Insta360 GO 2 – Small Action Camera, Weighs 1 oz, Waterproof, Stabilization, POV Capture, 1/2.3″ Sensor, with Charge Case and

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Brand Insta360
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi
Flash Memory Type Micro SD
Color White
Special Feature Anti-Shake, Time Lapse
Screen Size 2.3 Inches
Optical Zoom 1 x
Photo Sensor Technology CMOS
Camcorder type Action Camera
Model Name GO 2

  • Tiny and Mighty: Thumb-sized action camera that weighs just 1 oz. Uses a powerful 1/2.3” image sensor to shoot crisp 1440p video. Rugged and waterproof to 13ft.
  • Mount Anywhere: Wearable camera design. Mount GO 2 anywhere with its magnetic in-the-box accessories and shoot hands-free.
  • FlowState Stabilization: Image stabilization and horizon leveling algorithms keep your video steady no matter where you mount GO 2. Action sport ready.
  • Multi-Use Charge Case: Comes with a pocket-sized case that’s also a charger, remote control and tripod all in one. Extends battery life up to 150 minutes.
  • In the Box: 1x Insta360 GO 2(32GB), 1x Charge Case, 1x Lens Guard (pre-installed), 1x Magnet Pendant, 1x Pivot Stand, 1x Easy Clip and 1x Type-C Charge Cable.


Product Description

ONE X2 Mic Adapter


Insta360 GO 2






Move the camera all you’d like. GO 2’s horizon leveling algorithms will keep the video upright and steady no matter what.


Dunk GO 2 up to 4m without a worry. No case needed. Then pop your underwater video into the app and AI-powered AquaVision will color correct it.


Jam pack all the action into a speedy hyperlapse with TimeShift mode. Up to 6x faster than real life.


Couldn’t handle the speed? Slow a key moment down to 4x slow-mo in super-smooth 120fps.






Pick a spot and record a stationary timelapse from any angle. At night, turn on Nightlapse mode and GO 2 will auto adjust the exposure and intervals.


Use the app to preview your shot in real time over WiFi and adjust settings on the fly.


AI-powered FlashCut makes editing easy. It takes your favorite clips, puts them in a story and edits them together on beat to music.


A pocket-sized case that’s also a charger, remote control and tripod all in one. Charge up in just half an hour and shoot for up to 2.5 hours.

In-the-Box Accessories






Wear GO 2 on your chest.


Mount GO 2 anywhere with the sticky base.


Scratch-proof, replaceable lens protector.


Clip GO 2 to your hat or headband.

From the brand

Important information

Visible screen diagonal

3″ / 6 cm

Additional information

Dimensions 0.93 × 0.81 cm
Brand Name


Item Weight

‎0.917 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2.08 x 0.93 x 0.81 inches

Item model number



‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Color Name


Special Features

‎Anti-Shake, Time Lapse



Date First Available

March 5, 2021



10 reviews for Insta360 GO 2 – Small Action Camera, Weighs 1 oz, Waterproof, Stabilization, POV Capture, 1/2.3″ Sensor, with Charge Case and

  1. Tien Le

    Next step for the GO!This Camera (GO2) vs the GO:This is a HUGE step up from the older version. If you’re familiar with Insta360 cameras they all use one app. The older model had its own separate app. What really stood out to me about this camera is the longer video it could capture. I think with the old GO it would shoot only 15-30 sec clips, but this one can shoot clips to 30 mins. (15sec, 30sec, 1min, 5min, 10min, 15min, or 30min)A few other things that was nice about this version is it’s WaterProof. I went snorkeling in the Bahamas and it worked well. I didn’t go super deep, but I’m pretty sure you can’t be like deep sea diving with it. It has the lens already attached so it was a turn on and jump in kind of test!The attachments it comes with are nice as well. Specifically the head mount. Vs the older model, this head mount/CLIP can be angled up and down which is needed for a tall guy like me.What I think this Camera is best used for:Quick clips hands down. Similar to the older model, I really like the quick access and small size of the camera to capture clips to make montage like videos. I think it could work for some form of vlogging. It’s super easy to use the case as a grip and flip it around to talk to it. Also there’s a tool it comes with that can do the same. Both case and grip work for facing yourself and a target.I had used this camera for a Volleyball tournament and on a holiday. For the volleyball tournament it was nice it could shoot longer video for those plays that would go over 30 secs. The record and stop button is way more notable in my opinion, giving a short vibration to start and a long to stop.When I used it on holiday, I shot like I was vlogging but mainly to capture cute couple content. The use of the case helps clarify it’s rolling and what mode you’re on. Again, was perfect to make a montage videoI didn’t get a chance to try all the features but they have slo mo and timelapses as well which are cool touches. And as it’s an Insta360 camera, you know their app has a bunch of AI and toys to try.Video:So this thing can shoot up to 1440p, but for social you’d probably just need to use 1080p or else the social apps might compress it. Also a good note is that it can shoot in both landscape and vertical. I made the mistake when I first used it and shot landscape 16:9 which is the video attached. You can change this pretty easily to vertical, OR shoot in PRO video mode. Pro Video mode let’s you shoot both landscape and vertical so when editing you can choose. I noticed sometimes when you start the camera it start at the default of regular video which was annoying but with practice and attention, you’ll see that you may need toggle Pro video (if you that’s what you’re trying to shoot with/I’d recommend). Also that way I shoot content is vertical so you could have a different preference too.Connection:Yes connection can be difficult sometimes, but I kinda see this as a given after using so many Insta360 cameras. I’d suggest a few things. Don’t trying to work with multiple videos at once. If you’re going to edit, try downloading the video to the app so you don’t have to be connected to the phone the whole time. Hard close the app and try again. I think with practice you’ll find some of these quick fixers, but I think alot of the time this happened was when I was trying to work with alot of video over a long period of time. Make it easier for the tech as it’s pretty powerful! Also a random thing I noticed, but when I was using this when my phone was on Airplane mode, I had no issues… so maybe that’s a pro tip?Portability/battery:This thing is so fun to whip out and it’s easy to capture moments. The case it like the size of an airpods case just a tad bigger. As I mentioned earlier it’s like a grip too so it can be used pretty quickly once you get a hang of it. For battery life, I haven’t had any issues with it. But keep in mind I’m not like shooting a movie with this, just getting clips I know I can use for future edits!Overall I’d recommend this camera. I personally think it’s great for many occasions and with practice you’ll find the best way to optimize and use it!

