Professional Lavalier Microphone for iPhone, Lavalier Lapel Microphone with USB Charging, Omnidirectional Lapel Mic with Noise

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Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 11.94 × 2.79 cm




Hardware Platform

‎PC, Camera, Smartphone

Mounting Hardware


Microphone format


Power source type

‎Battery Powered

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Composition


Signal-to-noise ratio (dB)

‎65 dB

Connector Type


Material Type


Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎8.89 x 11.94 x 2.79 cm; 150 Grams




1 AAA batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

16 September 2019



10 reviews for Professional Lavalier Microphone for iPhone, Lavalier Lapel Microphone with USB Charging, Omnidirectional Lapel Mic with Noise

  1. John Palmer

    A good wired lav for video production
    I bought this in January 2021 to augment the built in mics on my Canon Vixia camcorder to help improve sound quality. For that, it does well. However, it does benefit from a mild EQ to bring out the top end a touch for clarity.One thing that I like and what sold me on the mic was it was built out of aluminum housing, not just for the mic, but the switch/power module itself and I like that as that means less chances of getting broken in normal use like so many plastic based devices typically can become.This goes without saying that the cord can fail over time and it’s a long one. When I was looking it through on Amazon, I thought the extra length was additional, that you could plug into if needed, but no, it’s fixed and quite long. Problem is, it tends to tangle readily and can be tripped over so will eventually go wireless. Thankfully, it has a sac for portability and transport that was not shown at the time of purchase and was quite happy when it came with it.That said, need to watch your levels if at all possible if running manual as it’ll distort a little and can cause fuzziness of your voice in the process. Just drop the levels a little to where it does not peak above 0Db and you should be fine. Then in post production, just bring up the treble a touch and clarity will improve.The noise canceling will work fairly well to bring up your voice over the background noise but won’t remove it completely, but simply reduce it. I bought it for that specifically as I may be taping segments outside in my yard and I live on a semi busy street as it is a semi major thoroughfare. Plus, it will help with the wind and comes with wind screens to help reduce the wind that often is found when shooting outdoors.I’m thankful that my Canon camcorder does provide a 3.5mm jack for that purpose, as well as a headphone jack for monitoring as many low end camcorders don’t, unfortunately.Even my GoPro will accept a mic with either the mic adapter or the Media Mod case (it’s a Hero 9) and it has the jack on its backside so it’ll come in handy, though a wireless mic is preferable.

  2. Quincy C.

    Crazy Long Cord and a Bit Confusing
    For sound quality, I give this mic a thumbs up. It does a good job of preventing echo and background noise when recording or during an online meeting, but it has some faults. Unless you plan on standing 20 feet away from your computer or camera when using this microphone, you might want to look elsewhere. This mic has an insanely long cord (see my pic). I’ve used it for my computer, and considering I sit 2 feet from my laptop, it’s WAY too much cord.The controls are a little odd. There are two settings: “camera” or “phone.” If you use this on a computer, set it to “phone.” Then there are two “on” modes. One is simply to turn the mic on, and the other is to block out background sound. If you lose your instructions though, you won’t know which is which because these two modes are not labeled on the mic.If you need a microphone for a device, camera, or laptop, yes, this will work. If you don’t need a mile of cord and want simple controls, then I’m not sure this mic is a good choice.

  3. Bruce C.

    They work good.
    They work good and low noise. Nice price.Would recommend.

  4. IMMA

    Sound quality is okay
    The quality is fine. But not the best. Even when I talk very close to the mic, the sound is not the best. But it is okay.

  5. BShafer

    Great mic, sounds great upon playback
    UPDATE: I am changing this to Five stars after, it worked well with my iOS 14.x updates. No workaround, other than the dongle to go from audio plug to the lightning port. The Sound Quality is incredible!!!LIKES: great performance, nice quality audio, love the longer cord, good that they do not include a charging block – We all probably have tons of USB adapter plugs and that’s one more thing to waste resources on.DISLIKES: should include the following adapters: 3.5mm to Lightning, 3.5mm to USC-C and maybe a 3.5mm to micro USB—because not every device comes with these.My biggest complaint is the very inconvenient and undocumented (in the materials) way to get it to work at all with Apple iPhones (and possibly iPads) that have a Lightning port without a headphone port. Here is what I have to go through every time I want to use it on my iPhone XS Max with iOS 13.4.1:The only way the successfully use it on my iPhone, is to power off the phone without the mic plugged in. When the phone is off, plug the adapter and mic into the lightning port and power on the mic with the setting to PHONE. You have a blue light lit on the mic switch. Then power on the phone. Test it out using the built-in camera app set to video and record your voice using the mic. Stop the recording after about a 30 second test. You cannot hear it play back yet. At this point, power off the phone. Then power off the mic and unplug it from the lightning port. Now power on your phone and you can go to your camera roll and play back the video. You should be able to hear the sound. It works extremely well this way!If it were truly plug and play, I would have given it 5 stars.

