Trucker Bluetooth Headset, Angteela Wireless Headset with Microphone, Wireless Cell Phone Headset with Noise Canceling Mic

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Brand Angteela
Item Weight 382 Grams
Item Package Quantity 1
Unit Count 1 Count
Number of Items 1
  • 【NOISE CANCELING MIC】 – Advanced noise-canceling technology isolates your voice from the noise around you, so you can stay focused on what you want. 270° flexible mic can be positioned for better voice capture and background noise reduction. Provide crystal-clear conversations even in the busiest work environment. Perfect for when you’re working or studying from home or taking conference calls, in the car and outdoor.
  • 【CREATED FOR COMFORT】 – Weights only 1.7oz, featuring with balanced over-the-headset design and soft protein memory-foam padding, the headset provide you comfortable wearing experience for intensive all-day use. Designed with stretchable headband, you can adjust it to a suitable width according to your head’s size.
  • 【EASY CONTROLS & MUTE FUNCTION】- Angteela wireless bluetooth headphones provides an intuitive and simple interface to adjust volume, play/pause music, and answer/end calls. One key to power on and enter pairing mode, wake up Siri, etc. Just press the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously to mute your microphone, you can easily block the sound in your side during a conversation when needed.
  • 【MULTI-POINT CONNETCTION & WIRELESS FREEDOM】 – Widely compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, like cellphone, computer, tablet and laptop, etc. Simultaneously connect any two Bluetooth devices via Bluetooth 5.0 and seamlessly switch between the two at will. The 33 feet wireless range provides freedom to roam while staying connected. Transition between phone chats, video conferencing or music throughout your day—all with the same headset.
  • 【TALK ALL DAY & 3 YEAR WARRANTY】- With up to 15 hours of talk time, Angeteela trucker wireless headset allows you make reliable wireless calls throughout the day on a 2- hour single charge. Designed with a sleek magnetic charging base, you can easily drop it in for a charge and storage, you can also charge the headset with the usb cable directly. 3 YEAR WARRANTY & always-ready friendly customer service ensured.


Product Description



Comfortable All-day Long

Light and strechable headband lets you customize your perfect fit. The earmuff is made of soft and breathable protein skin leather. 270° adjustable microphone boom make it fits for both ears, avoiding ear pain of a long-time wearing – all day productivity, and comfort to boot.


Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

Provides a fast paring and stable connection with all your Bluetooth-enabled devices within 33 feet. Be the productivity rock star in your office – easily connect to your cell phone, computer, and laptop – switch between them with the press of a button. Get steady, skip-free audio even in busy spaces.




Handle Calls Easily

Multifunction button to answer calls, volume up and active Siri. Mute function allows for private conversations, simply by pressing the “+” and “-” buttons at once. Support music playing in daily usage.

NOTE: Mute function only supports calls from phone.

Long Battery Life

Long lasting battery delivers up to 15 hrs of talk time to keep you from from day to night. Plus the charging dock makes it so easy to charge. It also makes the perfect stand for the headset.

Notice: The base has no power storage function.

Hear and be Heard Wherever

Advanced noise-cancelling microphone and enhanced speakers filter out unwanted noise and deliver crystal-clear calls even in noisy offices. Ideal for driving, call center, Skype chatting, conference calls, office, webinar presentations, etc.


1 x Angteela Wireless Mono Headset

1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable

1 x Charging Dock

1 x User Guide

Additional information

Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.38 × 2.24 cm
Package Dimensions

6.5 x 6.38 x 2.24 inches

Item Weight

13.5 ounces



Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Date First Available

July 8, 2020



10 reviews for Trucker Bluetooth Headset, Angteela Wireless Headset with Microphone, Wireless Cell Phone Headset with Noise Canceling Mic

  1. Keith

    Very Good SolutionI spend all day on MS Teams calls in an office so my headset is critical gear for me. I was using a Logitech H570e. That was a good solution, comfortable, one ear so I could connect and speak with coworkers in the room. The challenge for me was the long chord all over my desk and the inline controls drove me crazy. It would occasionally mute me or drop my call if the button got touched. Also, it would catch on my armrest and jerk the headset. So I did some research and found the Trucker Bluetooth headset. I’m really enjoying it. I ordered it with the charging base in my never-ending quest to keep my wire management under control on my desk. The sound is very good, It’s liberating being able to step away from your desk for a moment and not have chords. I haven’t tested how far I can go without being dropped but it’s covered all of the moments I’ve needed to do so far. The headset also had a scratch-off competition that came with the headset. I won something and thought that was cute but when I reached back to collect it, the person who followed up was so gracious, friendly, and appreciative of my purchase. Not trying to upsell me, or anything like that. She also wanted to confirm that everything was good with my purchase. Such a refreshing interaction. If you looking for a reasonably priced wireless headset I’d definitely recommend this one. I haven’t run out of battery yet and it took a little bit to get used to connecting when I pul it off the dock but now that’s super easy as well.

