Antennas Direct 4-Port TV Distribution Amplifier, Connect Up to 4 Televisions to 1 Antenna, Power Supply, Coaxial Cable, for

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Antenna Television
Brand Antennas Direct
Color Brown
Impedance 75 Ohm
Maximum Range 3 Feet
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4.5 x 3.6 x 1 inches

  • Connect one TV antenna to 4 rooms while boosting signal in each location for reliable reception
  • Weatherproof indoor / outdoor housing (power supply component for indoor use only)
  • 7.5dB amplification per port
  • Includes distribution amplifier, power supply, 3ft coaxial cable for power supply, and instructions


Splitting the signal to more than one TV? The 4-Output Distribution Amplifier from Antennas Direct will help overcome signal loss. The CDA4 boosts signal to be split to 4 TVs or digital converter box.

From the manufacturer

You Can Count on Our TV Antenna Accessories Without Sacrificing Quality or Convenience.

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Antennas Direct ClearStream Juice Preamplifier System

Adding an preamplifier at the TV antenna increases available signal strength. For city, suburban, and rural locations, the Juice Preamplifier System overcomes weak signals and rejects interference from cellular and wireless data services. Use with a 100 ft. or more of coaxial cable from the antenna to the TV and the use of a splitter.

Antennas Direct PA18 Preamplifier Kit

The PA18 Preamaplifer is designed for rural TV antenna installations to provide consistent signal performance for reliable picture quality and reception. Use for weak signals, a 100 ft. or more of coaxial cable from the antenna to the TV, and the use of a splitter.

Antennas Direct 4-Output Distribution Amplifier

Connect one TV antenna to 4 TVs while boosting signal in each location for clear, consistent picture quality and reception.

Antennas Direct 8-Output Distribution Amplifier

Connect one TV antenna to 8 TVs while boosting signal in each location for clear, consistent picture quality and reception.

Additional information

Dimensions 3.6 × 1 cm
Brand Name

‎Antennas Direct

Item Weight

‎1.17 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎4.5 x 3.6 x 1 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Color Name


Specification Met

‎Certified frustration-free

Special Features

‎Need Help? Call our Tech Support Line at 877-825-5572 Monday – Friday 9am – 9 pm CST and Saturday – Sunday, 10am -6pm.


‎75 Ohm



Date First Available

May 3, 2012


Antennas Direct

10 reviews for Antennas Direct 4-Port TV Distribution Amplifier, Connect Up to 4 Televisions to 1 Antenna, Power Supply, Coaxial Cable, for

  1. Chachi

    No more drop outsI have probably an 80 ft plus run from my antenna, so I decided to purchase this. My VHF channels never fluttered at all, but sometimes my UHF channels, (Fox/NBC), would lose signal for a second and then come right back. Aggravating to say the least. My signal strength at the TV must have been right at the cusp, so I wanted to give it a boost. I installed this product, and everything seems to be fine now. I watched a whole plate of NFL (Free) on Fox and NBC and the signal did not wavier at all. Perfect signal the whole time. One item of note, my antenna is installed in my attic, so all of the components for this are up there as well. The actual amp is mounted to the pole, and the power inserter is about 50ft in the other direction. I already had a break at this point in my coax line, so this was the easiest place to put the power inserter. I have a115vac outlet up there, so it was easy to plug in. Would recommend this product.

  2. Robert G. Bloom

    Good AmplifierI installed 100 feet of coaxial cable and was delighted that the reception was excellent. I recommend adding Phillips LTE Filter to pick up all VHF and UHF channels on the TV.

  3. Brenden

    Works really well! Picked up tons of channelsFor the record, I already had one of these (different brand) installed in my attic attached to a large antenna hanging from a nail at the center highest point. I’ve had that set up for a few years, and it has worked great, garnering me about 30 local channels which are split between three TV sets in different rooms of my house. But recently, I lost nearly all of my channels, and I knew something must be up. Even though the light still illuminated on the amplifier installed in my attic, I followed my hunch and purchased this to replace it. Immediately upon installing it and running a channel scan on the first TV, I picked up more than 50 local channels. I couldn’t believe it! I still don’t understand how it provided more channels rather than just a clearer signal. But I can’t argue with my eyes. This thing far outperforms the previous powered amplifier I had, and I am so pleased that it all worked out so well. I would recommend ignoring any negative reviews and just buy it if you are on the fence, wondering if it will help your situation. Very pleased overall!

  4. EZ

    it worksMy antenna is 30 ft in the air , maybe a bit more. I started out with 24 channels , 60 miles from the towers .Abc just stopped showing and Fox was fluttering . I already have a powered splitter for different directions . So I brought my antenna down and installed this amp . With my antenna down ,at 12 ft I hooked it all up and it brought in ABC , and improved Fox fox . I lifted my antenna back up to 30ft and this amp makes all the difference . I have a Channel Master 100 mile Antenna , Clearstream antenna pre-amp , and a powered splitter . Goodbye Dish , hello $80 monthly

  5. Debbie M.

    It worked much better than I thought it wouldI thought it worked well

  6. Major Tom 308

    This Just Works !!!Live 36 mi from the Philadelphia Antenna Farm. Antenna is at 35ft of height on the eve of my roof with a clear line of site to the horizon. It is a Channel Master vhf-lo, vhf-hi & uhf 60 mile rated antenna. Coax is 75 ft of RG-6 Quad Shield to the main TV with 1 split of 50 ft to the bedroom TV. Should not be a problem right ??? WRONG. Have access to a total of 39 channels after doing a re-scan on the TV. The main channels are 3,6,10,17,29 &57. Checked online and all are transmitting at 1 million watts ERP. So why are channels 6 and 29 coming in all pixelated. They had a signal strength on my TV meter of less than 15 %. The other channels that did come in clear, had a signal strength in the 60’s %. Tried swinging the antenna a little right and left, no improvement. I was totally frustrated. So decided to try a pre-amp. After installation, which was really easy, Re-scanned and now have access to 84 channels. My main channels now have signal strength at 100 % with 100% quality. All I can say is that I am super impressed with this pre-amp. My only concern is “how long will it last”.

  7. Al

    Definite improvementI have a clearstream 4max antenna and got 12 channels without fail. I added this and often get 35 channels with the juice. I get 4 more channels without fail but what i like is i just watched nbc portland with a 70 mile antenna and i am an hour and 45 minutes drive from portland. I ordered the channel master lte and hope that makes these new channels more dependable. I should have added all my channels which were already clear are even clearer. Also we have the same tv we had when we had cable and if the clarity with cable was a 7 then the antenna is a 10. And my antenna channels are brighter and clearer than my streaming channels. Will never purchase cable again

  8. James T Pelch

    Works wellWorked well for antenna digital signal losses associated with hundreds of feet of cable across 6 rooms.

  9. TikiShoppe

    Two red jacks with a power supply identifier?Little “odd” to have a second power supply identifier and red insert on one of the tv outputs.I used a VOM to make sure there was no circuit path to the input jack on top.Not sure if the module or the decal is used on another version, but I can see how people could burn this unit up.It does work pretty well.


    Small but mightySmaller than most amplifiers, but it’s a beast of an amplifier. Very easy to install. It’s worth the price.

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