FoMaKo PTZ Controller PoE NDI Camera Controller, IP PTZ Camera Controller Keyboard with 4D Joystick for Live Streaming, PTZ

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Brand FoMaKo
Connectivity Technology Ethernet
Color Black
Screen Size 2.7 Inches
Camcorder type Video Camera
Model Name KC-608
Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Lens Type Zoom
Has Image Stabilization No
Are Batteries Included No

  • FoMaKo KC-608 IP PTZ Camera controller completely compatible with VISCA, PELCO- P & D protocol , Supports RS232, RS422, RS485 and Ethernet IP connections.
  • POE supported, very easy to use, just one cable to connect to your LAN
  • Easy and professional to control PTZ Cameras, Pan, Tilt, Zoom, focus, Iris, backlight, presets, PTZ Speed, quick PTZ Camera select & more.
  • Support 4 cameras quick select, max control 255 PTZ Cameras.
  • Ethernet IP connection control the IP Streaming PTZ Cameras in your LAN only by one network cable.


From the brand

Product Description

fomako ptz controller

FoMaKo PTZ Controller PoE PTZ IP Controller Keyboard with 4D Joystick for Live Streaming Church Live Service, PTZ Camera Controller IP PTZ Network Keyboard Support Visca PELCO D/P RS232 RS485 LCD Screen KC-608

A keyboard controller for IP Live Streaming PTZ Camera, PoE Supports, for Church & Worship, Education, Teaching Broadcast, Conference, Esports, Events etc.

fomako ptz controller

FoMaKo PTZ Controller

PTZ controller

IP PTZ controller with PoE ( 802.3AF 48V )

Connect it to a POE Router/Switch via network cable.

  • Control PTZ Camera over IP
  • Support POE (Power over Ethernet).

More faster and more flexible Controller

Try to control PTZ functions via your two hands at the same time, More efficient and accurate.

Multi-Camera and Multi-angle control

A Controller for Video Production and Live Streaming

fomako ptz controller

ptz controller

FoMaKo PTZ Controller

4D Joystick

P/T/Z control and support lock the Joystick.

PTZ Speed Adjustable. (1-8)

Try to adjust the PTZ speed according to different usage scenario. Adjust PTZ Speed, From 1 (Slow) to 8(Fast).

Preset Speed Adjustable (1-10)

Using the preset function and Adjusting preset speed to Pan slowly and get a slow motion.

FoMaKo PTZ Controller

fomako ptz controller

FoMaKo PTZ Controller

Set and Call preset

Support upto 255 preset for each of cameras, using Preset/Call+Number keys+ENTER button to Set and Call preset.

Multiple Control Protocol.

The KC-608 keyboard controller support IP VISCA, PELCO-D,PELCO-P Control over IP, and RS232/RS485.

Auto/Manual White Balance

You can adjust the white balance manually or automatically via the “WBC MODE” button.


Multi-camera video productions for live streaming

Compatible with Blackmagic Design ATEM and PTZ IP controller, make it easy to create professional multi camera productions for live streaming to YouTube and Facebook.

PTZ Camera’s User Name: admin, Password: admin ; IP Visca port: 5678 (or 1259) ; Sony Visca port: 52381 ;

Tips for using this FoMaKo PTZ Controller:

  1. Recommend to use IP Visca or Sony Visca control protocol, the two protocols are more steady and work better.
  2. The Controller enabled DHCP, when you power on the controller, you can see controller’s IP Address on the screen.
  3. PTZ Controller and PTZ Camera’s IP must be in the same network segment(the first three parts of IP address must be the same, such as 192.168.0.XXX), Method to change PTZ controller’s IP: press “Setup” button -> IP:Stactic -> ”Enter” button to input the IP address.
  4. Three ways to Add PTZ cameras to this PTZ controller:

  • Approach 1: Press “Search” button – > Choose Camera to add (one by one) ->input camera ID-> Success
  • Approach 2: Press “IP” button – > input your camera’s IP ->input IP Visca port:5678 ->input camera ID-> Success
  • Approach 3: Press “Setup” button – >ADD: IP Visca -> input your camera’s IP ->input IP Visca port:5678 ->input camera ID-> Success

Important information

Visible screen diagonal

3″ / 7 cm

Additional information

Dimensions 8.74 × 5.55 cm
Brand Name


Item Weight

‎5.02 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎14.13 x 8.74 x 5.55 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Color Name




Date First Available

April 23, 2021



10 reviews for FoMaKo PTZ Controller PoE NDI Camera Controller, IP PTZ Camera Controller Keyboard with 4D Joystick for Live Streaming, PTZ

  1. Paul H.

    Great for the priceMost of the reviews that like this controller are spot on. There are only a couple things that i do not like about this controller. As stated in other reviews, the on screen display option (OSD) has no function! i am using this to control 4 Sony SRG120-DH cameras, and when the OSD button is pressed, by golly the OSD appears, but there is no way to navigate the menus, and no way to get it off the screen without power cycling the camera. We had to purchase a Sony remote to change the settings on our cameras (Sony remote # RM-EV100). Not a huge issue, but hey… The other thing that i hate is that “up” on the joystick is when you push it forward. I am used to more of an aviation style of pushing forward is down, and pulling back is up. Small issue, and maybe i just do not have much experience with this type of product. Again, not even close to a deal breaker, but it is a slight annoyance. I did have problems getting it to connect to the network, and connect to my cameras, but once i figured out the correct IP addresses, and the correct port number we were off and now it connects every time flawlessly. And very quick. (BTW the port for this particular Sony camera is 52381)Having said all of this, the controller works great, the controls are like butter, the joystick is very responsive, and there is even a knob for PTZ speed which is nice.

