UGREEN HDMI Switch 5 in 1 Out HDMI 2.0 Switcher, 4K@60Hz HDMI Switch Splitter with Remote 5 Port Selector Box Support 3D CEC HDR

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Made for Multi-Game Consoles. This HDMI Switch can connect 5 source devices to 1 display without plugging and unplugging.


Switching Methods

1. Remote Control Switch

After turning on the remote control, press the 1,2,3,4,5 button at the remote, which can choose the input channel that you want

2. Manual Switch

Short press the switch button to select the device you want.

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with gaming consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox series x, etc), Blu-ray players, DVD players, Apple TV, Fire TV stick, Roku, PC, Laptop, etc.


LED Indicator

  • The indicator shows which HDMI source is in use at present.
  • Short press the switch button to select the device you want.


IR Romote

  • It is recommended that the remote control be facing the IR receiver.
  • Remote control distance: 30FT.
  • Not include 2*AAA Batteries.


Power Interface

  • An extra power supply(5V 1A) is needed when power-hungry devices are connected.
  • USB cable included, Power adapter NOT included.


Switch Introduction

  • 5 HDMI Input Ports; 1 HDMI Output Ports; 1 USB-C Power Port; 5 Switch Button;
  • 1 Power Indicator; 5 HDMI Singal Indicator; 1 IR Receiver


UGREEN HDMI Switch 5 in 1 out – Convenient to your life.

What can I do if there is no signal at all?

1. Ensure that a 5V power adapter with 1A or above is connected to the hdmi switch.

2. To achieve different resolutions, ensure the cable’s AWG and length can meet the requirements.

What should I do when it suddenly displays a black screen?

If the screen goes black, please check the indicator on the box to confirm whether you have switched to the HDMI source that is not connected to any device by mistake.

Why will it take about 12s-15s to display the image on the screen once a switch is done on PS5?

It is due to the adjustment of the EDID’s recognition when a switch is done on PS5. For other devices, generally, it will only take 6-7s.

Does it support Automatic Switching?

No, it cannot be automatically switched to the latest activated HDMI port, but only can be switched by buttons or remote control.

What is the remote control distance?

When the remote’s battery is sufficient, the distance can reach 33ft if it is straight, and the distance should be within 20ft if the angle is 55 degrees. Do not use the remote with an angle exceeding 55 degrees.

Additional information

Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4.4 cm




Part Number


Compatible Devices

‎Projector, Monitor, Television

Number Of Items


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Type of cable or wire


Number of Ports


Item model number


Package Dimensions

‎15.5 x 10 x 4.4 cm; 210 Grams



Date First Available

29 July 2022


‎UGREEN, ‎Ugreen Group Limited

10 reviews for UGREEN HDMI Switch 5 in 1 Out HDMI 2.0 Switcher, 4K@60Hz HDMI Switch Splitter with Remote 5 Port Selector Box Support 3D CEC HDR

  1. Eric Pang

    Great product. Fast delivery and well packaged

  2. aaron rao

    Loved the small form factor. but upon using it quickly became unsupported by many application. Netflix & Disney+ refuse to play due to HDCP issues from Apple TV. Singtel TV refused to play.I had to replace this unit with another brand that is HDCP compliant.

  3. Zaky Jailani

    Just cant be used.. no output despite switching and waiting.. what a waste of money

