Samson XPD2 Lavalier USB Digital Wireless System with Lavalier Microphone and USB Stick Receiver, Works with Computers and

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The Samson XPD2 Lavalier system is a wireless microphone solution for content creation, digital communication and live sound reinforcement. Offering simple setup and professional full-range audio, the XPD2 Lavalier features a uniquely designed USB stick receiver that connects with computers, smartphones and XPD Wireless-enabled Samson portable PA systems. Together, the receiver and beltpack transmitter with Samson LM8 Lavalier Microphone provide up to 100’ of wireless operation, simple setup and natural, detailed vocals. 1-touch pairing and 20 hours of transmitter battery life allow for shorter setup and longer performance. A 1/8″ output allows for headphone monitoring or the XPD2 Lavalier to be used with any device that has an analog line input.

XPD2 USB Digital Wireless System

XPD2 Lavalier System

XPD2 Lavalier USB Digital Wireless System

Samson XPD2 Lavalier is a wireless microphone solution for content creation, digital communication and live sound reinforcement. Offering simple setup and professional full-range audio, the XPD2 Lavalier features a uniquely designed USB stick receiver that connects with computers, smartphones and XPD Wireless-enabled Samson portable PA systems for a performance that sounds as good as using a wired microphone.

XPD2 with laptop

Free to Roam…

Connect to your Windows, Mac or Chromebook to record podcasts, voiceovers and lead presentations with professional sound quality while sitting at your desk or walking around the room. Unlike traditional wireless systems, the XPD2 Lavalier features an innovative receiver that’s built into a USB stick. This convenient design plugs into and is powered from a standard USB port on a computer. One-touch pairing and 20 hours of transmitter battery life allow for shorter setup and longer performance.

XPD2 Connections

More Ways To Connect

The XPD2 receiver is compatible with iPads and iPhones using Apple’s Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, as well as with Android devices via a host OTG adapter. The receiver also connects directly to any PC, Mac or Chromebook, or with any XPD Wireless-enabled Samson product.

XPD2 Lavalier Specifications

Working Range 100′ (30m) Line of sight
Frequency Band 2.404~2.476 GHz
Audio Frequency Response 20 Hz – 17 kHz (-1 dB)
T.H.D <0.1% (at 1 kHz, -10 dBu)
Signal to Noise >85 dB
Input Conenctor Mini-XLR (P3)
Transmitter RF Power <10 mW EIRP
Transmitter Power Requirements Two AA (LR6) alkaline batteries
Transmitter Battery Life Up to 20 hours
Transmitter Dimensions 3.75” x 2.44” x 0.75” / 96mm x 62mm x 18.5mm
Transmitter Weight 0.2lb / 93g
Receiver Max. Analog Output 9 dBu
Receiver Headphone Output 1/8″ (3.5mm); 22 mW into 16 Ω or 32 Ω
Receiver Operating Voltage 5V DC
Receiver Dimensions 3.5″ x 0.9″ x 0.31″ / 89mm x 23mm x 8mm
Receiver Weight 0.35oz / 10g

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9 October 2019



10 reviews for Samson XPD2 Lavalier USB Digital Wireless System with Lavalier Microphone and USB Stick Receiver, Works with Computers and

  1. Amazon Customer

    Unreliable – Samson lost our business for good
    I was soooo excited to purchase 2 of these mics.We live in a tiny village off the coast of Canada and had them shipped to Vancouver – took a ferry to pick them up so they could get to us in time for an online event!From day one, both of us have had slight issues with the microphones in Zoom meetings.Crackling, and almost like the quality was breaking up.We honestly assumed it was a Zoom issue… (Zoom meetings aren’t the best for audios).Unfortunately however, after recording a 2 hour long masterclass (and NAILING it, if I may say so…)We were devastated to listen back and hear that some of the words literally just weren’t picked up.Full sentences were fine, but ONE word in the sentence were completely CUT OUT ?!And throughout the entirety, there’s sometimes this tiny, frustrating “breaking up” sound throughout the whole thing.And it was NOT recorded in Zoom. It was recorded into the computer.This makes NO sense, since I was only 2 feet away from my computer/receiver?!!?!How could a bluetooth micriphone that is literally designed to be wireless for up to 100 feet have that much interference when we’re only a couple feet from the receiver?!!?SO, we tried a second test …And guess what? The audio was fine! Perfect, in-fact?!Then, we record another video, and it’s cracking in and out. Theres a huge “LISP” sound with s’s.Basically, the mic is unreliable.Samsons support team provided a one sentenced, un-empathetic, unhelpful response saying to check Zoom settings.Again, the training wasn’t filmed in Zoom.We entrusted Samson mics for some of the most important projects of our career to date, and have been disappointed with the mics and the support.Super thankful to Amazon for stepping up their customer support and returning the items past the return window.Will be investing in wireless Shure mics. (We have Shure SM7B’s so hopefully their wireless units are just as good).

  2. A customer

    Cuts out when receiver & transmitter are 2+ feet apart, support ignored both inquiries
    UPDATE – The seller eventually did get back to me and repaired it for free. So I’ve adjusted my rating.*****I used this a couple of times, didn’t have any issues, then stored it carefully because I no longer had a use for it. Fast forward a year and a few months. I’m using it to record yoga videos, and it cuts out mostly (if not completely) when the transmitter is 2 or more feet away from the receiver.I tried it on both my MacBook and iPhone (same setup that worked when I bought it new), and the receiver wouldn’t even light up when plugged into my iPhone. I tested the adapter to make sure that wasn’t the issue, and other USB devices connected without issue. So, I suspect that the receiver is just a dud or poorly constructed.I emailed support via the contact info supplied here, and no response for nearly a week, so I emailed again and nothing. I just wanted to know if I’m missing something, if there’s a way to correct this issue, or if it’s what I suspect and I need to replace the receiver. I assume that I’m out of warranty window, which is fine. But I did expect support to acknowledge my emails and they didn’t.I ended up replacing it with a Rode wireless mic and lavalier add-on. Way spendier, but after watching a YouTube yoga teacher comparing various wireless mics, it was clear that it was the way to go. But, I still want to know what Samson has to say, though, so that I know if I should toss it or sell it on eBay. Argh.

