JOWOOM ReBalance Pro Acoustic Guitar Humidifier, Multi Purpose Stylish Stainless Feedback Suppressor and Moisture Sealing with

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  • MANAGE GUITAR HUMIDITY: If left unchecked, lack of proper humidity can take more than a few years off your guitar’s lifespan which is why we designed this acoustic guitar humidifier to balance out humidity and keep it safe the simple way while adding a stylish and decorative touch to it
  • SUPPRESS FEEDBACK IN STYLE: Re:Balance-Pro’s guitar case humidifier is designed with a spinning brushed stainless cover that allows you to personalize your guitar while acting as a feedback suppressor when performing on stage making it perfect choice for all skill levels
  • GET THE PERFECT FIT: Thanks to the wing-shaped holder design, our guitar humidifier and sound suppressor provides a stable and firm fit for soundholes ranging from 99mm to 102mm. It doesn’t slip or damage the case so you can safely use it daily without worry
  • NO DROPLETS & NO WORRIES: The included high-density sponge keeps moisture locked in while preventing any water drops from falling inside the case to provide continuous moisture and features a half-transparent lid so you can easily tell how moist the sponge is. Use with silica gel (not included) to dehumidify your guitar
  • SIMPLE & CONVENIENT TO USE: Re:Balance-Pro guitar humidifier and dehumidifier is designed to eliminate the guesswork of maintaining your instrument’s proper humidity level giving you the freedom to take it with you without worrying about geographic locations and seasonal changes


Product Description


rebalance with player

Multi-Purpose, Stylish & Versatile – Ideal For Daily Use

Re:Balance-Pro acoustic guitar humidity management system features stylish metal covers in various colors allowing you to add your personal touch to your guitar. It’s made without using any chemicals or materials that could harm your guitar surface. When performing on stage, you can use it as a feedback suppressor to enhance your performance while looking good. You can even use Re:Balance-Pro as a silent cover allowing you to practice quietly without having to worry about disturbing anyone.


Maintain Optimal Humidity & Protect Your Guitar With JOWOOM Re:Balance-Pro Acoustic Guitar Humidifier!

Maintaining just the right humidity for a solid wood guitar is essential for any musician that wants to prolong the lifespan of their guitar which is why we designed this multi-purpose acoustic guitar soundhole cover to get the job done the simple way. Simply by blocking the guitar soundhole, Re:Balance-Pro allows you to effortlessly control the humidification and dehumidify while acting as a feedback suppressor without having to make any modifications to the guitar – it’s really that simple!

Brushed Stainless Metal Makes You and Your Guitar Stylish!




Silver Metal Cover

Black Metal Cover

Gold Metal Cover

ReBalance Pro Features You’ll Love:

1 No clips or fasteners which can scratch the guitar finish
2 Protects your guitar against warping, cracks and other damage due to lack of humidity
3 Available in a wide variety of colors so you can mix and match for the look you want
4 It’s easy to use and doesn’t come in contact with the strings
5 Comes with a high-density sponge to collect moisture
6 Can be used with silica gel reduce moisture content (not included)

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Additional information

Weight 3.63 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4.53 × 0.75 cm
Item Weight

3.63 ounces

Package Dimensions

5 x 4.53 x 0.75 inches



Date First Available

January 3, 2020

Color Name


Percussion Diameter

4.3 Inches



10 reviews for JOWOOM ReBalance Pro Acoustic Guitar Humidifier, Multi Purpose Stylish Stainless Feedback Suppressor and Moisture Sealing with

  1. Ben Walter

    Love it!Awesome product. It would be great if they produced a smaller radius model for classical guitars.

  2. dukkha

    Great for my MartinGreat product, I like how it is a humidifier and a feedback dampener.Beware it does not fit all acoustics, it fits my Martin but not my Fender.

  3. SRE

    Meh. Over-priced and underwhelmedLooks nice, but it’s too high-profile to strum over as a “soundhole cover” that prevents feedback/interference. The sizing is also questionable; it’s fallen out of my Taylor 514ce every time I’ve played it so far.I find this product only to be useful as fancy-looking overpriced hydration system. Unimpressed by the multiple utilities described. Will probably return.

