Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Music Streaming Sound System, Esinkin Wireless Audio Adapter Works with Smartphones and Tablets,

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Brand Esinkin
Hardware Interface Bluetooth, 3.5mm Audio
Color Black
Compatible Devices Tablet, Smartphone
Item Dimensions LxWxH 1.97 x 1.97 x 0.94 inches
Item Weight 0.1 Kilograms

  • Listen music wireless: Connect with computer speakers, home stereo systems or other speaker systems via the 3.5 mm or RCA cable, then pair with the Bluetooth audio devices such as smartphones or tablet for streaming music.
  • Easy setup and automatic reconnect: Pair your device to the adapter once with a single button press. It can reconnect automatically with the previously paired device.
  • Wireless range: Indoors(without obstacles) connect rang up 30-40 ft (10-12 m).
  • Works with most device: Bluetooth enabled device including smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops upon and any powered PC speakers, home stereo systems and A/V receivers.
  • NOTE: This adapter doesn’t have built-in battery, power by AC to DC power adapter or USB cable. This product is a bluetooth receiver ONLY, not a bluetooth transmitter. Only to give Bluetooth capabilities to an existing stereo / powered speaker / PA.
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Product Description

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Easy to Setup

Pair your Bluetooth enabled devices to the Bluetooth receiver with a single button short press.

Press the bluetooth button to enter the pairing mode.


Connect Range

This adapter bluetooth reception range up to

10-12 meters (30-40 feet).

After a successful connection, it will stay connected.



This product has a small size and lightweight.

Does not take up space.


What’s in the package

  1. Bluetooth receiver
  2. AC to DC Power adapter
  3. 3.5mm to RCA Audio cable
  4. USB Power cable
  5. User manual

From the brand

Additional information

Dimensions 1.97 × 0.94 cm
Wireless Type




Item model number


Item Weight

‎3.52 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎1.97 x 1.97 x 0.94 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎1.97 x 1.97 x 0.94 inches





Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎October 15, 2015



10 reviews for Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Music Streaming Sound System, Esinkin Wireless Audio Adapter Works with Smartphones and Tablets,

  1. VetPilot

    Extremely UsefulWell worth buying if you are looking to make non-wireless audio equipment wireless, using Bluetooth technology. As long as the equipment you want to make wireless has either a 3.5mm audio port, or RCA type Left & Right audio ports you are all set. In my case I wanted to improve connectivity to an excellent (but out-of-date) Bose CD/Radio player. I used the included RCA connections for the radio, and this wireless adapter’s corresponding female connections. Then I finished it by using the included power adapter required to power this Bluetooth adapter. When placing my Samsung S5 phone into Bluetooth mode, and after pairing the two devices, it connected immediately to this adapter, transferring all sound to the Bose radio. Both the phone and Bose radio had control over the volume range, although the stereo will have the greatest control, as expected. The resulting audio sound output is excellent – better than I would ever get from the Samsung phone. Obviously, the broadcast quality from a radio station is simply passing through to the audio equipment (and the resulting sound quality is now solely dependent on the quality of the audio equipment you are using). Note: If the sound origin is from your phone, double check the Bluetooth settings for this device, AFTER you have connected to the adapter (select the settings icon adjacent to the name of this adapter to make sure, at a minimum, that Audio is active, and Calls [if available] is deactivated). While you are at it, you have the opportunity to rename the device – especially if you plan to install more of them. With this unit, don’t bother to look for an On/Off feature on the unit itself. There isn’t one. It’s just a small circuit board and it won’t put you in the poor-house if it runs 24/7. However – should you be obsessed with only having it on when you use it, just unplug it from the unit itself, instead of unplugging it from an outlet. But a word of caution – No Circuit board likes power surges, brown-outs, or lightening strikes. If you temporarily have electrical supply issues due to an approaching storm, I would immediately unplug it from the wall outlet ASAP, thereby protecting the adapter and the power supply unit. Several folks have, in their review, mentioned that when turning on Bluetooth with their device, it would immediately connect to the adapter (after it’s been paired for the first time, of course) rather than let you pick what Bluetooth device you wanted to connect with, as most other Bluetooth devices do. This is true. However, I don’t find that to be troublesome at all. First it shows great Reliability and Repeatability (two good Quality Assurance characteristics), and secondly, you can always select another Bluetooth choice displayed, and it will connect to it, and disconnect this adapter. Speaking of Reliability, I have run this Bluetooth adapter for hours at a time, and it has never dropped out, sought re-connection, or displayed any other anomaly.Now, a couple of extra notes about this adapter: Pairing the unit to your originating source is simple. Press and hold the square button in the middle of the unit until the unit has a blinking blue light. Go to your phone/computer/other device that has Bluetooth on, and select this adapter. After it is paired, it will always connect in future use. The power adapter cord measures about 71 inches long. Very generous to reach a wall outlet without using extension cords. However , a multiple outlet extender with surge protection would not be a bad idea. The RCA cord from the adapter to your attached system measures about 61 inches – plenty to do the job. The included pictorial instructions show a variety of connection choices and is very good. The box that everything comes in is very strong & sturdy (a keeper), but I found the slide-on outer “description-advertising” cover to be very tight to the box and wouldn’t come off without tearing it, which I didn’t want to do. So, I used a thin knife and slid it along the glue line of the overlapping paper (where the bar-code is printed), and it came right off. Afterwords, I used one run of adhesive tape to rejoin them with just a little more separation so that the slide-on cover would be easier for on/off use.The unit does provide a 3.5mm cable connector, but I did not try it. I used the RCA cable instead, which works as I expected it to. Before I discovered and bought this adapter, I had connected a 3.5mm connector directly from my phone to the same type connection on the Bose radio, and although it played, the volume was next to nothing, even with everything turned up, both on the phone and the Bose radio. Not acceptable. On top of that, it would force the phone to be hardwire tethered to the Bose radio. Again, not acceptable. The only solution was to buy and use this great adapter as described earlier. This also gives me freedom to go into any other room and still be connected, and listen to audio (locally from the phone, or via a streaming internet connection ) broadcast through the Bose radio!I love it when a plan comes together! I plan to buy two more of these, one to connect to my TV, and one for a spare backup. Enjoy one of these! You won’t be disappointed!

