Depusheng DX6 DJ Sound Controller Interface w/ USB Drive for Computer Recording 6-Channel Studio Audio Mixer – XLR Microphone

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DEPUSHENG DX6 Professional 6-channel Audio Mixer

Depusheng DX6 Professional Stage Pure Mixer

Depusheng DX6 Professional Stage Pure Mixer

Stage-level, ultra-thin mixer

With sealed rotary controls to resist dust and grime, this compact DJ mixer will provide total dynamic control for the ultimate in punch and clarity; This incredibly versatile mixer is great for high quality on stage performance, live gigs, and home karaoke; Effortlessly achieve premium quality crystal clear studio level quality musical playback.

Built-in + 48V phantom power, digital reverb effect. HD headphone output port, MP3 player, Bluetooth connection playback. USB – computer recording and sound editing function. Support SD/TF card, etc.

Professional 6-channel Studio Mixer

  • 6-channel mono input
  • 3-band frequency input
  • High-precision 2-channel level display
  • 60mm high analytical durability fader
  • Built-in professional digital effect processor
  • Microphone output
  • Recording output
  • USB input, stereo output



High to bass adjustment


Support wireless Bluetooth, USB access, built-in Bluetooth function, support most Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices wireless docking, fast docking, enjoy wireless.


The tuner can be connected to various types of audio equipment, which is convenient for use in various occasions, such as power amplifiers, mobile phones/computers, microphones, electronic musical instruments, and influences.


HIGH MID LOW professional three-band balance can process sound effects on music and vocals at any time.

Mono + Stereo Input




Multi-channel balanced and unbalanced input interface, which can connect various microphones and musical instruments. This mixer is the best choice for you.


U disk input, plug and play. Support U disk of mobile storage device, which can store songs in U disk and insert them for playing.


The LCD screen MP3 player can be directly inserted into the U disk to play the song files in it, with a blue-ray LCD screen, which clearly displays the working status in real time

Additional information

Weight 4.06 kg
Dimensions 38.1 × 10.79 cm
Item Weight

‎4.06 kg

Package Dimensions

‎42.54 x 38.1 x 10.79 cm; 4.06 Kilograms

Item model number

‎DX6- 6 Channels





Power source type

‎Corded Electric



Date First Available

27 April 2021



10 reviews for Depusheng DX6 DJ Sound Controller Interface w/ USB Drive for Computer Recording 6-Channel Studio Audio Mixer – XLR Microphone

  1. Andrew A

    Amazing for the money
    I would not have believed something this quality existed in this price range. Don’t get me wrong, all the knobs and such feel pretty cheap, but every single feature worked right out of the box. I think as long as I’m careful with it, everything is going to keep working for a long time. The bluetooth functionality was also really easy to dial in and get working. This is a perfect option for mixing a live band, especially if you don’t have to move it around too often. I feel like this board could break if you tried taking it on the road or something.

  2. Emack

    Performs as described

  3. Mr

    Works well for Live Band mix
    Pros: Sounds great and has 8 xlr or 1/4 inputs. Offers aux mix for monitors. Has all the basics to live mix a band with a clean sound. Bluetooth and eq settings work well. Xlr output to main speakers is a plus. Great value.Cons: no case, I would have paid more or bought one if available. Not a particularly road worthy design… need to handle/use with care. The built in effect processor is a bit generic sounding and has limited usefulness.Great for a band on a budget that plays out occasionally or for in home rehearsal use. Outputs for recording would be limited to stereo.

  4. Clare Thompson

    Value mixer that performs well
    I bought this mixer to support live streaming in a high school environment. I typically configure this mixer for a stereo pair to one or more groups including concert band, jazz band, and choir. I chose this mixer for two reasons, it’s inexpensive and it has 48+ phantom power for condenser microphones. I output from XLR to USB to OBS on a laptop. I also use the aux send when there is a house PA system. This allows me to capture announcements as well as performances.My biggest concern was sound quality. When configured properly, the channels are clean. There’s not much headroom (volume level above nominal without distortion) on these pre-amps but I would expect that from a mixer at this price range. When I first started using the mixer, channel 7 and 8 have noise when using the slider. That issue has resolved itself as the channels are quiet now.The power supply connection is not standard. It has a three pin connector with a screw on type outer lock. The transformer is inline like a laptop. I think this is done to keep the profile short. The advantage is that it won’t fall out if accidentally pulled. However, the disadvantage is if it breaks or fails, getting a replacement may be more difficult than usual.The mixer arrived undamaged and with an instruction book. The book is a tough read so I don’t recommend it for beginners. Don’t buy the mixer for the built-in effects because they are cheesy. Reminds me of the old “bucket brigade” effects devices (Google it).The USB connection and Bluetooth is input/play only and won’t send output to a computer/DAW, etc.The channel EQs are unforgiving when using additive DB. I could only get up to +3 before the sound started distorting in that EQ range. Subtractive EQ was fine (going to minus DB).Overall, a good value for mixer. I wouldn’t recommend this mixer beyond a PA or stream device. Upgrade to something better for recording or live music.

  5. Brad Mercer

    Sleeper 16 channel mixer. I did not expect this level of great quality at such a low price point.
    I am blown away by this mixer. The sound is VERY clean. No noisy faders or scratchy pots what so ever. The gain section is excellent. The EQ’s are very musical, with lots of room for boost/cut. The 1/4″ jacks are very solid with a nice tactile “click/snap-in” feel. I believe I have a new revision of this model compared what others may have received in the past. Before buying this mixer, I read that it is made of plastic. However, mine is made of metal, (except the two black sides are plastic.) They are removable, so I am swapping them out for a custom wood panels that will give the unit a better viewing angle for me. Just a personal preference.I never thought in my life, I would be able to buy a 16 channel mixer for under 250 bucks, that actually works and sounds good. If something changes in the future regarding this mixer, I will revise my review.

  6. Michael G.

    Great quick set up system.
    I use it for music and speaking at football games. Only negative is the Bluetooth. People can connect to it from the stands and it messes with the flow of use. Needs to have a way to turn Bluetooth off. Which I haven’t figured out yet.

  7. Mark E White

    Great Sound board for the money.
    Needed a board for my daughters outside wedding…amazing. Great blue tooth for playing music via iPhone…sound was clear and worked flawlessly with my powered speakers and wireless mikes. Great buy!

  8. Yari B.

    Very affordable
    This board works perfectly for my music events. I hook up everything to it. Speaker’s, microphone’s, keyboards keyboards. It’s perfect, no issues

  9. Victor Sánchez brito

    Exelente Inversión, Pero…..
    El mezclador está exelente, lo único que no me gustó es que no trae boton para sileciar el canal, este botón es muy útil para no tener que bajar y descontinuar el volumen ya asignado a dicho canal. Creo que sería muy mejor si luego se lo agregan, pero para el precio esta exelente

  10. Joe H

    Great Little Mixer
    I needed a backup mixer and this one fit the bill. I sing and run sound for a number of tribute artists and wanted a mixer in case mine had issues. This one is great. Great sound, smooth sliders and built well for travel, and the price is good also. All in all, a perfect fit.

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