FLAMMA FM10 Professional Audio Mixer 6 Channel Stereo SoundBoard Digital Mixing Console Multi-Purpose Audio Interface with

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Flamma Innovation continues to expand their lineup of affordable gear with the FM10 Portable Mixing Console. The FM10 provides all the functionality of a traditional mixing console but also includes modern features such as USB Type C connections for power and data transfer as well as a single USB-OTG port to connect directly to your smart device. With six input channels, the FM10 provides excellent flexibility for a variety of instruments, microphones, or external audio players in stereo or mono. Four audio outputs, an instrument impedance switch, 48v phantom power, and a traditional interface makes for easy setup and play right out of the box. Unique features of the FM10 include a loopback function for playing back audio while recording or live streaming and built-in instrument effects such as an amp sim, reverb, compressor, and EQ switch. Separate master, USB, and channel volume controls are also included as well as auxiliary audio and headphone out jacks.

Additional information

Weight 1.12 kg
Dimensions 22.7 × 11.2 cm
Item Weight

‎1.12 kg

Package Dimensions

‎23.2 x 22.7 x 11.2 cm; 1.12 Kilograms

Hardware Interface


Power source type

‎Corded Electric


48 Volts



Date First Available

20 January 2021



10 reviews for FLAMMA FM10 Professional Audio Mixer 6 Channel Stereo SoundBoard Digital Mixing Console Multi-Purpose Audio Interface with

  1. Xavier

    Almost Perfect.
    I don’t know if I’m asking too much, but this could be a perfect machine cable of moving units IF it didn’t have one detrimental flaw. The mix knob doesn’t support true USB playback functionality like just about every other interface on the market. Also wish the edit software was available for mobile ios/android. Other than that, it’s great for what it is.(You can still record while USB monitoring, but the dial has to be 50/50 mix, if set 100% USB, the interface USB input signal goes to 0%)The inputs are clean, compressor is nice and simple, reverb effects sound just as good as an 802FX. The amp simulator is okay, helps with guitar based frequencies. Connectivity is awesome and I can use it with my laptop, ipad or iphone. I can also run it off of a portable battery pack.I wanna give it 5 stars but I bought this to replace an iRig type setup for my phone. I was using a focusrite iSolo, and wanted a little more out of it. This definitely does more than that with many more options for devices and the FX/compressor is just a plus at that point.I’m sure this company wont fix the USB playback or add an edit app to the app store, cause they probably won’t be around long enough to do so. I’ve always been a fan of the random brand with new ideas.For the price, I haven’t seen anything like it yet. Still would recommend.ITS A MIXER, WITH USB INTEGRATION AND FX. THE FX ARE DIGITAL, AND THE POWER IS USB SUPPLIED.

  2. Braden

    Good mixer but..
    Quite like this mixer! Ive used audio interfaces before to power my mic but anytime I turned my computer off it would reset all the settings but with a mixer everything is done and saved right on the mixer itself! The fact that this works as a USB interface is nice! The monitoring is nice but when using the mixer as an output for my computer sound to get a correct mix it actually turns down the gain of the mic making it unusable in that respective, either than that it powers my dynamic mic fine, which usually dynamic mics take a lot of amplification to sound audible and I have the levels maxed and the gain almost @ 100% but no background hiss from the preamps!Output & Input through anything but the main XLR port has noticeable hiss. If you’re going to be using this for live shows/events it would be a bad choice, annoying buzzing noise will be heard when nothing is being played.Great build quality and love the teal side panels!

  3. J.B.

    Did exactly what I needed
    I really only needed this to act as an interface between my computer and my older equipment for a dance.It did exactly what I needed and worked great. I will continue to use for an interface because even at this price, it was cheaper than replacing all my old school equipment. I did have some issue with downloading some of the software, I cannot read any of the Asian languages and nothing I could find was in English in the beginning. The one downside I have found.

  4. Sam

    Small and powerful
    Easy to use. Great for mixing. Love the software that comes with it. Perfect for recording.