  4. 67strat

    Very nice item for the money.Works very well, very erectile, very easy to use. Nice humidifier for acoustic.

  5. Colorgirl

    Fits My Takamine (Martin Copy) PerfectlyI have tried a variety of guitar humidifiers. Some are easier to use than others, and some are annoying. This is different.EASY TO USE?This is not difficult to use. I find that if I work slowly and fill the unit, replace the cap and then gently put it in the hole area, it stays put well.DOES IT WORK?This does provide humidity for my guitar and seems to work quite well. It works longer than others I have had which had to be refreshed more often.SOUNDIf I want to play a subdued acoustic guitar, this also helps to soften the sound. I can play quieter and still have a decent sound as compared to other set ups I have tried.THE BOTTOM LINEThis not only works as a good humidifier but also for softening sound.MY RATINGFIVE STARS. Although I know this won’t fit all guitars, I am glad it fit my Takamine. I would consider another in the future.

  6. Mitchell M.

    Quality materials, simple to use, and very efficient.I got this for my circa 2001 Taylor 310 dreadnought, and it’s perfect. I’ve had many different types of humidifier systems for my guitars – between-the-strings canisters, wicking rope types, case compartment types, disposable packets, et al, but this one is the most efficient, and the easiest I’ve had.What I love about it: It fits my 101mm Taylor dreadnought, AND my 103mm Yamaha jumbo perfectly. The fit on my jumbo isn’t as tight as the dreadnought, but it’s very secure, and it stays in place even when playing.The sponge canister locks securely with a click, and it has a larger surface area for evaporation than any other type I’ve used. So, it doesn’t take long to rehydrate the all-important interior woods of the body, but it also does so safely – no dripping, and no mess.The outer silicone ring fits snugly, and installation and removal are simple. Slide the unit under the strings, and give it a push around the edges to seal. The bendable tangs on the outside perimeter of the ring keep it in place, and when I need to remove it, I just lift it by the edge and slide it out.The sponge is high-density foam, and it has a larger surface area than wick/rope types or drop-in canisters.The finish on the brushed black anodized aluminum is nicely done, and it definitely adds some ‘wow factor’ to my Yamaha jumbo acoustic-electic. It also works GREAT as a feedback dampener when I’m plugged in. So, I can get more volume from my jumbo, without modifying my tone with an outboard anti-feedback pedal (read: Low and Mid frequency tone killer).I think this is an ingenious device, and I wish I had one ages ago for my ‘high-end’ Taylor, as well as a few others, for my less frequently used guitars.Note: This would not fit my Ibanez 12-string acoustic-electric, or my older classical guitar – ONLY due to the neck ends protruding into the rims of the sound holes – something inherent in the designs, and not a fault of this item. So, check for clearance.Overall, this is easy to use, easy to fill, and most of all – I’m not hydrating my entire guitar case, when all I really need is moisture in the body cavity.I’m glad I came across this item now, especially since I have the air conditioning running almost non-stop this Summer. I keep a digital hygrometer running, and I keep the humidity between 40-50%, but air conditioning dries the air quickly. This is a perfect solution. As far as the fingerboard on my guitar, I’m not at all concerned about it getting ‘moisturized’. I have fretboard oil for that purpose, and the inner channel of the truss rod cavity benefits from the moisture that this unit traps inside the body.I’m VERY pleased with this unit.Final Note (and a caution): don’t press down on the center of the humidifier when installing it. Use the rim. I learned the hard way, and inadvertently popped the unit down inside the guitar’s body. However, it came out easily with a grip and a slight tug. No harm done, and it was back in place in a minute’s time.