  2. Lynda S

    Works well, poor instructionsHave an older Bose Radio and CD player that uses the older RCA plugs for Aux input. Wanted to connect an iPhone to it with bluetooth. I just plugged everything in and it all worked perfectly. I had to buy an extra cable that was RCA to RCA because the one that comes with it is RCA to 3.5 plug.Pros: Once connected it works great. Sound quality was good.Cons: The instructions are just a bunch of pictures. Once I plugged it in the phone wouldn’t find the device. I had to hold down the button for about 2 seconds and it started to flash. Then it was discoverable. I still haven’t figured out how to turn it off yet. There is only a single button. Tapping the button doesn’t turn it off. Holding for a few seconds causes it to go into pairing mode. Holding it longer than that appears to reset it. I eventually just unplugged it. Tomorrow I’ll mess with it for a while and see if I can get it to turn on and off without accidentally resetting it.Overall it does what it is supposed to do, it connects audio via Bluetooth. It’s cheap. I just wish the controls were a little more intuitive or the instructions were a little more clear.

  3. Ken V.

    Works great with decent sound & nice cheap solution!I wasn’t looking for anything specific for wirelessly streaming music out of my phone or laptop into my vintage Kenwood and Vector Research AM/FM receivers from the late 70’s. So I figured I would initially try this Esinkin Bluetooth adapter device out, as is was under $25. I just wanted to try out the technology, even though there are much higher spec and higher cost receiver adapters out there to choose from. I found out it is really the exact same device as the Logitech version, which costs just a little more. Anyway, the simple illustration type instructions could be better if written out, but easy to decipher. I like that it came with power plug adapter, and a simple 1/8″ into RCA plugs cord to get you going immediately. You can also run a dedicated short RCA cord from the Esinkin device into your Aux or Tape Monitor input jacks, but you must supply that RCA cord, which many people have lying around. Note: Do NOT plug it into the Phono input jacks. Instructions indicate you CAN actually power it off by holding down the top pairing button for at least 3 seconds. But it paired very quickly with my android phone, no problem. I have the Esinkin always in “auto on” mode by simply having its power adapter plugged into the “switched” power outlet on back of both my vintage receivers, so it will only power on and attempt to connect to my Bluetooth music devices when actually I power up the receivers themselves. Perfect. From day one since using it works flawlessly and provides nice acceptable sound when streaming Pandora, Spotify, or YouTube audio. Good lows and highs. You can look up the specs, but again will not be up to the same sound quality you may get out of the ones costing hundreds more. I get a more compressed sound quality of say MP3 files, and it will not be a full CD or FLAC/lossless audio quality. But it works great for my needs and not feeling a need to upgrade to anything else at the moment. More than satisfactory for streaming background music too. Also, the signal range was fine to any room in the house I was in with my phone, but I have a smaller home. I’m just glad I found a cool new unobtrusive device that gives me another music source option to run into my vintage home receivers, and enjoy when not listening to AM/FM, phono, or CD player. No complaints so far.-Ken V.