  4. Thomas Stephens

    The best HDMI swith I’ve used; I bought a second one too!
    Before getting this switch I went through several that either didn’t work, had issues, or quit working over time. I finally ended up spending $90 on a Startech 4 in 1 out switch based on its high reviews. It worked great, but I ended up needing another for a different room. I decided to try out this one because I’ve had good luck with other UGreen products that all worked well too (USB Hubs, etc). This one is phenomenal! After using it for months I decided to order another to use to replace the Startech in the original room so as to have one extra port as this one is 5 in 1 out. I also love that the remote takes standard AAA batteries as I use Panasonic Eneloop rechargeables for all of my remotes.Here’s my use case for these just in case it helps anyone wanting to make sure it works with the following devices:Room 1 (media/retro gaming room): I have an older Sony sound bar that has 3 HDMI inputs and one out on the subwoofer. I have a Roku Ultra and an HD-DVD player hooked directing into the soundbar. I use the third input to use this HDMI switcher. Hooked up to the switch is a Raspberry Pi running retropie with lots and lots of emulators. Port 2 is an XBOX 360 with the add on HD-DVD player. Port 3 is a Playstation 3. Port 4 is a PS4. Port 5 is a Steam Deck docking station. The HDMI out on the soundbar goes first into an HDMI duplicator which outputs the video signal simultaneously to an older Panasonic plasma 1080p TV circa 2009, and also to a ceiling mounted Epson Laser projector that’s pointed at an 80″ high gain pulldown screen. I can switch between all devices and it switches quickly and looks great on either or both displays.The 2nd room is my bedroom: Here I have a wall mounted 42″ LCD TV that has three HDMI inputs. I have a Roku soundbar hooked up to HDMI 1, and a Bluray player on HDMI 2. I have this switch hooked up to HDMI 3. On the switch I have a Mac Mini on 1. A Playstation TV (plays Vita games and streams games from your PS3/4 on your home network) on port 2. Port three has a Steam Link (to stream games from your PC on your home network) but I may move that someday since on port 4 I have another Steam Deck dock and this is where my Steam Deck lives most of the time. Port 5 is open but I may add another device to my bedroom setup someday…Anyway, great product for a great price-point! UGreen is awesome and this HDMI Switch continues my admiration for their quality products at a decent price!

  5. Fer

    Muy bueno, cumple con su función sin problemas, me ayudó a acomodarme con mi pantalla y mis ps4, ps5 y mi xbox one, dejando adicional para cuando quiera conectar mi laptop, lo único malo estéticamente que no me gustó fué que tuviera el cable de alimentación y la salida HDMI exactamente a la izquierda y a la derecha del mismo, eso le quita estética y hace un poco complicado la gestión de cables, ese detalle lo ví impractico, pero todo lo demás al 100, muy buen producto.

  6. Dan

    Works as described/designed and best 5 port HDMI 2.0 switch I’ve used
    Pros:-This really works as describe/designed and is the best 5-port HDMI 2.0 switch I’ve used to overcome my limited number of HDMI inputs on my Samsung TV-Fantastic price (almost half of what other similar HDMI switchers cost) and looks better (personal opinion)-Using this to perform flawless switching between three PCs (Dell Optiplex, HP, custom-built nvidia 1660 super) and streaming stick (tested using Chromecast with google TV or Amazon FireTV or Roku)Cons (more feature request/wishlist):-No issues so far and only time will tell how long/reliable and will report back if it fails or has problems.-Wish all HDMI ports are in the back vs front (personal opinion to hide HDMI cables) and to include an inexpensive usb-c AC adapter-Can’t wait for an HDMI 2.1 version to support higher resolution and refresh rates (e.g. 4K 120hz for things like Xbox Series X) and looking forward to one supporting USB 2.0/3.0 for additional keyboard/mouse switching.

  7. 真遊(マユ)

    今までバッファロー製の入力3タイプのを使ってたのですが、ゲーム機も増えそれでは足りなくなってきたので5入力のを探していていくつか候補がある中で比較的名の知れたメーカーで評価の良い(後ボタン電池ではない)此方の商品を購入しました。「悪い」評価も一定数アリ、中でも切替に時間がかかるという意見が散見されていたので不安だったのですが私は特に切替に時間がかかるとは感じませんでした。*******入力1…PlayStation 5入力2…Nintendo Switch(有機ELモデル)入力3…Amazon Fire TV Stick入力4…Blu-rayレコーダー入力5…パソコンと繋いでいますが、今の所不具合もなく使えています。********ただ一つ不満…というか気になったのは切換えた際、少し離れた位置からでは判り難いこと。一応青く光ってはいるんだけど、それが小さいので凄く見えにくいです(-_-;)元々視力が悪いというのもありますが、眼鏡を通しても判別しにくく切替ったのかどうか視認しにくいのが難点。もう少し大きく分かり易い光だったら満点だったんだけど…。それ以外は特に問題はなかったので概ね満足です\(^o^)/

  8. ハロ


  9. Oscar Loza

    Funciona correctamente
    El equipo funciona correctamente, el cambio entre entradas a veces tarda un poco, pero es lo normal en conmutadores HDMI.El mando a distancia es muy útil.

  10. Ohanafield


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