U`King 50W LED Moving Head Light with Remote 8 GOBO 8 Pattern Spotlight by DMX Controlled 11 Channel for Disco Club Party Stage

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Color Moving Head Light With Remote
Shape Round
Material ABS, Aluminum alloy
Light Source Type Light Emitting Diode
Power Source Corded Electric

  • Moving DJ lights new design, All modes of the light can be easily controlled by remote, bring your party more choices and more fun.
  • High Output Moving Head Light Color Effect has 8 patterns, 8 colors, half color effect and color rotation speed. (lighting changing speed can be controlled).
  • Scanning Angle:X Axis: 540°; Y Axis: 270°, XY automatic error correction function. speed can be controlled.
  • 5 Modes light effects option. Automatic operation mode / Sound Activated mode / DMX512 mode / Master-Slave mode / Remote Control.
  • Easy to use, can be easily fixed in DJ light stand or wherever you want with flexible mounting bracket. ideal for DJ disco shows, birthday prites, weddings, club shows.


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Product Description

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moving head dj light

dj moving head lights

moving head dj lights

moving head dj lights

DMX Channel Function – 9 Channel

Channel 1 X – axis
Channel 2 Y – axis
Channel 3 Color wheel
Channel 4 Gobo wheel
Channel 5 Strobe (value 1-225 – speed from slow to fast)
Channel 6 Dimming (0-100%)
Channel 7 X/Y – axis speed
Channel 8 Auto mode
Channel 8 Sound activated
Channel 8 X – axis
Channel 8 Y – axis
Channel 9 X/Y – axis
Channel 9 Reset
Channel 9 Y Reset
Channel 9 X/Y Reset
Channel 9 Reset

DMX Channel Function – 11 Channel

Channel 1 X – axis
Channel 2 X – axis fine tuning
Channel 3 Y – axis
Channel 4 Y – axis fine tuning
Channel 5 Color wheel
Channel 6 Gobo wheel
Channel 7 Strobe (value 1-225 – speed from slow to fast)
Channel 8 X/Y – axis speed
Channel 9 Dimming (0-100%)
Channel 10 Auto mode
Channel 10 Function of other channel
Channel 10 Sound activated
Channel 11 X – axis
Channel 11 Y – axis
Channel 11 X/Y – axis
Channel 11 Reset

Additional information

Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 6.3 × 5.9 × 9.4 cm

Moving Head Light With Remote




ABS, Aluminum alloy

Light Source Type

Light Emitting Diode

Power Source

Corded Electric



Number of Batteries

1 CR2 batteries required. (included)


240 Volts (AC)

Mounting Type

‎Ceiling Mount

Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

5.4 pounds

Product Dimensions

6.3 x 5.9 x 9.4 inches, 6.3"L x 5.9"W x 9.4"H

Country of Origin




Item model number



1 CR2 batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

June 21, 2018

Back Material

Aluminum+ PVC

Body Material


Color Name

Moving Head Light With Remote

Connector Type


Speaker Amplification Type


Supported Software


Material Type

ABS, Aluminum alloy

Output Wattage

60 Watts


6.3" x 5.9" x 9.4"

Battery type

Lithium Manganese Dioxide


50 watts



10 reviews for U`King 50W LED Moving Head Light with Remote 8 GOBO 8 Pattern Spotlight by DMX Controlled 11 Channel for Disco Club Party Stage

  1. AllDjNic

    Best budget mover ever!This moving light is amazing, it has lots of modes and light effects, it is also pretty bright, the sound mode is a plus because it works really well and reacts very well to sound also, yhe mover is also pretty fast and it is pretty compact, and light for it size, this thing is perfect for mobile djs and permanent installs, the only thong I have to say is the remote stopped working after 3 months, but other than that, dang this light is awesome for the price.

  2. Rachel Larson

    Good lightThese are great lights. For a large event like we use for I would not recommend as the main source of lighting for lighting up a speaker comparing to a intimidator rotator, just not as bright. Had these lights about 50+ ft from speaker location. For accent lighting and atmosphere lighting this is great. Liked the patterns and color patterns as well. When hooked into dmx the green and pink are swapped. Other then that no problems at all! Would but again for accent lighting.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Awesome little lightsAwesome lights for the money versus the name brand stuff. Very bright for the wattage rating. Being an off brand though was very difficult to find profile for a computer DMX program. (Light Jockey or Freestyler)

  4. Kevin & Liz

    Very impressedThe media could not be loaded.

