Audient iD4 USB 2-in/2-out High Performance Audio Interface

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Brand Audient
Connectivity Technology USB
Number of Channels 2
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.12 x 4.72 x 16.14 inches
Item Weight 0.74 Kilograms
  • Audient iD4 USB Audio Interface OPEN BOX


Audient iD4 USB Audio Interface OPEN BOX

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Additional information

Weight 1.63 kg
Dimensions 5.12 × 4.72 × 16.14 cm
Item Weight

1.63 pounds

Product Dimensions

5.12 x 4.72 x 16.14 inches



Item model number


Date First Available

July 6, 2016

Color Name


Hardware Interface

USB 2.0

Operating System






10 reviews for Audient iD4 USB 2-in/2-out High Performance Audio Interface

  1. Rob G.

    Have doubts about other audio interface options? This one may be for you.After debating what audio interface to get for the longest time I stumbled upon this device through a web article. I’m glad to say that I spent a little more because it works exactly how it should. It’s whisper quiet when recording (There’s no hiss even with the gain way up) and it’s easy to use. I’m using a RODE NT1 mic along with a Mogami cable hooked up to this device. It results in a very quiet recording with low noise floor. Something to note is that the green power indicator will always remain on even when the pc is powered down since it’s still receiving power from the usb via the psu, so it’ll keep your volume settings intact on the device. I appreciate the XLR jack being on the back of the device. The device does make a click noise whenever the computer is booted up and when the sample rate is set, so don’t be alarmed even though it doesn’t sound too assuring.Now the issue that I do have is it can be quite finicky with Windows (I have 7 and am assuming operation is flawless with a Mac since no drivers are required) I find that Windows doesn’t detect the device when it’s re- plugged in or loses power in any way. (Say if there’s a power outage or if you unplug it for the road or whatever and plug back in) The device won’t show up in the sound panel and the driver software won’t allow me to access any settings either. I suspect that other intensive power hungry usb devices may actually prevent the interface from properly installing and being detected ( I have a 12 foot usb cable with a hub at the end with devices attached to that) and when I remove that cable and power up the pc the device miraculously installs/gets detected and the app works. I can’t really say if any of these issues will happen to you (It could just be my aging computer) and it may just operate flawlessly on your system.It’s important to note that the app doesn’t actually do anything when you click on it; you need to go down in the task bar and right click the icon to access the different settings. I find this to be unorthodox, especially for first time users who may think the app isn’t working correctly.I was honestly too afraid to buy the ever popular Focusrite audio interface because of the unusually numerous amount of negative reviews (and the XLR jack is on the front which is not favorable in my placement of the device). I’m glad I found this one as it’s well built and very high quality. Despite the windows/usb detection issue I’m not going to knock the rating down, as I don’t know whether it’s the driver software or windows/usb connection issues.

  2. CaitlinBarnett

    Great unit for a home studioIn my main studio I have this unit’s big brother the iD14, but I needed something small for at home as my new studio is 45 minutes away from where I live. After a failed experience trying to save some money with the M Audio interfaces, I decided to go back to the Audient products since I was already having a great experience with the iD14. The iD4 is a fantastic little unit with the same audio quality as the bigger one. While I haven’t used the mic input on this one yet, it uses the same pre amps as the rest of the line, so it should sound great. A nice feature of this is the dual headphone outs, one of which is 1/8 inch and one is 1/4 inch, so even if you don’t have your 1/4 inch adapter with you you can plug any headphones you want into it. It’s also bus powered so no AC adapter necessary so it can be taken on the road with ease, AND it still has phantom power for condenser mics that need it. Highly recommend it if you just need something small or portable.

  3. Theofrid

    Absolutely zero noise!Coming from a very budget Behringer Xenyx 302USB in my previous setup, this thing is an absolute dream of an audio interface. The Behringer added a little white noise/hiss on top of sound which was workable, but not ideal. This thing adds absolutely zero noise of its own. It’s dead silent as far as my ears can tell.I’m quite a fan of the simple but easy to use interface as well.There’s only one little issue with this thing, and it’s that at least in my setup (one mic plugged in via XLR), it outputs a mono signal and some applications don’t handle this super well out of the box. OBS, for example, will attempt to treat it as if it’s a stereo signal and you’ll get mic input hard-panned left (I found the way to deal with this was to check “downmix to mono” and then set to 200% volume to deal with the volume lost by their signal averaging algorithm). The good news is voice chat programs seem to treat it correctly (Discord and Slack both tested).Otherwise, it works just as it’s supposed to and at the quality you’d want (I currently use it for both hobbyist foley work, which is very sensitive to signal-noise ratios, as well as streaming)

