U`King LED Par Lights DJ Stage Light RGB 36 LED with Sound Activated Remote Control DJ Uplighting for Wedding Party Club

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Brand: U’King
New model: ZQ00130013
Power Consumption:72w
Voltage: 110V-220V AC110-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Material: Aluminum+ PVC
Type of Bulb: LED
Lamp beads: 36PCS
Lamp beads color: 12*Red, 12*Blue, 12*Green, 1*wRGB
Control Mode: DMX512, master slave, sound activated mode and auto operation
Beads Angle: 30 (+-5) Degree
Connection: Signal cable in and out
Cooling mode: Air cooling
Life time:100000h
high quality LED, low energy, high light, stable performance and long life time
Lens Effects: gradual color change, color jumping, etc

Each package included:
8 x Stage lights
16 x Brackets
16 x Screws
8 x Remote Controller
8 x English Manuals

Additional information

Weight 6.05 kg
Dimensions 36.5 × 23.5 cm
Product Dimensions

‎ 36.98 x 36.5 x 23.5 cm; 6.05 Kilograms

Date First Available

‎ 1 January 2021



Item model number




10 reviews for U`King LED Par Lights DJ Stage Light RGB 36 LED with Sound Activated Remote Control DJ Uplighting for Wedding Party Club

  1. Paul Stark

    pretty good for the price
    The lights work well IF you can get the cords to connect. the plastic housing around the the DMX sockets are too small (tight) to fit the cords I purchased, and after trying several different brands of cord it is definitely an issue with the lights. They are very light and the plastic is thin so I was able to force the cords to connect but this was not easy. Once connected they work well. They are only moderately bright and the remote states that you can run more than one light from a single remote, but that was VERY inconsistent. They do not have a power outlet on them so you can not daisy chain the power cords which is a pain. So, overall they are quite difficult and quirky to install but if you are willing to deal with that, they look good and work well once set up and for the price it may be worth the trouble.

  2. Eric Sheridan Wyatt

    Accent lighting more than stage lighting
    I ended up returning these. They just weren’t bright enough for some video work I wanted to do. I think they would work well as accent lighting for the home, or in a dark banquet hall to throw some color in the corners, etc. But they really are NOT stage lights, in any sense of the term. I also found the remote and “features” to be a little difficult to figure out. If the lights had been brighter, I might have kept at it long enough to figure out the operation, but I packed them up and sent them back.On the positive side, the lights WORK and seem to be relatively sturdy for the low price point. They just weren’t right for my application.

  3. The pro audio dude

    EXCELLENT, for the price. 2 things you should know…
    BACKGROUND: I am a full time musician, sound engineer, DJ etc. So I run a variety of events for a living. I purchased these lights as a cheap add on to my set up for parties, sweet 16s, weddings etc. (in the picture I attached here, these par lights are providing the pink(ish) up lighting effect at a sweet sixteen). Overall I’d say purchasing these was a good idea. I’ll list the pros and cons below.THE POSITIVE:- inexpensive compared to other lights- they all worked out of the box and thus far continue to work well (six months or so of use)- they are lighter than other lights so easy to maneuver in awkward situations (even a little gaffer tape will hold one up in a pinch)- the features (DMX or manually) are comparable to more expensive lightsTHE CONS:- Made of lightweight plastic so I’m careful about how I pack and use them. Feel flimsy enough that a drop might end the life of a light.- the ins and outs for DMX controls on the back are a pain. Almost feels like they are too narrow for my cables to fit properly and occasionally I have to reset them because the lights lose a proper connection to the controller. They’re not unusable but it is annoying.Overall I think they’re a smart buy for sure. No major problems and essentially work as advertised. I would buy again, just be aware the overall quality won’t be as good as something you put more money into. Then again, my good par lights are more than $100 a piece so these are a considerable value! Hope this info helps 🙂

  4. Tech and music geek

    Great lights for the money
    Ive been a professional DJ for many years. These lights are just as bright as our other more expensive PAR lights. We havent used the dxm on them yet, but the remote is awesome! Easy color change, strobe, and a few other effects. They are much lighter than our other par lights as well, which is nice. The only thing i wish they had is a power out so you can daisy chain them easily. Our other pars have this and makes it so much easier to power. Otherwise they are really great.

  5. Paula Quinn

    Can’t beat the price if,
    You can overlook the quality.Light wt plastic casing. I do not recommend these lights for professional event. As a former LA party promoter we worked with an array of lighting equipment for 25yrs and I’ve never come across light wt plasic lights before. These would melt if put by any heat. I got these for a family event, but didn’t use them.

  6. Connor

    The remote cannot change one light at a time if more than one are on.
    If you have multiple lights in one area the remote will change all the lights at once even if you just wanted to make an adjustment on one light.The brightness is pretty decent. I haven’t tried controlling them with DMX yet so I can’t give a review on that part.

  7. Carletta

    Par Stage Lights
    I have a pic and video of this item I set up at a Valentines Day Couples Party. I will come back and post it.I am very pleased.

  8. Big Sarge

    Excellent Buy!!
    This bundle is phenomenal for the price. So far they are a good buy. Remote control works as intended and every individual light has comes with a remote. Ha ve not use kit with a DMX but I can assure you is going to look neat. I don’t give it a 5 stars yet until I plug every single one to a controller and test them. I Will update at a later time. strongly recommended

  9. gromblad

    Some issues but easy fixes, overall a great par can for the money.
    The media could not be loaded.

     Inexpensive par cans that can take some mobile dj abuse and not break the bank. If a new light doesn’t work remove the screws on the face of the light, and check the connections on the wiring. 7 of 8 lights worked one did not. The wire harness was not plugged in at the factory. 1 minute fix and the light was fine. DMX controllers do work, you just have to know how to program, the lights must be in DMX slave and the DMX controller is the master. Alternatively set one light to a mode such as sound or a specific light pattern and the other lights to slave. Finally, if you really want the remotes to work, yes you are probably going to need to replace the battery, but you only need one remote, it is the exact same remote for each light. Hopefully the sound on the video doesn’t get it yanked, DJ’d an event at a fire house for 350 people and these cans more than lit the dance floor from 30+ feet.

  10. glenn stewart

    I was a little scared at first when taking them out of the box. They felt cheep and proceeded with caution. Got them set up and learned the setting. GREAT PRODUCT FOR THE MONEY! I will be ordering more

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