The Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter Kit, Portable Teleprompter for iPhone

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Compatible Devices Cellphone
Material Glass
Product Dimensions 4.75″L x 4″W
Unit Count 1.0 Count
Screen Surface Description Glossy
Package Type Standard Packaging
Number of Items 1

  • ON-THE-GO: Transform your smartphone into a professional, lightweight, and mobile teleprompter. With easy-to-read text displayed on a quality 30R/70T beam splitter glass screen, your video productions will always be professional.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter works with any smartphone and can be mounted to almost any DSLR camera, plus other Padcaster products such as the Padcaster for iPad and Padcaster Verse for smartphones.
  • UNMATCHED VERSATILITY: Easily mount The Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter by attaching directly to the lens filter thread of almost any camera. Additional accessories may also be used with the Parrot for more professional results.
  • USER-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY: The free Padcaster Parrot app is easy to use with your cell phone and is compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • WIRELESS SOLUTION: The Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter comes with a Bluetooth Remote so you can pause, play, and adjust speed remotely.


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Weight 10.7 kg
Item Weight

10.7 ounces



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Date First Available

August 12, 2016


Parrot Teleprompter

10 reviews for The Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter Kit, Portable Teleprompter for iPhone

  1. Tom Gojmerac

    Works greatI like everything about the product it works well. The part that grips your phone really holds on to it, strong spring action. A little difficult getting your phone in there but once it’s in, it’s not coming out easy. So no worries, the other annoyance is the remote, works great but it takes over the input of characters from my phone when it’s connected could be operator error on my end I just go in and de activate via Bluetooth and all is well

  2. InHisService

    Truly great product for an unbelievable price!Single best piece of equipment for creating your own podcast videos hands down.The price point compared to similar items made the Parrot Teleprompter seem too good to be true. It it doesn’t matter how low the price is if the product doesn’t work, right? But this one does!I read the reviews and took a chance and ordered it. Two days later I was unboxing it and marveling at quality build and the number of adapters included to fit just about any lens. Note: The 77mm adapter comes attached to the back cover that protects the unit when not in use. It looks like it’s one solid piece but it does screw off… just not easily. The 77mm adapter is the one I needed and was I frustrated by not finding one among all of the individually packaged adapters. I even searched online to purchase one separately. I finally noticed there was one image on the website that showed the back cover separated from the ring. I tried separating the ring from the back and it didn’t budge at first. It REALLY looks like it’s one solid piece. The size and shape make it difficult to get a good grip on the two pieces to provide the torque necessary to unscrew them but perseverance paid off after several attempts.Setup was easy and soon I was ready to experiment. I bought the remote control and I think it is essential to having a good experience with the teleprompter. I will review the remote separately but let me note here that the remote could use more explicit setup instructions too. I actually thought it was defective and ordered a replacement. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime because the replacement was on it’s way before I even boxed up the return. I moved to getting my script loaded into the app. That wasn’t as easy as it seemed either. Another issue that would disappear with more explicit instructions.Unless you want to type in your script using the tiny keypad on your phone, which seems gruelling and time consuming, you’ll want to type it up on your computer and then transfer it to your app via Dropbox or File Explorer. It’s super cool that Parrot has automated the process with Dropbox for us. Follow the steps inside the setup menu and in less than a minute you’ll establish a direct connection between your Parrot app and a special folder on Dropbox where you can save all of your scripts.All that was easy. The missing bit of information in the instructions is that your script needs to be saved in a *.txt format. Mine was saved as a Word document and it showed up as a million different symbols in the teleprompter. I called Parrot and spoke to Darrell (I believe) and he, very kindly, set me straight.Once I had all that figured out I setup my first experiment. Without the remote it was difficult. Speaking in a normal voice with a normal pace, which is what one would want to do in a video podcast, we naturally speed up and slow down depending on the content. No matter where I set the speed it was either too fast or too slow depending on the flow of the script. The remote really is essential for a polished performance.Having said that, the app works perfectly. The teleprompter is easy to read and incredibly helpful. The phone clamp is a little loose so you have to make sure your phone is seated properly but that is no problem. I imagine it would be impossible to make a universal fit, fit perfectly.Yesterday my replacement remote arrived. At first I thought it was another dud and called Parrot for help. By the way, they are awesome. Friendly, helpful and very professional. It turned out that the power button isn’t meant to remain lit and the connect button on the back must be depressed by the tip of something much smaller than a fingertip or fingernail- but not sharp. Darrell suggested the end of a paper clip but I was reluctant to use that. I was afraid the thin plastic cover over the button would puncture. I used a closed ball point pen and that worked. Including this step in the instructions would make this issue a non issue. Making the button easier to use would be even better.Once I had it paired with my phone I reset my experiment. Fantastic! With the remote in hand I could start, stop, pause, speed up and slow down the script as much as needed to generate the perfectly timed script. Knowing I was in complete control of the speed helped me relax and focus on the content which made for a much more natural delivery.I gave the Parrot Teleprompter five stars despite the initial difficulties because the issues are with the instructions NOT the product. I would encourage the company to revise the included instructions and include a few FAQs and tips for the initial setup. Aside from that the five stars are definitely well deserved. I just don’t think a better option for the price is available.

