Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphone, Black, with Cutting Edge Engineering, 90 Degree Swiveling

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Brand Audio-Technica
Model Name Professional Studio Monitor Headphone
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • Cutting edge engineering and robust construction
  • 40 millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments
  • 90 degrees swiveling earcups for easy, 1 ear monitoring
  • Professional-grade ear pad and headband material delivers more durability and comfort


Audio-Technica ATH-M40x professional studio monitor headphone black.

From the manufacturer






Durable Design

Cutting-edge engineering and robust construction.

Accurate Sound for Studio, Live & DJ Use

Tuned flat for incredibly accurate sound monitoring across the entire frequency range.

Offers Excellent Sound Isolation

Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments.




For in the Studio and on the Road

90° swiveling earcups for easy, one-ear monitoring, and collapsible for space-saving portability.

Comfortable Fit for Hours of Use

Professional-grade earpad and headband material delivers more durability and comfort.

Provided Accessories

Two detachable cables (1.2 m – 3.0 m (3.9′ – 9.8′) coiled cable and 3.0 m (9.8′) straight cable); protective carrying pouch; 6.3 mm (1/4″) screw-on adapter.

Additional information

Weight 8.3 kg
Dimensions 11.4 × 10 × 4.1 cm
Item Weight

8.3 ounces

Product Dimensions

11.4 x 10 x 4.1 inches

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Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

January 24, 2014

Color Name


Compatible Devices


Connector Type

3.5mm Jack

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Color Screen


Processor Count



‎240 Volts



10 reviews for Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphone, Black, with Cutting Edge Engineering, 90 Degree Swiveling

  1. Homegrown Handyman

    Most quality headphones are too harsh for me, but these are just right.I’ve owned these about nine months now. I’m a huge audio nerd, and I love these headphones!Quick points:- frequency response is incredible.- you won’t need a DAC — they’re very sensitive (efficient).- sub-bass is present, if a little quiet, but- they can take MASSIVE amounts of sub-bass if EQ’d- great for people who are sensitive to treble- they’re really comfortable — I can wear them for hours, with glasses- their floppiness takes some getting used to- they isolate sound pretty well- you’ll want to buy a different cable (there’s an awesome 1.2m braided one on Amazon for $12)They sound /so/ flat. (“flat” here refers to a graph of their frequency response, where a “flatter” graph gives a sound that’s de-emphasized across the frequency spectrum — it doesn’t make some notes too loud and others too soft, just reproduces them exactly as they were recorded.) They respond to EQ really well, but I don’t feel the need to use EQ on any part of the range besides sub-bass (and only for trap, future bass, etc.). Of course, their response isn’t the most even and flat (according to professional measurements I’ve found), but it’s really, really great. What is emphasized makes detail (2kHz to 6kHz) just a little more present, without being harsh. To my ears, a lot of headphones in this price range and higher sound too harsh because they emphasize treble too much. I had that concern with these at first, but for my ears, they’re right on the edge without going overboard — just about perfect.You can practically use them as speakers with a mobile device — they’re that sensitive. You definitely don’t /need/ to use a DAC with these.I love sub-bass. I listen to a lot of trap, future bass, and misc. edm where the subbass really needs to speak. These headphones start to roll off around 70Hz, but not so drastically to where these styles aren’t enjoyable without an EQ. I could go without EQ on these headphones, but I don’t. What’s great about these is that you can throw all the sub-bass boost you want at them and they still perform superbly. I use as much as +25dB at 31Hz (on a 29-band EQ) and they handle it excellently. In that regard, I give in before they do. I recommend AIMP if you’re on Android so you can dial in the bass just how you want it, if you’re into that sort of thing.With other types of music and with podcasts, audiobooks, etc, I don’t even think to use EQ with these headphones. Acoustic instruments never sounded so good before, or so true-to-life. And with podcasts, you can really hear the differences in the different microphones people use; it’s incredible.They’re really comfortable for me. I have a large head and I wear glasses half the time, and even while wearing glasses, I can wear these headphones for hours at a time with minimal fatigue. The earpads and headband are nice and soft, and the earpads reach all the way around large ears. My partner has a small head and seems to find them comfortable, though they can slide around a bit on their head. When I’m moving around a lot, I find I need to really tighten them up to get them to grip when I tilt my head down. This became a non-issue for me as I got accustomed to them.Due to the flexible nature of the design, they are especially floppy. You really can’t pick them up quite like normal headphones, and putting them on is necessarily a two-handed affair. The first time I picked these up at a demo, they seemed to abandon my hands. You can’t pick them up by one earcup and slip them on one-handed. I find I have to grab both cups or both ends of the headband and then put them on. But that’s intentional. Sometimes you want to just pick up one ear and listen for just a second, like when you’re trying to dial in something in a recording. For that purpose, the rest of the headphones fall to the side out of the way, and it’s very convenient. I was actually frustrated by this at first, but after using them for some time in several different scenarios, I’m glad for the flexibility.Other design notes: they seem durable and they’ve never appeared to even start breaking. I am gentle with my equipment, and I kept from forcing the hinges when the headphones would flop out of my hands for the first week I used them. I absolutely love that they fold up. This is eminently convenient for putting them in bags and taking them places.The sound isolation is pretty good. Even on airplanes I’ve found that I don’t have to turn the volume up too much. They easily block out conversations and even that one guy who doesn’t know he talks too loudly. Adding bass seems to help this.The cable situation is pretty bad. It’s kind of weird to include two giant studio-length cables with headphones that will also be bought by average consumers. That being said, I bought a compatible braided cable on Amazon for $12, and it’s awesome. It locks into the headphones, it’s just the right length for everyday use, and it seems really durable. You’ll probably want to buy one if you ever move your headphones from your desk.I really love these headphones, and I highly recommend them for all purposes.

