Little Prompter, The Original Compact Personal Teleprompter for Video Production. No Studio Required. Perfect for DSLRs,

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Color Black
Brand Little Prompter
Compatible Devices Laptop, Camera
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12.2 x 5.91 x 6.3 inches
Item Weight 14 Ounces

  • Excellent for instructors, business professionals, journalists, and churches and charities creating video content.
  • Compact, lightweight, and recently reinforced solid aluminum screws and spacers. Measures just 6”x6”x6”, weighs less than a pound, and includes quality BeamSplitter 70/30 glass.
  • Requires a smart device (6.5”x3.5” max) with a teleprompter app (not included) that includes mirroring and the ability to adjust scrolling speed. Recommended are Joe Allen’s Teleprompter Premium (iOS), or PromptSmart Pro with VoiceTrack, which uses voice recognition to advance as you speak. Neither smart device nor teleprompter app are included.
  • For cameras with wider-angle lenses, users may need additional computer app to zoom camera view in slightly to avoid seeing inside of prompter. Recommended apps are iglasses (Mac) or Altercam (PC). Webcams may require user to download and install camera driver or app such as ProCam for Logitech Webcams to adjust zoom to avoid seeing inside of prompter. Not compatible with iMacs running Mojave.
  • Excellent support available through the Little Prompter website. Response guaranteed within 24 hours. Additional tips, tricks, and video tutorials also available on Little Prompter website.


The Little Prompter is the original personal teleprompter. It’s the compact, versatile, and easy to use teleprompter that helps you quickly and flawlessly deliver a polished video to your students, to your employees, or to the public. Up until now, teleprompters have been clunky, expensive, and difficult to operate–and many required film studios or a production team. The Little Prompter changes all of that. It’s a simple tool that, with a little practice, promises to help you nail a smooth delivery using just your smartphone with a teleprompter app, and your desktop computer, DSLR, or webcam. Designed and manufactured entirely in Minnesota, USA.

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Legal Disclaimer

Not included: video camera, computer, or smart device. Teleprompter software/app is also not included—but reliable apps can be easily downloaded from the Apps store. Prices range from free to $15. *We recommend Teleprompter Premium by Joe Allen (iOS) or PromptSmart with Voice Track, but any teleprompter app with the mirroring feature can work. **Users with wider Fields of View on built-in cameras may want to also install iglasses (Mac) or AlterCam (PC) app to zoom in. ProCam for Logitech is another tool that allows zooming for logitech webcams.

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 12.2 × 5.91 × 6.3 cm
Product Dimensions

12.2 x 5.91 x 6.3 inches

Item Weight

14 ounces



Item model number


Date First Available

May 25, 2018

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Little Prompter

10 reviews for Little Prompter, The Original Compact Personal Teleprompter for Video Production. No Studio Required. Perfect for DSLRs,

  1. A. Stann

    Price feels very steep for something this simple, but it’s a niche product, and does the joboverall satisfied, just wish it didn’t cost half a kidney

  2. Brian Kelly – Founder of Reach Your Peak LLC

    The packaging alone was impressive!The packaging by itself was top-notch. Very securely packed, and to my delight, a sheet that also gave tips on how to make engaging videos. The pieces were well labeled, and the instruction booklet was easy to follow. The only reason I didn’t give the “Easy to use” a full 5-stars is that the clamp wasn’t quite wide enough to slip over and rest atop my mammoth 38″ Curved Dell monitor. I looked for alternative ways to make it work, and eventually found one, with some creativity. I currently have the Little Prompter encapsulating my Logitech C930e webcam.Another fantastic thing about the overall experience is that they recommend teleprompter apps (not included) to use with this little gem. the Android app called PromptSmart Pro is by far the best teleprompter app I’ve ever used … and this includes those made for Windows 10 desktop applications. It’s voice activated, so there is no “set speed” necessary. It moves only when it hears your voice, and when you are saying the words on the screen … otherwise it holds it’s position until you come back on script. Genius! Again, the app isn’t included w/ the Little Prompter, but I’m excstatic with their recommendation. I’ve tested it out several times.One concern I had prior to purchasing was that since the camera sits behind another piece of glass, and that glass is reflecting your teleprompter text, I was worried that the resulting camera image/video quality would somehow be blurred or washed out. This was not the case. The image was as clear as if there was nothing in front of the camera at all!I may end up purchasing another Little Prompter for use w/ my Canon EOS camera, so I can have a semi-permant mount for both it and for my webcam without swapping between the two. I use the Canon EOS camera for recording videos for my YouTube Channel, and the webcam for shooting my weekly live shows and also for creating my info product (which is where the teleprompter really comes in handy because I can write the script beforehand and deliver it naturally).All in all, I LOVE Little Prompter and would recommend it highly!

  3. Patrice Paulone

    ReviewIt works well as a portable teleprompter for a laptop.

  4. J. Peter

    Great way to see eye-to-eye for generation zoomFantastic way to make eye contact with people over zoom. Issue of course has always been that during video calls if you’re looking at your friend on video, you can’t be looking at the camera at the same time because your camera is not where your friend’s image is. So right when you’re totally visually focused onand feeling attuned to your friend’s laugh or body language or tearful confession or whatever, on your friend’s end you appear to not be making eye contact. It’s a weird but subtle effect of media tech that had the cumulative effect of making people feel less of a connection when we live lives over the wire than in person.This helps make things feel more immediate.By using IOS software that allows your phone to be used as a second computer monitor, you can drag as caller’s video feed onto the phone for use in the teleprompter. Put your webcam behind it and BAM! With a little sorcery, a hall of mirrors, and Some industrial light and magic, it feels more like you and your caller are both sitting face to face, and not refracted scrambled and delayed by all this hardware and that internet thing Al Gore once called a series of tubes.(this setup could be especially useful to psychotherapists practicing telehealth — it would help remote clients feel more seen. Literally.)Great little product, I pop it into my monitor over the Logitech webcam that lives there, get ready for a call using the setup mentioned, and that’s it. Seems well made. No frills. Does exactly what it intends to doSound speed, camera rolling, action

