ILOKNZI i2/12inch, Liftable Teleprompter, Metal Teleprompters for 12.9″ Tablets with Adjustable Tempered Optical Glass Supports

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Additional information

Weight 1.61 kg
Dimensions 32.99 × 11.3 cm
Package Dimensions

‎ 33.6 x 32.99 x 11.3 cm; 1.61 Kilograms

Date First Available

‎ 29 June 2021


‎ B0986HN6LX

Item model number

‎ ILK-SB250


‎ ILOKNZI, ‎ QingNiu

10 reviews for ILOKNZI i2/12inch, Liftable Teleprompter, Metal Teleprompters for 12.9″ Tablets with Adjustable Tempered Optical Glass Supports

  1. One Blue Voice

    Okay but remote is garbage
    Teleprompter is good quality as. Fast to hookup. The remote is garbage. Does not connect easily and when it does it connects as a keyboard and impossible to edit buttons making it unusable. The recommended apps are a security and privacy nightmare asking for access to everything.

  2. David

    Not heavy duty studio equipment, but price appropriate. It’s tricky to set up a smart phone to work with this. Case is very cheaply made. All in all, it gets the job done.

  3. Texan Greg

    Game Changer
    Best purchase ever. I purchased this, not really knowing how well it would perform. I downloaded the app on my iPhone and used a simple WebCam. I was able to shoot some videos for work that are phenomenal. It is well-built, easy to put together and easy to use. It does come with a remote control, and it worked flawlessly.

  4. Luigi

    Nicely made
    Just received the ILOKNZI Folding Metal Teleprompter and was very pleasantly surprised. It was well made, very well priced ( it was on promo ), and most importantly worked very well. Actually better than their more expensive products. The 70 degree arc on the mirror and the folding camera support actually are a very nice design. And the carrying bag is a nice touch. My only comment would be that I would like the optical glass to be a bit thicker, but at this price point, hard to complain. Over all, hard to go wrong, even at the regular price.

  5. Ken Loyd

    Gets the job done, done well and easily
    It’s a lot less complicated than it looks. Build quality is nice and it’s easy to take on & off the camera. Plenty of mounting hardware to accommodate various lens/filter sizes. I’m using it with a 25mm lens and there’s no vignetting.The key (aka: trick) is finding a good app that will allow you to copy and add scripts from a cloud service or from documents you’ve created and/or saved to your phone or tablet. The other feature to look for is how to control and manage the rate at which the script plays back. After trying three that were either free or less than $3.00; I finally took the plunge and got PromptSmart Pro.I think the app cost $39 — but the two cool things about this app are as follows: 1) It allows you to “copy” a script from a cloud service like DropBox or OneDrive. 2) The rate of speed is determined by how fast your read the script. If you stop speaking the text stops scrolling, similarly if you slow down or speed up the text speed will match your voice.I’ve had one or two occassions where the text just stopped for no apparent reason. It’s not perfect, but out of over 20 tries, 18 were perfect.

  6. Luis Leonardo Castillo

    good product
    good product

  7. Mehmet Özbek

    Good Product
    Very good product with the bag

  8. Geetee

    Great product, and world-class customer support!
    I had an issue with my order and was treated like a VIP. Thank you very much!

  9. Charm City Paranormal

    Excellent Value For Price
    The quality is surprisingly good for the price. I didn’t want to settle for the cheapest option available, but some of the “premium” teleprompters were out of my budget. This one suits my needs and holds my EOS R7 and S6 tablet just fine.The remote works great with the Teleprompter App I purchased on the Play Store. I did not need to use the proprietary app that is recommended to get it to function. Text appears clearly on the glass and there’s no vignetting in the shot from the enclosure.If youre looking for something that is quality made, but don’t want to spend hundreds on a teleprompter, I recommend this one. It’s the perfect middle point between “cheap” and “premium” and checks all the boxes for practical use.

  10. Timing everything is

    Don’t buy it for the remote
    Don’t buy this for the remote. The Android app is a terrible Chinese app that wants access to your phone and makes a “phone home” call to a Chinese server when you open it. The remote only works with the app. That’s aside you can find other ways of using this. I have a small Chrome book that worked well and I could use whatever app I wanted.

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