Tengchang 1500W Snow Machine Professional Stage DJ Party Snowflake Maker W/Controller

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  • Voltage: AC110V,60Hz, Power: 1500W, Tank Capacity: 5 L, Coverage Area: 60m³, Warm up time: 3-5min, G.W.: 12kg, Use Wire-control.
  • The compressed air wind pump produce the force air current ,but long distance range spraying snowflake. Two grade of power design ,snowflake.
  • This is a robust, high pressure, large output snow machine that produces abundant amounts of snow that are capable of blowing considerable distances.
  • Hanging bracket comes standard for ease of trussing and installation. This model is light and portable machine which are perfect for club effects, movie sets and stage settings where quiet scenes and lifelike snow effe The durable motor is enclosed in rubber cushions within the case for high output and low vibration. ct are demanded. Let the snow fall all season round!
  • Hanging bracket comes standard for ease of trussing and installation. This model is light and portable machine which are perfect for Christmas party, club effects, movie sets and stage settings where quiet scenes and lifelike snow effect are demanded. Let the snow fall all season round!


Please note: It is normal that there is a little liquid remained in the tank when you receive the unit. Because we will test our product before it is sent to our customers, to make sure that it can work properly and is in a good condiction.

The compressed air wind pump produce the force air current ,but long -distance range spraying snowflake.
Two grade of power design ,snowflake.

Maximum ambient temperature (Ta): 40 °C (104 °F)
Maximum surface temperature: 80°C (176 °F)
Voltage: AC110V,60Hz
Power: 1500W
Tank Capacity: 5 L
Coverage Area: 60m³
Warm up time: 3-5min
G.W.: 12kg
Packing Volume: 59*33*38cm

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Weight 1.52 kg
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1.52 pounds



Date First Available

November 9, 2018

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10 reviews for Tengchang 1500W Snow Machine Professional Stage DJ Party Snowflake Maker W/Controller

  1. CGroom

    It worked!!We had a large amount of snow juice so we were relieved when this worked so well. The kids had a blast and the remote made it possible to leave it on the roof and control from below. Don’t know what will happen the next time but it worked once.

  2. Johnny Conrad….dj Rad Music Productions of Panama City

    lots of snow!This snow machine produced a very good amount of snow when I used it. However, it does take a lot of snow juice to run it. I did not give it 5 stars because there were no instructions as to how to clean it out when finished so that it can be stored without the snow juice drying in the tubes and fouling them up. I ran distilled water through it for about 30 seconds before storing it. I hope it works.DJ RAD

  3. Lisa

    Remote is terrible.So this is a great little snow maker but there are a couple of things that make no sense. One—The only way to make snow is to hold down one of the 5 buttons on the remote. There is no way to turn it on and let it run so you get cramps in your fingers. Two—The remote has 5 buttons. Lol. They all do the same thing. Three— There is no instructions. Four—There is no way to contact anyone to get information. Five—If I buy another one I will make sure I don’t have to hold down a button. Oh and I’m sure the remote will break and I will have to replace it.

  4. Jesse

    Looks greatThe media could not be loaded.

     A little noisy. But it gets the job done.

  5. Christina Blazier

    This thing is huge!Our campground neighbors had a snow machine last Christmas in July so this year it became a competition. After seeing theirs I ordered two of these. Let me tell you, this thing is HUGE! It was literally a blizzard!

