2 Pack Par Lights, YeeSite 70W 7LEDs RGBW 4 in 1 Stage Lights Sound Activated by Remote & DMX Control, Multi-Mode Par Can Light

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Color Blue,Color Mixing,Green,White
Shape Round
Material Plastic
Light Source Type LED
Power Source Corded Electric

  • Bright & Powerful – 7 x 10W RGBW led par lights, individual control of red, green, blue and white LEDs. Provides spectacular brightness, vibrant colors. Both professional DJ fans and non-professional person could use it without any pressure.
  • Easy to Operate – Static color and RGBW color mixing with DMX controller or IR Remote Control. You can control the change of the lights by DMX or Remote Control and they could be programmed for just one color which you want! Led stage light use 5 DMX channels or 8 DMX channels.
  • Multiple Working Modes – Sound activated, Master-Slave, Auto-Play and DMX mode. Control rotation speed, colors and strobe. And it has a power out port, thus can be easy daisy-chaining of power.
  • Easy to Install – It can be just put on the floor or install on the truss, wall. Great for wall wash or KTV, or performance stages where bright lighting is needed.
  • Wide Range of Use – The LED par light perfect uplights for wedding, birthday party, church, Halloween, Christmas, DJ show and stage lighting.


Product Description


Double-s 7RGBW LEDs par light allows lighting and stage designers the look of the traditional stage par with the technological conveniences of modern day lighting.

The advantages include 45-degree beamg angle, low power draw, fixture and performers won’t get hot on stage, DMX control of dimming and strobe.

User can use remote controller and DMX to pick their favorite mode.



Product Features:

1.A plurality of colors, lighting effects better,70W RGBW lamp beads,The colors are concentrated without RGB shadows.

2.Multiple control modes,DMX / Auto Program / Sound Activated / Static Color / Hopping / Fade / Master-Slave / Remote / Mixing.

3.Easy to install and Color Change, Easy to carry and install,You can connect it by DMX ,Adjust the color you need.

Package List:

  • 4 * Stage Light
  • 4 * Bracket
  • 8 * Screws
  • 4 * User manual
  • 4* Remote Control


  • -Voltage: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • -Mixing color: RGBW mixing color LED quantity: 7
  • -Power consumption:70 W, Lifetime: 60,000 hours
  • -Mixing color: RGBW mixing color RGBW mixing color
  • Cooling system: Fan cooling Shell material: ABS + Metal
  • -Product size:4.5×4.5×4.3in ( L * W * H )
  • -Product weight: 518g / 1.4lb




Additional information

Weight 4.05 kg
Dimensions 6.9 × 6.9 × 3.9 cm

Blue,Color Mixing,Green,White





Light Source Type


Power Source

Corded Electric




4 pack

Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

4.05 pounds

Product Dimensions

6.9 x 6.9 x 3.9 inches, 6.9"L x 6.9"W x 3.9"H

Country of Origin




Item model number


Date First Available

July 17, 2018

Color Name

Blue,Color Mixing,Green,White

Material Type




Battery type

Lithium Ion



10 reviews for 2 Pack Par Lights, YeeSite 70W 7LEDs RGBW 4 in 1 Stage Lights Sound Activated by Remote & DMX Control, Multi-Mode Par Can Light

  1. Mary Jenney

    Seems good, but mine didn’t have the power linking feature (with power output connector)These seem like what I ordered, but the ones I got don’t have the power link feature, which is disappointing since that is one of the things that led me to choose this product. I have tested them a little, and they seem to work just fine. I like the light weight – I saw a comment that the bracket seemed flimsy, but it doesn’t have to support much weight, so I think it will work fine. One other difference… the pictures led me to believe there would be 4 lights and 4 remotes. I got 4 lights and 2 remotes. The documentation in the package says it has 4 lights and 1 remote, so I am not sure if I got too few or too many remotes. In my case it doesn’t matter – I am not using any remotes since I am connecting them to DMX. I will update my review after I test out all the DMX features if necessary.

  2. R. A. Head

    Decent lightsOkay, I own ADJ Hex lighting and they’re BEAUTIFUL. Heavy too. But I use them all in the back, and we’ve been using el-cheapo RGB lighting for front lighting which sucks, because they don’t do white.I bought these SPECIFICALLY for white. We need to light up the front of the band, and let the colors fill from behind. They’re DMX, but the implementation is different from the ADJ channels. So ya just have to remember what you’re doing when you program the sliders.They’re white! They’re bright! They’re 70W and are only as bright as the 50W ADJ HEX cans. Same brightness. But that’s fine. I am running them about 2/3 up. The remote? Yeah, it turns them off and on, changes colors. It doesn’t do ANY dimming. They’re just ON, FULL UP.THey’re very lightweight plastic, and the hangar pieces are thin. Whattya want for $30? Bottom line is, they do what I want them to do, and I just need to be careful handling them. If I break one, so? They’re inexpensive.Would I recommend them? Depends. Not for a full hard core traveling show, no. But for a local band that needs some lighting, may or may not have a DMX light board, they’ll do a nice job. The colors are just as brilliant as the ADJ lights, though limited as they’re only RedGreenBlueWhite. For the price, it’s a no brainer. Great light, for a great price. I heartily recommend for local bands and event halls that don’t need serious roadworthy heavy duty stuff.Edit 7 months later: ONE of the units is acting weird. When I boot everything up, on an all white scene, it works fine. But when the scene goes to the mixed colors, this ONE unit loses it’s DMX assignment and goes to WHITE STROBE. HOLY GEEZ. In the performers faces! LOL Not sure if I should return it because technically it’s working.Edit: Okay it was acting weird because It inadvertently got a button press and was assigned differently than I’d set it. It’s FINE! It was some extra helpers touching it while it was powered up, and I never noticed.I LOVE how lightweight these are. One of my light stands won’t tighten correctly at full height, so I make sure to use that stand with these super lightweight cans. I’m going to have to order some more of these. They’re really impressive for the money. As long as I handle them carefully they’ll be fine.

