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1. What’s The Difference Between Fog and Haze Machines? | GetInTheMix Quickies

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: What's The Difference Between Fog and Haze Machines? | GetInTheMix Quickies

do you want haze do you want fog is there a difference if so what is it first things first how does it work well the fog or haze juice is vaporized or atomized by being forced at high pressure for a heated pipe some haze machines simply use the high pressure to vaporize the liquid without the need of a heating element this thing calls in the air creating that smoky effect that we all know and love for grenades fluid is very safe around electrical equipment but it's also important to maintain your gear and clean it if there's any residue build-up it's also worth noting so you get water-based fluids and oil-based fluids the performance of these differ greatly and of course there are extra considerations to be had with oil-based fluids especially with the safety you've gear but more on that later for mostly dents creates a thick white cloud great for quickly smoking at the dance floor for those special short effects made up of liquid droplets useful in many production situations even more specific special effects productions there are of course options for low-lying fog where the machines offer a way to cool the fog and allow it to hug the floor and stay at low levels hey light fine drops create a misty effect rather than a cloud effect it's great for maintaining that gentle hazy vibe in a venue and last longer it's made up of much finer liquid droplets for a thinner misty effect it's absolutely fantastic for bringing lighting to life as they reflect off the droplets you'll quite literally see beamed through the air rather than just a light on the floor and a light over here moving of course whilst doing that it's able to keep the amount of smoke in the air to a very minimal and some very subtle to the naked eye so risks involved the biggest fret using any haze smoke or fog is of course setting off a venue's fire we don't want to do that so we recommend testing your smoke haze or fog machine with the venue in advance simply set it up put it on to a minimal amount that you think will do and maximize the effect that you're getting and run it before the customers arrive that way if it does set it off you avoid any mid event grief and evacuations from by whilst it's safe to breathe in as the fluid is made up of water-soluble glucose such as polythene glyco it's still recommended to use enough for the desired effect and to not overdo it so what's this oil haze all about well generally consumer grade haze machines are of course water base however oil-based are also available and what are they about well the effect itself can will last much much much much longer smoke can hold itself in the air for up to three to four hours it's heavier and holds its position for longer and it's even more effective when used outside it's much more efficient and generating more haze with less fluid however due to its oil-based baseness it is more prone to residue build-up so it's important to ensure that it's not being sucked into fans on for example an amplifier oil-based effects are more reliable and cheaper to run making them great for larger scale installations interestingly enough such machines are used in fire training type situations due to their thermal resistance and density and so there you have it hopefully that's everything you need to know about haze and fog machines there's anything we haven't covered simply ask us in the comment section if there's anything you think we should cover for our quick videos so next time and make sure to drop us a comment or a message and of course hit the like button and subscribe button and be sure to get in the mix [Music]


2. Haze or Smoke Machine?

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Haze or Smoke Machine?

[Music] hello and welcome to my youtube channel i'm dj marty blake here and today we are going to look at the difference between a haze machine and a smoke machine the reason we need smoke or hairs at your event is to help the human eye pick up the beams of light being produced by my fixtures here we have a smoke machine and a haze machine the difference between the two is a smoke machine will produce a very thick dense cloud of smoke we don't really have control over that cloud a his machine however gives us more control it actually mixes the smoke without using a fan we can control that fan speed tell you how far to push the smile and we can also control the density of the smoke this is particularly important when you are having a videographer or a photographer taking photos at your event a haze machine allows us to produce very very thin clouds of smoke but still adding particles into the atmosphere for your human eyes to be able to see the beams of light produced let's take a look at the hazel machine effect and how it reduces its smoke so here i've got it set at a very low setting and it is just producing a very low hog effect as you can see as it starts to fill the room you'll be able to see the beams of light being illuminated let's take a look at what a smart machine produces so here we have [Music] this is the difference between a haze machine and a smart machine personally i prefer to use hair's machine as it will give you a hell of a lot more control of the smoke at your event if you have any more questions please feel free to drop me a message or check out our website for more information at thank you for watching