  6. LadyMerc007

    So far good sound Quality
    I just unboxed this mic and used it for the first time. It’s easy to set up. Easy to attach to your person. So far on my first use, the play back quality sounds good. I used it outside thinking that would be a good test. I could hear my neighbors across the street. I can also hear a bit of street noise. It wasn’t all that distracting but you can hear it. It does have a crazy long cord, which is a plus and minus. I can already tell that will be an issue. If you move around a lot when using it this will be a problem. The cord can be a tripping hazard. I’ve already caught it on what I was walking by outside twice. That’s extremely annoying. Over all the sound quality seems worth the purchase. I’ve only used it once though.

  7. Paul Anderegg

    Works as it should.
    Purchased a similar mic on Amazon, with the same type of USB charging, and Smartphone/camera switch. That one didn’t work with camera unless the USB was plugged in to power it, so no idea what the built in battery was eant to do. This mic works as expected. When set to CAMERA and switched on, the internal battery powers mic inputs that do not provide plug-in or phantom power. If your device is old or new, and has a 3.5mm mic or mic/headphone jack, this lav will work for you. Comes with a little bag to keep it in as well, and THREE little foam windscreens 🙂

  8. Ryk

    Very nice microphone
    Who/What this mic IS NOT for: Gaming. Although it does work with a regular PC sound card, the cord in this mic is unnecessarily too long, unless your case is 20+ feet away from you, which isn’t usually the case.Who/What this mic IS for: Interviews, presentations, etc. where the recording device is (phone, camera, console, etc.) is far from the subject using the mic.Everything about this mic is of great, great quality. The one thing that really impressed me was that the ON/OFF switch in the cord is made of metal. Yes, it’s not cheap plastic, or plastic at all. It’s made of metal (I’d assume aluminum) and it has a weight to it, it doesn’t feel “hollow” at all.The cord is incredibly long, so it’s great if you have your camera far from the subject.The box is small and from the moment I saw it, I could feel the product was made with quality.Inside is a soft pouch with everything in it. The pouch looks and feels of great quality as well.All the accessories that this mic comes with are perfect. Everything inside comes neatly packed.The sound quality is fantastic, especially using the noise reduction option.Which takes me to the one, and only one thing I didn’t like: Notice the two lines in the switch? One is straight and the other one is slanted. The straight line is simply the ON position without noise reduction. The slanted line is the option for noise reduction. Well, “aiming” to get the switch in the middle was unexpected. Why not just make one ON position with the noise reduction always on?Either way, everything about this mic is nice, it’s made of great quality materials, and the sound is great.

  9. Khan

    great expierence.
    A really good mic, fantastic clearness. I’ve had it pick up conversations from across the room do if your doing group chatting for a session its perfect. Nice long cord so if you need to work in a big space away from equipment. The great thing about it, is that it has a built in condenser. It works with DSLR cameras, smartphones, and laptops, so its perfect for those zoom calls and it will definitely beat the built in mic with those devices.

  10. Vede

    Rechargeable, Lightweight, Noise-cancellation mode
    One of the important things that I value in an electronic product is that the built-in batteries are rechargeable via usb. The convenience that comes with rechargeable products is great when you’re traveling and this is certainly a product that provides this advantage.This product is user friendly and intuitive. The charging port is on the side of the controller: red means charging required, and the light turns off when it’s fully charged. (Usb charging wire is not included but it uses the universal usb wire so you should have one already) To switch on, you slide the controller up to either the normal recording mode or the noise reducing mode (likely for outdoors and wind noise reduction).The product is quite light compared to other similar products. The whole thing weighs less than your keychain and it comes with a small black pouch that you can fit everything into.After a few tests, I find that the sound does improve noticeably when you’re using it in the noise cancellation mode, with wind noise minimized enough that doesn’t compromise the clarity of your speech. Additional wind reduction covers can be purchased or DIY’ed to further eliminate noise to a maximum. An important note also is that the recording volume is best if the microphone is clipped near the shirt collar with the mic facing upwards. Unlike other larger mics that can provide a stronger sound collection, if you pin this microphone any lower than the collar region, you’ll likely get a weaker input.

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