     I bought this light to with the intention of potentially returning it if I didn’t like it. But I was cautiously optimistic and hopefully that I would like it. Once I plugged it in and fired it up, I was immediately impressed. This light is totally exceeded my expectations. It performs like a much more expensive Mac entour light which are $2000 each. Yes the real version of these lights is probably 3 to 4 times larger but they are also designed to be mounted and left in their installation location. This light is much more suited to be portable and packed with the form factor being small. I plan on buying a second one of these I’m so impressed with it. I’m not using the DMX controller function I just set them to Auto and let them pick up the sound of the music to move to. They are very easy to turn on and set to Auto and watch them go. What I’m most impressed about with the light is the brightness of the light and the projection. I was shooting to the far wall and I could see the cobo very well at 20 to 30 ft away. You can set them on the ground or a table and they will shoot on the walls and ceilings but if you hang them upside down from the truss or DJ light tree then they are going to shoot to the walls and to the dance floor. Again I was blown away with the performance and quality of the light. If you’re a mobile dj, then this light is a must have to take your party to the next level and look professional. I highly recommend this light and check out my video that I uploaded of it in action.

  5. Shaun

    Great when it worked but now will not color change nor change GOBO scenes.***Original***For the first month, they worked great (I ordered a pair) but one of the units started malfunctioning and made a clicking sound when trying to switch GOBO scenes and the color would not change. I’ve contacted the seller to resolve the issue but a solution has yet to be done. The other light still works great so maybe only a faulty unit for the other, but at the price, I would expect a replacement instead of just silence to the issue. I almost order two more of these but until this is resolved I’m hesitant to spend anymore money toward another pair. I’ll update this review if I ever receive a solution.***Update***The vendor responded with an adequate solution which corrected the issue. It requires you the buyer to remove the housing of the projector but once I did as the vendor instructed, a screw had made its way loose and was preventing the color wheel and GOBO from functioning. You also have to remove the projector plate in order to access the color and GOBO wheel which was fairly simple to do. The clicking sound was the wheel trying to turn and the screw was preventing this which was the root cause. I’ve changed my original review from a 2 to a 4 ⭐️ Just because of the helpfulness of the vendor and the fact the lighting unit does do a great job when working properly. It was a simple solution as long as you are okay with doing it yourself! It was easier to fix myself than trying to go through a replace/return.

  6. Ian Ward

    Fails to illuminate after a few hours of useOne of the lights failed to illuminate after a few hours of use. The fans can be loud or very loud, due to bad bearings. This one was extremely loud before failure, leading me to think that heat killed the LED. In general, these lights are pretty good for what you pay, but you may need to buy enough to cover failures. The manuals are terrible and I really think it should be important for these brands and their sellers to publish DMX tables on their product pages. Since moving heads are generally hung upside down, it would be nice if you could rotate the display—especially considering they can be difficult to read whether they are inverted or not. Addressing them or changing settings after they are rigged is not great.

  7. Charles S.

    Great little spot for the money!When I was looking around for an inexpensive spot for our stage productions, I came across this. It had gotten pretty decent reviews, so I decided to give it a try. All I can say is …..so far so good. It needs to be mounted fairly close (within 20 feet) in order to be bright enough to work….but I was impressed on what it was able to do, and how good it looked. Of course this thing CAN DO much more than just working as a spot. We’re very happy with it.

  8. Chris Hart

    Missing DMX profilesWork well, look nice, but are so non-standard when it comes to DMX that you have to make your own head/fixture profile. Would easily give it a five star if they said “use the profile for -name- for DMX”. I even asked, no response. Works well, but not great if you want to use DMX because it is so much more work.

  9. Just Call Ben

    It’s bright.But I wish I could change the focal length of the beam. Also, the remote is very confusing to use. If you set it for automatic/tethered to sound input then that won’t be an issue for you.I use it as a stage spotlight for stand-up comedy and I always have to go through 20 settings just to get a plain white spot.

  10. Timothy A. Wood

    Very bright well built light and seller customer service was great via emailThese are extremely bright and work as well as the expensive models. I purchased two at their great price and found them to be pretty solid built and exceeded my expectations on brightness and DMX controllability. They also work In auto mode if yo7 just want to set them up or sound mode too. Had an issue with one of the lights and the seller immediately replaced with a new one. Great and fast customer services with my one issue.

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