  7. Inigo

    Great to dampen the guitar for humidity and to dampen the sound for playing lateI got this humidifier for my Ibanez Artwood acoustic guitar and the cover fits well. I am not a fan of the humidifiers that stretch the strings because I feel those will cause those strings to break quicker. This humidifier is like a sound hole cover and it has a compartment to put a sponge to humidify the guitar or you can buy silica packets separately to dehumidify the guitar. I live in a dry climate where it only rains a few times a year so my guitar only really needs the humidifier.This thing looks good in the guitar and the cover adds a nice look compared to my other humidifier with the plastic cover and the rubber hose. It is a fingerprint magnet so if that bothers you you should know about that. The sponge holds a good amount of water and I feel it holds more water than the hose version so this will hydrate your guitar quickly and for a while. The cover is an aluminum plate to keep in the moisture and being aluminum the plate won’t rust. The plate also acts as a feedback suppressor if you have problems with that. My guitar doesn’t have a pickup so I don’t have to worry about that.One thing I really like about this is that it also helps if you want to practice later at night. Normally I wouldn’t play my guitar after 10 pm because of my neighbors but now I won’t be worrying as much with this cover. I tried the other feedback blocker that is completely made of silicone and that blocks out the sound too much so it doesn’t feel like I’m playing my guitar. This one has an aluminum plate. I like how it lowers the volume but it still sounds like my guitar without changing the character too much. This one lowers the volume just enough for me without changing the sound too much. I tested it out and strumming with a medium pick without the cover I measured about 90 decibels. With the cover with the same medium pick brought it down to about 80 decibels. Finger picking brought it down to about 75.

  8. Terry R. Nye

    Will not fit all guitars but works well in those it does fitI own several acoustic and classical guitars. Keeping them well humidified is always a challenge. I have used the reusable ones that fit between the strings, but I’m not wild about how far the strings have to be bent to fit them in the sound hole. I’ve used the gel packs, but they end up being quite expensive. So, I was curious to see how this sound hole humidifier would work out.The humidifier feels solid and well built. It’s heavier than another similar one I have that’s made only of plastic. It’s very stylish in appearance. The compartment for the sponge is shallow and a little hard to open and close properly, but it does hold the sponge securely.One thing worth noting is this humidifier fits only a specific sized sound hole. It fits in the sound hole of my acoustic guitars but does not fit my classical guitars. Also, the fit is very snug, by design, I’m sure. You have to use some gentle force to push its silicone edges into the sound hole. Once done, it is not going to fall out.The sponge in the humidifier is small but similar in size to one that is built into one of my classical guitar cases. The instructions advise using distilled water with it, but I find filtered water works just fine. The sponge dries out fairly quickly, usually within a few days in my area, so this not a humidifier to use for long term storage. It’s really ideal for a guitar you’re using at least 2-3 times per week.This device can also be used to prevent feedback if you’re using an acoustic electric guitar with an amplifier. I didn’t test this feature, but it does mute sound significantly when the guitar is played with it in the sound hole.Overall, this is a nice humidifier. If it fits your guitar’s sound hole, and you’re storing your guitar in a case, it seems to work well.

  9. Gerik Alexander Gentry

    Dehumidifier part not functional out of the gateLike another said, I don’t really care for how this messes with the strings trying to put it on. It works as both a humidifier and a dehumidifier, although if you are like me and need the dehumidifier part, they don’t include the necessary silica gel packets for that. Silica gel packets aren’t expensive. I don’t know why they couldn’t have thrown a few in there so it would be completely functional out of the box. Looks nice though. Can also be used for quiet playing. 4 out of 5 stars. Make sure to save any silica packets you find and hoard them.

  10. Michael P

    A Disc vs a Tube… Which Humidifier is Best for You?Guitar humidifiers are an inexpensive and necessary investment if you care about preserving the life of your instrument. In the past, I have always purchased the traditional tube or cylinder style guitar humidifiers. I found the Re: Balance Pro by JOWOON to be a nice alternative. I used it on my FenderDreadnought (see photo) and found that the disc sponge provided moisture and the right amount of humidity for my acoustic in my dry Los Angeles environment.What I liked about this humidifier is that you don’t have to squeeze it between the strings, and it slips and fits snuggly into the soundhole.For me personally, this worked fine since I have multiple guitars and sometimes find the tube-type humidifiers to be messy.

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