  4. ThunderSpk

    Best choice to upgrade;DMan I needed to upgrade cause the Stainburg is not bad if starting out, however when I got the 1d4 at first thought didn’t work XD but you needed to download the software then when open it and connected it works now, from using this interface I will say it is amazing it is soo clear and clean, pretty cool with the big knob control the volume on your headphones and the other knobs are pretty good just need to try getting to it how you want it after few tests and you’ll be good to go which it be worth it cause it is really an improvement for your quality, Not to mention great for Editing audio, Voice Acting, and this is more of a bonus listening this thing with studio headphones while playing video games cause love Skullgirls soundtrack and the action was cool so you could maybe use it for let’s play. So this is a must have for anything that related with a Mic 😀

  5. Jon Flores

    BEST Budget Interface! No Contest!!I’m an online voice actor so if there’s anything I strive for its a noise free clean recording.I originally got myself a Scarlett Solo by focusrite and even though it didn’t have any problems it sounded a bit too dark for my taste so eq was a must when sending audio to clients.After several reviews I picked up the ID4 and I was blown away by the instant clarity of the preamp. Little to no noise and a very transparent signal was quickly apparent and it is probably my forever interface for recording at home!The pan feature makes dubbing a sinch as I can listen to myself and the on board desktop audio.I also worked on some music side projects with a buddy using my bass guitar.The DI is just as silent as the mic pre and makes post production really easy!Needless to say this interface was everything I wanted and more!If you need a clean transparent recording I can’t recommend this enough!

  6. Daniel Hyman

    Sweet audio box, well worth the extra bucksThis device takes over audio control from the other workhorse of my music teaching practice, a trusty MacBook Pro. It makes possible clear, warm, rich musical sound in my online music teaching and (low-latency) performing. Somewhere its startup kit should mention that the huge volume knob turns freely without limit. Thus you can’t break it by turning it too far, and you must turn it enough times to hear the signals you are being sent. Also, while it accepts mic input from a 1/4″ jack, it only pre-amplifies mic input from XLR. If I’d realized these things at the start, I would have jumped for joy days earlier. Otherwise, trouble-free, sensitive, and built like a tank, in a good way.

  7. TheCowofCow

    Better than the Scarlett 2i2 and comparable with the Babyface ProI’ve been gradually getting more and more involved in audio. Had a Scarlett 2i2 for about 2 years and was looking for other alternatives. After nearly a year of research, I’m glad I got this interface. It has a much more rich and natural sound compared to the 2i2 but it allows you to have much more control so you can do louder tracks without peaking and distortion. Debated on getting the Babyface Pro. Studied my colleague’s Babyface Pro side-by-side and we came with the same conclusion. The ID4 actually sounds better (just slightly) but what holds the ID4 back is its inputs and latency. But if you only use one input and you care purely about the preamps, you’re better off getting the ID4 and using that extra money to buy some awesome speakers or a microphone or headphones, etc. The reason that this doesn’t get a 5 is that it has some major issues with Windows 7. At least on my end.

  8. Nathan Kim

    Audio sounds crispI’m no sound engineer, but I wanted a good quality mic setup, which led me to the SM7B and this mixer.I was told that a good quality interface would keep out any kind of buzzing noise when the microphone is recording, and when paired with the Cloudlifter CL-1 the audio quality is free of any kind of buzzes with the perfect volume.My only complaint with the interface is that there is no form of digital mixer that allows for fine-tuning of the audio.The digital mixer is only available for the higher trim.

  9. Horacio Zambrana

    Amazing! Beats The Focusrite Scarlett In ClarityAlmost bought the focusrite scarlett which is by no means a slacker as a preamp / interface, but I watched various YouTube videos comparing the two and the audient always seemed to sound clearer and fuller / weightier / more analog. Now that I’ve actually had it for about a month and use it with my Cad e100s microphone I’m literally in love with this thing and its sound. I literally get incredible clean gain, low noise, and an amazing sound that accurately reflects what the microphone is capturing. So long as you have a good microphone, you don’t really have to do much or any EQing. Really couldn’t be happier with this. I almost got the id22 but the id4 had one mic input and di input which was really all I needed and you can simply plug it into your laptop and go, you don’t need a wall outlet as it gets the power from the usb port. I can literally record audio anywhere or even in my car.

  10. Christian M.

    Buy ItWhen i first started to install everything (Windows) i was kinda confused because the knobs and Buttons were new to me. But after 2 days of back to back use i was in love. The sound quality is amazing, you get no background noise, just make sure your volume levels are correct and your mic is Decent Quality. The layout of all the buttons are nice to, i think this Interface is Def worth the money. Hands down a great choice if you dont want to go Scarlett or Audio Box

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