Auxbeam 4 Pcs 4″ LED Light Bar 18W LED Pods Spot Beam with 6pcs 3W LEDs Chips Driving Light Waterproof LED Bar (without Wiring

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High quality 6063 aluminum body, durable to withstand any harsh condition
Low current draw- no harms to battery and save gas
Longer valid irradiation distance than normal halogen bulb
Suitable vertical fins design for better cooling
Great performance of waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion
Back housing and front cover can be separated, easy to dismantle and replace

Technical Specification:
LED Power: 18W
Number of chips: 6pcs 3w led chips
Operating Voltage: 10 ~ 30V
Lumen: 1800lm
Base Color: Black
Beam Type: 30 degree (Pencil beam pattern)
Working Temperature: -40 ~ 85 degree Celsius
Color Temperature: 6000K
Dimensions: 4 inch
Size: 99*73*107mm
Protection Rate: IP67
Material: 6063 aluminum profile, metal bracket, PC Lens
Life Span: 50000 H
Certified by CE & RoHs

Off-road vehicle, car, SUV, truck, engineering vehicle(excavator, treedozer, road roller and crane) etc
Special vehicle(fire engine, rescue vehicle, communication vehicle, military command vehicle) forklift, trains, boat, bus, and tanks etc.

Package Included:
18W LED Spot Work Light x 4 PCS
Adjustable Mounting Brackets
Screws Set

This product has been upgraded.
New mounting brackets will replace the old ones. During this time, you may receive two kinds of mounting brackets.
Please rest assured to use. They are both certified Auxbeam product, and both have same good quality.

Additional information

Weight 1.42 kg
Dimensions 6.35 × 10.67 cm


Product Dimensions

‎10.16 x 6.35 x 10.67 cm; 1.42 Kilograms

Item model number


Manufacturer Part Number










Water Resistance


Assembly Required


Bulb Type


Mirror Lighting Type



12 Volts

Item Weight

‎1.42 kg



Date First Available

13 November 2020



10 reviews for Auxbeam 4 Pcs 4″ LED Light Bar 18W LED Pods Spot Beam with 6pcs 3W LEDs Chips Driving Light Waterproof LED Bar (without Wiring

  1. Jim

    Being able to see what your doing is probably the most important safety factor I can think of.
    These lights are absolutely fantastic, not only from from a visual standpoint of being able to see what your doing at 3 o’clock in the morning plowing your driveway. Being able to be easily seen by the town plow trucks, and any other traffic that might happen to be on the road at that hour. These four lights are installed temporarily with large magnets, 2 pointing front and 2 pointing to the rear, just for this winter so I am able to adjust them and point the light where it will do the most good. I also have an Auxbeam LED Light Bar 12″ 72W also mounted with 2 large magnets in the center of the hood. I now know where they will be permanently mounted this summer. They are controlled with SPST switches along with SPST relays with 14 AWG, red for+ black for-. Unfortunately these lights are at the limit of the tractors charging system, if any other electrical accessories are added an external automotive style alternator will have to be added. The benefits of installing the lights far outweigh the effort of installing them. Still in the planning stage one set of 4 inch lights along with the 12 inch light being replaced with a single 20 inch light on the front grille, I would just have to fabricate a bracket so the light would sit level or pitch slightly downward. There are many combinations that can be chosen from, hence the magnets, there aren’t any holes drilled all over just to get it right, and position them exactly how I want them. Also I almost forgot to mention10 Pack – Ep Auto ATC / ATO 10 Gauge 30 AMP…fuse set is cheap insurance. Each 4 inch light draws 1.5 amps and the 12 inch light draws 6 amps. I still haven’t made my final decision on the permanent configuration, but but whatever the plans turn out to be, Auxbeam will be a major part of them. Thanks for your time, Jim in Ct

    Auxbeam 4 Pcs 4″ LED Light Bar 18W LED Pods 6pcs 3W CREE LEDs Spot Beam Driving Light Waterproof LED Bar

  2. John C.

    Ended up not using these, but not because of their quality. They are built really well, nice, heavy metal and are super bright!!
    So all at once I purchased (1) 32″ Senlips Curved 180w LED Bar, (4) 4″ AuxBeam LED Pods, (3) MicTuning Heavy Duty 2-Lead LED Wiring Harnesses w/ Illuminated Rocker Switches, (1) MicTuning 6 Circuit Fuse Block/Distribution Block, (1) Rigid Industries 06-08 Dodge Ram LED Pod Fog Lights Bracket, (4) Dorman Universal 2-Lead Male Pigtails and (4) Dorman Universal 2-Lead Female Pigtails.I ordered all that for my 2006 Dodge RAM 1500 Hemi 4×4 on 12/08/16 but ended up trading in my 06′ for a 12′ on 12/09/16. All of this was delivered on 12/10/16 so I was basically “stuck” with it, as I did not want to mount it and wire into my new truck.So I never got to use these, so my review is based off of a visual inspection and package/shipping quality.All 4 came packed in the same box. Each Pod was individually surrounded by a Styrofoam type material and packed tight so they would not move or bounce around during shipment. There was plenty of wire coming off them to wire them up. The hardware was in its own 2 little boxes. I used a 12v jumper box to light one of them up and man was it bright. These things are DEFINITELY worth WAY more then what they are charging for 4 of them. I can’t say anything about their lifespan or how they hold up in rain/snow but I can say they felt extremely well built when I held them in my hand and the light I tested was super bright.Overall I would definitely buy these again if I do any LED lights in the future and need a set of LED Pods.

