Chauvet LED Shadow Three-Channel DMX-512 LED UV Blacklight

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Color Black
Light Source Type Light Emitting Diode
Item Weight 4.9 Pounds
  • Increases design options with blackout, static, dimmer & strobe effects
  • Adjustable flash rate, dimmer & static effects in stand-alone mode
  • Led panel delivers stunning backlight effects


LED Shadow Blacklight

From the manufacturer

Chauvet DJ LED Shadow

The LED Shadow is a blacklight panel wash that delivers stunning blacklight effects. Built-in auto programs allow the LEDs to flash and strobe in patterns.

LED Shadow blacklight wash panels flashed and strobed as the band Coldplay played songs from their recent release, ‘Mylo Xyloto’.

Main Features

Increase design options with blackout, static, dimmer and strobe effects.

Easily adjust flash rate, dimmer and static effects in Standalone mode.

LED panel delivers stunning black light effects.

Other Similar Products – SlimSTRIP UV-18 IRC

SlimSTRIP UV-18 IRC is a high-output ultraviolet wash. This replacement for standard 48-inch fluorescent tubes can be controlled via DMX, or convenient wireless non-DMX control using the optional IRC-6 remote control. To create large displays, attach multiple units together with the optional CBB-6. It is ready to use right out of the box and transports easily in the CHS-60 VIP Gear Bag.

Additional information

Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 14 × 6.5 × 9.8 cm


Light Source Type

Light Emitting Diode





Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

4.9 pounds

Product Dimensions

14 x 6.5 x 9.8 inches, 14"L x 6.5"W x 9.8"H



Item model number


Date First Available

December 4, 2006

Color Name


Output Wattage

10 Watts

Color Screen


Hardware Platform


Vehicle Speaker Size

3.5 Inch


12 watts



8 reviews for Chauvet LED Shadow Three-Channel DMX-512 LED UV Blacklight

  1. Gil L

    Not a wash light but more of a focused/spot lightI have read other reviews that state this light is not bright, has dip switches for DMX / auto modes and low build quality…Well, I must of got a new version as I did not see these at all, but I did see more of a spot light than a wide angle wash style light and therefore, I have to return.I am a pro mobile DJ and needed a good quality blacklight (UV) that had the reach and wideness for a dancefloor of say 30X30 or close to it. This Chauvet UV Shadow LED light I thought would work and overall it fit the bill except for the output beam is narrow. Yes, I call it a beam as it is that narrow.When I opened the box, i was much more impressed, especially after reading other reviews. I also have the Chauvet Shocker strobe light and was expecting this light to be similar in size and in width of the light output. This LED UV Shadow is much larger than the shocker. It is almost 3X the size in all ways but depth.The dip switches are no more and replaced with a push button for menu/DMX settings which is a great improvement.The build quality is actually pretty good and similar to the Shocker and feels of quality, though you don’t want to drop it or be rough with it.DMX settings work great and does exactly what it is supposed to do. All LED’s light up and respond as they should.The light itself is very bright and can light up part of the 30X30 area i was looking for but unfortunately, it is more of a throw distance, meaning it will reach pretty far out in front and probably reach that 30 foot mark but will only do maybe half the width. With this light being a more rectangle in its design, 100+ LED diodes placed in a wider pattern, I thought this would be a wide, bright, wash-style light. Even the description on Amazon by Chauvet states it is a wash light. The light output angle is only 20 degrees as I read on another dj lighting site in their spec area for this light. I have to agree with this spec.. The best competitor’s DJ UV light is 57 degrees angle according to their description in comparison and I had to order that one, though more expensive and life of lighting is cut in half to 50,000 hour life. I figured even though life expectancy is cut in half, what good is long life hours if you can’t use it in a majority of events?If you got two of these Chauvet Shadows, it might work much better and like I stated, It is very bright, so placement would be tough. If you look at this light (you can’t help but look at it due to its size), it is blinding. If you raise it higher, you lose some of the blacklight effects. if you aim it down to dancefloor, you blind people in a concentrated area but get good blacklight effects. If the beam angle was wider, at least 50 degrees in spread, this light would be awesome. It seems that the light diodes are too far recessed from the front of the fixture and is at least in part, part of reason for beam not going to the sides as a wash light would. If you need more of a spotlight than a wash light in a UV light, this light would be great. if you want a light that will cover a wide area of a dancefloor, I think you’ll be disappointed as I was.To Chauvet, if they read reviews: This is a great light…. in certain circumstances, but for those of us that use lighting in smaller to medium size venues, the output beam is way too narrow and too direct. Maybe rounding out the front of the panel so that there is more of a spread, the light diodes also following the roundness, this light would be more of a wash light and more useful for many more people. Just my thoughts.I’ve enclosed a couple of pictures showing the beam at about 13 to 15′ away from the light. You can easily see more of a focused beam than a wash style.Well, I ended up returning this light as the beam was just too tight for my DJ events as dancing does not take place 30 feet in front of me. I really liked the light otherwise. Just wasn’t for me.

