(Canon ET-65III Replacement) Altura Photo Lens Hood for Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM, EF 100mm f/2.0 USM, EF 135mm f/2.8 SF, EF

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– New ET-65III Dedicated Altura Photo Lens Hood.
– A perfect
Canon ET-65III replacement.

– EF 85mm f/1.8 USM
– EF 100mm f/2.0 USM
– EF 135mm f/2.8 SF
– EF 100-300mm f/4.5-5.6 USM

– The addition of a lens hood can help prevent flares-those circles of light that can accompany images where a strong light source is just outside the frame.
– This dedicated lens hoods is designed to match the specific focal length of the lens it was designed for.
– Made of high impact plastic for an extremely solid and lightweight feel.
– Lens hoods are one of the most important accessories you can purchase to improve the quality of your photos, and usually the most overlooked by beginner and amateur photographers.
– Lens hoods also have the added benefit of providing extra protection to your lens from accidental bumps or scratches.
– Easy to use bayonet mount attaches to your lens for a tight and secure fit. Just twist on or off. No wobbling or cross-threading.
– Handy reversible design allows you to attach the hood in reverse for easy storage in your bag.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 10.41 × 5.59 cm
Package Dimensions

‎ 10.41 x 10.41 x 5.59 cm; 50 Grams

Date First Available

‎ 1 October 2010


‎ B0045JAJR6

Item model number

‎ MA0102


Altura Photo

10 reviews for (Canon ET-65III Replacement) Altura Photo Lens Hood for Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM, EF 100mm f/2.0 USM, EF 135mm f/2.8 SF, EF

  1. Megan

    Fits like a glove on my 85mm canon lens
    Fits great!

  2. Ron-on-Amazon

    Hood for Canon 100mm f/2 lens
    Hood for Canon 100mm f/2 lens. Fits like OEM. It has 2 snaps that secure hood to lens. It is not a screw on. It does the job at a reasonable price.

  3. Jacob H.

    Gets The Job Done
    Look, if you’re out here looking for a nice cheap lens. This is it. It’s nothing fancy like those expensive bayonet snap on hoods that’ll lock into place. It does move around if you try to spin it, which honestly I don’t see what the issue is with that. You’re getting your moneys worth and point blank it does exactly as it’s supposed to. Keep your lens protected and shade your lens from unwanted light. It’s worth the buy. It’s compatible with an EF 85 1.8 mm lens. I hope this helps anyone with making a decision!

  4. JP

    why pay more…
    Why pay more for the same thing as the OEM version when this is just as good.

  5. jennn

    Yeah… get it
    The canon 85mm EF lens this fits on has a crappy design. My last hood broke (probably a different brand) and got this replacement. It works… and it is a good value.It works… just a shame that canon’s system for this lens is so bad. Be careful not to knock it around… it will come off… or break.

  6. Kizzed

    Very solid
    Very solidly built, feels premium

  7. PC Budha

    Life and lens saver, perfect replacement, no better hood at this price.
    Life and lens saver. Not only does this work with the YongNou 85mm 1.8, it helps this lens substantually with auto focus, in any light, protects it from flare, finds focus points by shading the full lens in all lighring conditions. Making this proud beast into a full fledged low light lens, with minimal flaring or ghosting, mimizing purple fringing, and some distortion. In essence making the YongNuo 85mm 1.8 equal to the Canon 85/100/85mm 1.8 prime lenses. Seriously. This hood changed how I shoot, and capabilities to shoot those low lighting shots, which seened impossible at the time wkthout help from 2 speedlights and transmitters, or resorting to the nifty 50mm and having compression or image loss and blur. The hood plays a major factor in all of this. There is very minimal cropping on the edges, only in very harsh sunlight, easily fixed in post processing.Nothing can negate this hood. If you keep it on all day, no need to cap your lens after shooting, which means you can capture the moments without delay.Folks. This hood is a win win for those who carry 2 primes(50 1.4/85 1.8) an AP lens 24-105mm 2.8 for shooting everything from macro to landscape, and all in between. Now I dont have to upgrade lenses for a good 2 years until the nxt upgrade or lens failure. I saved $1800 on not going all Canon for primes.If you are a pro or hobbyist, you are not going to lose with this hood. Be safe, carry your gear with caution, and try not to manhandle everything like a grunt to a turkey leg, and your gear won’t pop off like many have posted.

  8. J

    Altura Photo Lens Hood. Fit’s loose on Canon 85mm f1.8. It will reverse on lens for storage.

  9. The Mostly Mike sHOW

    Thought I bought the wrong hood at first but…
    The media could not be loaded.

     …it turned out that WAS the right hood…but a slight learning curve! That older 85mm lens has a different mount than most other modern Canon lenses, this ring mounts by just pushing the two buttons on the sides, and it just clicks on. Just buy it! It seems like pretty good value.

  10. xayekim

    Why Buy Anything Else ?
    It does what it says it does, it protects your lens and it blocks the glare. I am not a big fan of the tulip style lens hoods so I usually try to find lenses/ lens hoods that are the full coverage lens hood.The GOJA bayonet lens hood fits like a charm, it is not a perfectly tight fight but I prefer some give.Tip: This is a bayonet style hood so when you open it, push the two indents and observe what happens, the 3 plastic “catches” retract when you squeeze the two “buttons” on each side. Line up the hood squeeze the buttons and line it up directly over your filter (please please use a filter, no reason to hurt your glass even though this does protect it) then stop pressing and you will see the teeth “catch” the outside perimeter of your filter or lens.I highly recommend this product as the price was right and it to me is the same performance as the Canon version I have for my 52.mm set up.I am using this for the Canon EF 85mm f 1.8 that is attached to a T2i and I will most likely stick with Goja.*PS* The only annoying thing about GOJA is the fact that I received two emails on top of the note left with the product in shipping asking me to review the product, I get it I understand it, business is based off of reviews for Amazon but, it is borderline enough for me to ignore it. Maybe send it out after 90 days of ownership of the product. There is nothing worse than reviewing a product within the first day of owning something, you really cannot get an accurate depiction of the performance of that product. This is a solid product and I stand by my review but at the same time Goja lay off the review harassment!

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