Antelope Audio Zen Go Synergy Core USB-C Audio Interface

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The Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core Audio Interface is the first ever bus-powered desktop interface packed with tech featured only in high-end professional studios, giving you instant access to premium sound quality wherever you are. Our vast library of Synergy Core analog-modeled effects lets you shape your sound with precision and character – all while monitoring in real-time with imperceptible latency. The Zen Go Synergy Core shrinks the sound-quality gap between artists, engineers, and producers with access to high-end studios and those working from home. The core technologies that placed our premium devices in some of the most revered recording studios are now accessible in a much smaller format at your fingertips.

Additional information

Weight 698.53 kg
Dimensions 50.29 × 14.73 cm
Item Weight

‎699 g

Product Dimensions

‎29.72 x 50.29 x 14.73 cm; 698.53 Grams

Item model number

‎Zen Go Synergy Core USB



Compatible Devices

Personal Computer

Connector Type

‎S/PDIF, RCA, TRS, 2x Discrete ultra-linear preamps, 2x USB-C port





Date First Available

14 January 2021


Antelope Audio

10 reviews for Antelope Audio Zen Go Synergy Core USB-C Audio Interface

  1. Grégory DEUTSCH

    Qualité prix exceptionnelle.
    Vous ne trouverez aucun autre produit offrant les mêmes possibilités à moins de mettre le double du prix. De construction robuste, vous pourrez l’emmener partout. Énorme point fort. Elle est auto alimentée, donc pas besoin de la brancher sur le secteur. Les caractéristiques techniques sont fidèles à celles annoncées, la qualité du son est top et à ce prix profiter de la qualité et de la réputation des clocks antelope… foncez !

  2. Myles Matthews

    Great interface antelope zen go
    I mainly use this interface just for vocals.i got deal on proce and promo of all in.which I got all the plugins with it instead of just the 37 it comes with.also got antelope audio solo mic.which I paid for the mic and interface but I got a discount and got all the plugins free.lil bit of learning curve but what ain’t nowadays.i even got auto tune included.overall I like the interface.its like recording in studio with hardware like back in can get afx to draw to use plugins in daw but I mainly use just for tracking vocals.but you can also do some routing to use plugins on tracks in daw.and customer service was great not like everyone says you might call couple of times but they are very helpful.

  3. José Alberto

    Lo mejor dentro del rango…
    Tengo una Steinberg UR22 MK1 y un tiempo usé una Universal Audio Apollo, ahora al comprar esta interface (Zen Go) puedo notar mucho la diferencia de calidad (incluso sobre la Apollo que es de mayor costo).El tamaño de la interface es perfecta para una mesa pequeña o llevarla en un mochila. Cabe en la mano sin problemas, además es bastante ligera en comparación con la Steinberg UR22, quizá un 15% menos de peso. Su construcción es robusta y de excelente calidad así como los acabados.La caja viene con lo siguiente: -Interface Zen Go -Cable USB-C -Adaptador USB-C a USB 3.0 -35 plugins (Ecualizadores, compresores, amplificadores de guitarra, etc) -Carta de Garantía e Inicio rápido (QR)El sonido es muy transparente en todas las frecuencias, tiene profundidad, la imagen estéreo es impresionante y la reverberación se escucha bastante bien (por no decir excelente). Inclusive a niveles de audio bajos las frecuencias altas, medias y bajas se reproducen muy bien (claro y con presencia).Ahora puedo escuchar detalles en la música y mis mezclas que antes no notaba con las otras interfaces, como la posición (clara y bien definida) de los instrumentos en la mezcla.Para escuchar la reproducción de las frecuencias probé con diferentes géneros musicales (baladas, boleros, pop, hip-hop, trap, reggaeton, trance, edm y deep house). Quedé bastante satisfecho, donde más me impresionó fue al escuchar algunos conciertos en YouTube, ya que se escucha como si estuviera en vivo y frente al artista.En cuanto a los pre-amplificadores internos, puedo decir que son bastantes limpios y tienen muy buena potencia. No me imagino como sonará con un pre-amplificador hardware conectado o los emuladores de Antelope Audio y usando unos monitores como Focal SM9, Neumann KH 310 o Amphion Two15.Sobre el ADX2DAW y plugins todavía no los pruebo, quizá con más calma los instalaré y probaré. Uso una PC armada con Windows 10 Pro así que espero funcionen sin problemas.Recomiendo darle una leída rápida al manual (está en la página de Antelope) para aclarar ciertas dudas. Solo viene en japonés e inglés así que si no sabes alguno de esos idiomas ten a la mano un traductor. De todos modos, algunas veces el procedimiento viene explicado con imágenes.

