Audient iD44 MKII USB Audio Interface

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Our most powerful audio interface just got better. The latest generation of iD44 sees improved audio performance, additional must-have features and a beautiful new smoke-grey finish. The addition of audio loop-back and a dual headphone output, combined with four Audient Console mic preamps, class-leading converters, ADAT expandability and balanced inserts – means iD44 delivers the audio performance of an Audient console straight to your desktop.

Additional information

Weight 700 kg
Dimensions 17.4 × 5.1 cm
Item Weight

‎700 g

Product Dimensions

‎27.6 x 17.4 x 5.1 cm; 700 Grams

Item model number

‎iD44 MKII

Compatible Devices


Hardware Interface






Date First Available

30 June 2022



5 reviews for Audient iD44 MKII USB Audio Interface

  1. Michael

    Sounds pretty good – Win 10
    Large difference in audio quality from a Scarlett 18i20 gen 3.I have mixed opinions on the DI inputs. It’s very clear yes, but the Scarlett preamps have a touch more low mids. Not a huge deal at all, just an observation.Noticeable increase in quality for conversion. All my recordings sound better. By a lot.Latency wise, it’s good but I expected it to be better. I managed to get it down to 5ms round trip. 88.2K at 64 samplesMy Scarlett was 5.5ms at 48k 64 samples.It’s good, but to get 5ms it took severe configuring of CPU affinity, setting process priorities, ect. My Scarlett was 5.5 out of the box with no changes to theseRyzen 5600X, 3200 RAM with adjusted CAS latency settings. I use ReaperSo there’s room for improvement on the latency side, but it is a brand new launch so hopefully this gets better. 5ms is still great for sure, just saying.I don’t like how there’s no input level meter on the interface. They force you to use software. Is it fine? Sure, but come on.. it looks like there’s input level meters on the preamp gain but nope. Just signal detected and clipping. The rest is inside the software.Everything else is great.So if you’re unhappy with latency, there’s plenty of info out there how to optimize it.Massive step up for me without question. Everything Julian Krause stated is spot on. It’s excellent.

  2. Mario

    Excelente interfaz
    Excelente interfaz.

  3. Zay H.

    Lacks standalone audio controls on Mac
    A huge disappointment with this interface was finding out that it has no dedicated external master mute button, has no way to set sample rate and buffer on Mac outside of a DAW (only possible on windows), and has no digital view of the master volume.It is insane to me that I can have this interface plugged into my Mac and have no idea what it’s choosing to use for my sample rate and buffer. I also could not find anyway to engage low latency while I did tasks like calibrating my speakers with sonarworks.Inside of a daw, you have access to all the DAWs customizability with buffer, sample rate, and low latency but beyond that there is absolutely no control for Mac.I had to use the dim button set to negative infinity to take the placeholder of a mute button.The three function buttons can only be assigned three different functions. So there’s no expandability beyond that.The only gauge for master volume that you have is a meter on the interface that turns red when you are hitting 0db or higher. This is something I could get used to but have no idea why I can’t see numerical values it in their digital mixer as well.Sound quality is amazing. I feel that the converters are better than the Apollo twin MkII line (Not to be confused with the X line).I can’t wait to be a fan of this brand, but I can’t fully submit until these updates are made.If your are a windows user, this will be a great choice. If you are a Mac and windows user or primarily Mac. Look elsewhere.

  4. 長屋スタヂオ


  5. Kent

    Review 遅くなりました。プレゼント用なので国際郵便に結構時間かかりました。向こうのお気に入りです。

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