CHAUVET DJ Fog Machine (Cumulus)

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  • Water-based low-lying fog machine. NO DRY ICE NEEDED!
  • Creates THICK CLOUDS that hug the floor
  • Continuous operation produces thick low-lying fog on demand
  • Ultrasonic agitator converts distilled water into a thin mist
  • Rugged flight case makes transportation a breeze
  • Tank Capacity: Fog Fluid Tank Capacity: .9 gallon (3.25 l), Water Tank Capacity: 2 gallon (7.6 l)


The CHAUVET DJ Cumulus is an event-ready, low-lying fog machine that creates thick clouds that hug the floor WITHOUT THE NEED FOR DRY ICE, that’s right, no dry ice!. The onboard ultrasonic agitator converts distilled water into a thin mist. The CHAUVET DJ Cumulus has a FAST HEAT UP time that allows for quick operation and FOG ON DEMAND. It’s rugged FLIGHT CASE makes transportation a breeze and locking casters prevent accidental rollaways. CHAUVET DJ Cumulus can be controlled with the on board digital display or DMX.

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Weight 59 kg
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 18 cm
Item Weight

59 pounds

Product Dimensions

25 x 16 x 18 inches

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Date First Available

November 20, 2017



5 reviews for CHAUVET DJ Fog Machine (Cumulus)

  1. Todd Tauber

    Constant massive flow, quiet, DMXAfter our fluid got delayed in shipment, we picked up generic low lying juice from the local music shop. The results were beyond disappointing for the price. Ready to pull the trigger on a product return, we ran a cleaning cycle and filled it up with the LLG fluid designed for the machine. The difference was night and day. About 20 minutes of running on high and we had to turn down the machine because the room (~3,000 sqft bar) was fully hazed. Without the heavy air circulation of the air conditioning the fog lays low and rolls along for a spectacular effect. Otherwise it disperses throughout the room and makes the light beams stand out. The DMX control and discharge hose make it super easy to tuck the machine out of sight. The fog works fine with our electrostatic smoke filtration units. We also added a fog juice scent for a more pleasant smell. The directions included with the unit are severely lacking. An internet search revealed that you fill the water reservoir to the yellow line with distilled water, run the unit, then refill to the yellow line again for almost 2 gallons total. There were 4 desiccant packs that floated to the top of the rear reservoir area that needed to be removed too.

  2. Jeff

    Actually works like you want fog machines to work!I’ve gone through several fog machine options over the years for annual Halloween parties and Halloween decorations. First one was the cheap $60 version sold at any Halloween store. It was okay- but fog was never low-lying like I had hoped. Indoors, in a hot crowded large space, the effect was lackluster. Then I upgraded to a more premium fog machine (~$150), dense fog solution, and a fog chiller. This wasn’t much better and required a lot of upkeep throughout the night with refilling the ice. Finally I went all out and got this beast- and it actually creates the effect I had always hoped for! Pros: 1.) Ability to fill a variety of spaces with very cool fog effect, 2.) lots of control settings to get the effect you want. Cons: 1.) Expensive!, 2.) might be too powerful for a small space even on lowest settings, 3.) heavy and awkward to haul (but has wheels), 4.) does leave a little moisture on the floor space close to the fog exit. Overall- not gonna find a better option than this if you really want that genuine fog effect. If it was less expensive and less bulky, I would give it 5 stars.

  3. Chris Cummings

    DJs MUST READFIRST OFF SELLER IS AMAZING!! They did a great job and the machine was delivered on time. This is a review specifically for DJs that want to do a dancing on a cloud effect.This machine is not right for dancing on a cloud. It is not a thick smoke and will 100% rise and haze out your room. Venues will get frustrated and the couple will not have the effect they desire. Sucks because now I have to look into the Nimbus which takes 30lbs of dry ice, but I just can’t have this effect look the way it does. 20 minutes after running the machine and my 2400 sq/ft home is STILL super foggy. No good. Pass. Don’t fool with this one for the dancing on the cloud effect.

  4. Albert king

    Good fogger, if fog would stay lowFog didn’t stay low to the ground.. puts our generous amounts of fog for hours!

  5. TinkerTasker

    Wow this machine is incredibleThe media could not be loaded.

     This can really put out the fog! The juice it comes with is pretty good, but I have found that froggys freezen low lying swamp fog works more to my liking for this particular machine. The fog hivers best and accurate when the weather is not hot. It will always look magnificent indoors, it is really powerful. I’m going to try to experiment with having the fog run through an ice filter before it pushes out to see if that helps outdoor afternoon weather. However if you have a small boundary or solid enclosure it will work well in the daytime outside as well, it’s just difficult to always have those conditions. But the difference is incredible with a slightly colder tempature, it does not need to be freezing just a comftrable cool.

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