  4. Noreen chirani

    Ravis mais tellement déçu.
    La majorité des afx présents sur les photos ne sont pas inclu dans le bundle et le vendeur s’en lave les mains en me disant que je n’ai pas acheté sur son site et que j’ai qu’à renvoyer la carte son pour me faire rembourser.Livré avec des afx majoritairement (pour ne pas dire totalement) fait pour de la guitare (je l’ai acheté pour de la prise de voix)Ce qui rend la carte son inutile, on peut tout de même acheter les vst sur le store antelope. Il faudra compter 1000e supplémentaires.Je met 3 étoiles parce que le produit est de qualité mais le vendeur est décevant. Vendre un produit avec des arguments mensongers et remettre la faute sur le client c’est n’importe quoi!!! Sonovente a fuir !!!!

  5. Sautron

    Zen Go Synergy Core
    Excellent produit, je recommande vraiment, ça à complètement changer mon flux de travail 🙂

  6. Emerson Pacleb

    Amazing Portable Audio Interface
    This audio interface is simply amazing. The preamps are clear, powerful and allows a lot of gain with little to no noise. It’s really nice to be able to have this in my backpack as part of a mobile recording setup. I’ve used it with garage band on iPhone for quick recordings and as a main desktop interface connected to studio monitors. The onboard DSP is a really nice touch especially for small live performances (Guitar and Vocals) to add compression and EQ to better improve live sound. Ive even used this interface for small karaoke gathering to power and mix microphones.The build quality on this interface is amazing, well built, and durable. Input and output placements are nice and doesn’t make my desk feel cluttered and unorganized. The screen could be a little bigger, but it gets the job done well. Controlling this interface without the app isn’t difficult as well. Just read or watch some tutorials and its pretty easy changing setting, gain, output volumes. The only thing i wish this interface was able to do standalone is change effects and lower levels (without affecting gain).The desktop app is nice, I just wished it didn’t constantly ask me to sign in. It would also be nice to jump directly to the Mixer instead of opening a launcher to open the mixer. Compared to other iterations of the Mixing program, this one is pretty straight forward and easy to visualize/configure.Overall its a great interface for beginners to advanced users that can definitely improve your recordings and enjoyment while making music

  7. ヾ(・ω・`;)ノ

    I want to love this, but…
    I want to love this, but I’ve been having intermittent problems with the audio cutting out on my Windows 10 machine. Tried reinstalling all drivers and using different ports and all that jazz to no avail. The drivers also don’t work on Windows 11 yet so I can’t test it on my new PC so right now this is just a metal brick. Also on a very strange tangential note, I also discovered that I can get this thing to brick if I use a vacuum cleaner on the same outlet. Maybe that’s an indication that it doesn’t take power fluctuations well, or maybe it’s just that I should have a power conditioner.That being said, when it does work, it’s awesome. The real-time effects are good, the control panel is incredibly powerful, and the noise floor is a noticeable improvement over my last interface, which was a Behringer UMC202HD. This thing is so good that even though it doesn’t work for me, I’m still giving it 3 stars. I’m returning it for now since I need something better than a Behringer that actually works, but in a year or two when the drivers are better, I’ll come back.On a side note, I wasn’t able to get afx2daw working on FL Studio. I figured this was the case since it was the only DAW that they didn’t have an installation tutorial for on their website, but slightly disappointing nonetheless.EDIT: Apparently the drivers got updated to Windows 11. Will probably re-buy this sometime in the future

