2.1 Bluetooth Marine Amplifier Receiver – Waterproof 4 Channel Wireless Bridgeable Audio Amp for Stereo Speaker with 400 Watt

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The Pyle Elite Series Bluetooth Amps provide waterproof power for all of your speaker needs. The marine grade waterproof construction and high power efficiency ratings provide performance and reliability rain or shine.  These multi channel amplifiers are perfect for the back yard, boat or even by the pool.  Features include Bluetooth wireless music streaming ability.  They work with all of your favorite devices and you will be able to instantly stream your favorite songs or internet radio service providers, quickly and easily (Compatible with iPhones, Androids, Smartphones, iPad, Tablets, MP3 Players, etc.).  Additional features include MOSFET power supplies, built in electronic circuitry protection, heavy duty aluminum heat sinks and more.  Enjoy versatile waterproof performance and next level sound amplification with the Pyle Elite Series Bluetooth Amps. (Models: PLMRA210BT, PLMRA410BT, PLMRA430BT, PLMRA630BT, PLMRA830BT).

Additional information

Weight 1.29 kg
Dimensions 21.84 × 6.86 cm
Product Dimensions

‎ 28.7 x 21.84 x 6.86 cm; 1.29 Kilograms

Date First Available

‎ 24 July 2021


‎ B00WR6ZX4I

Item model number



‎ Pyle


Pyle, Sound Around

10 reviews for 2.1 Bluetooth Marine Amplifier Receiver – Waterproof 4 Channel Wireless Bridgeable Audio Amp for Stereo Speaker with 400 Watt

  1. Buyer

    easy install
    Installation was quite simple since I already had 12v power, ground and remote wiring installed for a subwoofer amp that was mounted next to this amp. The amp is relatively small, and that was nice. Plenty of mounting options available to squeeze it into.I chose this 4-channel amp to run the speakers in our boat which are two 6″ speakers in the bow, two 6×9’s at the helm, two 8″ in the cabin and two 6″ on the stern at the rear swim deck.Each set of speakers were wired to a different channel on the amp Bow#1, Helm#2, Cabin#3, Stern#4. Once power and grounds were connected, and RCA inputs were installed from the amp to the stereo, the amp powered up and operated fine. Sound was good. With the amp dials on max, sound output is sufficient enough to keep my stereo volume around 1/2 and it is plenty loud for us.I ordered the bluetooth version of this amp, and found that it also works well. If I turn the stereo off, I can connect my iphone via bluetooth directly to the amp, and play music/adjust the volume via my phone, so that works well for any friends/family that might want to jump in the boat and play their own music playlist, without physically having to connect to the stereo or deal with any wiring. So technicially, you dont even need a stereo in the boat. If I didnt already have the sub amp installed, I would have bought a 5 channel version of this, and hooked the sub to the 5th channel. We listen to the radio quite a bit, and dont have great cell service while on the water, so for us, the amp/stereo combo works best.You can mount this amp anywhere in the boat out of sight, and use your phone as your radio. Makes for less wiring, which is always nice. With the bluetooth connection feature and small size, this would also be a great amp for your golf cart or UTV/ATV. For the price, I think it’s a win on all levels.

  2. Brooks Agnew

    The amp was DOA. Never powered up. Remote terminal was shorted internally.
    This Pyle amp was purchased for installation on my motorcycle. The unit never powered on. The remote terminal is shorted internally. I waited longer than 30 days after purchase to install it, so there is no refund. Buyers, when you get an amp, make sure to test it right away. Many of these amps are dead on arrival.

  3. Edward Elkins


  4. Mark gaertner

    This amp is NOT bridgeable!!!!
    This amp could be a great 4 channel but I need a 2.1 amp. The description states it bridgeable but it is not. If you need to power up 4 speakers this might be the amp for you.

  5. Tank-Less

    Works, but bluetooth range is poor. + fix
    As others have mentioned about bluetooth, it has poor range. That may be expected due to the nature of the AMP and that, if used in a car / boat you’re probably never more than a few feet away from it. However, I bought and set this up as a gift for my dad since he previously had his outdoor speakers hooked up to his indoor stereo, which has since been decommissioned. He was using a battery powered portable speaker instead, so, I bought this so we can leave it plugged in and mounted outside for his afternoon toons.Bluetooth works great, but only to about 3 to 4 feet away, unless you have the back pointing towards where you’re going to be. In that case, you get pretty much the whole 33′ standard range. Unfortunately this AMP needs to be mounted to a block wall, with the back facing AWAY from where we will be, and since the casing is either steel or aluminum, it blocks the signal. Tapping into the bluetooth antenna with a wire and running it outside the AMP works, but that’s a pain and should be addressed with the build.I do NOT hear any static as others mentioned over bluetooth. They may have static over bluetooth due to either bad power input (alternators are terrible for this) or EMI (electromagnetic interference). I’m using a standard 120vAC to 12vDC (2 amp) power brick and have no issues other than the POP noise when changing songs / tracks, which was also mentioned via bluetooth, but it’s not bad.Decent sound quality, but no bass / treble / channel adjustments

  6. Jacob

    Good deal for the price
    Good deal for the money. Idk about being “waterproof” but I have it tucked up under the dash of my RZR so we’ll see in time. Installation is as simple as any other amp, I’m using the bluetooth part, no inputs etc and it works well. Sound quality is good. Only complaint is one of the output screws stripped the first time I tightened it so a little concerned about the physical quality. Time will tell, still a good buy in my eyes! Oh, and im running x2 boss audio marine mrwt40 4″ 200w each tower speakers and they sound as good as they get for a 4″.

  7. Koby Hill

    Great for its intended purpose
    This is a great little amp. It’s easy to install pretty much anywhere if you know what you’re doing. I have it wired up on my ATV pushing two BOSS 5.25″ marine speakers. It gets loud enough to hear over the engine and the wind when I’m riding trails, and the sound quality doesn’t suffer at volume. The waterproofing holds up to rain, mud holes, and washing off. Very satisfied with this amp.

  8. Brett S.

    Never even worked!!!!
    Bought this because it was just what I was looking for and the price was right. Wrong! Never worked from the beginning. The Bluetooth function did not work. I looked all over the internet trying to see if had done something wrong. I then discovered this was a common problem with this unit. Tried three times to contact the seller but never has a call back or response. Done! Returned item and purchasing another brand……

  9. earl sanders

    Work good
    Love it

  10. Rickie D. Max Jr

    Doesnt work
    Powered up twice, light came on but sound never came out. Third time the light wouldnt even come on. This is the second amp from the same seller- neither have worked.

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