Moukey 2 Channel Amplifier for Stereo Audio Speakers Bluetooth 5.0 – Portable RMS 100W, Desktop Power Receivers with FM Radio,

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  • 🗸POWERFUL FOR HOME AUDIO: The 2 Channel Bluetooth stereo amplifier receiver is perfect for your karaoke, home theater and acoustic sound system. With 100 Watts of peak Power, it is usually sufficient for home audio requirement, you can easily accommodate 1 sets of speakers, enjoy the audio impact of high-quality audio amplification.
  • 🗸RCA / USB /SD / MIC INPUT/ FM : Digital amplifier box supports various external signal sources – 2 RCA audio inputs for tuner, CD player, tape drive, two 1/4‘’ / 6.35 mm Microphone inputs, USB, SD card, FM radio antenna. With RCA audio output, 2 pairs speaker output. So that you can enjoy karaoke as much as you like.
  • 🗸BLUETOOTH 5.0: The sound amplification mixer device is equipped with Bluetooth music streaming with a wireless range of 40 feet / 12 meters or more. Compatible with your favorite devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPhones and computers, it is easy to pair with the receiver.
  • 🗸EQ CONTROLS: With pro compact bookshelf sound amplifier, and clear, responsive buttons for mode control. You can control the microphone echo / volume, bass, treble, master volume by adjusting the knobs on the stereo amplifier.
  • 🗸REMOTE CONTROL: Come with a mini remote control, it is convenient for you to remotely control the machine at any angle and get rid of the shackles of wires.(NOTE: Please remove the battery insulating sheet on the remote when receive so it can work)


Product Description

karaoke mini amplifier


  • Bluetooth can’t workPlease make sure you have followed the steps below to debug

  1. First, you need to check whether the Bluetooth mode is turned on (when it is turned on, the screen displays BLUE). If it is not turned on, press the the “MODE” button to switch to the Bluetooth mode.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth input device, such as a mobile phone, turn on the Bluetooth function to search for the model name of the power amplifier (MAMP3), click to connect, and hear a beep (provided that the speaker has been connected), indicating that the connection is successful.
  3. Note: Regarding the Bluetooth transmitter without a screen, you only need to turn on the Bluetooth transmitter, get close to the power amplifier, and then wait for the connection

  • If you find that the Bluetooth connection is unstable, you can try the following steps to solve it

  1. Make sure there are no obstacles (especially metals) blocking the signal;
  2. Turn off the power amplifier, disconnect and clear the connection of the Bluetooth transmitting device, and try to reconnect;
  3. Note: If this happens at the beginning, please consult us to tell us about more details such as video, mobile phone model, etc..

  • Can you connect two devices with Bluetooth?

  1. No, connecting two at the same time will cause the audio stream to be disrupted. It can only be disconnected and then connected to other devices.

  • How to connect to a Bluetooth speaker

  1. The Bluetooth speaker is a Bluetooth receiver, which is the same as the Bluetooth function of the power amplifier, and the Bluetooth speaker already has a small power amplifier, which may cause burn-in after being amplified by other power amplifiers.

  • The Bluetooth of the power amplifier is not enough, how to connect the external Bluetooth receiver

  1. First, find the input port of the power amplifier to receive the signal, such as the 3.5mm port of AUX or the RCA port of AUDIO INPUT
  2. Then, connect the output end of the Bluetooth receiver to the input port of the power amplifier (the port does not correspond, please use the corresponding port interface converter)

Stereo Power Amplifier

A Karaoke Amplifier for Mini Home/Bistro

Although MAMP3 Desktop Amplifier is small and exquisite, its power amplifier has a peak power of 100W, which can drive 3 to 6.5 inches speakers. In addition, there are functions such as reading USB, SD card, one-key search FM function, wireless Bluetooth audio and other functions. There are also 2 microphone ports, you can enjoy karaoke singing as much as you want.