  3. Donnie extreme south Texas

    Ok so I got this 4 pack of lights because all six beam reviews were very high and I’m not one to rant but I installed these and two days later we had some rain I did not drive in the rain and my truck sits under a carport. I got the chance to use them and I noticed condensation behind the pc cover and was upset. The lights were pretty cheap for the 4 pack I know but all the reviews said they had no fogging or condensation so I got them and yeah I have it after 2 days. I would not buy these again even at the price I would pay a few bucks more and get some different ones and try them out I guess until I find some that don’t get the condensation. I guess it’s a grab bag but not a good review from me at the present time. They are sending me replacements I will install them just for the good neighbor policy and see if it happens again. If it does not happen again I will most definitely change my review they are bright but with the foggy lens you lose the spot feature and lose light. So take this review as you want.OK THEY SENT OUT REPLACEMENTS AND THEY DID NOT CREATE ANY CONDENSATION IN THE LENS EVEN AFTER POWER WASHING.

  4. Josh L.

    Better mounting than the Flood Beam AUXBEAM
    I had purchased the NILIGHTS previously, but with being disappointed in the output, and missing parts, I returned them all. I then purchased AUXBEAMS 18W 4 pack in both spot and flood lights, and the 20″ combo light bar. The power draw on the spot beam is 11.5W, much better than the 7.5W of the NILIGHT, but still not the advertised 18W. Or the 14.5W we found with the nilights of 2 years ago. This is a much better mounting style than the NEW NILIGHTS, but I still prefer the spot beam style over the flood beam style, see attached photos. I feel there was another update on these lights, and the floods got it, and the spots are still the good/old style. Or all the pics got updated and the floods did not. Will give them a chance either way.

  5. CJ

    These little things are super bright!
    When the package arrived, I tested all four of them, only to find that one didn’t work right out of the box. I contacted Auxbeam about the issue, and with a couple emails between them and me, I received a replacement unit less than a week later. Not only did they send me a replacement, they sent me two (I’m guessing to account for the “hassle”).Now, on to the quality of these lights. They’re 30 degree beams. That means they’re not flood, but they’re not pencil beams like you’d get from a KC HID. They’re a happy medium that allows for some throw, but also some flood. I’m very happy with them. I’ve mounted all five of mine behind the grill of my truck, and they REALLY light up the road in front of me. I’m extremely happy with their performance, especially for the cost.Now, don’t expect the performance of a Rigid or Baja light out of this little thing, cause it’s not going to give you that. It is, however, amazing for what it is, and will impress you with how blinding it is.

  6. Andrew Wright

    So I ordered four of these lights. Upon arrival the two i installed on the front of my jeep work perfectly and I couldn’t be happier. After installing the two on the rear bumper I discovered those two did not work. I have gotten into contact with the seller about replacing the two non working ones. I will update this post once everything is sorted out.UPDATE: I contacted the seller about returning the two broken lights so they could be replaced. They quickly answered my email with apologies. They requested pictures of the lights to make sure they were not physically damaged outside. 3 days later I received 2 new lights in the mail without the hassle of having to send the broken ones back. I am very pleased with these lights (yes they work. I tested them lol) and I cannot wait to mount them on the rear bumper of my jeep

  7. Ysvensson

    Incredible deal on incredible lights
    These things are just plain awesome. What you get for the price you pay makes these an incredible deal. I bought my first pair to rig some lights on my sons Raptor 80, since they don’t come with headlights. A simple wire harness, relay, and a switch later, he had all kinds of light beaming from the front of his quad. That gave me the idea to see how these would fit in place of the Baja lights on my Bombardier DS650X. Turns out, they fit absolutely perfectly, they mount well, and they are a massive improvement over the OEM lights. I’m pretty happy, and I’ll be even happier when I get the LED bulbs to replace the stock headlights now. Highly recommended product right here.

  8. McKay Boehme

    Works well, not the best coating
    They looked really nice out of the box, unfortunately the black coating (especially near the lettering) didn’t seem to survive the winter here in northern Utah. The lights themselves work well and are good and bright, and the seals are decent (I’ve only gotten a little condensation in like 1 or 2 of the 6 lights I got). I’d recommend them for a less expensive option of off road lights still.

  9. Cody Hertzberg

    They are very bright.
    These 4″ 18 Watt lights look great and are very bright. They have stood up to the weather very well, I have had them on my Jeep for quite a while and no rust on any part of them. They are extremely easy to install. I would definitely recommend these lights for any Jeep, ATV, or side by side applications.

  10. Marc Brownlee

    Can’t beat them for the price.
    Definitely a flood for fog, and not a spot. I have had these things for 5 years and they still work and I have had zero issues.

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