3. Marq 400w Fog Machine vs Hazer having a party? Get the right product for your lights


4. Fog Machine for Filmmakers and Photographers! – MUST HAVE!

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Fog Machine for Filmmakers and Photographers! - MUST HAVE!

there is one really big tool that filmmakers overlook and that is fog let's talk more about it right now what you're looking at is the fanchang 1500 watt fog machine this is something that i personally bought on amazon and this is actually just a generic fog machine so this is a 1500 watt fog machine and that's the number that you really need to focus on so if the fog machine says 1500 watts on it then that's a good fog machine to buy most of these fog machines are generic except for the chauvet which is a different type of brand i think i'm pronouncing it right i hope i am but those are actually on the pricier side and surprisingly this cheaper version of those more expensive fog machines does a really really good job just take a look at this room right now that was one little tiny burst of fog but i also have to give thanks to the fog works juice so this is a juice that i did a lot of research on there's a ton of other juices out there but this one is high density so it's thick so it provides you that really smoky nice beautiful diffused texture look and there's different types of fog juices that you can get there's high density there's low density there's medium and there's completely different brands with different formulas of fog juice this one is the most non-toxic that you can get and because it's so thick it will stay lower to the ground for longer periods of time now the fire alarms will most likely go off especially if you have let's say a google nest mine definitely went off and it's very loud so make sure you take care of that in prep however if you have sprinklers those will not go off since those are triggered by heat only so a few cool features about this fog machine aside from it being 1500 watt is that it has a dmx compatible port so you can control this with a board and this thing also comes with both a wired remote and a wireless remote most cheaper fog machines come with a wireless remote that most people usually lose and actually i had two other 500 watt fog machines before this one one of them broke and the other one i lost the remote to and i was not able to replace it they just didn't sell replacements for that thing so that was really annoying luckily we have two different remote options on this thing and we also have that dmx port along with that we can see how full the tank is at all times it has a little leveler on the back and we have a osha cable which will power this unit along with a power switch now this is 1500 watts so this is definitely capable of tripping your breaker so make sure that your circuits can handle this amount of power the fog machine body itself is made out of thin aluminum and it comes with a ceiling mount and a top handle one thing you really have to be careful is the nozzle the nozzle in the front gets extremely hot and it can definitely burn you even if the machine is turned off now on the sides of the nozzle we also have led lights that turn on when you press or trigger the fog so unfortunately there's no way to actually change these lights or turn them off completely so if you want you can just block them off with pieces of tape and strangely the other buttons on the remote that i use to trigger the fog they don't really do much because all this really does is cycle through the different colors there's no way to just select a color and let it stick to that color so i don't know why the remote has different buttons on it should just have one button when you first plug in the fog machine it takes about eight minutes to start cooking up that juice and then the little status light on the wired remote will turn on and then it will start fogging up the room as soon as you trigger it you can see how thick this fog is now as i mentioned the fog works juice is really good for that high density fog but because this is a 1 500 watt fogger you're gonna get more fog and less of it is going to be thin crappy fog that we see on cheaper machines the effects of fog diffuse light they actually also increase the exposure depending on the lighting that you're using but if you want to create that grimy dirty air effect this is the type of machine that you would be using haze is very thin but don't forget that you can always play around with the thickness of fog just by wafting it around the room you can use a reflector to help waft around the fog and it should get pretty thin very quickly another big noticeable difference is that when you use fog the blooms of lights are much more noticeable so it spreads light further throughout the room a common question you're going to ask is what's the difference between this fog machine and let's say a haze machine well a fog machine produces higher density fog you're going to see more of that smoky effect however this can also produce similar effects as to haze all you need to do is let out some fog and then waft it around the room for a few minutes and then it'll become just as thin as haze also haze machines tend to be more expensive they're larger and they may require more maintenance on this thing it requires that you flush it out with vinegar every 40 or so hours of use so that's basically it here are some demo shots that i used with this fog machine here's some shots i did in my garage with the garage door open i might add so you can actually see how long the fog stays in the garage before it leaves it and here's some cell phone footage of me showing you how thick this fog actually is so not only can you use this on film sets but if you're a dj or if you plan a lot of haunts during halloween you can definitely add this to your events one thing i do want to caution you is that if you're living near neighbors make sure you let them know that you're messing around with the fog machine so that they don't call the fire department i already had a few neighbors get very scared so just keep that in the back of your mind another question that you're probably gonna be asking is what's the difference between using a fogger and those atmospheric cans that you can buy let's say b h photo well atmospheric cans i'm a little bit worried about when it comes down to health reasons i don't know what the risks are of using that product but with this water-based fog i'm pretty confident that even if you spend a lot of time around it you won't really have any sort of reaction however if you do have asthma or any breathing problems please be careful when using this type of product anyway if you're thinking about spicing up your videos or your content in general definitely consider using a fog machine for a lot of your shoots i definitely love this thing and i'll be using it a lot more in my videos if you're interested in picking up either the fog juice that i'm using or the fog machine itself check out the links down below and i'll see you in another video peace now i know what the heads up there's smoke in the dining room the alarm may sound it's going to be loud emergency oh there's smoke in the dining room that's one issue that you might get smoke along emergency there's smoke in the dining room emergency there's smoke in the dining emergency there's smoke in the dining room where was i now one thing i really have to give credit for for this beautiful fog is the fog