  6. Mike K.

    You get what you pay forSo, we bought this hoping to use it for a prop for some Christmas photos. We received it fairly quick (few days). This was the only positive out of this transaction. When we turned it on it took a little to actually start working. But this was the first problem. It did not work. It just spit out the bubble solution. We waited and waited, and it never did what it was supposed to. On top of it now actually making the snow like it was supposed to, this thing is super loud and can barely hear the person talking next to you. So, we decided let’s return it and try another one. This was the next problem. We started the return through Amazon and the seller reached out after two days stating we needed to send a video of what it was doing and also take the thing apart to look for things they wanted to know. First off I already packaged it up to return, second off I was not going to set this piece of junk up again, fill it with the solution and waste more of my time. They finally sent over a address label to send it back to them after 5 days (Amazon says the seller will issue a label after 2 days which they did not. The third problem is the seller wants the buyer to pay return shipping to them. I am on the east coast and would have to ship to California. This thing is not light and would honestly cost over $20 to send back. I would have to wait until they inspect it before they issue a refund which who knows how long it would take. So, after all this I do not see a reason for sending it back only to receive $20 in the end. Either it will end up in the trash or we will use it for target practice. NOT HAPPY WITH THE ITEM OR HOW THE SELLER HAS DEALT WITH THIS.

  7. A. Gift For You

    GoodWorks great. Is very loud. Like the ability to control the size if output. The lower levels on the control don’t coincide with the knob though. If on low it won’t blow out anything, if on med, it blows low… so starting at medium level you can adjust slowly from low up to high. Stays on consistently until turned off or out of fluid.

  8. Amazon Junkie

    Great Fun for Recreational UseThe item was extremely easy to set up. The dial control allows you to set the volume of the snowflakes, not the height or distance. If you set it for large volume, the flakes come out like Mr. Bubble so I don’t recommend. I purchased snow machine liquid concentrate. Frankly, one bottle is probably enough to make snow for an entire event/evening of fun. The product doesn’t come with cleaning instructions. Online it says to clean with distilled water once you’re ready to store. So I haven’t cleaned it after each use.

  9. David Johnson

    Full blast or nothing, and doesn’t work consistentlyI just ran this thing for the first time tonight, and it was great for the first few minutes. I started it at full output volume, and then dialed it down to get finer “flakes.” It was perfect for those few minutes. Then, when I tried to run it a couple hours later, it would only work with the output turned all the way up. When I tried to dial it down even the slightest bit, the snow would turn off completely, and when I tried to turn it back up to full blast nothing came out. To get it working again, I had to turn the dial down and back up to full blast several times. I finally realized that this machine is just finicky about keeping the fluid flowing. To get it running, I have to start it in full volume, and if I want to dial down the output I have to do it VERY gradually or the output will stop. I also cannot go below about 75% volume or it stops putting out at any snow. It also doesn’t start flowing the fluid every time, in which case I have to keep turning the volume down and back up to full until it finally starts flowing. I am using Froggy’s ultra dry fluid, and maybe that one just doesn’t work well in this machine. I am going to try a bottle of the long lasting fluid to see if I have any better luck, but so far I am less than impressed. If I have better luck with different fluid I will report back and update this review.

  10. Papa Pastie

    The best ten minutes of my life.The media could not be loaded.

     I really liked it. For ten minutes. I ran it. I hanged it. It stoped working in one song. So mayby i got a lemon and ill review anyway.So i was thinking it would be like the old fashion confetti type snow. And its not. Its micro bubbles. It does not make the stage slippery but it is something to clean. And its wet not dry. Ot cold but is wet. Something to consider if tour hair is done. I did try to mop it and it tended to smear. Not terible. But it would take a few moping to clean it. It might be better to dry towl and i did not know.Its big. Not huge but bigger than a 500 dollar fog machine.Its loud. It works with a blower. Im not saying louder than other snow machine im saying you could not run it with spoken word poetry or it would sound like someone was running a vacume. Any loud music would drown it out though.I could not personally imagine the high setting. I liked the low the snow was more fine. Well for ten minutes.Its not very heavy and thats a hood thing.Not a big fan of grey as stage gear. Or white. It should be black like theater lights would be easy to paint.I thought it was dmx. I hate how on amazon if you search “dmx snow machine” non dmx items comes up because they paid to advertise, I just assume they would be dmx, and i end up making the mistake and buying it. The cord to the controller is short but is dmx so easy to extend with a dmx or mic cable.Sending back the dead snow machine.

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