Mackie Control Universal Pro, 8-channel Control Surface with USB (MCU Pro)

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Brand Mackie
Connectivity Technology USB
Special Feature The Mackie Control Universal Pro control surface completes your music production software to give you ultimate hands-on control of your mix. Nine motorized, touch-sensitive Alps faders, eight V-Pots and more than 50 master buttons let you tweak parameters to your heart’s content. Unlike generic MIDI controllers, the MCU Pro employs a sophisticated communication protocol that delivers ultra-precise control, makes setup easy – no mapping required – and enables you to see your mix in action with re See more
Item Dimensions LxWxH 20 x 7 x 21.1 inches
Item Weight 21.1 Pounds

  • Proprietary Mackie communication protocol for seamless music production software integration
  • 100mm touch-sensitive optical Penny + Giles motorized faders
  • V-Pot control over software, plug-in effects and virtual instruments
  • More than 50 dedicated push-buttons for fine control of software parameters
  • Full meter display with track names and parameters


Product Description

The easily expandable Mackie Control Universal Pro control surface completes your music production software to give you ultimate hands-on control of your mix.

Without Mackie Control Universal Pro, your music production software just isn’t complete. MCU Pro rounds out your software’s functionality to deliver the ultimate in hands-on command. In fact, your software was designed with MCU Pro in mind. Developers access the MCU Pro via its unique communication protocol — pioneered by Mackie — and determine precisely how MCU Pro works for you. That means MCU Pro integrates with your software like no other hardware controller. Say goodbye to sub-par responsiveness to your mix adjustments, trying to remember which knobs are assigned to which parameter, and the tedious process of MIDI mapping. With MCU Pro, you get deep, intuitive control of mix and plug-in parameters, real-time visual feedback and set up is plug and play — without any MIDI mapping whatsoever!

And MCU Pro goes far beyond simple faders and transport controls — it gives you the most comprehensive feature set on the market. With nine 100mm Penny + Giles optical touch-sensitive faders, a full-sized backlit LCD and V-Pots for fast tweaking, MCU Pro is the only desktop control surface that can truly make your music production experience complete.

With optional expandability via Mackie Control Extender Pro ender Pro and Mackie Control C4 Pro, MCU Pro is also the only software control surface that can grow with your studio.

A control surface isn’t much good if you have to keep looking up at your computer monitor to see the parameters you’re tweaking. That’s why we equipped the Mackie Control Universal Pro with a generous two-line, 55-character backlit LCD to display parameters like track name, channel metering, I/O assignments, plug-ins, EQ, dynamics or anything our various software partners want you to see. Without dividing your attention between control surface and computer monitor, your mixing speed, efficiency and creative control are all distraction-free. And since it’s always a good idea to know where you are in your program material, MCU Pro also sports a big, seven-segment LED timecode display bright enough to jam enemy radar.

Every Mackie Control Universal Pro comes equipped with nine 100mm motorized touch-sensitive faders from Penny + Giles — one for each channel, plus a master fader — for that pro console look and feel. With support for an unlimited number of banks, MCU Pro can handle as many channels as your music production software can throw at it.

Each fader channel also has a genuine Mackie rotary V-Pot, surrounded by an LED collar to indicate the current value, and dedicated buttons for record ready, solo, mute, channel select, and signal present LED. In addition, the master section includes buttons for navigating channels — individually or in banks of eight — as well as for software specific controls like assigning I/O, sends, EQ, dynamics, and plug-ins to name a few.

We know it doesn’t matter to you how many applications the Mackie Control Universal Pro works with — what matters is that it works with yours. While MCU Pro is compatible with all major music production software, it is also designed to specifically work with your application — just access your software’s parameters in the master section and you can get right down to action. We even supply pre-labeled Lexan overlays for your application so it not only functions like the MCU Pro was designed for your software alone, it looks that way, too.

The Mackie Control Extender Pro is an eight-channel control surface extender Pro ension for MCU Pro. Slightly narrower than a MCU Pro, the Extender Pro ender Pro has all the channel strip features of the MCU Pro — without the master section. Depending on your music production software support, multiple EExtender Pro ender Pro units can be used together with a MCU Pro to emulate a large-scale control surface with as many faders and pots as desired. Click to Enlarge image

The Mackie Control C4 Pro is a plug-in and virtual instrument controller that allows you to take precise control of up to 32 channel, plug-in or virtual instrument and eExtender Pro ernal MIDI hardware parameters simultaneously. C4 Pro operates in standalone mode, or you can easily connect to the MCU Pro via the master module’s onboard USB MIDI interface for complete command of all your software parameters. The included C4 Commander Pro software lets you take control of MIDI hardware such as synthesizers, effects and amp modeling processors, all without leaving the mixing sweet spot.