6. Making the Monster Fog Machine – Nicolas Salenc PBP

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Making the Monster Fog Machine - Nicolas Salenc PBP

what is going on guys so I'm really excited about this video because I've been working on it for a while now you've all probably seen these little fog machines in Halloween stores or whatnot and I mean they do give off a nice puff of smoke but I wanted a machine capable of delivering a tsunami of smoke that could be you special effects in movies shows concerts so in this video I'll be making this bad boy this is a 4.5 kilowatt monster and it only cost a few euros to make so let's type right into it so first of all let's take a look at how a fog machine actually works so this is a typical 800 watt machine I've had for years and I believe this particular machine cost me around 100 euros so as you can see there's really not much to it so every machine is pretty much made up of three different parts you got a reservoir containing fog liquid which is essentially a glycerin based solution that evaporates into thick white steam when heated over 175 degrees Celsius I got 5 litres of it for 20 euros now it's possible to make some yourself for a lot cheaper and I'll definitely make a tutorial on that in the future so subscribe if you don't want to miss that a pump is then used to force the liquid from the reservoir through a heating block which evaporates the liquid into thick white steam now the heating block is simply a tube rolled into a coil around a heating element the heat is transferred from the elements to the coil through cast aluminium this little thermal switch turns off the heating element when the block reaches 260 degrees Celsius if it didn't the block would rapidly heat up to 660 degrees which would result in a disaster this is just a little insulation that helps the block maintain its heat this is the controller the switch simply activates the pump and the LEDs indicate when the heating block is hot enough and that's all there is to it so I reversed engineered the wiring and this is the diagram I got ok so let's get started so first off I needed to make the heating block now flexible copper tubing is really expensive so I decided to get some from the heat exchange as you find at the back of all the refrigerators so I went to my local tip and I picked up four of these the only issue was that I had to separate the tubing from the metal grid so after a lot of drilling and a lot of peeling I ended up with at least 40 meters of perfectly usable copper tubing next I rolled it into a coil using a PVC tube as a former next I needed a heating element I got a few 1.5 kilowatt water heaters off eBay for 16 bucks now the higher the wattage the faster the block will heat up before it reaches 260 degrees but that's it it will not actually affect how much smoke is being produced this will be positioned in the center of the coil like so and to hold everything together I used an aluminium tube oh and by the way ignore that piece of metal I ended up not needing it instead of having one pump and one heating element I decided to make 3/4 triple of power now for the fun part like we saw earlier the whole assembly needs to be drowned in molten aluminium to allow the heat to transfer from the heater to the coil so I used my simple improvised metal foundry to melt recycled aluminium from cans and old aluminium parts and I was even kindly given in aluminium ingots by my University so while that was melting I took a hole in the ground and I used sand to hold everything in place next I filled up the three tubes with molten aluminium as you can see I didn't really do a good job at that but I was so terrified I just wanted to get