Herdio 6.5 Inch Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers 320W 2-Way Flush Mount with Wall Amplifier Receiver Perfect for Home Theater Bathroom

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Brand Herdio
Model Name Ceiling speakers 6.5 inch
Speaker Type Woofer, Tweeter
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB
Special Feature Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB

  • *CEILING SPEAKERS COMPATIBLE with BLUETOOTH:The Audio Control Amplifier Receiver allows you to stream music to a connected intercom or speaker system hassle free. Compatible with all of today’s latest smart devices(iPhones, iPads, iOS & Androids smartphones tablets, PC, Laptops, Desktops, etc.) and a wireless range of 30+ feet.
  • *EASY TO INSTALL: Install this home audio system on any wall in the home or office .The wall mount amplifier has a universal standard wall plate size .Connected with our HCS-818 ceiling speakers and let it give you versatile sound experience that is easily accessible.
  • *MIC IN /USB /AUX-IN: It features USB flash memory reader for media playback which also doubles as charging port for your devices. AUX 3.5mm audio input jack lets you connect and stream audio from external devices, The Wall plate receiver adds convenient microphone paging ability along with sample source audio control.
  • *IN CEILING SPEAKERS FEATURES: 320WATTS MAX POWER,HCS-818 Ceiling speaker were carefully combined to reproduce sound clearly with outstanding responsiveness. The polypropylene cone with rubber edge will help extending the life of the product perfect for custom audio applications.
  • *WHAT IS IN THE BOX: 1x in-wall audio receiver wall plate, 1XAC adapter,2Xscrews 2X in ceiling speakers, 2 x speaker wire,2 x User Manual


From the brand

Product Description

Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers



The HCS818 is a 2-way in-wall speaker with a high excursion 6.5 inch poly woofer and a 1 inch soft dome tweeter. This combination provides the utmost flexibility in terms of configuration and suitability to different types of audio tastes. The HCS818 is built with carefully selected components and rigorous design to deliver exceptional value and performance.320 watt high fidelity speaker with independent tweeter and woofer, the sound quality is clear and the levels are distinct

Simple to install and paintable to match existing wall color, the HCS818 is an ideal way to add high quality sound to a room without taking up any additional space.





Poly-Mica Woofer

In addition to smooth and natural vocals, the 6.5 inch woofer is capable of robust bass output, allowing the HCS818 to be used without the need for a subwoofer in many applications.

Pivoting Silk Dome Tweeter

The 1-inch silk dome tweeter generates abundant detail and clarity, projecting a solid and focused image for all sources. Pivoting design means the tweeter can be aimed for a spacious sound stage.

Advanced Crossover Design

Perfect integration between the tweeter and woofer is achieved through a 6dB crossover network that ensures coherent transition in the critical upper midrange region.

Easy Installation

Simple knob design makes the installation firmer.The ceiling speaker can match existing flush mounted designs in your home or workplace and achieve wide-range sound performance.



Technical Specs:

Power Output:100 Watt Peak,40 Watt RMS X 2Ch.@4Ohm

Advanced Technology Compatible with Bluetooth: 5.0

Mic Input Type:Dymanic

Power Amp Type:Class-D

Minimum Load Resistance:4 Ohm

T.H.D.:0.03%(8 Ohm,1KHZ)

Power Draw:12V 3Amps

Power:DC 100-240V,50/60Hz(12V DC Adapter)

Wall Mount 4 channel wall amplifier

Herdio Inwall Wireless Audio Control has a universal standard wall plate size and fits on most US electrical gang boxes. Connect speakers / additional external devices and let it give you versatile sound experience that is easily accessible.

  • In-Wall, Wall Plate Audio/Music Control
  • Universal Standard Wall Plate Size
  • Full Range Audio & Stereo Sound Transmission
  • Connect & Stream Audio from External Devices
  • Perfect for the Home, Office and Business




Advanced 5.0 Technology Compatible with Bluetooth

Enjoy wireless music streaming thanks to built-in technology compatible with bluetooth. Works with all of your favorite Smart devices (like iPhones, Androids, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, and more). Instantly stream your favorite tracks and internet radio services like Pandora or Spotify. It’s easy to setup and control! Gain access to your music library and play exactly what you want to hear.