  2. TomTardis

    Works, but has some weird quirksI purchased this controller because it looked like a good price for what it could do. For the most part, it works well, but there are some oddities.The good: many PTZ controllers strangely don’t include direct-access camera buttons. This one does have buttons for directly selecting our four cameras, so that’s a definite plus. The controls are also smooth, and I find we overshoot our target much less often with this controller than our previous (another brand.)The bad: the exposure controls are useless. When I twist the iris knob, the cameras go into shutter priority mode, even if I had the camera set to manual exposure! This is useless, because the whole point of setting the iris is to *manually control the exposure.* I ended up programming the two macro buttons with the Iris+ and Iris- commands to get around this problem.Also, our previous controller let us press the 1-9 buttons to jump straight to presets. This controller won’t do that, and it requires you to press RECALL (number) ENTER for all presets, even the first 9. This is annoying and slows down our workflow. There doesn’t seem to be a setting to change this behavior… but this is the biggest thing I’d change if I had the option.Likewise, there’s an OSD Menu button, but no OSD Enter button! So I can’t actually use the OSD. Because there’s no way to press Enter and activate the sub menus.So while the controller works fine for basic functions, I still have to use PTZ software on the computer for exposure control and to access the menus: that makes this controller less than ideal for a production environment.So it works, but if you’re using a certain “name brand” camera system, I’d probably stick with that “name brand” controller that goes with it.

  3. Darnell White

    Top Tier Features at Affordable PriceThis unit worked right out of the box. I plugged it into a poe router and it turned on a got an IP address without a problem. The instructions have to be downloaded but I didn’t need them. Ive used ptz controllers before and they all work basically the same way. I gave it 4 stars because it great but not perfect. I really love that there is a power switch to turn it off when its not being used. Some controllers like PTZOptics don’t have a switch and you have to unplug it. The controls for ptz speed as well as iris and focus control work flawlessly. These setting normally have to changed by logging into the camera or using the OSD menu.The joystick allows you to move in any direction. It allows you to pan and tilt simultaneously.PROS:Easy to setup.POE as well as Included power supply.RS 232/485/422Zoom Rocker as well as zoom with joystickPTZ Controll DialPower SwitchRubber keys are fully lit up.cameras can be added by the web interface as well as directly on the controller.Joystick is very accurate and moves smoothly.CONS:Buttons are made from rubberCalling presets require you hitting the call button then the preset number and then the enter key. Thats Too many key presses.PTZ Speed dial effects all cameras.

  4. Dave

    Worked fairly well, failed after 9 monthsWell it DOES work.Having said that It seems to like to loose it configuration every so often, the joystick is cheap quality, after about 6 months the camera slowly moves downward – that’s the low quality joystick. there is a work around but you shouldnt have to work around a basic function like that.After 7 months the joystick failed with no work around.It was used every week, not banged around and stored in its foam cutout so it was not abused in any way. This is just a fairly cheaply made unit, it does work approximately as advertised if you want something that lasts, this is not your unit.I wont be buying another one of these – i would rather pay more for a well built unit.

  5. S. Hobbs

    Great joystick, but knobs don’t do much.Excellent controller! I had an older one that didn’t have the features of this one. Once you figure out the setup it works great. Only complaint are the knobs for speed, color, and focus don’t seem to do much. I twist and twist and no big difference. Auto focus and auto exposure work well when the person stands in one place, but not so well when always moving around as much as we do. That’s a camera issue but the hope is to manually adjust as needed. I don’t know if I missed a setting or just have to live with it. Having the 4 camera buttons make it worth it though!

  6. Jeremy Bemis

    Good joystick, after replacementOriginal joystick had a major drift issue. Support was responsive and eventually a replacement was determined to be the best option. Had to return and replace through Amazon. Replacement has functioned well.

  7. J. Johnson

    Awesome!Dead set up and install. One day I will try to read the users manual. Its that easy.

  8. inkrotaudio

    Good but needs an updatePaired this with the FoMaKo camera and after some tedious networking it works very well. Once I figured out how to connect to the IP address of the controller connecting to the cameras were pretty easy. I do have a few issues however.1: The device does not come with instructions2: The PTZ Speed knob does not effect the Zoom speed at all which was my main reason for purchasing this. There are only 8 speeds according to the devices and none of them change the zoom speed at all.3: The manual focus and iris controls do work but very very slowly. I can turn the knobs all the way around many times with barely any change.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Read this before purchansing.One star, only because no stars or negative stars are not available. Unless you enjoy “hours” of frustrating wandering in the dark on how to set up and use this equipment you need to run like your hair is on fire away from this product. Mine arrived with NO manual. After searching on the Internet I finally found a manual, but not only was it a poor translation from Chinese, only the most sophisticated tech would understand most of the manual. For example, the HOME button function on the controller is simply described as “Home” in the manual, no other explanation. If you don’t believe me, just download it prior to purchase. As to product support, well, get ready to call China long distance or buy a plane ticket. Fomako doesn’t even have a support tab on their site for updates or manuals. The Fomako camera I purchased should have married nicely with the Fomako controller….right….not a all. None of the protocol languages would fully function with the Fomako camera; some buttons would function with one language, others with another language, but all control buttons would not function with any of the available languages. As to quality, the LCD display on the controller carries a warning “extremely fragile” and not to expose it to bright sun light; impressive!!!! Other aspects of the controller construction seem solid. As to ease of use and function I STRONGLY recommend you shop elsewhere. Amazon needs to remove this product or post a strong warning to those considering purchase.

  10. Unity of Kanawha Valley

    Excellent customer service and tech supportI was very pleasantly surprised to receive truly excellent support from FoMaKo. They are on the ball and responded very promptly.

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