  8. Cooper J Anderson

    Best sound at this price point, solid customer service, great included FX. Overall great product
    This is my second Antelope interface. My first one (Zen Tour SC) is integral at my studio. I added this one for home. The converters are fabulous, which makes the sound quality superior to other similar interfaces. I love the AFX and AFX2DAW plugin for sound design. The software is great for routing. The software with this unit is a little more simplified, which is fine for most users I think. I was able to route things the way I like with a little experimentation, and now this Zen Go is integral at my home studio. I haven’t needed customer service for this unit yet, but Antelope was quick to respond when I had an issue with the Zen Tour SC after upgrading my OS. They fixed the problem for me right away. Solid products. Thanks Antelope!

  9. ハジケリスト

    macOS Monterey (M1)/Win10 (intel CPU & Nvidia GPU)環境にて使用中■音質AD/DA 共に満足出来る性能です。モニターアウトは鮮明で定位も改善されました。同社はマスタークロック製品が有名で、Zen Goにもこのノウハウが詰まっているそう。ここは流石といったところでしょうか。■ソフトウェアFPGA & DSP で動作するエフェクト「SynergyCore FX」ですが、実機モデリング系の評判はいいそう。こちらも1073系を購入して試してみましたが、道具として普通に使えます。これ以上音に拘りたいのであれば、実機購入を検討されたほうがいいでしょう。■安定性4台のPCとUSB 3.0ハブ経由で接続しています。日常的にPC切り替え作業してもこれといって不安定な挙動は現状ありません。安定して使用出来ています。またセクションに挿したSynergyCore FX設定は本体に記憶されている(?)ので、切り替えても毎度同様の設定で立ち上がります(音量等も)。■総評発売当初は不具合周りでなにかと話題が尽きなかった本機種とAntelope社ですが、企業努力によりネガティブな印象は払拭されていると感じます。ソフトウェア周りではFPGAの可能性に魅せられました。実機回路を可能な限りハードで再現する、とても面白い試みだと思います。★追記半年ほど使用しました。当初より不安視していた”安定性”の問題はとくに感じられません。KVMでWin⇔Macを高頻度で行き来していますが「デバイスが認識されない……」といったトラブルにはまだ遭遇していません。USB周りは規格を無視した粗悪な製品も多く、信頼出来るメーカーのケーブルやハブを使用したりなど工夫は必要だと思います。またハブを経由するのであれば電流値にも気を配った方がいいでしょう。同社のGalaxy 32 SCでは最近流行り(?)のイマーシブサウンドシステムの構築も出来るそうで、DSP×FPGA なSynergy Core FXにマスタークロック品質やマイクプリへのこだわりなど、ハード&ソフトのレイヤー融合を進めようとする先進的な製品開発ビジョンに魅了されているところです。

  10. Dean Wilson

    Great for music streamers!
    I purchased this interface so that I could stream my DAW to StreamLabs OBS without the headache of latency of software plugins or having 2 PC’s running an interface each and doing a manual loopback between the two. This interface ended up better than expected for my purpose! Not only is the loopback feature really straightforward to work with but I can also set it to a specific channel that my pc recognises independently. When this interface is plugged into my PC I can select from 4 different audio devices that are marked as channels 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 giving me the freedom to output what I want to OBS easily. If you are planning on streaming your DAW this interface is a must!I am still getting the hang of some other features, but I am yet to be disappointed by anything. The only thing that would be a little more convenient is muting the microphone and turning on/off phantom power from the interface itself. These can be done easily in the software though so it’s not a big loss.

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