I’ve never done before. It just…works.It’s probably the simple fact that I’ve finally stepped out of the sub $300 range of interfaces and got my first “big boy” toy, but man…I’ve been missing out all this time. this thing is a joy to use.

  4. MC

    Great Interface!For years I tried different setups only to spend most of my time troubleshooting vs. making music. My Focusrite Scarlett starting having hardware issues (scratchy inputs, headphone jack failed, noise, etc.) and I was hesitant on buying another one. I needed a lot of inputs for all of my synths and was tired of the limitations of submixing. I narrowed my choices down to the 18i20 and the Studio Capture. Having lots of Roland gear I trust the brand and although the capture has been around for a while, the reviews were very good. I’m happy to say they all were spot on. Even though the Focusrite was cheaper, I decided to go with the Studio Capture. I’m so glad I did. Setup was quick and painless, and I was up and running quick after cabling everything. The Auto-Sens feature is a game changer as I set all of my levels within minutes and everything blended together perfectly. The sound is clean and transparent, and all the noise and hissing issues I had with my Focusrite disappeared. I can’t remember the last time I started laying down tracks with no issues, and couldn’t be happier with this interface. The software is straightforward as well and works as advertised. Even though I’ll end up using my VST plug-ins, the effects (i.e. reverb, compressor, etc.) are a nice bonus. The only thing I wish I could do was name the inputs in the software but it’s not a huge issue. I just made a cheat sheet to refer to as needed. I have Ableton 10 and Mac OS 10.13 and there is no latency, or audio cracking at lower buffer settings. I’m so happy with this purchase and highly recommend it to anyone needing an interface with lots of inputs.

  5. Gideon October

    Excellent USB 2.0 Audio InterfaceThis unit works great with an HP Pavilion Dv7 laptop Win7 64. My DAW is Reaper. I am using separate HD 7200 for audio recording and have 8 gigs of ram. This replaced my defective MBOX3 which I returned to Avid after hours of trying to get it to work.For the same price, I was able to get the Octa-Capture which does much more than the MBOX ever did. You can record up to 10 tracks at a time. WOW! Also, there are 10 outputs, and each pair of outs has it’s own mixer. The practical application is different monitor mixes for each band member. (time to upgrade to in-ear monitors) There is a screen on the unit which doubles the information provided via the Win7 driver control panel. So that means you can use the unit as a mixer without the computer.Also included is MIDI in/out. This was a must for our Roland V-drum kit which triggers our Superior Drummer software. A word about latency: This goes down to 48spls. This is the fastest turn around I have ever used, and it is certainly the fastest I have seen for a USB 2.0. It works if your just triggering a software synth very nicely. However, when my band tried triggering the synth and recording 8 tracks of 24bit audio, we experienced occasional dropouts in playback and recording (once ever 10-20min) This is more the fault of the computer than the OCTA-CAPTURE, as I’m sure on a more powerful system you could probably avoid dropouts. For example, I bet an i7 MacBook Pro would probably be perfect for this unit. Or, probably a powerful desktop. The most stable compromise we found for out computer was setting the buffer to 128, which allowed for flawless recording and decent low latency midi triggering and monitoring. (My drummer suggest we get a second computer for recording so we could just use one computer for triggering via the Octa-Capture)Final word: This thing is built sturdy, worked out of the box, and does everything it’s supposed to do, just like ever Roland product I have ever owned. Emphasis on “it works.” You will not regret this purchase.

  6. Christine Howard

    Excellent Audio Interface at its PriceI’ve been using the Studio Capture for several months now in my small 16-track digital studio. I record mostly indie rock, ska, and surf rock bands. I run Logic Pro 9 (I just haven’t upgraded as I’m in love w my old plugins) on a 2013 iMac with MacOS 10.7.5 and 16GB ram.My previous Audio Interface setup was 2 linked PreSonus Firepods. They worked OK, but the Studio Capture blows them out of the water. Simply put: This is a fantastic interface. It blows away anything in its price range.The 12 on-board pres I use all deliver clean, clear sound. The other 4 lines in provide plenty of room to bring sound through in my external preamps, compressors, etc.I’ve had no problems recording a full 5 piece band live with fully mic’d drums and even a couple of room mics for ambiance.The Studio Capture software UI worried me, but there was no need to worry. The monitor mixer in this thing is a godsend. It allows me to create up to 4 separate mixes to send to headphone amps. (I’ve only needed 2, but the option is there!)Did I mention no lag? There’s almost no lag on this beast.The “auto-sense” feature is excellent if you don’t have time to set each mic pre. (e.g recording a band with minimal sound check time). It’ll make sure each pre gets a decent signal and doesn’t clip, leaving you proper headroom for mixing.Using this device, you can capture the sounds of the subject. The only thing this device can’t fix is a poor performance by the artist. :)You could buy a better interface, like something from UA or Antelope, but you’re going to pay a LOT more than this thing costs. If you’re on any kind of a budget, seriously consider this offering from Roland… Roland? Yes. Roland. I know. It’s weird. Just go with it . It’s nice.