it over with okay now the more aluminium is being used the longer it will take the heating block to heat up but the longer it will take for it to cool down below 175 degrees so the longer the machine can run and voila three heating blocks ready to be used next I needed a thermal switch to prevent the block from essentially self-destructing so I went and got those off eBay for a few bucks and I decided to go with the same thermal threshold as the ones used in the small fog machine so 260 degrees and I secured them with some wire next I needed a pump I was originally gonna make a peristaltic pump but then I decided it was just way easier to buy cheap oil pumps off again eBay for a few dollars and these are actually replacement pumps for fog machines so perfect these ones use 31 watts and the stronger the pump the more liquid will be evaporated still the bigger the cloud finally it was time to assemble all the parts into one machine after laying out the components to make sure everything fit nicely on the piece of MDF wood and after a lot of drilling and screwing I had everything secured in place next I wrapped the heating blocks in some rock wall insulation to help them maintain their heat so I used rock wall because it's heat-resistant and it won't you know catch fire once I was done with all the plumbing it was time to work on the wiring he is the wiring diagram I went with next I made a simple controller using a switch and a small lamp to indicate when the heats have reached 260 degrees so we can't fire prematurely and that's pretty much it it's ready to go so I accidentally ordered 110 volt pumps and here in France we use 220 volts so I simply used an old transformer to step down the voltage and we're done so let's go outside and test it out so first of all let's fire up the machine we took apart earlier as a reference point so as you can see it's not too bad but it just has impact enough punch especially outdoors now let's test the homemade one [Music] [Music] [Music] so this isn't my first attempt at making a fog machine in fact it's my third the first one I made didn't use enough out of mininum as a heating block which meant that it could only run for a few seconds before it started spitting out an evaporated fog liquid the second one wasn't too bad but it used a single four kilowatt heater to heat up one heating block containing the three coils now the problem with this one is that the coil on the inside was way shorter than the coil on the outside which isn't ideal also I accidentally ruined the whole thing by drilling a hole right through one of the tubes which created an unrepairable leak so I recently took part in a special effects show and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show it off oh and this this is a special smoke perfume that gives the smoker lovely strawberry smell and here's a clip from the show and finally I just simply couldn't resist the urge to fire up indoors so I tested it in my super tidy workshop and within a matter of seconds I couldn't even see one foot in front of me now remember this is only evaporated water and glycerin so it's non-toxic and I had no trouble breathing at all [Music] thank you very much for watching Oh an exciting news I was featured on FX SP to talk about portable effects such as portable fog machines flamethrowers and confetti cannons so definitely check out their channel they have some amazing stuff and if you liked the video please leave a like it really helps and I shall see you guys next time [Music]


7. How To Use 3500W Dry Ice Low Fog Machine? | Dancing On The Cloud | DJ Setup


8. Marq 700 Haze Machine Review

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Marq 700 Haze Machine Review

