Upgraded Fog Machine with Continuous Fog, Fansteck Halloween Smoke Machine Professional Time Control One Key to Get 30S 60S 80S

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  • CONTINUOUS FOG with 3 MODES: The upgraded fog machine supports 3 AUTORUN Modes. Mode A: Preheat 15s, and spray 30s, then repeat cycle until no fog solution;Mode B: Preheat 30s, and spray 60s, then repeat cycle until no fog solution;Mode C: Preheat 40s, and spray 80s, then repeat cycle until no fog solution;
  • WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL: Come with a wireless remote handle for distance use, you can control your machine in 30-50 meters( depend on the quantity of obstacles ). One Key to set a repeated-cycle timer by button A/B/C, and One key to stop by button D.
  • ANTI-DRY & HIGH-TEMPERATURE PROTECTION: Auto off once use out of the fog solution, and you just need to refill the tank to restart the machine. New type of build-in electronic protection will cut off your machine once over temperature limit. So you don’t need to worry about accident risk, and keep enjoying your party time.
  • NON-TOXIC & HUGE OUTPUT : FCC, CE and ROHS certified for safe non-toxic fog production; equipped with a 300ml tank for long lasting fog production. The fog output is around 2000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and 2-3 m volume distance. NOTE: Please be patient to wait 3-5min for for first warming up.
  • What You Get: Fog machine with power cable, wireless remote handle, User Manual, 12-month Worry-free and Friendly Customer Service




Product Description


400W Fansteck Fog Machine with a automatic timer is used to produce dense, unscented and long lasting fog, ideal for live concerts, stages, theaters, DJ, parties, weddings, KTV, pubs, balls and family entertainment gatherings. Just hide the machine in a place where it can’t be seen and then set a mode with the remote to send out a blast of fog.





Step 1: Pour into fog solution, 50%-80% of the tank is ok.


1.Never add flammable liquids, such as oil, gas and spices.

2.Avoid contact with water, fog machine is not water resistant. If there are water drops or fog fluid on its surface, please switch off the device at once and wipe off any liquid.

Step 2: Conect power and turn on the switch to preheat the machine. Wait 3-5 minutes, the preheating will be OK when the indicator ligh was red.

Manul Button:

The red button work as mode C.


The red light will flash 3-5s and then go out when the temperature of machine over limit.

Step 3: Press remote to set spraying mode, include mode A/B/C.

A: spray 30s, and warm up 15s, then repeat automatically.

B: spray 60s, and warm up 30s, then repeat automatically.

C: spray 80s, and warm up 40s, then repeat automatically.

D: press once to stop spraying, press again to continue.


  • Wireless Remote with Timer
  • 3 Autorun Modes Support to Spray 30s/60s/80s
  • Auto Off Once Use Out Fog Solution
  • Bulit-in Protection Once Over Temperature

Using Tips

1. Please use out of the fog fluid in the tube before you want to close the machine, just pick it out of the tank and then wait the machine to spray 10-15s.

2. Please use mixed liquid of 80% distilled water and 20% vinegar to clean the refractory pipe before and after each use.

3. After use, let spray nozzle cool before removing for storage. Reattach nozzle before next use.

4. Use dry cloth to clean machine and keep dry for storage.


Voltage: AC 100-120V 60Hz, AC 220-240V 50Hz

Power: 400W

Tank Capacity: 300ml (0.079 gal)

Output: 2000 CFM

Fluid Consumption: 7.5 ml/min

Warm up Time for First Use: 3-5min

Output Distance: 2-3 m

Remote Distance: 10-15m/30-50ft

Dimension: 23 x 11 x 11.5 cm / 9.06 x 4.33 x 4.53 in (L*W* H)

Weight: 1.8kg

Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 8.27 × 3.94 × 4.33 cm
Item Weight

3.3 pounds

Product Dimensions

8.27 x 3.94 x 4.33 inches



Date First Available

February 1, 2019

Body Material


Color Name






10 reviews for Upgraded Fog Machine with Continuous Fog, Fansteck Halloween Smoke Machine Professional Time Control One Key to Get 30S 60S 80S

  1. Tanya Tawn

    Pretty goodSo I loved that this little fog machine came with a remote. We were hoping that we could intermittently use the remote for fog when we saw trick-or-treaters in our driveway, however, it seemed like it overheated or maybe just needed to be reset?Every once in a while, the remote would do nothing even though the machine had been running and should be warmed up (a light comes on to indicate it’s warmed up and ready to go) I had to manually switch it off and back on, and once I did the light came on instantly and it was ready to go. But I had to reset it/switch it off to get that to come on. A bit inconvenient, but not the end of the world for something I only use once a year.

