Power Distribution Box (5 Way)

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Weight 263.08 kg
Dimensions 10.92 × 8.99 cm
Package Dimensions

‎ 14.99 x 10.92 x 8.99 cm; 263.08 Grams

Date First Available

‎ 28 December 2022



Manufacturer reference

‎ FlyGeneral-07


‎ FlyGeneral

10 reviews for Power Distribution Box (5 Way)

  1. Chris Pupka

    Simply work
    This simply works as it should. The breakers popped right in and are visible through the door.

  2. Patricia Shockley

    OK Breaker Box
    This is an ok breaker box, it is fairly cheap plastic, going to use in my man building which it will be indoors so it should hold up, I would not use it for anything outdoors it does have a nice seal on it but just to flimsy for me to trust outside.

  3. Christopher Bright

    Good cheap breaker enclosure
    This is a cheap breaker enclosure. The enclosure is rather thin, but it does seal nicely. I wouldn’t use it outside. I have it installed in my workshop as basically a junction box for my incoming power distribution. It uses din rail breakers which are special order where I live.

  4. RevMS

    Simple DIN rail enclosure
    This box looks like it’s going to work just fine. It’s rather cheaply constructed of a lightweight plastic and won’t hold up to any abuse though it does have a decent seal to keep water out.The one I got had a number of stains embedded in the plastic that if I had to guess were artifacts of the injection molding process due to a mold with a bit of rust on the surface.

  5. Centropomus Robalito

    Nice box, a little flimsier than I like but will work on most applications
    Pros:- Nice layout and good for a project box- Fairly priced at $25Cons:- Cheap and flimsier than I would like, it will be OK for environments where it will not see a lot of abuse

  6. uppitykatt

    A great, 12 position DIN rail breaker/switch box
    This is a great DIN rail breaker box. 12 position. The xfer breakers shown in my images do NOT come with the box, I just have them installed to test the fit.I have a decent sized solar system that I use for electric power use reduction in my home. The solar system and a small inverter generator are also used for emergency power when the need arises. I live in the mountains of West Virginia, so we do lose power during storms. I have been using a manual lock-out / transfer system to shift between the generator and grid power. The solar system has its own automatic switch-over. I have several DIN mount, 120v breakers that work with the solar system, but I wanted to put all of the 120v breakers in one box. This fits that bill perfectly.The 4 slot, lock-out transfer breakers will allow me to easily and safely switch between grid and backup power. The other slots will hold the five, 120v breakers used by the solar system, plus 2 new breakers to be used by the backup system, behind the xfer breakers. Oh, I’m a retired master electrician, so I do know what I’m doing, I hope.5 stars.Note: I have been an Amazon customer for almost 20 years. I write all of my reviews to reflect my personal observations and opinions on a product. It matters not if I have purchased the item myself or if it was provided to me for review. My goal is to provide other potential customers as much real-world knowledge as possible to make an informed decision. In most cases I will return to my review in 6 months or less to see if I should alter my original observations. In no case will the cost of a product influence my opinions at all. In addition, I will try to include multiple images and or videos on each product, if practical.

  7. Will1918

    The perfect box for my project
    PLEASE NOTE: There are multiple items / sizes available from this listing. Amazon places all reviews from these multiple items in this one place. The item that I received and am reviewing is the Flygeneral 5 Way Circuit Breaker Box.A few years back I needed to check current consumption on a few items in my house due to a whopper of an electric bill. I didn’t have a correct enclosure for the Din rail mounted power meter so I cobbled something (ugly) together. This Flygeneral 5 way box is the perfect size for my power meter and a Din mounted circuit breaker along with a duplex outlet. It will make a nice portable power meter that won’t be ugly.The box comes with 2 mounted weather seal gaskets – one for the opening smoked view window and one to seal the front half of the box to the rear half. Two water resistant glands for round wire are included and also 2 flex inserts – one for ½” knockout and one for ¾” knockout. There are a total of 10 knockouts molded into the rear portion of the box. And of course the Din mounting rail is present and pre-mounted. Flygeneral even supplied 4 mounting screws.This box will meet my needs perfectly.

  8. Ed S.

    A good choice for DIN rail components in damp/wet locations.
    A clean cabinet for fuses, circuit breakers, and devices needing simple, safe access.This works well for DIN rail components that have a display due to the clear cover. Primary housing and access covers have gaskets and provide a good seal. It would not be a good choice for direct outdoor use, there are other options. It will provide adequate protection in a covered wet environment.How you choose to utilize this box is unlimited. There are knock outs already formed in the PVC for reasonably easy KO setup. At first glance, the wire connectors are metric. There are some rubber/silicone seals included. Most of my work I do use a carbide tipped hole saw for exact conduit placement.Overall, I can find plenty of uses for this box in design and replacement applications.

  9. LeeAnna Gervais

    Fits well and is well made
    I needed to added breakers to a project I am working on as well as a power meter and this worked great. plenty of room to run wires, din rail worked great and was easy to mount.

  10. Mountspirit

    Smooth installation and plenty of room to work.
    The Flygeneral 12 Way Circuit Breaker Distribution Protection Box is very well designed and manufactured. The box is waterproof.I am using this box to control the power in my workshop. I live in a rural area with both Grid and Solar power. Large motors in the workshop have prevented me from using solar to run some of my bigger machines.I have installed a Manual Transfer Switch which allows me to start the motors with Grid power, then safely switch to Solar energy to run the machines. I also have installed a meter to measure the power used in the workshop for tax purposes.Both the Manual Transfer Switch and the Meter fit in the box perfectly. Very easy installation. There is plenty of room for the wiring and there are knock-outs for the cables to enter the box.

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