alright YouTube up for review today is a brand new Heiser from Marc Marc is a new company it's owned by in motion the guys that own Denon DJ along with Newmark and a couple other brands then the new brand that has been bought by in motion is rain which is a made a lot of people upset but here's a new brand it's mark they focus on lighting they were introduced at name of this year and today we're gonna do unboxing this is their entry-level Heiser the mark 700 700 watt Heiser I couldn't find you know any good reviews there's an unboxing video on YouTube and the only other reviews I found were on Amazon which were three are sorry for reviews with Amazon vibe vine the reviews were by non DJs which was kind of interesting and so people commented on how it's good for you know their Halloween party but we're gonna do a review today from a DJ's perspective so unboxing mark Hayes 700 comes well packed I purchased this from Amazon they shipped it in the original box so already you know yeah that's pretty good weight feel it was pretty solid juice the unit interesting looks like there's some liquid in here maybe from a you know factory test pretty small reservoir maybe it's the box says it's good for four hours up to four hours although I bet that's using it sparingly I suppose you can connect this directly to a a bottle this model comes with the the wired remote there's on and off switch ready light power light and then an output there's no DMX control of this unit so you know if you're doing anything more serious and you know house parties or small small venues you probably want to step up to the DMX unit which is the the mark 800 on the back there's a fluid level when you insert the reservoir power switch fuse and a volume up and down and not sure what that is but I'm assuming it's the manual control for this so I'm going to fill this up with my favorite hates fluid and we'll take it for a spin all right and the light just flicked on and I can hear a low-pitched hum I'm assuming the unit is outputting case just can't see it just yet we have turn up the volume on the dial we can see the fluid start to get pulled in true there's a bit of a delay here for the priming oh and there it goes there's our haze nice and cool quite order Oh odorless yep thanks to our foggy spot I'm gonna put a link in the description for that too and you know I'm in a small room right now and it's starting to fill up so I'm going to dim the lights put on some music and see how it looks so a couple comments you know with within just a few seconds this seemed to have filled up this tiny room here you know pretty good beams of light doesn't have that thick thickness that the fog machines typically generate you know using this sparingly you know in your New Year events this is a really nice effect being able to see the beams without being overwhelming have it on pretty much the lowest setting actually I can go a little bored although it looks like that's not doing anything okay so here's another thing it says low but if you turn it all the way to the left it's actually off so you got to turn it just a tiny bit and and there it goes again we let this run for about I don't know about 30 more seconds it sort of smells like a fog machine in that it's it smells like heated liquid you know I wonder if this is kind of like the phasers which are essentially a fogging machine with a fan attached to it and not a true pays you know I guess one of the big criteria is the size of the particle and will reach out to to the company mark see if it can provide me with that kind of information you know if you're looking for you know really fine particle particulate of haze then you know you're gonna be spending upwards of $1,000 $2,000 on on something like the real effects units but obviously this isn't a different price point it's you know less than a tenth of that cost of other big haze machines that you know produce a very fine haze get the other thing with with phasers phasers tend to be a little more friendlier to the smoke detectors I have a smoke detector in this room you have to set it off but I'm still getting a pretty good effect from the from the lights and again you know a lot of DJ's tend to you know when you're playing small and then use or you know house parties they attempt to flood the entire place of smoke so much so that you can't see the person in front of you the goals typically you know have a tiny amount of haze in the air just to make your light beings reflect and not cause everyone I choked the next vid all right here's the review again make comments with questions and I'll answer them thank you


9. How To Make a Cheap Fog Machine 10 Times More Powerful


10. How to utilize a fog and haze machines for video production

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: How to utilize a fog and haze machines for video production