Stereo Power Amplifier

home stereo amplifier

home stereo amplifier

The Latest Chip

Moukey Bluetooth amplifier uses the new AC6922A chip as a core, base on optimizing the performance of the former products, its sound quality and stability are undoubtedly improve.

One-key Search FM, MP3/USB/SD Readers

In the FM state, press the play button to automatically search for all radio frequencies.

Support MP3/USB/SD card, which is convenient and simple.

Certified Adapter

To ensure the amplifier’s performance and safety, Moukey always uses the certified adapter, you don’t need to worry about the audio break off when using home stereo system.

Stereo Power Amplifier

Stereo Power Amplifier

Stereo Power Amplifier

The latest Bluetooth 5.0 Version

2 Microphone Input for Home Karaoke

Digital LED Display

From the brand

Additional information

Weight 2.42 kg
Dimensions 11.54 × 9.57 × 3.86 cm
Package Dimensions

11.54 x 9.57 x 3.86 inches

Item Weight

2.42 pounds



Item model number



1 CR2 batteries required.

Date First Available

July 16, 2020



10 reviews for Moukey 2 Channel Amplifier for Stereo Audio Speakers Bluetooth 5.0 – Portable RMS 100W, Desktop Power Receivers with FM Radio,

  1. Robert M Blevins

    Not much bigger than a car stereo, but it rocks and has tons of features.I set this amplifier up with a couple of Onkyo speakers that are bigger than bookshelf units, but smaller than those massive floor speakers. They’re about two feet high and good ones with three-ways and some heavy magnets behind them. This little amp had NO problem making nice (and loud) sound come out the fronts.First off…the pictures of the unit are deceptive. Not as in DISHONEST…but this thing isn’t much bigger than a car stereo, and the power supply is strangely enough…12 volt through a plug-in 120-V converter. Which means you could theoretically put it in your car if you wished, although it’s made for home stereo use. But I envisioned running it outdoors on a camping trip, hooked directly to a 12 volt battery, or through a deep cycle battery using an inverter. Weird, huh? But it’s actually pretty smart because you can rig it to 12 volt or house current, whatever you wish.Power? Plenty enough. I raised the volume to about 20% and the wife started shouting at me from downstairs. Here are the features you need to know, and how they work:1) There are two microphone ports up front, both with the standard ‘guitar-size’ plugs. You can run two mikes at the same time if you wish. There is a Microphone Echo control, as well as a Master Volume for the mikes.3) The speakers connections in back are the old-fashioned spring-loaded, push-in-the-bare-wires type. Surprisingly NON-modern, but this means you can use your favorite non-modern speakers if you wish. If you have RCA connections off your speakers, it’s an easy process to cut one side off an RCA connection, strip down the two wires, and hook them into this receiver. See YouTube for instructions.4) I tested both the USB input slot, and the memory card slot. Both work, and played the tunes I had loaded onto them just fine.5) The remote is a cheapie, but I didn’t need it anyway. All the functions you need are up front, and I had no trouble determining what was what.6) I also bought a Moukey microphone and ran that as well. The sound output is good, but you have to experiment on that by trying different settings on Master Volume, Mic Volume, Mic Echo, and using the bass and treble controls to get the right balance. I couldn’t test that fully because of the wife.7) It’s only got connections for two speakers in the rear for straight stereo, no Home Theater stuff or Surround Sound or any of that. However, it has enough power that you could splice in two additional speakers if you wished. I wouldn’t try this if your speakers are all really big speakers, though. Two decent ones will easily rock the neighbors. You are looking at 50 watts a channel with this unit, and that will reasonably rock your world or provide plenty of power at your next pool party or camping trip.8) One thing I liked was all the turn knob controls. They feel smooth when you turn them, and are well-made, not cheap. They turn like smaller versions of those big classic receivers from Yamaha, Sony, and the like. Easy and smooth.9) Yes…you CAN play music with it and SING at the same time. It will do that with either one, or two microphones. And it works just fine as a straight PA system as well. I think this unit will sound about as good as the speakers you hook to it. Better speakers, better sound.10) On the rear of the unit are also two AUX inputs for your smartphone music, a CD player, or whatever you want to input into the receiver. It worked when I put a CD player to it just fine. But the main controls for menu selection will then be with the unit you hook to it. In other words, using a CD player you will have to adjust the volume FIRST from the CD player itself…and THEN make adjustments to treble/bass up front with the receiver controls. I probably won’t do that much. A memory card or a USB flash drive loaded with your favorite songs will probably be easier to do anyway. And using a USB or memory card, you can skip songs easy from the front of the receiver.All in all, and since the unit is fifty bucks or less, you can’t go wrong. And yes…the remote DOES come with a battery. Would I buy it again? Heck, yes. If you are looking for something you can use in your bedroom, or at parties, or going camping, you just can’t go wrong.10) There is a switch upfront that will pick up FM radio, but no AM, with a pull-up antenna on the back of the receiver. A nice touch. I gave it four stars instead of five only because it doesn’t do AM radio. If it did, I could pick up NFL games and baseball out in the wilderness.

