Portable PA System,Karaoke Machine,3-Way 10” Outdoor Speaker,GEYGUY,Rechargeable Bluetooth 5.0 with Wireless Crystal mic,LED

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Weight 9.3 kg
Dimensions 33 × 61.5 cm




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‎Led Display,Portable,Rechargeable,Wireless

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‎Bluetooth, USB

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‎39 x 33 x 61.5 cm; 9.3 Kilograms




1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

1 February 2023



10 reviews for Portable PA System,Karaoke Machine,3-Way 10” Outdoor Speaker,GEYGUY,Rechargeable Bluetooth 5.0 with Wireless Crystal mic,LED

  1. Tinchen

    Das Gerät ist sehr gut, leider Adapter für deutsche Steckdosen nicht geeignet!
    Hallo,das Gerät funktioniert einwandfrei. Allerdings gibt es für deutsche Steckdosen ein großes Problem!!! Der Adapter passt nicht in unsere gängigen Steckdosen! Ein Foto ist beigefügt. Ich würde gern den Verkäufer kontaktieren und ihn darüber informieren.Der Akku war geladen und damit konnte ich das Gerät wenigstens ausprobieren.Der Sound ist sehr gut. Die Mikrofone funktionieren ebenfalls super.Die Lieferung kam innerhalb der angegebenen Zeit und alles war gut verpackt und unbeschädigt.Für eine volle Sternenvergabe müsste nun natürlich der Adapter ersetzt werden! Kommen wir da nicht zu einer Einigung, werde ich das Gerät zurückschicken.Ich möchte meine Rezension korrigieren: der Verkäufer hat umgehend auf meine Beschwerde reagiert und gehandelt. Ebenso hat der Verkäufer sich an die europäischen Käufer gewandt und den Fehler bekannt gegeben und Lösungen mit dem Adapter zur Auswahl gestellt.Somit möchte ich meine Bewertung anheben und vergebe volle Sternenvergabe.Das Gerät gefällt mir nämlich gut, es ist auch sehr handlich und auch für Frauen nicht zu schwer.Ich werde es jetzt behalten.

  2. Amzn Buyer

    OK but pricey. Also brandname could be better
    Sound ok, but not too loud to rattle the walls. Have to play with Treble and Bass settings to get more realistic or less muffled sound. I like the available inputs for 2 wired mics, guitar, USB, Line-IN, audio out and audio in. FM radio is built -in.Brand name is a downer for me and friends. Who on earth names their brand GEY (which could be read as GAY) GUY??? And brand name is plastered on front of speaker box and on the 2 wireless mics for everyone to read and make fun of!

  3. Gallacher London

    Unleash your inner superstar with this amazing Karaoke machine
    I am absolutely impressed with the quality of this Karaoke machine! The 3-way 10 inch speaker produces clear sound that fills the room and makes you feel like you’re right there with your favorite singers. And with the inclusion of 2 wireless UHF microphones, you can belt out your favorite tunes without worrying about tangled cords or interference.The setup process was extremely easy, and I was able to start using it right out of the box. The controls are intuitive and user-friendly, and there are plenty of options for customizing the sound to your liking.But what really sets this Karaoke machine apart is the sound quality. The bass is deep and rich, the mids are clear and detailed, and the highs are crisp and bright. It’s like having a professional-grade sound system in your own home!Overall, I highly recommend this speaker to anyone looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use system for their home karaoke setup. It’s a great value for the price, and it will provide hours of entertainment for you, your family, and your friends.

  4. Amazon Kunde

    Bedienungsanleitung in Deutsch
    Hallo zusammen,ich fasse mich kurz denIch hab dieses Produkt noch nicht verwendetJedoch ist es so das der Euro Steckeradapternicht passen ist .Auch eine Bedienungsanleitung auf Deutschwäre dringend notwendig

  5. RA Mag. Florian STEINWENDTNER

    Adapter für Österreich/EU fehlt
    Wie bereits eine andere Käuferin geschrieben hat, fehlt bei mir ein passender Adapter für eine österr. Steckdose. Was gibt es hier für Möglichkeiten, sonst müsste ich die Box retournieren.DankeLG