  2. Will-Review4U

    Use 2 machines at once for non-stop fog with timed intervalsThe media could not be loaded.

     This fog machine is the perfect size for using with my Halloween decorations and being able to place it behind them discreetly. This particular fog machine has a nice wide opening for pouring in the fog juice. It also has a really strong handle that is far enough away from the machine that I can grab it without risk of an injury to my hand due to the heat. I love the remote on this the remote has three modes for spraying. The first mold will have it spray for 30 seconds with 15 seconds in between to warm up and then another 30 seconds. The second mode has a 60 second spray with 30 second warm up cycles in between sprays. The third mode works in intervals of 80 seconds of spray and 40 seconds of warming up. You can also use the remote to turn the fogger on and off. There is an indicator on the back that shows you how much fog liquid you have left. But, if you lose track and forget to check the volume and the machine runs dry, the machine will automatically turn itself off. I love this safety feature as well as the overheating feature.

  3. Jessica

    Ca n be finicky to get startedThe first time I love you, then it started up pretty easily, the second time it wouldn’t start so I thought it was defective. I had to plug it in and unplug it a couple of times before it seem to register that it was plugged in. After that, I’ve been able to start it several times without issues, I’ve seen other reviewer’s talk about how it’s dead after the first use and I think they had the same issue I did. So if you do get this and have an issue, unplug it and plug it in again and try again a couple times before giving up the ghost.

  4. Chris

    It gets really hotThis thing really does put out a ton of smoke. No doubt there. But I wanted to pipe it to specific areas for halloween decorations, but it melts the plastic tubing. On for 30s and off 15s is a lot and should likely be reversed. I ended up having to buy metal pipe conduit in order for it to go where I needed. Burns through an entire tank full in about an hour. Just buyer be warned.

  5. Sheri B

    power punchGot in a pinch last minute had to purchase this little and I mean little machine, but it worked wonders for our pool…However take note it was a great evening with no winds

  6. Christine

    Makes lots of fogThe media could not be loaded.

     Ok..took me forever to figure out how to get the remote to work. I can’t pull out the tube to clean it so will run the vinegar solution to it before and after as instructions say. I will say it produced alot of fog even the neighbors house was fogged out. I used froggys bog fog with it. So far I am in love and this is the first fog machine I’ve ever owned. The plus side was the timer remote. I hope this lasts many years

  7. Daniel O.

    Don’t wait to open the box.Purchased two of these for Halloween to replace two older ones that had become brittle. One did not come with the remote or bracket. Of course, it was beyond the return date when I finally opened it. Both worked off of the same remote. One did quit after I initially tested it but came back to life when I cleaned it to put it away. I don’t know if it was the fluid I got at Target, or the machine, but it produced a lot of smoke, a LOT of very smelly, thick, long-lasting smoke. Blanketed the entire street like a house fire. And it stunk. Didn’t end up using it as I intended but very sparingly on Halloween. Can’t imagine using this inside. Gets very hot. Tried making a cooler from the tube advertised to use with a smoke machine, to get the smoke to act like low lying fog, and it melted the tubing. Overall disappointing compared to machines I’ve used in the past.

  8. Penny Batts

    Great MachineI was pleasantly surprised how really well this works. I bought it for Halloween but realize I can use it for parties and other gatherings.

  9. SMAJ37

    SmokersGreat push on amount n thickness of smoke. Only draw back is that the nozzle is odd size n not centered thus making it difficult to attach any of the hose adapters avail on the current market

  10. Michaela

    Packs a punchThis little thing made it so foggy we couldn’t see our decorations! . What we wanted for Halloween effect. Worked as described for what we needed it for and then some. I like the remote featureIn the photo the red arrow is pointing to the machine location, you can see all the smoke it let off.

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