  2. Thominator

    Seriously, don’t get the case wetSo everything you’ve probably seen in video reviews is true: surprisingly good stabilization, crazy small and lightweight, very convenient…And while the camera itself is waterproof… the case IS NOT! I did not go swimming with the thing, actually it was the reason that killed the case. Well say that I loved this camera until that point. Also app for this is incredible. Just wish there was a removal as cats or something as an alternative

  3. Cirz

    Hat clip broke.This is a great product with a really great video image. The battery life is not very good and you really can’t record anything longer than 20 or 30 minutes without recharging it. Unfortunately the hat clip broke after 4 uses. It is not very easy to use and you have to use a good amount of effort to spread it and of course it didn’t last long. If you are going to use this for short clips this is definitely the best most compact item. If you are trying to create a video that is 30 minutes or longer forget it.

  4. Andrey Katsman

    Tiny miracle cameraI first noticed this camera being very popular in the FPV drones community – understandably so because of its amazingly small form factor. I was curious to see what video quality and even more so – what stabilization is possible in this tiny package. Here’s what I found:The camera shoots an incredibly nice looking 1440p video at 50fps (at the high end setting)Stabilization is probably the best I’ve seen out there, save for a machenical gimbal.The case that acts both as a charger, tripod, and remote control is very smart and convenient.The camera has bluetooth and wifi built in but also supports wired files tranfer if you connect it to usb via the case.I am not a huge user of accessories but the ones that come with the camera all seem very usable – camera attaches via strong magnet to the accessory. Pendant that you wear under the shirt is probably my favorite.One of the biggest highlights for me was the discovery that when shooting in pro-video you can reframe your shot after the fact without losing resolution (it shoots slightly larger circular area that the frame is cropped out of) – it mady my videos much looser to shoot and easier to edit.The less positive sides for me:- The software is missing some features that would make it even more exceptional – eg. no digital zoom or crop options in post procesing – sometimes I want to narrow the FOV further and crop a particular region. I need to do it in a separate 3rd party editing software after exporting the video, which is inconvenient.- When the camera is connected to a PC there is no option to turn off data link, so the attempts to connect it to my phone fails at the “waking up with bluetooth” stage, but no clear error is given.- Camera heats up quite signifficantly, which shortens the possible continuous shot time to about 5min. Even though the case battery is enough for much more- no H.265 option on the camera. only in export from the studio application on pc or mac- no external storage mountable, i wish i could stick a micro sd into it…all in all – I am very pleased with the camera so far. The exciting form factor (being approximately the size of apple airpods case when closed) makes it very convenient for travel and casual carry everywhere, while the video quality is above and beyond what I need.*note – some people mention all sorts of serious problems with the camea, I have not experience any of those. It might be quality control issue on the manufacturing side, but I can’t really speak to it as nothing (thankfully) shows up on my camera so far.

  5. Lewis B. Battle

    Definitely worth the money, but bring a few portable charging packs!The media could not be loaded.

     The pros, this small thing was built to do just about anything. You can take it anywhere no problem! You can shoot for several angles and video qualities. It really captures a scene too! Easy to use for a great video.The cons, bring a portable charging pack. The charging case isn’t suffice. 30 seconds really drains this thing! I have to cycle a long time to get the 30 seconds back, even if I fully charged it. Next the wide angle isn’t superb. It is great! Don’t get me wrong, but it will degrade in quality, or not capture everything. (I am cycling so that may be specific to my use of it) I have scenery in my video where it was outstanding, however I was also passing geese that were crossing the road and you can’t even notice them at all. Using the wide angle.Not a pro, or con: The saturation is definitely an instagram trade mark and for the most part I like it. Except when it changes the tone of the true scenery. Again it’s mixed because a cloudy day can look sunny which is great. However your hills might look desert middle eastern next to this random pile of snow. This stuff can be edited too though, so nothing too major.

