HoloKit X – Stereoscopic AR Headset for iPhone – Metallic Gray (1pc Included)

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Color Metallic Gray
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Compatible Devices Personal Computer
Age Range (Description) Adult
Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.89 x 7.08 x 4.92 inches
Platform IOS
Controller Type Button Control

  • [UNLEASH YOUR iPHONE’S POWER] HoloKit is an iPhone accessory that immediately upgrades your iPhone into a stereoscopic AR headset. HoloKit X uses your iPhone’s blazing-fast processor and powerful LiDAR scanner to understand what you’re looking at and where you’re standing. Compatible iPhones are: iPhone 14 / 14 Plus / 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max; iPhone 13 / 13 Pro / 13 Pro Max; iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max; iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max; iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max.
  • [FACE-TO-FACE SHARED REALITIES] – Interact and play with your friends in multiplayer mixed realities. Getting set up multiplayers in HoloKit is super easy, simply scan another device’s QR code to enter a shared mixed reality experience anywhere, even without an internet connection or pre-scanning any spatial maps. This instant and magical process used our spatial anchor sharing technology and local networking technology behind AirDrop.
  • [A DREAM YOU DREAM ALONE IS ONLY A DREAM. A DREAM YOU DREAM TOGETHER IS REALITY] HoloKit X supports multiplayer AR games in real life! Get multiple HoloKit X and play Wizard Duel with your friends and family! Apple Watch is highly recommended for HoloKit games. Compatible Apple Watches are: Apple Watch Ultra / SE / Series 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
  • [FEATURES] Optical See-through · Hands-free Immersion · Experience AR in first-person view · 60° ultrawide field of view · Crystal-clear optical lenses · 6 degrees of freedom spatial tracking using ARKit · 3D environmental perception using iPhone LiDAR Scanner · Comfortable ergonomic design with replaceable headband · Compatible with eyeglasses · Motion control powered by Apple Watch · Spatial audio powered by Apple AirPods · Spectator View – Capture and record in third-person view
  • [MULTIMODAL INTERACTION] The future of interacting with holograms will be multimodal and seamless. Anything can interact with mixed reality. Not only can HoloKit use hand gestures, human and object recognition, and a Touch Bar-like UI for interaction. It also supports external input devices like an Apple Watch, wireless gamepad, Bluetooth keyboards, or anything that connects to your iPhone.


Product Description

A Stereoscopic AR Headset for iPhone

Dream together in new realities

face2face shared realities

hands-free immersion, puppeteer mode, spectator view

unleash your iPhone‘s power, mindful design for seamless mixed reality

3D perception, 6 degrees of tracking, hands-free motion control, spatial audio

insert, align, and fasten, wear, slide and tie, optical see-through, multimodal interaction

Additional information

Weight 1.58 kg
Dimensions 6.89 × 7.08 × 4.92 cm
Product Dimensions

6.89 x 7.08 x 4.92 inches

Item Weight

1.58 pounds



Date First Available

November 24, 2022



3 reviews for HoloKit X – Stereoscopic AR Headset for iPhone – Metallic Gray (1pc Included)

  1. Jack O

    Easy to set up, lightweight, and a more active gaming experience for kids (and me!)I bought the HoloKit X cause my kids love playing cellphone games but were sitting on the couch all day on “freemium” games. The HoloKit X was very easy to set up, just follow the included instructions or the ones on the app and you are good to go.The gameplay was great, my kids were jumping around thinking they were wizards in a magical duel. I thought that the kit would be heavier and maybe strain their necks but it is very light and can be worn comfortably. Also, unlike VR sets we have tried in the past, the AR HoloKit doesn’t cause nausea or seasickness. I always had that issue with full VR.While I got it for the kids, whenever we have guests often bring out the HoloKit, its good fun during cocktail hour ;)Overall I have so far had a very positive experience with the hardware, and the content. Looking forward to more content coming out soon!

  2. Anna

    Extremely Cool AR Experiences!I am a new media artist at Harvard University, really interested in AR and VR works and experiences.I have tried several headsets, the biggest problem is the cost and weight. Holokit is really clever to embed an iPhone into the headset, making the best use of the hardware and system of the iPhone. All the recording and photos could be directly saved on the phone, making it really easy for file transfer. And the headset is much smaller and lighter than other products.Also, my eye glasses could easily fit into the headset. So there is no need to adjust the focus!Some potential improvements: The iphone system needs to be the latest iso 16.2. It takes me some time to update it on my phone. Some games need to be played with Apple Watch. I don’t have one so I need to play together with my friend.


    Amazing AR experienceI spent much more time than I expected on this. My friend and I had an amazing time playing AR games, running and jumping around with our new AR device! It stayed firmly in place, unlike other AR devices we’ve tried before. Although the pictures were a bit transparent when the environment was too bright, finding a darker place helped. All in all, it was an awesome experience and I highly recommend it!

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