2 Way XLR Balanced Stereo Audio Switcher Passive A/B Mini Switch Box Mixer Sound Splitter (KN102, 2-IN-1-OUT)

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How to use:
2-IN-1-OUT: Connecting 2 audio sources (like active microphone or MIDI key board) to A/B ports and 1 audio receiver device (like recorder / microphone mixer) to I/O port.
A/B selector: select audio input or output from A or B channel.

Additional information

Weight 227 kg
Dimensions 8.89 × 5.59 cm
Package Dimensions

‎ 13.46 x 8.89 x 5.59 cm; 227 Grams

Date First Available

‎ 24 June 2019



Item model number

‎ GFJ747_UK


‎ Nobsound

9 reviews for 2 Way XLR Balanced Stereo Audio Switcher Passive A/B Mini Switch Box Mixer Sound Splitter (KN102, 2-IN-1-OUT)

  1. Klaus Tort

    Collego due microfoni a un medesimo strip channel e non introduce il benché minimo disturbo, ronzio o fruscio, sia alternando i mic in inout che in mixing. Robusto e affidabile.

  2. Alexander Haibel

    Passive Switcher with some handling noise.
    This unit does what I need it to, which is accept phantom power and switch between two microphones.Like any passive XLR switcher, there is an audible click/pop when you switch. Go active if you need quick and silent. This is not a problem for my use case.I’m dinging one point because it is a little sensitive to bumps on the cables, but it’s not a big issue. Satisfied with the product.

  3. Fish & Poi

    Works great
    At our church, we have a translation transmitter with an XLR jack. We usually plug a microphone directly into it. Now, after adding this device, we can switch between two microphones and we have a convenient mute switch, too. In our application, we are not getting any popping when switching inputs or using the mute switch. Build quality seems good.

  4. lacey

    Works as intended.
    Needed this because we have two churches renting our church building and one of them wanted to use their own mixer board. This switcher has worked great, all they have to do is push their button before service which I labeled with colored tape along with the church name and it switches the powered speakers to the correct mixer.

  5. Russell Sorensen

    Can’t wait to utilize two inputs on our sound system
    I like the quality of this piece of equipment as the sound was good in both directions on the output.

  6. Kevin A. Stewart

    Pops Loudly Through Sound System When Switched – But Works as Advertised
    To be fair, this item does work as advertised and you can switch between to XLR sources or blend them. The bad news, and this may not make a difference for some applications, is that there will be a very loud pop if the sound system input is live when you’re switching from one source to another. Another thing that would be helpful would be an LED light to let you know which signal has been selected. I had to find another device for my purposes. The good news is that this is not and expensive device. If you’re not going to use this on a live system, it could be handy to keep you from having to switch cables around.

  7. picky consumer

    Good quality and prompt delivery.
    Small footprint and also mixes inputs.

  8. M. R. Turner

    Switches are poor quality, need to be upgraded
    Switches are cheap, unreliable. Used it twice, first time worked ok, second time was iffy, frustrating. Put it back in the box and forgot about until it was too late to return. It’s a shame it’s unusable, the overall quality was good. A great price point, had it usable I would have bought more.

  9. Rick Roy

    Not high quality
    Lots of noise. Couldn’t use it.

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