  3. Andrew Wilson

    Great sound
    I use this with Cyberlink Audio Director and it makes great sounds. It is simple to just plug in the USB stick to the computer, turn on the AA battery operated microphone, pair them and then start singing/speaking.

  4. Diana Winter

    Einfache Bedienung, guter Sound
    Das Mikro ist sehr einfach zu bedienen. Windows 10 erkennt das Mikro ohne Probleme. Für mein Android Smartphone habe ich einen OTG Adapter dazu gekauft. Hier benögt man eine App um das externe Mikrofon anzuschließen. Ich nutze open Camera, da ich online Videos drehen will. Ein günstiger Preis für eine gute Funkstrecke. Sound ruhig und klar. Sehr gut für Anfänger wie mich

  5. Rusty

    Great for price and convenience.
    I have both the Lav and Headset versions of the XPD1. I teach classes for students with auditory impairments. This has been a great tool to add so that I can use Microsoft Translate to do live captioning when teaching.Pros:- Connection: These comenpaired to their receiver already. No need to follow any complicated pairing process, just plug into a USB port and turn on the belt pack.- Weight: I used to do church audio, and live sound for event venues. This system is lighter than many I used. Great for those who need to travel with this.-Range: Great for classroom environments! I haven’t had any issues using this. Granted I’m also in rooms where the range is somewhat limited, and I keep the belt pack in line of sight to the receiver as much as I can.- Power source: 2 AA batteries. So easy! I buy batteries in bulk (Amazon Basic batteries for the win!), and always toss a pack or two in my travel bag. I don’t have to get any special batteries for this since it is such a common battery. I teach 8-9 hours each time I have a class, and can usually get through 1&1/2 sometimes 2 days of classes before needing to change batteries.Cons:- Mute option: Well, more like lack of mute. You have to turn the belt pack off and on instead of having a mute button.- Belt clip: The belt clip is very tight and stiff. To the point I undo and then thread my belt through the clip instead of pushing the clip onto my belt.- Connector: I wanted to upgrade the mic capsule, and found out there are very few places I could get a replacement capsule due to the connector.Would I buy this again? Absolutely!

  6. Andrew

    No way to listen
    I honestly thought this mic came with some kind of headphones. It doesn’t so to me, that completely defeats the sleep look. I do private calls form home and with this… they’re not so private.

  7. Nexus

    Great for my Youtube Videos…but barely fits
    Bought this to attach to my mobile phone for Youtube Video recording. It is great. the receiver is light and very easy to manage, and can easily fit in my pocket. The belt clip feels almost entirely useless though, as it is so tight against the receiver that i cannot fit any article of clothes that i wear on to it. Annoying, but manageable. the sounds quality is excellent when I review the edits on my phone and cpu. tested as far as 15 feet away, and audio was excellent. Only other issue is that the headset does not fit around my head at all. It barely fits around my ears…its a struggle and I always have to adjust it. Also, I purchased it for under $70, and I now see it is much higher. For the price now, I would encourage to look around before buying. But for the price I paid at the time vs the quality of device I received, even with the headset issue, I highly recommend it

  8. Max G

    Decent but No Dice
    I’m a small business owner who uses Zoom for client appointments.I work in health + fitness coaching and need the ability to move around and demonstrate concepts fluidly.Prior to this mic I had gone through a couple of the Kimafun wireless options but they started cutting out around 6 months of regular use and the sound quality wasn’t great.Looking to step up a bit, I purchased this mic only to return it for a replacement and I’ll now be returning that as well before getting something a bit pricier.Hermes’s my breakdown:-Better audio quality than the cheapy wireless mics-Pairing and setup were simple.-Mic itself could be angled up toward you a little, which was nice if it’s sitting horizontally on a regular T shirt collar.-Upped the gain all the way but even maxed out and at full volume I almost had to shout to be consistently heard and I’m a loud person. Every other mic I have access to is louder; MacBook built-in, iPhone headphones even.-Batteries need to be changed weekly at the rate I use it.-Battery drain is indicated by a gradual fading of an indicator light that you won’t see easily because it’s on your hip. You’re left guessing as to when you’re truly about to run out of juice.-Hip clip was very tight and needed to be manually loosened.-The mic started cutting out within a week of use. Happened with both units I ordered.-The USB body is so big that on my Anker dock attachment it blocks the other USB A port so I had to purchase a USB extender.In the end the mic was an improvement in sound quality but a hassle on most other fronts.It sounds like other folks have had a good experience but it looks like I’ll be moving up a price bracket.Hope that helps you!

  9. Amazon Customer

    Very useful lapel microphone
    This product was delivered on time (rush delivery). I purchased this item for live streaming on Zoom. It worked out of the box on my MacBook. The sound quality is good, but this is not a high-end microphone (it meets my expectations). The screw for volume control on the portable transmitter needed some adjustment. A small screw driver is enclosed in the portable receiver to make the adjustment. I like the LED on the USB receiver which lights up if it is paired with the transmitter. Makes it easy to check that the transmitter is on/has not run out of battery.

  10. harvvvey

    Just Doses Cut it DO NOT BUY
    You might as well get something cheaper!

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