[Music] hey there Derek here and you're watching the Navabi Locker go to channel for creating cool videos the adductor probably wouldn't be happy about your inhaling to smoke but it ain't about him anyway today's episode is about smoke light and how to use them in video shooting let's get started I guess you've seen such stunning frames quite a lot you know when rays of light I've virtually floating in the air and you just want to come up and touch it whenever I watch music videos with clouds of smoke occupy and have the frame I get so amazed I always wish they could be filmed in one of those to create similar effects on set they usually use smoke machines or haze generators this machines are pretty much the same but there are some differences though both these devices generate fog so technically it's wrong to name it a smoke machine because it doesn't make any smoke but it does sound cool I agree so if you didn't know the difference smoke is a combustion product it is solid microscopic particles while fog is slurry of tiny liquid drops they differ in their purpose haze generators or hazers are normally low powered and are designed to create a bit hazy atmosphere while they're perfectly suitable for light shows a smoke machine also called fog generator of fog machine is way more powerful and it can create huge clouds of fog which will fully blow the view it best fits music videos video shooting in the street or imitating a fire [Music] let's observe six classic applications of fog invidious the first one is to create depth with a light haze rays of light get a visible outline it is also called the effect of volumetric lighting besides the foreground and background get distinct and more attention is drawn to the characters all this adds extra depth to the space as well as creating cinematic scenes it is widely applied to movies a lot of times we don't even notice it but if you look closely you'll come across haze nearly in every third scene [Music] however it's not guaranteed that it's gonna get better with fog if you try too hard you may end up with poor visibility instead of volume the second one is to soften an image a slight fog is supposed to make the image last sharp when combining with warm colors is going to be great for cozy and soulful scenes the third application is the atmosphere of a mystery combined with some secrecy or even danger in this case we might want to use a more dance and thick fog the first one is a video in true sci-fi fashion you know all those boiling fluids smoking hoses and steam coming from every corner science fiction would be nothing it is today if it weren't for these attributes application number 5 is a spectacular lighting setup just like the best video makers would do and the last one is to subtly hide something you wish wouldn't get into the frame do you just thick fog all in all there are a number of ways you can apply fog in videos but a smoke machine isn't a magic stick and it doesn't have a make it look nice button to achieve the desirable effect you need skill and some tricks and don't forget to switch off your fire alarm let's go and sort out some life hacks if you just turn on a smoke machine you'll get quite an intense steam of thugs it's pretty dance and it moves quite fast it might not impress you that much now you'll barely get a beautiful image with this that'll do if you need to fill a large area with fog or for this pretentious shot [Music] to create a light haze from old dad you're just gonna air out the room and disperse the fog I hope that is it it is that better that it now it feels more like a scene straight out of a horror movie [Music] or you can just use some savvy and led the Fox through an ordinary fan as you might have noticed rays of light leaked most spectacular when they're aiming at the camera if the light Direction coincides with the camera movement you won't end up with anything as impressive to create a more static clouds of fog you may let the fog pass through a wide - doing so the fog is about to lose a great deal of its velocity and cooled down a bit that's exactly what it would eat to get the smoke screen at the beginning of this episode the next trick is just mind blowing we're going to get this dense fog just pull out on the ground to make it happen and we get it cool it down properly with thatched and large container a lung air duct and plenty of ice first we're going to cut out two holes in the container [Music] this is exactly what I was talking about kaboom dad you should put the air attacks fruit living its major part in sight after that you gotta fill the whole thing with ice the tube output might be flattened to make the stream of fog more even done this shots are truly incredible aren't they [Music] and the next wreak doesn't seem to work at all initially we plan to create a smoke screen for the intra by using a tube with holes drilled through it bad as it turned out the generator wasn't powerful enough and the Fox free was lacking on top of it all the tube started melting so don't foolishly trust the internet life hacks the lost but not the list your fog laga it's quite a piece of cake first off we cut out a stencil then we applied some chroma key magic and put it on a desk we attached a stencil on one side of the desk and covered all the holes hairy's where we'll shine some light from the flashlight on the other side we placed our camera and activated the smoke well I meant to save for sure the best-case scenario is having a black thick cardboard otherwise there is a risk of letting the viewer cedar scenery fog machine where fill fluids are considered harmless cuz they contain glycerin but I still wouldn't recommend you to inhale that way too often don't trust wipers in addition to all of it there is also fog in a jar yep there is a special spray creating haze you can order it from Amazon at a price of 12 bucks per item and don't forget to share your impressions if you eventually decide to get one if you are not quite ready for shooting with a real bug there is a way out you can just add some special effects and the editing stage try a new blockbuster pack for the movavi video editor there are not the smoke effects there there are ulcer explosions shots fire titles transitions and many many more but I'm not gonna give away all the secrets check it out yourself by clicking the link in the description our foggy episode is coming to an end let us know if you enjoyed watching us play with this big movie equipment and also don't forget to mention what type of devices you're most interested in and which ones you'd like to learn more about want to know how to make this kind of info from scratch all by yourself we are ready to reveal all the secrets in exchange for your likes to this video drop your requests about it and we'll shoot an episode on it if we get let's say more than 20 requests subscribe to our Channel and stay tuned with the dates don't forget to send us your cool videos and become a 5 [Music] you


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