Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore – Wireless Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker, IP 67 Dustproof and Waterproof, Navy

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Brand Bang & Olufsen
Model Name Explore
Speaker Type Bookshelf
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Sand proof, Waterproof, Dustproof, Durable, Scratch Resistant

  • Ultra-portable grab-and-go speaker: Weighing in at less at 650g, Beosound Explore is a light and rugged speaker as comfortable in your hand as it is clipped to a backpack.
  • Power in your palm: True 360 sound and bass that far outweighs its size, Beosound Explore makes itself known in any space – indoors or out.
  • Rugged design ready for adventure: Waterproof and dust resistant. Take Beosound Explore anywhere you’re ready to go – the anodised aluminium shell is built for adventure.
  • Impressive battery: Power your adventures. Up to 27 hours of playtime at average listening volumes, means this is a portable speaker that goes the distance.
  • Easy controls: Start, stop or Stereo Pair your sound quickly and easily. An intuitive and minimalist user interface means adjusting the volume and finding your beat takes no time.
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Ready for adventure, Beosound Explore is a tough, waterproof speaker designed for the great outdoors. Durability is part of Beosound Explore’s core DNA. The tough outer shell is made from hard anodised aluminium, making it our most scratch resistant portable speaker yet. Built to withstand a fall of up to 1.5 metres or submersion in a metre of water for up to 30 minutes, Beosound Explore is a waterproof and dust resistant speaker that’s ready to accompany you on any adventure. Whether you’re relaxing at the beach or taking in the views on an adrenaline-filled hiking expedition, your Bluetooth speaker can be confidently placed beside you thanks to the non-slip rubberised base. Crafted to be flexible and ultra-portable, it’s lightweight and easy to carry too. The grab-and-go design is perfect when you’re on the move. You can even attach Beosound Explore to the outside of your backpack by hooking the included carabiner to it. The dual 1.8” full range drivers deliver a huge musical punch and rich bass for such a small speaker. The grill is cut in 360-degree lines, which not only looks great but also helps create True360 omnidirectional sound. You can place your Beosound on a rock behind you, in the middle of a circle of people, or use the strap to hang it from a tent pole and the sound performance will be equally authentic. The elegant and minimalist control panel is on top of the speaker for easy access and the push buttons have been designed to work in all conditions, even if your speaker is covered in sand, water or a dusting of soil. The powerful battery offers up to 27 hours of playtime at a normal listening volume, making it easy to enjoy music when you’re exploring in the wilderness or away from easy power sources. You can also stereo pair two Beosound Explore speakers for a more spacious sound, ideal if you’re away with friends or hosting a garden party. No matter where your adventures take you, the uncompromising sound quality of the Beosound Explore will get you there.

From the manufacturer

A hiker carrying Beosound Explore, outdoor Bluetooth speaker hanging on their backpack

Beosound Explore outdoor bluetooth speaker in blue color

Bang & Olufsen logo

Bang & Olufsen transforms your listening experience with better sound and acoustic performance wherever you are with in-home music systems, portable speakers and headphones that integrate seamlessly into everyday life.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Music for all your adventures

Take your music with you anywhere. Beosound Explore is a rugged outdoor speaker designed to let you enjoy powerful sound in all your favourite settings. Powerful 360 sound and surprisingly big bass for such a lightweight design, this outdoor speaker is perfect for experiencing magical moments. Whether listening to a podcast in your garden or enjoying a hiking trip with friends, enjoy superior sound on the go.

  • Rugged, outdoor-ready design
  • Up to 27 hours of battery
  • Powerful, 360 sound

Made for adventure

Close view of the speaker grid

touch interface of the bluetooth speaker

A person carrying Beosound Explore portable speaker

Strap to carry the light bluetooth speaker anywhere you go

Ultra-portable speaker

Lightweight and featuring a grab-and-go compact shape, Beosound Explore easily fits into backpack pockets. Or, hang it from the exterior with the durable straps and included carabiner.

Powerful sound

With a powerful midrange and bass for such a small speaker, Beosound Explore also features True360 sound. Enjoy music the way it’s meant to be heard, wherever you place your speaker.

Impressive battery

Designed to make sure you can enjoy music without running out of battery when you’re outdoors, Beosound Explore offers up to 27 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Rugged design

Waterproof and dust resistant, Beosound Explore also features a hard anodised aluminium shell for extra resistance to scratches and an interior designed to provide drop resistance for up to 1.5 metres.

Beosound Explore bluetooth speaker with a carabiner

Exceptionally portable speaker

Portable, tough and ready to go – Beosound Explore is a small outdoor speaker perfect for all of life’s adventures. With surprisingly deep bass and powerful sound for its size, Beosound Explore also features 360-degree sound – ideal for playing music outdoors and making it an excellent garden speaker as well as hiking companion.