  • Proprietary Mackie communication protocol for seamless music production software integration
  • 100mm touch-sensitive optical Penny + Giles motorized faders
  • V-Pot control over software, plug-in effects and virtual instruments
  • More than 50 dedicated push-buttons for fine control of software parameters
  • Tape-style transport controls
  • Full meter display with track names and parameters
  • Quick cursor-style buttons for Up, Down, Left, Right and Zoom
  • Onboard USB MIDI interface for direct connection to Mac or PC and up to 3 additional pieces of external MIDI gear
  • Software-specific Lexan overlays included
  • Expandable via optional Mackie Control Extender Pro and C4 Pro modules

Additional information

Weight 21.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 7 × 21.1 cm
Item Weight

21.1 pounds

Product Dimensions

20 x 7 x 21.1 inches

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August 11, 2007

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10 reviews for Mackie Control Universal Pro, 8-channel Control Surface with USB (MCU Pro)

  1. Orion Burdick

    Finally a control surface I can loveI’ve owned a Mackie HUI and a Tascam FW-1884 and had frustration with both. The HUI was earlier technology and the two-way transmission of data never worked properly. The Tascam had a faulty firewire connection so it would fail to connect to my computer about 90% of the time. My recent experience with the Tascam led me to accept that it was better to go for a device that was a controller only, and have a separate audio card. The Mackie was the answer.This controller has worked perfectly for me every time. Reliability was my main concern and this finally did the job. I love the look of it, and the digital scribble strip is a really nice way to see the track names and settings without having to have an onscreen utility (like the Tascam had). It comes with overlays for different software, so I put on the Cubase one and that’s a big help.I’ve been surprised how useful it is for controlling plugin settings as well. I use the UAD powered plugins, and it’s easy for me to take control of their parameters using the MCU so I can adjust knobs without using my mouse.Pros:- Reliable and easy to set up. Window and Cubase never have trouble detecting it or staying in sync with it.- USB connection. This really sold me on the latest model, since you no longer need to connect it via MIDI. Just plug in the USB cable and Windows auto-detects it as a standard MIDI controller and uses standard drivers.- V-Pots have a nice center detent indicator light so you always know when your tracks are panned to the center.- Nice-looking and not bulky (I was surprised how much smaller it was than the Tascam, though of course that device was also an audio interface).Cons:- High price, considering the lack of an audio interface.- The fader motors often make noise even when sitting idle.- I like the ability to switch from Bars/Beats display to Minutes/Seconds. But this setting is not persisted so I have to switch each time.[Follow-up posted 9/20/2011]I upgraded to Cubase 6 and Windows 7 64bit a few months back, and ever since the MCU would not sync when Cubase is first opened. None of the controls would work until I went into the Devices control panel and reset the MCU about 5 times. I read that others had this problem and worked around it by switching to the MIDI ports instead of using the built-in USB MIDI interface. I tried this and it fixed the problem for me, though now I have to use a separate interface and cables (which negates my point #2 of why I loved the USB connection on this newer model). It would be great if Mackie would release a firmware update or something if this problem is on their end.

  2. Mario

    I enjoy scratch and dents or there needs to be some …In the description, when seeking to buy, said there was 5 – 10% cosmetic damage. So I was expecting to have a few blemishes. After I received it and opened the box, I could not find any cosmetic ware. The MCU looked brand spanking new to me. …Either, I enjoy scratch and dents or there needs to be some updated general descriptors. …I enjoyed this purchase. I could have spent the $1000+ and bought the MCU as a brand new item, but I’m glad I went this route saving a few hundred dollars on a used item, that does not looked used at all. …Now, if they had this deal for iMacs. Hmm?

  3. Kindle

    Used Item not reviewed and checked properly!When I received item, 2 faders is not working, Other faders are out of calibration, Amazon never checks the state of theequipment with a pro audio expert, Used item on Amazon selling here is expensive and costly for un-reviewed items or state of the equipment. Loud technologies and Mackie has got no support for spare parts and no proper advise or technical support!. Buyer will be charged of so much of the shipping cost since they need to resend back the equipment to Amazon for a refund or change! It is really a waste of money and time! So disappointing!Since shipping is even expensive, we seek repair on to the unit locally but some cases, repair locally can also add issue some moreon the items needs to be repaired and more to that order of parts are extremely a long wait and costly and worse no stock!Amazon must have access on the replacement parts, just in case. Most especially the P&G Optical faders and the LCD assy. A prone problem on this unit!Please improve!Recommendation: Buying used units or items /devices more safely, eBay is better!!. Buying new items, units, devices both Amazon and eBay is okey!

  4. Eldridge

    Four Starssometimes the display blacks out, after a while it turns on again by itself

  5. Dan

    Solid and Easy to useThis product is great. I use it with Adobe Audition and Sonar. It is easy to use and the device looks “no-plastic/cheap”It looks professional and clearly well designed and build.Suggestion: include the “template”” for Audition to place it on the keys. Sonar one is included in the box.

  6. E. Curtis

    Music masterThis system was bought for my husband for Christmas. He loves it. He is a professional musician who is working on producing and recording from home. I thought this would be a great way to get him started.

  7. Mr.B

    Five StarsBuilt like a tank! Can’t go wrong with Mackie gear.

  8. Face$

    Sent me the older version..NOT HAPPYThe picture of the item for sale and the item I received was totally different! They sent me the older model so i was very unsatisfied considering I had to wait almost two weeks to receive something I didn’t want.

  9. Fun times

    Five Starsgreat product for Protools 11! plug in, turn on, set peripherals & you’re controlling your DAW!

  10. Ryan Freeman

    Great ProductNothing else in this price range compares. Get one. You need it. You will wonder how you ever mixed with a mouse.

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