  2. Kyle Jackson

    Blacklight GagaballI love my Shadow Black-light. It puts off a very bright light and fills up an entire room.I use it in our church to play a game called Blacklight Gagaball. It is a crowd favorite. I have it mounted to our light bar and pointed towards the middle of the room. Regular backlights will reflect the neon colors and white, but does not allow you to see very much other than that. This is Amazing. It puts off so much light that you can still see, but it also is a Blacklight. I love that it also can be a receptacle for other extension chords. I have 3 other lights chained together and use this to extend power to them as well.If I needed another one I would buy this one with no hesitation.

  3. AYoung

    Worked great, but not for our blacklight show.These are great lights. However they didnt work well for what we intended. We purchased these for our church youth group blacklight team. We found that the LED lights were much too bright and lit up the stage too much. They really made the neon things glow, but you could still see the outline of the performers on the stage, even when dressed you in complete black clothing. If you want these for a party, or a dance club they would be great. Also they hooked up great to our DMX mixer and we daisy chained them with no issues.

  4. PNWGuy

    Very little usable UV light, and not worth the cost unless you have very specific DMX needs.Meh, I wasn’t impressed with these lights. They just don’t put out much UV light and a $20 florescent tube based light will give you a lot more UV. The DMX control for these is about the only thing more useful but dimming dim to more dim doesn’t help much and the strobe functions are more gimmicky than useful. The “programmed modes” are also similarly not useful and are really just the same patterns that are done on the color panels. So instead of the program changing between colors and other interesting things, you just get random flickering of UV LEDs.If these were $80 then I’d probably keep them but at $150 they are just way too expensive for what they can do.My recommendation is to get a power strip that has DMX controllable outlets and plug some UV florescents into that for the ability to turn UV lights on an off.

  5. P. Meyer

    What it is and what it is not….I own quite a few lights and this one seemed really cool. It works ok in a small space such as dancing a few feet away from it. However, it will not light up items far away or walls spattered with paint as I did for my daughters birthday. For that, you need the tub style lights. They are true black light.What is nice are the pre-programed patterns albeit the dip switches do not match the instructions. The strobe is a full panel flash that is adjustable. The sound activated is a pre-set pattern. I wish it offered a sound activated full panel but it does not.I will be sending mine back as the sound activation is not right. Company has been very helpful.As to buying multiple ones and master-slaving them, too darn expensive.

  6. Shawn

    Good light for an LED blacklightGood light for an LED blacklight. The effect not as good as a tube style light. however, the size and durability of LED lights make it ideal fo mobil use. In DMX mode the sound active is mode is also not as good as the non DMX mode. Keep in mind that It will require 4 to 6 of these to fill a med. sized hall.

  7. Jonny

    The Led Shadow is a nice complement to any light displayThis light works well with sound and other lights. The Led does not have that flash power of the white or the Techno fixture. A new improved Led DMX readout is combined with a larger frame and sound activation that matches the music very well. The Led Shadow is a nicecomplement to any light display.P.S. I did notice three bulbs went out after a few weeks then came back on a month later.

  8. Bonnie

    PERFECT FOR PUPPET STAGEI bought this for a blacklight puppet program at our church. One was enough for our three tier 15’wide x 7′ high x10′ deep stage.The effect was so much more brighter than the 5 tube blacklights that I used to attach directly on the puppet stage. I placed the LED light at least 15 – 20 feet away from the stage and the puppets and props produced an amazing glow. I was so impressed that I purchased a second LED blacklight that I can’t wait to use.

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