USB Port for Device Charging

The audio controller features a USB flash memory reader for media playback which also doubles as a charging port for your devices. Also features AUX 3.5mm audio input jack, lets you connect and stream audio from external devices

Microphone Paging and Speaker Control

Take control of your audio system. With this easy to use in-wall plate amplifier you can control the volume of your sound as well as have multiple inputs that connect to your stereo system/speakers. Microphone paging is also easy to do. Perfect for making announcements or paging someone in the office.

Additional information

Weight 9.35 kg
Dimensions 19.46 × 10.05 × 5.28 cm
Package Dimensions

19.46 x 10.05 x 5.28 inches

Item Weight

9.35 pounds



Date First Available

November 11, 2021

Country of Origin




10 reviews for Herdio 6.5 Inch Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers 320W 2-Way Flush Mount with Wall Amplifier Receiver Perfect for Home Theater Bathroom

  1. Jay Rappaport

    Great system for the low price !Sound quality is awesome , you can crank it up to rock and the sound quality is still great with no distortion . Tool about 2.5 hrs to install in my ceiling

  2. Sara N

    Great soundThese are great for our covered porch. My husband is an electrician so it was easy to install. Sounds great.

  3. Miti

    Epic Sounds!Epic! ! A must have ! My brownstone sounds like a colosseum! Easily installed by a license Electrician or if you are handy. You will not be disappointed!


    extra easy simple installationcrazy value works perfect

  5. Laura0806

    High quality, built in speakers with included Bluetooth, expert install required!Note these are NOT plug-and-play speakers, but rather do require professional level install. I wanted to review the install, sound quality, and function of this unit, as overall I was very impressed with this set!Install:Again, this required “pro level” installation. The unit is two, stand alone speakers and included red/black speaker wire. The speakers themselves have no power or Bluetooth function, so they require the INCLUDED Bluetooth receiver, or you could use them with an existing power source such as a home AV unit (that would need to be hard wired into). I WOUDLNT recommend the latter, as you’re paying for the Bluetooth receiver.I installed my speakers into a wall that backs into a closet, which made the work easier. Unless your experienced with this type of wiring, cutting into dry wall, etc, I woudlnt recommend taking on this yourself. If you’ve installed light switches or plugs in a home before, than you’ll be able to do this project.Basically I used the cardboard holding frame included in the box to pencil in where I wanted my speakers. A handsaw was used to cut measured holes in the front of my wall. I then had to cut back access, as the wires will need to run from the back of the speaker into the Bluetooth receiver unit. If this was on a regular wall, you’d have to feed those wires THROUGH the ceiling or wall, and into the back of your Bluetooth receiver that fits in a typical light switch box. The receiver can be hard wired, but I used the included AC adapter, so I have a bit of an unfinished look (there is a wall unit, with a power cord running from the wall unit to a nearby plug). This is on the inside of a closet so I don’t mind, but if you’re doing a celling or typical wall mount, you’ll want this hard wired.Sound Quality:Im VERY impressed by the sound. These speakers down have dedicated tweeters or bass speakers, so that being said, it’s very full range. They sound COMPLETELY different when installed as opposed to being just open air, so don’t be frustrated if you tests the unit and they sound a bit hollow. They beef up once installed.Function:Works very easily. I have my unit basically always powered on. When I turn on my TV (with Bluetooth activated), they automatically connect. The unit does make a loud, sort of annoying beeping tone that lasts maybe 2 seconds when turning on or off. Other than that, it’s very simple and basically automatic!Overall, this is a high quality, functional unit. But it’s NOT plug and play. It requires cutting drywall, wiring, sometimes even into the house power line, so as long as you’re planning for that you wont be disappointed!I hope this review was helpful, if so let me know by clicking below!