  6. Jeffrey lee

    Poor battery life/ gets hotPoor battery life and it gets really hot

  7. donsmithvideo

    Stopped working after a few uses Buyer BewareThe media could not be loaded.

     Final Final part 4 I’ve tried and tried to get this to work. Do not buy this on prime day unless you want a $300 camera that will stop working after only a few months used.Over a month since Insta360 asked me to contact them and still no response.It’s too bad because the GO2 is a good product. It’s let down by the quality issues and customer service.Watch my video to see what is happening to many of the GO2s after a short time.Final update 3So i had been chatting with insta360 through Amazon and was directed by them to contact insta360 help directly using the included email link. At first i did not see any included email link in the text message but then i realized that Insta360 attached a image file that had the email address. I thought this was strange. Went not have the email address in the text body. So i read up a little on Amazon policies and discovered that companies are not supposed to do this when contacting buyers through the Amazon chat. Little corrupt on Insta360s part but whatever.Insta360 wanted me to contact them to fix, refund or replace my GO2. I emailed them using the email address supplied in the image file and two weeks later they have never bothered to respond to my email that they requested i send.Final thoughts on the GO2 is that it’s a great camera let down by quality control and poor customer service.Update 2:So Insta360 got back to me and only had one suggestion to fix my GO2. They recommended that i do a format using a PC. I had already tried that but i decided to perform another format. The GO2 still does not work. It’s strange how it slowly started breaking down over a few weeks with minimal use. The first sign something was wrong was during the file transfer process loosing the timestamp for the video files mixing the files out of shooting order. After that the hepatic feedback became intermittent but the GO still recorded. And finally only recording two clips before freezing and requiring a hard reset.I wish i could recommend the GO2. I love this little camera but since I’ve only had the camera for a short time it’s a waste of money. $300 gone so buyer beware.Previous Update:Insta360 emailed me after my review offering to help with my issues. I responded accordingly describing the problems I’m having with the GO2. However, after a week+ i have not received a follow up email to help fix the GO2. Why email me about the Go2 problems and then not respond? As it stands right now i paid $300+ for a bricked piece of plastic. I’ve read on several forum sites that others are having the same issues with the GO2 as i am. Buyer beware.Original review:I loved this little camera. I bought it to record my job in first person perspective.I recorded my daily routine about thirty times and then i noticed that it started to not record any videos and the hepatic feedback was intermittent. Strangely at the same time the app library started mixing up the timecode of videos so my clips were no longer in a timed order. I reset, rebooted, reformatted, reinstalled firmware however nothing worked. I can get one maybe two records and then nothing. The camera itself appears to be on as it remains warm until i hold the button for a reset. Also during this time the camera fails to connect to the case. When it does connect I’ve tried changing the modes, resolutions, bit rate, frame rate and still it did not work. I have never dropped or submerged the camera.At $300 dollars i would expect it to last beyond 30 uses.Sadly i can not recommend buying the Insta360 Go 2. I feel that the GO2 troubles are because of the last two firmware update but i can’t be sure

  8. OJ

    Cheaper and smaller than a GoPro.No SD card to fumble around with but also less storage space. Decent video quality, decent record time. Its ready to go out of the box, unless you need special mounts but otherwise it works

  9. Michael Waddell

    An excellent camera!Sure, not the longest lasting battery life outside of it’s case, but this little guy can get into places most things cannot! It is an excellent camera with pretty damn good quality for it’s size! 1440p is nothing to scoff at! And the horizon lock feature in pro mode is absolutely amazing of a feature it has. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to use one of these to get one, they can go in some really tight areas a normal camera just cannot go!

  10. W. Huber

    Quite enjoyableI watched a lot of reviews when I was deciding on purchasing this so I was aware of the shortcomings. Yes, it heats up quickly and yes it has a short battery life. But the size and convenience of it was my motivation.The base is small enough that you can keep it on you wherever you go. If you take several minute recordings at a time during your event, the battery won’t get so hit so quickly. That also makes it easier to to put together in post production because you can find clips faster than going thru one big clip to find a section. When I’m on a bicycle or motorcycle ride, I know people don’t want to see every inch of the ride. They want to see the interesting parts and that’s what this camera allows. It’s easy to turn on and off quickly.This is an action cam that’s small enough to get interesting shots in all kinds of weird places using short clips that are easily stitched together. The size limits the battery life and probably heat dissipation. If it could be made slightly larger I’d like a USB C port or micro USB card built in. Otherwise I’m having a fun time with this and it meets my expectations after I thoroughly looked into it.

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