The durable outer shell is made from hard anodised aluminium and the design is dust and waterproof with an IP67 certificate. Beosound Explore is also able to withstand up to half an hour submerged in a metre of water as well as falls of up to 1.5 metres. The push controls are located on top of the speaker for quick access and are designed to be easy to use even in wet, dirty or sandy conditions – even when you’re wearing gloves. The minimalist, grabble design and compact size means Beosound Explore fits into any outdoor or hiking kit. And with a powerful battery offering up to 27 hours of playtime at normal listening volume, you’re free to pack up and explore.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 3.2 × 3.2 × 5 cm
Product Dimensions

3.2 x 3.2 x 5 inches

Item Weight

1.4 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

February 3, 2022


Bang & Olufsen

10 reviews for Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore – Wireless Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker, IP 67 Dustproof and Waterproof, Navy

  1. alrightalrightalright

    Awesome!I’m super picky about my Bluetooth speakers. I used to have a wonderboom and was happy with it until it finally croaked. I wanted something with long battery life, that was waterproof and decently rugged, and that had good sound quality. I initially bought another wonderboom but hated it! I did tons of research because I needed to replace it with something. I bring my little speaker everywhere and use it all the time. I’m so glad I gave this a shot. It’s perfect for my needs. I expected good sound quality, but I think that the sound quality on the Beosound Explore is *great* when you consider where it’s coming from. Everything is super balanced, and the app is useful if you want to do a bit of “fine tuning” to the EQ. It charges via USB-C. And I love that it comes with a little strap and carabiner. I use that all the time, actually, and it’s super convenient. The design and craftsmanship on the whole is stunning, and something I really appreciate. I feel like the machined aluminum casing probably lends to the sound quality this little thing can produce, but I’m not a sound engineer so this is just speculation. I got this for a steal of a deal on prime day – I think I paid like $130. For that price, I don’t think there’s anything better. If this speaker had a microphone, I think that would take it to the next level and make it worthy of some extra cash, but it’s not something I really need. My only two gripes are the design of the top – it collects water since there is a lip around the edge. The other is that it did sound a little “tinny” once when I probably turned the volume up way too much on one particular song – by way too much, I mean all the way up, like 100%. So unless you frequently do that, you’ll probably never experience it.

  2. James Brent Yancey

    Size does not matter, there it’s settled.Great sound, even though I’ve taken bigger poops than this thing. Right out of the box, connected it up. Note for those who use equalizers in their software, I had made adjustments to mine a while back but did not realize the settings stay even though the window is not open. At first I heard a lot of crackling noises depending on the song and was ready to return. Turning the EQ off made a huge difference, sounds great. I live in a 1000ft house and this thing is clear as a bell everywhere. Have to agree with another user, songs with a lot of bass just wont sound the same.

  3. Inlove

    WinnerAfter demoing almost a dozen different speakers during the pandemic, this one wins for spacious sound, accurate reproduction, and you won’t believe how durable and timeless this product feels in your hand (vs plastic).

  4. Mac

    Great sound and easy to use!Overall great sound and easy to use. Bought a second to pair. Satisfied with the quality and reliability as of now. Only had them for few months.

  5. Harry J

    This is the best Bluetooth speaker I’ve purchased.This speaker is amazing. I got it on sale. The price for this speaker I feel is worth every penny. The speaker does have weight to it. Not too heavy but because it is made out of quality metal it adds weight compared to cheap plastic ones. However that weight provides better sound since there is no rattling like plastic speakers. It’s a great size and looks amazing wherever you put it. It performs great in small rooms but in large rooms if you put it towards the center of the room it really fills the room. The sound is incredible for something so small. The quality of the sound doesn’t change as you turn it even all the way up. I was really impressed at what a clean sound it has. I do move it from room to room and bought it primarily for around the house but have also used it outside and taken it with me. Because it’s metal and looks so good and I want to keep it that way when putting it in a bag I put it in a small case type bag. However I haven’t been overly careful sign it around the house and even dropped it and nothing happened to it. The strap is well made also and really convenient and looks good because it’s well made as well. I had high expectations because the company makes great products but it even surpassed those expectations. I get endless compliments about it and have had friends order one right after seeing and hearing it and they were surprised at the price not being much higher. You will not regret buying this speaker.

  6. Laurent

    You pay the Brand. A nice product with some flawThe sound is good, pairing is easy. You do not see the battery level like you usually do on iPhones with BT devices. Pretty little device with a nice metal touch.

  7. Riley Hudson

    Solid Purchase!Pros:- the brand- price (if it’s on sale for $130)- most versatile speaker I’ve found (light weight, can hang on a back pack, 100% dust and sand resistance, water resistant except for diving, can be dropped in a river, on concrete, and sand dune and it doesn’t matter, treated aluminum making it very scratch resistant)- sounds very clear (instruments, vocals, and bass are all very separatedCons: – could be louder and have more bass (however, at this size being louder and having more bass is basically not possible. Also bass can be increased in the app and it doesn’t drown out the vocals like most equalizers do. For perspective, at full volume in a medium sized room me and a friend cannot really talk to each other and hear what we’re saying without yelling)

  8. Susan W

    It Will DoThere are alot of options for portable speakers out there around the $150 range and here are my thoughts on a few:UE Boom 3 – sounds tingy (couldn’t see much positive after that)JBL Flip 6 – truly waterproof, have submerged completely in the pool and still works, often on sale, not going to break my heart if gets banged up. bigger distinction between audio segments vs Flip 4 (personally I’m a JBL fan, have lots of their products, IMO the best for sound the amount spend)Bose Soundlink Flex – compared to earlier Soundlink models, it cheapened on the material. no EQ option in app. it beautifies the sound especially the midrangeBang & Olufsen Beosound Explore – really like the anodized aluminum exterior, due to color of speaker, controls are hard to see in dark, agree with other reviewers, bass is lacking even adjusted via app. midrange sounds good. however highs seems to be a hit or miss depending on the song/singer

  9. Paul Christensen

    Decent sound quality, sturdy, and no intrusive microphone!This is a very decent speaker – easy to use, has a good sound quality, physical robustness, decent battery life, and, most importantly for me, no microphone.

  10. David J. McKinnon

    Enjoy music much??Wonderful full sound, well worth the price.

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