  6. Christine K. Cornett-McVay

    Great audioA more balanced audio experience in my opinion. I had them professionally installed, but I’m guessing that it’s not too difficult. Engages immediately when turned on and I love the convenience of the remote. Less static and more easily hidden. Good compatibility and overall toughness. Quality product. Great way to make an entertainment room even better.

  7. Jeannette Belliveau

    An enjoyable element of my cabin build if I can fix BT connection snagI ordered these ceiling speakers before adding foam insulation to my cabin so that I could place the wires in the walls and block out a round space for the actual speakers (9 1/4″ across, per the specs). This is my first foray into wall or ceiling speakers in a permanent residence (I have ceiling speakers in my travel trailer, and enjoy them). One little hiccup is that one of the speakers arrived damaged, with a small piece of its round edge broken. I found the broken piece in the box and will try to epoxy it in place, being very careful as these mounted speakers will be quite obvious in the wall above the dining area.Other than the needed cosmetic repair, this looks to be a decent set-up if you can figure out how to install the needed power supply unobtrusively, remembering that it is not advisable nor to code to hide it in a wall. Thus the power supply will be visible and somewhat marring whatever sleek effect you would (ideally) like to have visually with the wall-mounted control panel. I am willing to brainstorm these logistical questions given the affordability of this set of speakers.UPDATE: With the speakers now hooked up, I have decent sound quality from them. Some kind of hiccup is occurring with the Bluetooth connection however. After working OK for a couple of weeks, now the speakers chime to show they are connected via Bluetooth, then they play your music for a fraction of a second, then they cut out. I will contract Herdio about this problem to see what they can do.Review of Herdio 6.5 Inch in Ceiling Speakers 320W 2-Way Flush Mount with Bluetooth Wall Mount Amplifier

  8. Deadbunny

    Wasn’t what I was expectingThese are decent speakers but definitely not 320 watts as advertised. Now I think buyers should beware this isn’t a wireless system. If you don’t pay attention, at first glance, they make it seem like it’s all bluetooth technology with misleading phrases and well placed pictures. However, in order for the speakers to play music they have to be wired to the controller amp/bluetooth device that came with them. They do have a picture of the diagram showing how to hook them up but if you don’t scroll down that far you’ll never see it.  Even if you do, it’s easily overlooked. It should be clear that you have to run wires either in the ceiling or walls and that isn’t a very easy job on a finished structure. I’d recommended these if you have or can hire someone who is capable of installing them. They won’t be sufficient for the party of the year but they are decent for indoor tunes while cleaning or something. The 2 biggest things I noticed are: 1. The misleading power that the system clearly lacks. 2. The unclear wired/wirelessness of the system due to well placed pictures and phrases. Nice product and they do sound pretty decent but they won’t make the neighbor’s call the cops with the tiny digital bluetooth amp/controller that came with them. Just needs more clarification and honesty.

  9. Hpr1993

    Good audio, easy installationThe biggest thing I noticed with these is the innovated installation. Makes it very easy and professional-looking. Sound quality is respectable, especially given the price. I’ve got about 6 of these similar speakers paired up for a gaming system and love it. Just make sure to pair to an appropriate amplifier and you’ll have great results. Overall I would recommend.

  10. RU!-Entertained

    Decent in wall/floor speakersInstalling the speakers is best if you have a pre-wired house, otherwise you will be fishing speaker wire through the walls and ceiling. If you can manage to get a 120V line to the backplate I would also suggest hooking up the 12VDC line in a fashion that doesn’t leave you with a power block hanging off your wall mount. There are just a few nuances here, which can be easily overcome if you have a little ingenuity. I would highly suggest putting the control with other A/V equipment, so if you do need to run the 12VDC power brick, you can mix it in with the other electrical wires. The wireless portion of the heading is a little bit of a confusion, as you can stream to the wall-plate and the wall-plate will send the signal to the speakers, but not at a great quality as the bitstream is very poor. Some people may notice this, some may not. Overall, these are a decent 3star speaker set.

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