  6. Cat

    Super portable, Multi-use system!
    I’m so pleased with this sound system and cannot recommend it enough! It’s perfect and versatile, and offers so much for your audio needs.Sound quality is impressive for the price. I don’t have any issues with noise, and it handles everything I play on it really well. Even in an outdoor setting it is super loud and fills large spaces with clear sound.Battery life. Um, hello…this thing is truly PORTABLE! It’s lasted me three hours with battery life to spare with no issues. I’m able to take my guitar out with me or drag this outside quickly for family time outside. Without the need of the messy wires everywhere!Bluetooth capability has been a breeze for me, even when connecting through my portable movie projector. I have never had it struggle with or drop connection.Using it as a guitar amp is so much fun. It doesn’t sound as nice as a guitar amp created to solely be a guitar amp. But how cool it is to drag this thing wherever I want and play LOUD and clear music with it.I’m mostly happy with how portable this system is. The handle and wheels are a huge bonus as well as truly wireless option when charged up.Keep in mind that I don’t own any professional grade audio equipment, nor do I have the particular need to. We have family get-togethers, pool parties, watch movies outdoors, sing karaoke, and play guitar. The fact that this is a well-rounded system is most important to me. This one system replaces serves so many purposes all in one which is huge for my large family.

  7. CKE

    A Portable Speaker for Events
    If you need a relatively inexpensive PA system, the GeyGuy 3 way speaker is something you need to investigate. While it isn’t the loudest, best sounding, or have the longest battery life but it does provide a nice package of decent sound volume, Bluetooth capability, and two microphones. So understanding what you need is a speaker is very important. If you are looking for top-notch sound quality you will need to look at other (and more expensive) options.Notes– Sound quality is… ok. The GeyGuy 3way speaker has ok bass, but the overall soundstage is pretty muddled. It is acceptable, but no one will mistake it for an elite-sounding speaker.- Sound volume is pretty ok… the company states 97 db, but I think they might be underselling it a bit. I compared it to my Soundboks Go, and while the Soundboks is noticeably louder I am not sure if it is 25db louder.- While the speaker provides quite a bit of sound volume the speaker is actually pretty portable. It isn’t too heavy and the mounted wheels work very well.- Bluetooth capability is top-notch. I never had any issues with it dropping- Comes with two mics that auto-connect to the speaker. The mics sound good, but you do need to watch for feedback. The GeyGuy speaker has a setting to help reduce the echo.- Battery life – they claim 4-8 hours. I never ran it out of power, so I don’t doubt their claims!- Can be used as a guitar amp… I don’t play the guitar so I can speak to the capability, but I would expect it to be a lower end guitar amp based on the overall sound performance.Final Verdict – This is a pretty good speaker for a mid-sized PA speaker or for backyard karaoke, but if you are looking for something with audiophile quality this probably isn’t the speaker for you.

  8. Amy

    Nice sound, inconvenient knobs
    Overall, this is a nice speaker. The treble can be a bit high and the bass is not booming, but you get a full sound, including nice mids. It’s portable and seems well made. It doesn’t look like a karaoke machine, or a toy, so that is nice if you are using it for other purposes too. I like that it has a spot to hold the microphones. And I like the possibility to add another for TWS. On its own it isn’t blaringly loud, and I can turn it all the way up without it being painful. My biggest issue with it is that you have to look close to see which knob is for what, and unless it is on a table or a stand, the angle doesn’t make them easy to read. If you use it a lot then you might remember, but the order of the knobs isn’t intuitive and they all look the same, not color coded or some main ones larger. But overall, nice speaker.

  9. Alex

    Needs more bass.
    It’s really nice speaker and it’s loud! Comes with 2 microphones. This is perfect for parties to play music or sing karaoke easily connects to Bluetooth has locking wheels and a handle like a suitcase. Only problem is it doesn’t have much bass to it. Other then that it’s a nice speaker I’d recommend it for parties. Well built.

  10. Richard O.

    Great portable PA
    This is the loudest portable PA speaker I have used to date. It has so many useful features on it that allows for a lot of control. Pairing was extremely easy and painless, and everything just worked the way it was supposed to directly out of the box.While the sound quality on this system is good even at higher levels, audiophiles may not be overly impressed with it. But then again, audiophiles generally don’t pick up PA/karaoke systems with the belief it is going to be the best sounding system in the world.The main reason for picking this up was to use with my portable outdoor projector. A few other rechargeable PA systems I have used just didn’t seem to have enough volume to them. I was extremely surprised that it hooked up wirelessly to my projector quickly, and was more than loud enough without maxing out the volume.The Karaoke feature works extremely well as before it had gotten dark enough to start the movie, a few people were running around the backyard singing into it. At times, they were easily 100 feet from the speaker and still able to use the wireless mic with it.While I have not tried it yet myself, the speaker has RCA connections for Audio out to add an additional speaker.I am extremely happy with the speaker and plan on picking up an additional one to connect to TWS mode for the movie nights.

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