  3. Jack Spade

    Basic par lightI bought these last minute to play an evening outdoor party. Unfortunately, I can’t get them to work with my American DJ DMX controller. I’ll either need to get different lights, or a different controller. At this point I might buy a different brand that others have had success with so I don’t need to experiment. The other thing about these lights, the fans are a little loud. I’m not worried that they are so loud you’ll hear them out front, but I am concerned that these are cheap fans than won’t last very long. If they break the fixtures will overheat and likely fail. But these are relatively low-cost, and you get what you pay for as they say. I’m giving them 3-stars because they are just OK. If you’re going to use these with the included remote only and don’t care about DMX, then I would give them 4 stars for that purpose.

  4. Jason Potter

    6 MONTH REVIEWI have 20 of these now. Don’t know why I’m not a verified purchaser. Some are mounted, some are loose & bagged for uplighting. If you put plastic washers or an extra nut as a spacer between the two yokes they align better for mounting. Bundling and zip tying the cable will keep them strain relieved for longer life. A/C In is screw booted for service if necessary. So far, no malfunctions. Timers are pretty consistent from one light to the next. If you have several set on color fade, you would have to re-start them every hour or so if one wanders off.Only way to get better $ is to order from China. ABS plastic not bad. The manufacturing is fairly consistent. Internal timers for color fade consistent. No stepping to speak of. Colors are rich for low price point. Yokes could be a bit more heavy duty, but again, 30 something bucks.

  5. Omaalade Adams

    Great lights for the price.Great budget lights, I got these as my first set of lights for mobile DJing, they good light output, beam angle is decent if using as uplights. The remote is functional and simple, has all the features of more expensive professional par lights. Great entry level lights.

  6. Joseph

    Missing a set of bracket adjustment knobs.The lights are lightweight and bright. The remote works perfectly and the lights respond promptly. I have not tried the lights with a DMC controller yet. The lights are plastic but seem well constructed. The brackets are fairly thin metal (tends to bend easily, but strong enough to hold the lights) and one pair (I bought two) was missing a set of adjustment knobs. The pass-thru power connection is a nice feature.

  7. Tyto

    Mi segunda compraThe media could not be loaded.

     Por segunda ocasión compro este 4 pack de estas luces, que son muy brillantes y con colores excelentes. Me impresiona su brillo y versatilidad. Me dedico a la iluminación de eventos corporativos ,fiestas etc, y estas funcionan tan bien como alguna de marca famosa. La único es que hay que cuidar el cordón de corriente que viene pegado de fabrica (un pequeño contra) al igual que es plástica (pero no frágil)Lo que pude notar en este segundo 4pck, es que en esta ocasión no trajo la marca imprimida en los soportes que es bueno al momento de los montajes..en resumen Full recomendada..

  8. Joe Loubier

    Great Lights!Cheap import lights have come a long way! To get a Chauvet or ADJ with quad LED’s would cost you as much as a 4 pack of these. They aren’t as bright as they are rated for, but 4 of them are a better wash than a Chauvet 4Bar, and for about a quarter of the cost! Had it up and running in DMX mode in about 7 seconds. The menu is so easy to operate and navigate. Color mixing is okay. If you put 2 colors together, it’s pretty much white, but with a little work I was able to set scenes with purpled and oranges that matched my other fixtures. If they aren’t bright enough they’re cheap enough to buy more! I’m getting another 4 pack and adding another 5ft to my truss!

  9. Trayr

    Don’t have set up to screw on light standsDjing could’ve use another set

  10. Dale Eric Glaudell

    not badI wanted to add this to the other two colored pars I had for my solo show. I wanted something that showed more than just deep colors (Red blue and green)… this has a great pink / white setting that works well for that. Well, the white is almost too bright, frankly… the pinks are nearly soft enough to get away with. This is an extremely bright light… nearly good all by itself for single shows. It’s a bit hard to navigate through the settings (esp. with the cryptic remote), but it’s a good and inexpensive add for semi pros and beginners that need to shed some light on their performances. the construction of the bracket is so cheap, it’s laughable… but still, that can be easily fixed with a dif bracket. Cheap, very bright and (so far) reliable stage light.

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