  5. Wendy Harrison White

    More people need to know about this: I LOVE its ease of use and flexibility.I was thrilled to find this because I have wanted a teleprompter FOREVER, but have been intimidated about the tech of it AND the need to buy a fancy pants high end camera. I’m a business strategist for entrepreneurs and have done a bazillion FB lives over the past three years for my group with a webcam perched on top of my monitor with crib notes. I’ve gotten super comfortable with that set-up, but wanted to up my game to start a Youtube channel to reach more people.I knew a teleprompter was what I needed and was tickled when I found this-with all the fantastic reviews and the flexibility to use it in so many situations-so I can use it with my current filming set-up, but still have it work for me in a year when I actually graduate to using a DSLR.It’s super easy to set up and use-important-because now that I have committed to Youtube, I don’t want to spend months figuring it out. I have played with all kinds of configurations from having it and the webcam (and my ring light) mounted on a desktop tripod to a regular tripod to on top of my laptop, and finally, back to the set-up I am used to-with it and the webcam perched on top of my monitor screen. I actually didn’t think I could have this last one because it’s not one of the scenarios Dann goes over in his videos-but, yes, it DOES work.I have not seen ANYTHING else out there that has that ease of use and flexibility.And, as many others have mentioned, the customer service from this company is off the charts. I have reached out with a few questions about teleprompter apps and stuff and Dann has responded immediately.If you’re hesitating on this: don’t. It doesn’t have a bazillion reviews (yet) because it’s newer than some of the other prompters out there. But it’s a gem.

  6. Joseph Sullivan

    You have a small hole to put your laptop camera.I thought this was a brilliant idea. But my camera would not fit behind the dimensions of this platform. So I buy a smaller camera and the black wood frames on the edges of this camera show up in my shooting. I am ever trying to record content and the frames around the circle are in the way. It makes it hard to record video. The teleprompter part works great. But they should have a large glass or plastic see-through PC teleprompter, instead of using black wood frames.There is also a stamp inside of the glass screen, that shows up in the video when I’m recording.

  7. Gregg

    Exceptional Quality / Easy to UseI could not be more satisfied with my Little Prompter purchase. Right out of the box, it slid perfectly over the camera lens on my iPad. I downloaded the Teleprompter Premium app onto my iPhone (fantastic app by the way) and used the app to import a document (just a paper previously written for a school project that was saved to my Pages app). The Teleprompter Premium app automatically converted my paper to a “script” for scrolling. I then toggled a button on the app to “mirror” the text, placed the iPhone face-up into the base of the Little Prompter, started my video with the Clips app already on my iPad, and started the scroll of my script. In literally minutes, I had turned a paper previously written for school into a video for publication on any social media platform. As an amateur with no teleprompter video experience, I was amazed at how fast I could turn something not written for video into a professionally delivered video presentation. I was impressed that I could do this without any other professional video “gear.” Having achieved success with just an iPad and an iPhone, it is clear to me that the possibilities for the Little Prompter are many. It can easily fit over a laptop, iMac, or any computer device. For someone who desires to take this tool to its full potential, it comes equipped with a tripod attachment bar to connect and stabilize both the Little Prompter and a professional video camera on top of a tripod. As an aside, the Little Prompter came in high quality packaging that only increased my appreciation for the attention to detail that clearly went into creating this product. It is the same high-quality packaging “what’s in the box” experience that I’ve had in opening a new Apple product (e.g., iPhone, iPad, iMac). I am very impressed with this product and excited to create video content in the many ways that this product has been smartly engineered to facilitate.

  8. George M

    The Best Product and Customer ServiceThere are generally two things that make a company decent or great! The first is the product and the second is customer service if there is an issue with the product.The Little Prompter is by far the best invention for anyone who is trying to deliver a message via a camera and has more than a paragraph to recite while looking directly into the camera. I have tried many but for a couple of hundred dollars, this is the best!When Dann designed the Little Prompters screws, they were designed to make sure if they were tightened too much, instead of breaking your equipment, they will simply snap and not cause any damage. Well, I tried to tighten my screw too much and that is exactly what happened. The screw snapped outside the camera and caused no damage what so ever. This safety feature is by default and I was obviously being overzealous.This was four days ago on a Sunday and I thought I would send the company an email to see if when they are back to work next week, I could get a replacement screw.So here comes part 2 of an excellent company, “the excellent customer service”! Within 10 minutes I received an email for Dann Hurlburt the founder and President who apologized for the failure and explained why I may have snapped the screw. He said he would get one out to me at no extra charge ASAP. Today is Thursday, and not only did I get a new screw that I broke, but new hardware to hold the prompter.In short, there are a million want to be companies pushing their goods but less than 1% who stand behind their claims! Dann is b a standup guy who is in the 1% club. I highly recommend this product and stellar customer service to anyone looking to utilize a teleprompter so they can deliver fantastic presentations. Thanks, Dann

  9. Alan Gustafson

    An excellent product delivered quickly!The product is exactly as advertised! Delivered quickly, easy to use, and had parts for alternative mounting. I highly recommend this product!

  10. James T. Barringer

    It covers up too much of the screen at the top.So if you are using Teams or Zoom, and making a presentation, you often need to get at the top of the screen with your mouse. This thing blocks a good portion of your screen – right around the camera.And it’s very pricey for what it is. I spent a lot of time trying to make it work, but then ended up doing things the old fashioned way – lots of practice and paper notes.

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