  2. Mike T.

    Nice Flat Response for Mixing Music (at this price point)These have a nice build quality. I use these for mixing music so I am looking for the flattest response possible. These headphones deliver what I’m looking for at this price range. These may not be the best choice for a casual music consumer as they do not add color to the mix (bass boost, etc…).

  3. SteelMan

    Earcups Too SmallSound is fantastic for the price. For reference, I actually prefer the sound to the Sony MDR-7506.However, the ear cups don’t fit all the way around my ears and partially sit on top of them. This makes them more uncomfortable than the Sonys and I can’t keep them on as long. Might want to avoid if you have larger ears.

  4. Andrey

    Sounds good but pleather parts don’t last longPro: sounds good, pretty happy with that. Cons: pleather pads started to peel after 2 years (easily replaceable though), pleather headband started to peel after 3.5 years (you cannot replace it without soldering or sewing). I was expecting longer lasting materials for that price. Also rotating and folding ear cups often pinch my fingers.

  5. hufsa

    Incredibly comfortable and fantastic sound for price.Overall a fantastic set of closed-back cans. Out of all the headphones in the $100-150 range, I found these to be the best for the money in terms of comfortability and sound quality. My only major gripe is with the build quality. The plastic hinge in particular stands out, as is the case for many headphones, this will likely be the first part to succumb to wear and tear.

  6. Thomas Blanc

    The best headphones i could have asked for for the priceI bought these 4 maybe 5 years ago, its my first time investing in a pair of Audio Technica’s but i used to own a pair of Sony MDR750’s which at the time for the price i did not believe you could get a better pair of headphones for the price range, however after 5 years of use i’m here to tell you that so these have been the best pair of headphones i’ve ever owned, i use them for everything, in music production, balancing and mixing / mastering, casual listening, and i take them on my 8 mile runs and get them dirty … Never once have they failed on me, nothing has broken off, and they sound as good as they day i got them, they fit snug over my ears like a glove and they don’t abuse my ears after long sessions and honestly if you want even better ear support you can buy custom earcups that’ll really bring the experience of owning these ten fold but the standard ones are well built, the sound is leveled and there’s not much coloration going on giving you a crystal clear yet loud full surround sound, the clarity is honestly really impressive, in most cases headphones that are acoustically flat that deliver an honest clear sound tend to lack in the low end but these are the exception to the rule, honestly i’m actually thinking of buying a second pair just to stash away just in case but to be honest i don’t know when that day will come because no matter the time of day, no matter where i am, no matter what i ask of it … it steps up to the plate and continues to deliver a quality sound that just blows my mind, i cannot believe the price on these pair of headphones … I feel like the only person who got cheated here was Audio Technica for the price lol.

  7. zuri allan

    As advertised with great soundI bought these for my Yamaha digital piano and they’re easy to use and sound so much better than the built-in speakers. I haven’t really had the opportunity to judge noise cancellation or volume control, but have no complaints as to either.

  8. Tyler Lankford

    Really good quality, worth the purchase!Pros: Lightweight, sturdy, good sound quality. REALLY enjoy the locking cord and multiple jack sizes.Cons: Slightly uncomfortable on the ears, bass is decent but certainly not the best.

  9. ladobarnovi

    RecommendedSounds amazing for wide range of music

  10. Merchan02

    Buen sonido peeero.Son buenísimos en cuanto a calidad de sonido y mas si estas empezando en esto de ser audiófilo o Dj.El único inconveniente es que al durar muchos con ellos puestos empiezan a doler porque sus almohadillas no son tan cómodas, pero se puede solucionar comprando unas más cómodas, no es lo que uno quisiera de un producto de 100 U$ pero es lo que tienen.

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