  3. Tate

    Remote doesn’t workThe product works well so far except the remote. The remote does not even power on.

  4. T1J

    this thing is dopethere’s no reason that this should be 100 dollars because it is essentially just several pieces of plastic. But as far as I know, there’s no other quality option for a lower price, so that being said, this is a good budget teleprompter solution. I saw others complaining about the remote but i have had zero problems. Ive used it with two different cameras/lenses so far and it was able to fit both of them fine, and the set up is simple as well.The only issue maybe is this is designed to work with a phone, so there is a limit to how big the text can get while still being readable. So if you need to stand very far from the camera, it may be hard to read.

  5. TechGentry

    An amazing product with slightly concerning build quality.I bought this to use with my Lumix G7 and while at first I was skeptical of it because of its build quality, I can say for sure that I bring this with me everywhere.Aside from the build quality, everything about this product is amazing. I was surprised at the clarity of the words as they scroll onto the teleprompter screen, I can clearly read every word. It is also a great combination when used with the Parrot teleprompter app. The app allows you to write scripts, change font size, change scroll speed, change margins, everything you could ever want. (As a side note you will need to enable the mirror option in the app when using the teleprompter.Not only is the teleprompter affordable, its very portable. it easily breaks down and stores inside my 

    Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack (Black)

     which I use to take all of my camera gear with me, it doesn’t even take up that much space.I’ve used it with my Lumix G7 (my daily driver) as well as a Cannon Rebel T6, it works great with both cameras. The one thing I will say is that the thread size on my G7 is 46mm and there was no mount adapter with that thread size included. Luckily I had a step up ring that allowed me to use the teleprompter on my lens. I used the 

    Sensei 46mm Lens to 52mm Filter Step-Up Ring

     with my lens in order to use the included 52mm adapter mount.Included with the teleprompter are the following thread size adapter mounts(depending if your lens thread size is larger or smaller you may need a step up/down ring):-49mm-52mm-55mm-58mm-62mm-67mm-72mm-77mm-82mm Now I’d like to address the build quality which is what stops me from giving this product 5 stars. I realize that a lower build quality makes the item cheaper to produce and it’s partly for that reason that this teleprompter is so affordable. The body of the teleprompter as well as the cover are made of plastic which can feel fragile. The adapters/mounts for mounting the teleprompter to your lens are made of metal and feel sturdy, I never have to worry about bending or warping them.The other issue I’d like to address which isn’t necessarily an issue with the teleprompter itself is the remote offered to purchase along side it. I own an Iphone and as such I use the teleprompter with my Iphone. The remote is meant to make life easier when using the teleprompter, offering features like rewinding the script, resizing text, and playing/pausing the script. In the case of the Iphone app(I can’t speak for android), it does almost none of this. The only feature I’ve been able to use is the text resizing which honestly isn’t even a feature I use. So I would not recommend buying the remote with the teleprompter, at least not until it’s fixed.Overall the Parrot teleprompter is an amazing product that I highly recommend to anyone shooting scripted video as it is a great addition to your camera gear arsenal as well as a great tool. 🙂

  6. Jason E Cooper

    Info about using full frame wide angle lensI’m using a Canon R5 with the RF 24-70L. The 82mm ring works great. I was hoping I could get wide angle view without vignetting, but have to set the zoom to around 40-42mm to avoid seeing the edges of the teleprompter…. for my setup, this forces me to push back the camera about 2ft from where I had it mounted on my desk… not ideal, but it works. I’m using it with my old iPhone 6, and works good for teleprompter duty. The included app is not great, but definitely works, and its nice they include a little bluetooth remote. I think I’ll probably check out some other teleprompter apps as well. I was hoping I could house a Lilliput or Feelworld monitor as an alternative to an iPhone, but the teleprompter “clamp” only extends down about 3/4 in. It would be nice if there’s a solution to use a 5in or 6in monitor… to get hdmi monitoring view, while looking into the lens… perhaps there’s a monitor out there on the market that is shallow enough to fit, but neither of my current monitors work, as they’re about 1in thick.Overall, a good product at a great price… I would recommend it. For a next generation, I would hope the developers work to accomodate wider angle full frame lens. Would really like 28mm to work without vignetting. And redesigning the clamp to accomodate small hdmi monitors would be awesome.