  7. Arno E. Jones

    It works with everything I haveI’m using the Octa-Capture on a Dell 2710 computer running Windows 7/64-bit. This computer only has USB 3.0 ports and I use an Anker 3.0 7-port USB hub (I’ve written a positive review on this device, also). I was a little concerned that I would have some compatibility issues with USB 3.0 based on a couple of statements I found here and there, but it’s working just fine, here. The drivers that came with this unit are version 1.50. Since it works, I’m not messing around with updating the driver. The latest driver at the time of this writing is 1.5.1.It comes with Sonar LE, but I use MixCraft 6.0 as my DAW. MixCraft sees the AISO driver just fine, and can also launch the Roland Mixer.I also run a Yamaha Motif XS8, a Korg X50, and the Roland V-Drums TD-9 through the MIDI. No problems there, either.I’m not going to repeat the positive reviews regarding the latency or quality of the pres – they are accurate. I run bass and guitars through it and the auto sensitivity is awesome. You can even save the settings if you’re consistent with where you plug in your instruments.Since I have digital studio monitors (Roland DS-90A), I connect them to the S/PDIF out (9 and 10). I get a great, clean and clear sound. I also run analog out to Yamaha HS-50M. Again, clean and clear.I’d been waffling for quite awhile regarding getting one of these. I should have purchased it awhile ago. If this got stolen, I would buy it again.

  8. Tungsten

    A+ For Octa-Capture – only game in town for Windows7x64+1 on the Roland Octa-Capture, despite the price – I started out in the $400 budget range and was beaten into reasonableness by purchasing and returning other products.I’m a windows 7 x64 user, a happy owner of a fastrack pro but wanted more tracks. I just went through an extensive search, and one thing I kept seeing come up was the relatively new Roland Quad-Capture and Octa-Capture. However because of budget constraints and the fact that I use Studio One V2, I decided to to the FW route and try the FireStudio Project – big mistake – I wrote a separate review for that product, which is ultimately a one-star as would be any review I’d give to a FireWire product at this point.In the end after a lot of painful purchase/return trial-and-error, I paid up considerably from my original ~$400 budget for an Octa-Capture and boy was I amazed – it turned out to be totally worth it. This thing worked perfectly out of the box, the driver / mixer software is awesome, it has a lot of nice features which I thought I didn’t need such as a good interface on the front panel, quick and handy load/save of mixer pre-sets, and even some decent preamps and compressors. Also great software metering which is something I didn’t realize I was missing on my old FastTrack. I bought this thing very reluctantly because it was “the only game in town” that had more or less universally good reviews. Now I am totally glad I did, and I do not hesitate to recommend that you do the same.

  9. J.H.

    Excellent ProductAwesome Product. If you’re looking for a USB audio interface and need more than 1 or 2 inputs, buy it. Even if you only need a couple of inputs and your time is valuable, buy it. I don’t review many products but this one is so well designed and is of such quality that I felt compelled to point others to it. I almost bought another product for half the price of this one. Most of the time, I only need a couple of inputs so I knew that I would only occasionally take advantage of all the inputs. However, after reading the long stories of people dealing with driver issues, windows crashing, etc on the “other” product, I decided my time was just more valuable and paid more to get the Roland. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks. It installed without a single hitch and has been rock solid. I’d spent hours trying to get an E-MU midi interface working on 3 different computers and it never worked right. The midi interface on the octacapture worked great right out of the box. Same with the audio interfaces. LCD menus are very well laid out and navigated with a minimum of well thought out controls that keep the unit compact but still user friendly. It’s almost as if they let the engineers just design a good product… which is getting more and more rare these days. I highly recommend the Roland Octacapture.

  10. CREJO

    Clear & ***Balanced*** SoundPros : Clear & ***Balanced*** Sound, I cannot stress this enough. You can play your music much louder without compromising clarity. Never will your playback sound like its screaming at you, its gentle on the ears yet powerful, refined, balanced, & CLEARWay too many inputs, so many choices.Software is Windows/Mac based, so it runs as a master on top of your software.Sweet Auto-Sense and other FX features are greatMade in Japan, the best possible build quality money can buy in its “price range” if that even matters these days. All aluminum construction and high quality buttons/LED screenCons: Does not have RCA output in Composite format. Easily mitigated with TRS to RCA converterConclusion: Too sexy for home use, maybe?

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