  2. D. R.

    Cost-effective, functional work headset for DumboDuring an extended medical leave of absence, the world changed and we were attacked by a pandemic that left my company scurrying to send everyone to work from home full-time. On my return to work months later, everyone was still at home but expected to return “any day now.” As such, my manager was adamant that I not take any equipment home w/ the exception of my laptop. I usually work w/ dual monitors at minimum and now I’m being forced to work from a tiny laptop screen. I cursed myself for getting rid of my personal monitors during my recent move. But, hey, it’s only for a few weeks, I can make this work.Only that “few weeks” turned into a month, and then another month, and then another month, and I’m still working my happy arse from home. During this time, I discovered that my monitors weren’t the only issue. I facilitate numerous meetings regularly as part of my job. Participating in those meetings using my personal mobile device while simultaneously needing to share my screen and navigate multiple documents quickly became tiring. Cell phone on speakerphone in one hand while playing w/ the computer w/ the other hand. Mute and put the cell phone down during some discussions. Forget to unmute the phone after picking it back up. I am not a stranger to virtual meetings, but usually I have a headset so that there is minimal back & forth fiddling with phones and computers. But, hey, just a few more weeks!A neverending few more weeks. After the latest extension to “a few more weeks,” I said screw it and started browsing headsets that I could connect to my cell phone. Sounds like a simple enough task. Unfortunately, I have deformed ears–some folks over the years have referred to them as “Dumbo” ears. They’re different sizes, different shapes, and they do not play well w/ most headphones or earbuds. The dratted things never stay in and fall off/out (the headphones/earbuds; not the ears!). Repeatedly. Of course these are exactly the type of headsets that I keep coming across during my search until a friend suggested that I look up trucker headsets.Finally! I found a more traditional headset that could be paired w/ my cell phone. As an extra bonus, it didn’t cost $200-300 for something I anticipate only using for “a few more weeks.” It was actually so low in price that I assumed there would be quality issues, if it even worked at all, but I decided to give it a whirl anyway.And I am glad that I did!The headset is sturdy, quick charging, easy to pair w/ your bluetooth device, and appears professional if that sort of thing matters to you.The noise cancelling works perhaps a little too well in that there are times I’m uncertain whether or not I’m even connected to the call any longer because it is so goshdarned quiet! I had to check in w/ a colleague to confirm that it was working the first time I used it.Setting the headset on the charging base is a minor inconvenience at times as you have to set it just so to confirm that it is properly seated for a charge. Alternatively, if that’s too much of a hassle, you can use the microUSB cable to charge directly.There’s a sweet spot for my comfort. For the first hour or so, I cannot tell that I’m wearing it, but then it becomes painfully apparent to one ear–until it grows accustomed to it and eventually is no longer an issue. Remember my dumbo ears! I’m going to blame this at least partially on my deformities and not the headset itself.Features that could be improved include the following:- The microphone is rigid and inflexible, which is slightly irksome because I’m accustomed to being able to bend them slightly toward/away from me. Easily forgotten about once it grows on you, however.- There is a single button used to control multiple functions. This multifunction button does a number of things and seems a bit convoluted because I can’t easily remember what does what unless I refer to the user manual. I choose to ignore the multifunction button except to turn the headset on/off, so this is another minor issue.- To use the mute functionality, you must simultaneously press down both volume buttons on the earpiece, which isn’t the easiest thing to do during a call and I’m not sure that you can tell when you’re actually muted. This is yet another feature I simply ignore. Instead, I use the mute on my phone itself now that I can keep my phone set down without repeatedly picking it up, putting it down, and fiddling w/ it every few minutes.Overall, the headset does what it is intended to do and does it well. Features that aren’t quite up to par are understandable given the price point and easily worked around. If you are searching for a cost-effective, functional headset that does the job, then this might be the one for you–even if you don’t share my proclivity with Dumbo!

  3. MV

    Remarkable, reliable, and stylish headset makes my business calling a breeze!Perfect and inexpensive answer to my hands-free phone needs. I have a couple days each week that are phone heavy, and this headset really does an amazing job. Superb battery life and comfortable. Most importantly, it’s very clear!Working from home, I sometimes leave my phone on my office desk as I wonder out to the kitchen for a drink. The range is at least 20 feet and through walls, but this piece stays connected and clear! It delivers the same (and often times far superior) features as many high-end (expensive) headsets I have used in the past, so if you are looking for a superb value I highly recommend ordering yourself one.