  7. C.C.I.Fenn

    An Effective, Affordable Solution for Anyone Creating Scripted Videos…I recently became interested in creating scripted videos for my church. But after trying to create a few with my notes on my desk, I realized how much more effective it would be if I could look into the camera while speaking with the help of a teleprompter. So, I did a little browsing and decided on the Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter Kit for its simplicity and affordability.I was not disappointed.It’s incredibly easy to set up and use. And since it includes a variety of interchangeable mounts, you should be able to use it on just about any consumer-grade lens you have. It simply screws on to the end of your lens and has an extendable floor that you pull down and slide your iPhone into.The Parrot app that controls your teleprompter can be downloaded onto your iPhone and you can either load your script by typing directly into it (using your phone’s keyboard) or by syncing the app to Dropbox (and uploading your script as a *.txt file there). Once your script is ready, you can edit the appearance of your teleprompter (colors, size, speed, etc.) without any difficulty at all.And since the Parrot Teleprompter has a Bluetooth remote that syncs to your phone, you can easily control it from a distance.Overall, I’ve been very impressed. The only drawback I’ve had is that when using a wide-angle lens, you’ll catch part of the teleprompter on the upper left and right edges of the image. This can easily by fixed in post-production via editing but you need to be aware of it so you can pull your camera farther back when capturing your shot.To put it simply, if you’re looking for an effective, affordable teleprompter that you can easily use with your iPhone, I don’t think there’s a better option out there.

  8. Karen

    You’ve made my life so much easier as a video producer!I never write reviews, so this should be a testament to how much I vouch for this product.For context, I’ve purchased 2 other iPad teleprompters on Amazon, and the Parrot is definitely my favorite from everything else I’ve tried.Main reasons:1) It’s compact and light. iPad eleprompters can be huge and heavy, and even the foldable ones are still large. So this tiny little guy can even fit into my travel kit.2) Fewer moving parts. It’s just a box with a lid for the front and a lid for the back. It comes with a bunch of step-up rings. None of them were small enough for my Lumix f1/7 45mm lens (with has a lens diameter of 37mm), so I just had to buy a step-up ring on Amazon for a few bucks.3) Works with your phone. Not only was I saving about $50-100 with Parrot’s model compared to other teleprompters, I also didn’t have to buy an iPad. It works with whatever phone you have!4) The app is even good! Super simple, easy to use UI. I’m so impressed that Parrot has built a good hardware and software system.5) Smaller screen. With the iPad teleprompters, you can often see the on-camera subject’s eyes dart left to right as they read, and therefore it becomes quite obvious he or she is reading. With the smaller screen, you can keep your eyes on the lens.6) SAVES ME SO MUCH TIME WITH VIDEO EDITING. Before I used teleprompters, I would just wing it on camera and try to memorize talking points, but then I’d end up with a lot of crappy footage and then I’d spend even more time editing. Now, I can just perfect the content before I even hit record, and I can recording time down to 2 takes, which means I can do my editing super fast.7) I don’t have to secure it between my camera and tripod. It fits over the front of your lens. Much faster setup.The only con, as many others are saying, is the build quality. It does feel flimsy and easy to break. It certainly feels overpriced for the build quality, but it is still overall a GREAT deal compared to other teleprompters. And while it is flimsy, it is light and that’s a good thing. Overall, considering the vast number of PROS this product has to offer, this CON is not enough for me to not give it 5 stars.Great product! You’ve made my life so much easier as a video producer!

  9. Vonster

    Very great product! Slow shipping….Okay so I have to say, the product itself is amazing. I need this for client testimonials and corporate videos. The words shows up very clear and you can see well from a pretty far distance if you have good eyesight and you set the font of your teleprompter app to large. At close range, you can read at a small font easily. The compact design is great because it forces you to focus on the lens. You don’t a big piece of glass to read off of so your eyes cannot dance around word. All of your words are right in front of the lens. The Parrot 2 Teleprompter has a new design factor and that is that it is wider. So it can handle phones that are 5 inches and you have less vignetting when you are filming a wide angle. It does everything right and it’s a awesome device.Anyone looking to film for clients, produce a film or create Youtube videos should buy this because a good teleprompter will increase production value and save you time by giving you or the client the ability to speak clearly and concisely using a script that you have typed beforehand. Also, you will not have to make so many jump cuts in your video because you will get everything out in 1 take.Here is my big problem. I paid for 1 day shipping and it took a week for me to get the product. Not cool!! When I order 1 or 2 day shipping, I expect to have by that time! That’s what I pay my Prime Membership for. So ordering something only to have it actually ship 3 days after and wait 2 days for it to arrive is horrible and I hope you improve on this.So all in all, I love the product. Work on that shipping though…This would have gotten a complete 5 star had the shipping not left me waiting.

  10. Adrian Outlaw

    Only teleprompter that was small enough to fit on my gimbal!!The media could not be loaded.

     I was filming a walking talking head video. Day 1 of my shoot my talent had to redo a lot of the lines. I knew I needed a teleprompter but the one I currently had was to big. This was the smallest one that I could fine and it worked perfectly on my DJI RS2 gimbal. The app was super easy to use and so was the remote. Day 2 of my shoot went a lot smoother!!

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