  4. Euro girl

    iOS “Headphone Safety” & “Low Volume” ProblemWrite-ups panned the low volume output and consequent low sound quality of the device … which was my experience in setting up this unit with a legacy amplifier and speakers. Credit Jeff for his August 2021 review who identified how to improve this issue.Turn off the iOS settings … Settings … Sound & Haptice … Headphone Safety … Reduce Low Sounds to off. (Be aware, this turns off the safety feature which protects hearing to Headphone devices.)Jeff said:After first installing the device, I could not get a good volume level w/o turning up my receiver VERY high. After some diagnostic work, I realized that on my iPhone I had (in settings_sounds) my “Headphone Safety” set to a limited decibels. With that turned on, the phone would not send a higher volume out–it assumed the Bluetooth was my headphone/earbuds and was protecting me. Increasing that level limit, or turning it off entirely, solved the issue for me.Just remember to be careful with earbuds after you turn it off.

  5. zakleerite

    Small, simple, good range – just double check your connectivity needsI didn’t want to mess around getting techy – just wanted to add Bluetooth connectivity to my FocusRite 2 channel audio device so I could easily stream music from my (or other’s) phone. With the right connectors, it is super easy, and the bluetooth connectivity is as easy as it gets.My only quibble is that they are definitely not clear on whether you need to buy audio and/or power adapters for this. The “bundles” they sell makes it seem like you either must buy power or audio cables, but in fact you may not. Since I was going from this device to my Focusrite, I did need audio cables to get me from the female RCA jacks on this device to the 1/4″ female jacks on the focusrite. I also bought a universal power adapter cable that I probably could have done without, but I”m glad I bought it. That power adapter can probably connect to nearly anything that requires 5V+. The USB cable that came with the unit was quite short – too short for me to use and have the device positioned where I want it.Other than those minor quibbles about connectivity, once connected the thing works flawlessly and has good range – too good perhaps – I was 40′ and two rooms away and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting sound out of my phone. It had auto-connected to this adapter, which I had disconnected from the Focusrite. I currently plug this unit in for “party time” and unplug it and replace it with mics for “work time”. Maybe one day I’ll get a four channel audio interface to eliminate this need. But for now, it all works great.

  6. Lathan drummer

    Works as expectedIt works as expected except that it wouldn’t connect to my iPod, though it’s not the first time a Bluetooth device didn’t pair with my iPod. Unlike many other reviews suggested, I had no problem disconnecting and staying disconnected until I wanted to connect again. Also there was no beeping while waiting to connect to a device. The only noise it made was when putting it in pairing mode. If it connected to my iPod I’d give it 5 stars

  7. The Texas Firefly

    Great Device!I was on the verge of tossing out a twenty year old Pioneer sound system because everything has moved to streaming audio. No more place for my multi-disc CD changer! For the price, I thought I would try this little device. Connects via aux or I used the RCA cables (red to red, white to white), hooked it into the receiver, plugged it in. Connected to bluetooth on my phone in seconds. Sounds great! Easy to use, I can now stream music in my home stereo system and breath new life into the old Pioneer receiver and Bose speakers that I already had. Would buy again, and much cheaper than a new stereo! Note, the bluetooth adapter requires its own power source (must be plugged into something) not USB power.

  8. RickD

    Works greatThis Bluetooth thingy works great. Bluetooth connectivity is instant and solid with my phone. My only gripe is the sound quality is not the best. It’s not horrible though. I bought this for my work shop. Definitely good enough for my use. Price is great. But if you really want the absolute top sound quality, pass on this one.

  9. Stefan

    Very easy to use.I have an ancient (13 years old haha) sound system throughout my house. I wired it up when the house was being built so we could have music everywhere from in the house to the patio and even in the garage. Well the system is great but had to plug in my tablet or phone to stream music and with new phones, there really is not a headphone jack. This item to the rescue. I can play music from my phone and change channels or adjust the volume no matter where I am.No directions so that is why tech support gets a low rating. Have to re-connect just about every time which is fine just in case someone else wants to connect.

  10. Bati

    Connects too wellIt is really easy to set up, sound quality is good, and stays connected over a decent distance. One thing that is VERY annoying is that it randomly connects when I don’t want it to. I’ll be listening to something on my phone or another Bluetooth speaker and all of a sudden the sound stops. When I check my Bluetooth connection, it randomly switches to connect to Esinkin BT Adapter. It will do this over and over.

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