  4. Agent Laserai

    Need a decent headset? This gets it done.Overall, for the price point this headset is able to get the job done. Build quality is on target for price point.Bluetooth connection and capability remains stable throughout. No issues with callers not able to hear so points for microphone quality and position as well.Charging base that comes with this unit is a welcome addition and eliminates the possibility of lost cords, damaged charging ports and related. I have had a few units from other manufacturers that had ports go out after a while terminating future use. Not a problem for this device. Charging is effortless and headset magnetically attaches to base to prevent them from detaching in error during charge cycle.Only con that could cost a star for some is the ear muff of all things. I have large ears I will admit so the ear muff size creates a problem and probably presses against parts of my ears over time that start to hurt after long term use. I trialed its use over the course of a full day. In the future, will be looking at a larger muff size headset but for others this maybe exactly what is needed.The nice quality of the headset and the included heavy solid build charging base earns the five stars on this.

  5. Matt D.

    Great High Quality Wireless Headset!I am really impressed by the quality of this Angteela Wireless Headset! Right out of the box you can tell it is made well. The instructions were easy to follow and Bluetooth wireless connectivity was fast on my iPhone. What I was most happy about is the adjustable headset and ability to reverse for comfort from one ear to the other with reverse mic wand. In addition, the ability to remove the headset and set into the cradle without fussing with wires or alignment – since the base is magnetic. The headset sits very easily onto the cradle for charging while not in use. Overall, I highly recommend this headset for handsfree work or just taking calls around the house. The noise cancellation and audio in the headset is a nice added benefit. The voice into the mic is also high quality on the caller’s end (after checking with several friends after making phone calls). Highly recommended purchase for overall quality and value at the price.

  6. Saul Alba

    Lightweight and clearI purchased this headset and I’ve asked people I speak to how their quality is on their end. They said it is clear. I did gave 4 stars on noise cancelation due to they can still here my radio in the background. When I play music or watch videos on my phone I can here it on the headset when I’m not using it as a phone piece. Not sure if that’s a negative. The charging base is a square box. When I charge the headset, the light on the headset indicates it’s charging. Problem I find is the USB connection should be on the back of the unit so I can see the headset charging and the cord can be hidden toward the back. I think an upright charging stand would be better. Though the headset has a USB connection you can plug in directly which will probably be a better charging option. It’s too early to tell how the batteries hold up. Other than that I don’t see any problem with the quality of the headset. Works as it should.

  7. dino

    2 years still working best headphones everI am tractor driver I got my first set 2 years ago stil working and i am still using it no issues in summer time drive with open windows and no issues hearing on them and my trucking buddies always say I am to loud. My wife bought me second set for Christmas 22 I use them occasionally its just a backup. My old ones still work. I drive up to 14 hours plus drive back and forth to my home they stay on for more then 16 hours per day and I used less then 50% of battery great battery, very light. I no everyone wants big tracking headphones to look cool but cant beat this little ones very nice

  8. Larry W. Harris

    Great Bluetooth HeadsetThe BH-M9 Mono Bluetooth Headset by Angteela is a really great Bluetooth headset. It was easy to charge, easy to pair with my cell phone and the sound as a wireless headset is perfect for me. I really enjoy using this Bluetooth headset and would recommend it to anyone. I reviewed several different types of Bluetooth headsets online looking at the star ratings and consumer reviews before deciding on the Bluetooth headset by Angteela. I like that I am able to adjust the size of the headset for my own personal comfort and it has its own charging station. I am very pleased with the selection that I have made for a Bluetooth headset for personal use with my cellphone.

  9. Cristina D.

    Great sound at great price!I tried at least 5 headsets before finding the right one and this was IT! Very comfortable to use and makes my voice sound clear. It performs well even when I’m a long distance from the base or my phone. Great product, great customer support. I highly recommend this!He gastado dinero en 5 auriculares antes de dar con el correcto y es este! muy comodo, el sonido es muy claro. Y funciona muy bien cuando estoy lejos de la base del celular. Es un gran producto a muy buen precio y cuando lleme para pedir asesoramiento con la instalacion me atendieron de maravillas. Lo recomiendo 100%.

  10. Patti

    ImpressiveBeen through a few blue parrots over the last 30 yrs. & decided to buy another. Much surprise, after purchasing 2 others w/ returns to soon follow for poor sound, I decided to give this much cheaper headset a shot to see if it could perform even half as well as the old 250xt. Much to my surprise, the sound quality, functions , battery life throughout the day & the recharge time all compared to the much more expensive 250xt.Glad I found this little gem, it is being used 5days a week & has been for several mths. now with only 1 con. The ear piece cover or cushion was very slippery on my ear & would not stay put. I simply replaced it w/ a 250xt foam replacement. Problem solved.

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