  2. jim r

    Works and sounds good,Sound is better than I thought, just needed a blue tooth receiver for some hard wired speakers and this one is really small, hides easy. Doesn’t connect from more than 10ft away. But works for us.

  3. S. Snaith

    It’s okayFor the cost, this unit is OK. It is really hard to find and keep a radio station but the Bluetooth works really good.

  4. Jeff Kuehl

    Lots of input sources. Easy to hook up and has great power output.This is a great unit. I like how it has many options for input sources. The Bluetooth connects right away. I wish the range was better. If I walk more that twenty feet away with my phone, the audio would cut in and out. I wish the remote had a volume UP and DOWN on the Bluetooth setting. It’s well worth the price.

  5. Booger500us

    Works great!For the cost you can’t beat it, sounds good in a 24 x 24 shop

  6. Giulian Arlotta

    Works greatI Am very glad I purchased this item , works exactly as it is supposed to

  7. Paul Pullara

    Good productPretty-much exactly what I needed to connect my outdoor Bose garden speakers via Bluetooth. I just wish the remote was better, but I’ll get over it since I’ll mostly use my iPhone for all necessary controls.

  8. Homer

    A Small WonderboxHooked this up to my Bose 301V speakers, flash drive, and Sony Vizio dvd player, the sound is amazing. So far, so good. I fi d that the remote buttons take some force to use…..maybe I just need to replace its battery we will see.

  9. William I. Dube

    FOR THE PRICE DON’T waitPros: Low price. POWERFUL AMP, Radio reception good, has no problem recognizing chip and USB music on drives, the remote gives you additional options of jumping to specific recordings by number. Oh by the way TRUE SOUND or as true as I could hear. Not tinny or low powered at all, felt like accurate reproduction of sound. Well lit volume knob. Plenty of features that are found on higher end stereo equipment. I also have a feeling this unit would have no problem being mounted in the dash of many vehicles, I just don’t know if it is shock hardened enough, but at this price may be worth the gamble.CONS: Okay I got spoiled even though this AMP did everything advertised I wanted more after a while, for instance MP3 files are identified by number only and no randomizing that I could find. When you have hundreds of files on one stick it can try your patience. Then you remember how little you paid and don’t worry about it as much. The only way you can truly jump around on file playback is to use the remote. One other problem I had initially but figured a way around quickly is when fully extended the radio antenna is interfered with by the human body. This is easily solved by keeping the antenna attached but retracting it all the way, then I could get reception without the annoying humm that the human body contributed to the signal.Yes I’d buy this again without hesitation and recommend to a friend.

  10. Rich

    EhhhWhish I would of just saved and got a reciver with bigger better watt.There customer service is top notch though. Product claims 330w but unit it 100w max. They contacted me and made me happy. I’ll definitely keep them in mind for future radio receivers

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