HOLDLAMP Fog Machine, 1200W and 6000CFM Smoke Machine with Wireless Remote Control and 6 Colorful LED Lights for Christmas

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Energy consumption: 1200w

Service voltage: AC90-240V 50-60HZ

heating time: 4-8 minutes

Nozzle diameter: 1.2mm  air column angle: 1.2cm

Operation mode: remote controller, Distance of remote control: > 50 meters

LED beads: 3W*6PCS

Remote control: red, green, blue, single color light up spray

Fluid reservoir capacity: 1L

Continuous spray: 30-40 seconds, Spray distance: 8 meters

Smoke spray rate: 160m³ / Min

applicable occasion: ballroom, KTV, party, Halloween etc.


1. The hood must be placed in a ventilated place; do not place it in the hole during use; otherwise, the temperature of the hood will become too high, and then the hood will not be able to heat due to the cut off of the temperature control fuse.

2. The ventilator can be placed on the ground or installed at high altitude, parallel to the ground, but not tilted; make sure to leave enough space for heat dissipation around the ventilator, at least 30 cm.

3. Please put this product out of the reach of children, away from flammable and explosive items; away from the smoke machine 40 cm to avoid burns.Do not touch the wires when the machine is working to prevent electric shock.Do not add flammable liquids such as oil, gas or perfume.

4. All smoking machines will emit a small amount of smoke (some even have a slight burning smell) during the heating process, which is normal.

5. If the following conditions occur, such as the reduction of smoke, the noise of the suction pump is loud or the smoke cannot be sprayed, please immediately turn off the power. At the same time, check the inventory of liquid smoke, fuses, cables and power plugs. If the problem cannot be solved, please contact us.

Packing List:

1 x Fog Machine

1 x Power wire

1 x Remote Controller

1 x Receiver

1 x manual

Additional information

Weight 3.97 kg
Dimensions 24.89 × 21.59 cm
Package Dimensions

‎ 36.19 x 24.89 x 21.59 cm; 3.97 Kilograms

Date First Available

‎ 12 April 2021





10 reviews for HOLDLAMP Fog Machine, 1200W and 6000CFM Smoke Machine with Wireless Remote Control and 6 Colorful LED Lights for Christmas

  1. jose

    The machine is not working.No smoke and no lights

  2. Maurice Orange

    Foggy portrait!
    Actually, this is my second fog machine. The first one was rather “basic” with no lights or remote.This new one is BIG LEAGUE!

  3. José Luis Alvarez

    Bien hasta ahora.
    Se ve resistente, el control Remoto me hubiera gustado de otro tipo.

  4. New Haven NAC

    Lovely. You’ll love it. ❤️
    Happy Halloween🎃

  5. Kristen Meckley

    This broke 4 days after the return window closed
    Edit: The seller has great customer service and refunded me for this purchase. I still left off one star for the remote. First of all, it does not come with a remote to control the fog, like it showed on the picture. Secondly, just days after the return window closed it stopped shooting out fog and instead shoots out burning hot fog juice in liquid form. It shot out about 4-5 feet and hit my husband in the leg. When it worked, it was really nice. Lots of fog and great lights but now I’m stuck with something that doesn’t work

  6. boz

    works pretty well.

  7. Knuc2

    Cranks out the fog, high quality for the price. Remote works fine
    Just purchased for this for Halloween. Purchased because it was 6,000cfm fog, much fog than most others. I was a little skeptical, but I was wrong, this thing really pumps out the fog! I coupled it with a homemade chiller unit, that helps the fog lay low to the ground. I was a little concerned because the back of the unit had a plug for a wireless connection and there is no connector plug standard as part of the unit. But the remote works to control the lights, without any need to plug a connector into the unit. Best thing is the fog really comes out and it comes out automatically on a timer, so you dont need to do anything but turn it on and it cycles through belching out billowing fog. The chassis is steel with a brass nozzle. quality is impressive for the price.

  8. Kurt Mogab

    Ok Product
    Produces lots of smoke and the lights add a great element. Reason for 2 star is there’s no controls on the unit to activate smoke or lights. So, if you lose the remote you are out of luck.Our unit died 3 months after purchase. Would turn on but the internal fuse kept blowing. We’d replace and it blow again within 20 seconds.

  9. Squid Giblet

    Fog gone wild!
    I like the amount of fog this puts out! I’m still figuring out the nuisances of it but it does the job!

  10. ER

    Very very good cant see in front of me
    Lots of thick smoke instantly fills the house to the point of no visibility

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