  5. Urban Guitar Legend

    Extremely Useful USB Mixer
    Just got this a few weeks ago and quickly started putting through it’s paces. I’ve only know one other mixer that could powered by the USB bus and that was a tiny Behringer mixer with not as many features as the Flamma FM10. I’m still amazed that they could achieve the power handling along with the DSP for the effects. This mixer has everything I need, to channels with clean mic preamps. The second mic channels has the one feature I cannot live without, a dedicated “instrument” input for guitar or bass AND with built in effects. The effects and are modified through software that you download to your computer. You still apply the effects with the buttons on the mixer, meaning you can turn them on or off. The guitar amp simulation as actually really good! I love the fact that I can go mobile with nothing but a laptop and a pair of headphones and mac music on the go, since the mixer can be power by my laptops USB bus (as long as its 500 mA you are good to go). Each channel has a -10db pad switch. The first mic channels has a 48volt phantom power switch you can use high quality condenser microphones. There’s even a monitor mute switch that mutes channels 1&2 simultaneously. The is a loopback function that will allow you to play along with backing tracks off your computer and at the same time send that signal back into the computer. This little mixer is VERY versatile and was well worth the purchase!E.

  6. lisa d.

    Almost perfect
    A solid little mixer! Solid number of channels with their own effects. I have 2 small complaints: It doesn’t come with a power supply, which isn’t a problem if you’re using it as an interface, just something to consider. And when my unit is turned on, it emits a fairly quiet static buzz/humming noise, eliminating it from me wanting to record with it. Overall a neat little product with some small drawbacks.

  7. Li p.

    It works great. but WHY??
    Can anyone please enlighten me why there’s a dental floss stick inside the box?Ordered it as brandnew here. The box came with no seal on it.The device does everything it’s meant to do though.

  8. Cassandra Guzman

    Feature packed and EASY to use mixer !!
    This thing is insane! On top of being a really great right out of the box mixer, once you connect to the computer, that’s where the fun begins!Channel two is tailored for guitar with tons of cab sim and EQ for every possible application and Channel one is for Vocal with Comp/EQ and Reverb and stock presets for podcasting, male/female vocals etc.All storable so no fiddling with parameters every time.Very easy to use, unlike a lot of digital stuff.The rest are standard mixer channels and outputs to computer or iPhone/Android.This has completely revamped my home video recording setup.If you have seen my other reviews you know I’m a huge fan of the Flamma stuff and this is no exception.I was kind of worried getting a digital board with how complicated some of these can be, but it’s crazy easy to use and has WAY more useable features than I expected.Great for podcasters or for my situation recording vocal and guitar direct to iphone/computer.This is definitely a great all in one solution to revamping/upgrading your recording setup.Highly recommended !!

  9. Dante

    A complete package at a good price.
    I found this to be a nice compact little unit. It is priced very reasonable and for those who would like a very functional interface that does it all without going down the rabbit hole of specific units for all different applications I think this unit will serve nicely. While recording I found the bus power very useful along with the phantom power feature. This is also a straightforward live mixer that is a breeze to take around and has very useful on board compression and reverb effects that give you the artist a lot more control at venues to set your own amount of effect. It’s also nice this is all done manually with the turn of a physical knob rather then on a digital screen. It just makes for one less complication while touring around. Plug in and turn the dial. No computer complications. It has a nice classic mixer look but in a much more modern compact package and I think the colors and design are unique and give the unit character.

  10. Brooke

    EXCELLENT Portable Mixing Console!
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     The FM10 Mixing Console is even better than I expected it to be! Not only is it just gorgeous to look at- the teal color with the silver/ white really pops- but it’s actually a GREAT product. The best thing is that it’s super easy to use! I think people get scared of using a mixer for the first time, but this one comes with just a very small informational packet that very simply states what each button/ feature does. I also love that it comes with 3 different connection cables. USBC- USBC, USBC- USB, and USBC- Lightening. That’s incredibly useful so that users can connect to any device. The sound quality coming out is excellent and the reverb button adds the perfect amount of effect for a vocalist to use with a mic plugged in. The 6 channels is a big bonus packed into such a compact device. I HIGHLY recommend this product. Great value for a great mixer.

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